Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Men and Women

I found an interesting article in the Detroit Free Press about a study in the Netherlands called "Interacting with women can impair a man's cognitive functioning.'' The translation is that men get stupid around women.

This is serious research published in the May Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. It says most guys, married or single, lose their ability to think around women. The women don't have to be attractive but if the woman is attractive, the impairment gets worse. The writer of the article joked that if the wife asks you why you didn't take out the trash, you can tell her she's so beautiful that you forgot.

On a more serious note, I'm curious what your your thoughts are about this. Do women think they make men act stupid around them?

And, oh yes, they say men have so effect on the cognitive ability of women. Maybe it's because women think with their brains and men think with their, well, you know.

Your thoughts?



  1. I think that chemistry can screw up one's ability to think when they are around the opposite sex. There are moments when I can't think clearly when those sexy eyes are looking at me and my tongue can't form the words :-P

  2. Do you think they are unable to think or that they're so busy thinking about things other than the conversation that they just *look* like they've become obtuse? (*bats eyelashes innocently*)

    It's an interesting thought but I'm not sure I totally buy into it. See, I like my men really bright. And if my mere presence reduced them to a state of blithering idiocy, I'd have never managed a social life! And yet, here I am... :-)

  3. I dunno... I'm a woman and I think this is kind of a cop out. I think people in general get stupid when they're in the infatuation stage of a relationship... or when they see someone they think is "hot". But in general everyday life? Nope... don't buy it.

    If he forgets to take out the garbage, it was more than likely he was too busy thinking about something else when she asked him to do it... and she isn't necessarily the thing that was on his mind. More than likely it was something having to do with sports, hanging out and having a beer with the guys, or playing video games/watching tv or something similar.

  4. I can see where it might affect the man's judgement. On the other hand, aren't we supposed to be good at compartmentalizing?

    Scantily clad woman at three o'clock! Never mind that, watch the freight train dead ahead!

  5. Kitten: You're probably right that we're all affected by chemistry.

    Jz: Maybe your presence does reduce that to that state but they managed to hide it. LOL.

    Spirited One: You're probably right about the infatuation stage. And don't we wish that stage would last longer?

    Mick: Good line about the scantily clad woman and the freight traqin.


  6. i do find this interesting and believe it is possible. Perhaps men are more self-conscious around women because of society's standards? i can state that from experience, working for men has been much more cumbersome for me then working for women and i wonder if this has anything to do with that...

  7. Look everybody, if the blood flow's moved from the north to the south, there's less ability for oxygen to help the north with cognitive functioning - So many of us women could've volunteered this and saved some grant money that should go to researching spankos are never seated? I mean sated! Wait I mean satiated!

  8. Didn't billy crystal's character say in When Harry Met Sally that men and women could never be friends because the sex always gets in the way? Maybe they could have saved money on that study and just watched that movie instead?

    That said I dunno if it's true or not. Of course it is possible that I wouldn't go for a man like that who is so easily distracted and instead prefer a man with a more controlled personality.


  9. That could be true. When I was in high school, my girlfriend and I were at a bus stop. A couple guys drove by whistling and making comments. Then they hit the stop sign pole. My girlfriend and I couldn't stop laughing. They weren't as amused.


  10. Considering the average brain weighs about 3lbs, and the average cock weighs about 2oz, it is no wonder that the male intelligence plummets when thinking with their dicks.

    Was such information part of the articles scientific research?

    If not, feel free to cut n’ paste and send them the pertinent info.

    Thank you,


  11. Interesting and yes I would say definitely true, more so I think when there in a group and of course during the infatuation stage.

    Good post.

  12. I don't know every man I seem to have to deal with from Nick to bosses always seem to be able to think just fine when I'm around. Maybe I don't have the right touch! LOL


  13. I wouldn't go so far as to say they all go stupid around women all the time. However, I wouldn't say it is completely wrong either. After all, men do tend to have certain natural biological instincts in that regard.

  14. They tested 40 male heterosexual undergrads on standard psych lab tests. I don't know how far you can generalise that kind of research to real life.