Friday, February 7, 2014

Sex in America

Here's a story on a survey of Sex in America that says, among other things, that only eight per cent of women think it is appropriate to have sex on first date while 37 per cent of the men do.

And according to annual Singles in America study, the people having the most orgasms live in Miami or have androids or work in computer and electronic fields.

Another tidbit: 74 per cent of men would be comfortable dating a woman with more sex partners than them.

And both men and women think it's best to have sex two to three times a week, with 65 per cent of men and  69 per cent per cent of women saying 10 p.m. is about right.

Only 15 per cent of men say they'd like to have sex every day. And only 12 per cent of the women do. It wasn't mentioned in the survey but the men and women who like sex every day probably aren't in a relationship with each other.

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  1. Well apparently my husband and I are in the 15 and 12% but we usually have sex twice a day so I wonder what percentage that would put us in, lol. I consider us lucky to have similar sex drives, it does make life easier in a lot of ways.

    1. You are so fortunate you found each other. If one of you were married to a once or twice a week person, it would be a problem. And how do you find time to do it twice a day? Do you have kids? Do you do it in morning and again at night? Does it get routine? And are you vanilla or in a D/s relationship? Hope you don't mind the questions.


  2. Sorry I am just seeing your questions now I didn't think you would be interested to know but I am pleased that you are, lol. We have two very young children, one and four years old. We usually do it once in the morning before the children wake up and once at night after they are in bed but sometimes we will do it twice in row if the mood strikes. Like anyone in a long term relationship (we have been together seventeen years, since I was eighteen) it can sometimes be routine but we try to spice it up when we feel the need and just enjoy the predictability when we dont. We have been in a D/s dynamic off and on for over ten years now, He is the D and I am the s ;). Of course much of our sex is more of the vanilla variety since it can be hard to find the time with two kids for full on scenes and of course the noise factor can be a problem. The kinkier sex gets left to the weekends usually. I have heard other D/s couples say they do not enjoy vanilla sex but we happen to be one of the couples who while we love our kinky sex of course really enjoy good old fashioned vanilla sex as well, the closeness, the connection, the intimacy, it helps keep us strong amid all of the stress of having a young family.