Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Thumbs Up

If you're looking for a heartwarming feel good movie for the holiday weekend, I want to suggest you see "Blind Side.'' It's definitely a two thumbs up movie.

It's about a homeless, inarticulate black 300 pound plus teen-ager who is taken in and eventually adopted by a white upper class family in Memphis and goes on to playing offensive tackle for Ole Miss and was drafted on the first round by the Baltimore Ravens this spring.

But, as Hollywood likes to say, it's not a football movie, it's a relationship movie. The relationship is between the teen-ager Michael Oher and Leigh Anne Tuohy, the wife of the couple who brought him into their home. She's a dynamo who is played in the movie by Sandra Bullock. She quarterbacks the effort to get him an education and mothers and mentors him.

Her husband is a successful businessman but he cheerfully admits she runs the show. The line isn't in the movie but when he was asked how early in their marriage did he realize she would be in charge, he said, "When she gave me the ring in college and said it was time for me to propose. Is that early enough?'' She uses that determination to turnaround the youngster's life. And it's a true story.

I haven't done the movie justice in this short explanation but don't want to spoil it for those who decide to see it. Trust me, if you see it, you won't be disappointed.



  1. I had been wondering if that was a good movie but had not gotten any reviews from anyone other than the TV review people..and I rarely trust them. Thanks for the info. Now I guess I do have something to do for Thanksgiving Day other than sit at home and be miserable. LOL. Greatly appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the tip FD. I'll be strong armed by the pubescent crowd to watch Bella check out pecks! Sighs!

  3. The only movies I've seen the the past 7 years or so have been Harry Potter movies - which I did like. But the commercials for this have really made me want to see it. Thanks for the review. Kaylynn - I'll be in the theator beside you eating my popcorn it relative peace and quiet while you are fighting the good fight with the pubescent crowd!!


  4. Thanks for the review FD. Will see if I can find it. Sometimes I like to watch a film on a Friday night and share a bottle of wine with P. Mind you I don't think it sounds like his type of film.


  5. FD, sounds like a great movie. Thanks for recommending it. It touches my irony bone that a dominant man is recommending a movie about a woman who is clearly the one in charge of the marriage!

  6. Pinkpoppet: I think you'll enjoy the movie. So many good scenes. He started out sleeping on their couch but once he kept staying, she said you're ruining my $10,000 couch so she gets him a futon and fixes up a room for him and he said, "I've never had one of those.'' She said, "What, a room?'' He said, "No, a bed.'' The movie definitely beats staying home and being miserable.

    FunKayLynn: Yes, it's good to have a movie for adults instead of the pubescent crowd. It's weird that TV often replaces the movies for thoughtful shows like Mad Men, Rescue Me and Dexter.

    PK: I'm sure you'll enjoy the school scenes in the movie. Leigh Anne has said the hero of the movie isn't her but the teacher who figured out he was actually smart and absorbing info and they had to figure out how to teach him. Oral tests turned out to be one answer. Of course, that's easier to pull off in a private school.

    Ronnie: I don't know if they release movies across the pond at the same time they do here. It'd be interesting to see if P would enjoy it.

    Mick: Yes, I suppose there is a touch of irony in me recommending a movie about a woman in charge. But she's actually a very appealing person who gets things done and they seem to make a good couple. He was a star college basketball player and a successful businessman but very laid back. Tim McGraw, who's married to Faith Hill, plays him in the movie and the husband has said they both married over their heads. There's a Thanksgiving Day scene where the father and two kids fill their plates and plop down in front of the TV set to watch football. Michael is sitting alone eating at the table. She spots this scene, clicks the TV off with the remote and they're soon all eating at the table Norman Rockwell style. Maybe he's a bit more aggressive in the bedroom. Who knows? LOL.