Thursday, December 29, 2011

Father of the Bride

Yes, that would be me.

For the second and last time, I will be the Father of the Bride on New Year's Eve.

Yes, my younger daughter decided that New Year's Eve would be perfect for a wedding and to ring in the New Year.

She was fortunate to find a wonderful guy who even meets my standards -- showing that online dating can work very well -- but the timing means a hectic weekend for me after just getting back into town Tuesday after spending Christmas with the grandkids. And now it is back on a plane Friday. And she says I have to give a wedding toast. I told her I write erotic stories, not wedding toasts. Well, I didn't tell her that but jumped on the Internet for some thoughts I can steal.

I'm sure it is going to be an exciting, wonderful weekend but a hectic one as well.

And hope you all have a Happy New Year.



  1. Oh how lovely for your daughter and for you, Florida Dom. So exciting!

    I'm sure your toast will be just perfect!

    Have a safe flight and enjoy your daughters day! I'm sure you'll be one proud Dad!

    Take care. Skyc

  2. Congratulations, I am sure you are going to give a great toast to make your daughter proud.
    big smiles

  3. Awww, you're just full of good news! Congratulations! Sara

  4. Congratulations. I'm sure your toast will be great. But you know, your daughter will love it regardless because it came from her daddy.
    Safe trip and Happy New Year

  5. Congratulations FD, I'm sure your toast will be outstanding.

    Happy New Year.

  6. FD - Will be a proud day for you. I hope you share a little of the day with us when you get back.

    Love and hugs,

  7. You will be great in your roll as father of the bride and the toast will be perfect. Of course if you have time on the plane coming home when it's all over you could write a nice spanko toast to share with us here...

    Take a deep breath, get through (and enjoy) the festivities and then come home and relax!


  8. What a wonderful weekend you have ahead. I feel sure you'll find the perfect words for the toast.. and your daughter will be so happy because you are there!
    Have a great time .. I'm sure it will go so fast your head will spin.
    Happy New Year~

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  10. Congratulations and Happy New Year. I am sure your toast will be wonderful as you have a wonderful way with words

  11. Good luck on the wedding toast! I hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding.


  12. Congratulations FD. I'm sure you are very proud and that your toast will be just perfect! God bless them!


  13. Grandchildren and a wedding. Perfect for the holidays! Congratulations.

    love, squirrel

  14. Oh how wonderful, my aunt and uncle celebrate their wedding then too.