Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday

When I went out to get my paper Thursday morning, there were two papers. The regular paper and then a second one with all the Black Friday ads.

So I thought it'd be interesting to see how many Black Friday shoppers we have. I'm not one of of them but if you are, how early did you start and did you feel you got some good bargains and how crowded were the stores? And if you did some shopping, congrats because the economy can use the boost.

So if you went out shopping or still plan to, I'm sure we'd all like you to share your experience.

And hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and thanks to those of you who shared that experience.



  1. You could NOT pay me enough to go outside and shop anywhere the day after Thanksgiving..or the day after Christmas either. I am one of the few women in the world I think that for the most part, HATES to shop.

  2. When I lived in the US, Black Friday was the "stay indoors and watch movies all day" day... we avoided going out unless absolutely necessary. In fact, we generally stayed in that entire weekend, unless it was to go catch a movie at the theater. Too many crazy people on the roads that day.


  3. I got up at five a.m. in order to not go out shopping today. I'm also one of those you couldn't pay to go shopping on this day. Actually, I hate shopping on any occasion.

    But my blessing to anyone brave enough to go out there this morning.

  4. I must admit that I will be stopping at one store to pick up a door-buster. An item I've been craving for about a year that is $100 off.

    But it's not at one of the crazier places to shop.

    That being said -- pray for me.

    Happy Black Friday!

  5. As a Canadian, I can't understand the concept. The only comparable experience is Boxing Day shopping but it's not even close to they scale of the madness I've seen down there.

    That said, many retailers here have started "Black Friday" sales here too - they just don't call it that.

  6. I've gotta agree with Aurore on this one - I just do not get the Black Friday craze at all. I have friends who have gone down in the past to look for some deals, and they wound up coming back home early because the stores were so insane lol. If it were me, I'd be staying as far away from stores as I possibly could.

  7. I'm also one that won't be going shopping today.. well I do need some celery but that's the extent of my shopping.. one local produce market.
    I will stay far, far away from any mall or larger stores today .. and wish I didn't have to visit them until January!

  8. My sister in law and I have started a tradition that every year at 11pm on Thanksgiving day we head up to a major outlet shopping center that opens a midnight. It's an hour away. It's not so much the shopping for me but it's the only time we get to spend quality time together. We always have a lot of fun when we go and last night was no exception. I got home at 7am this morning. I won't be going out again today though.

  9. I'm Canadian too. And it seems like a bizarre way to spend the day to me. But I guess we do something like it on Boxing Day.

    There are lots of us Canadians reading you aren't there?

  10. Hi FD,

    I value calm too much to risk the lure of saved $. Drastic attempts save haven't been met with appreciation in my house. I once bought a VERY large jar of pickles & got in trouble for trying to store a small aquarium in our smaller frige! So much for frugality!

    We hit a rare art exhibit today. It was busy, but the artist was so captivating I was in my own world! I have a sister who went out but sounded as if she needed a transfusion by 3pm & could barely make sentences - no thanks!

    Hope you're having a good weekend FD Take Care KayLynn

  11. Living over this side of the pond I don't know how bad Black Friday is only from what I read.

    I can't image getting up at an unearthly hour or shopping through the night, madness.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


  12. I actually did go to a store on Black Friday but only to help my daughter pick out nursery paint, not exactly a really busy section of Home Depot. Lash did buy something - 60 AA batteries for $10! Whoopee!! Meow

  13. I actually had all my Christmas shopping done already. However my HOH and I wanted to experience Black Friday just once so we got up at 6am and went to Walmart and Kohls. It was crazy!!! All the door busters were gone after less then two hours the lines to check out were around the stores.

    My HOH and I laughed at the people on their cell phones coordinating with others in their shopping parties as to what they had found or not found. Completely insane. I think if I ever mention going out on Black Friday again there will be a sound spanking as a reminder as to why I am not going.

  14. A friend and I went out to one store on Friday. Actually, we first went out at midnight when they opened to check it out. Mainly for the novelty and fun of it. The line was all the way around the entire building to get in. We laughed and went to go eat. It's fun to try and snag some really good deals, but to stand in line for hours? Don't think so. We went back later in the day and did get some great deals. Like I said, it can be a fun little outing, but some people just go nuts.

  15. Pink poppet: Wow, a woman who hates to shop. I thought there was a shopping gene for women. LOL.

    Spirited one: Actually, my mid-afternoon the roads weren't that crowded Friday. But I had to fly coast-to-coast over the weekend and the planes were jammed.

    Mick: I feel the way you do but our economy depends on those Black Friday shoppers. The retailers need them.

    Striving: I hope you found your item and saved the $100.

    Aurore and Sin: Yes, welcome to all the Canadians. One of the fun things about the cyberworld is talking to people from so many different places.

    True blue and Nancy: I can understand where you're both coming from.

    Ally: Your sister-in-law seem to have started a great tradition that can make the day fun.

    FunKayLynn: That sounds like a different way to spend Black Friday. And I had a good weekend except for spending too much time on planes.

    Ronnie: Yeah, we do a lot of crazy things on this side of the pond. And, yes, we had a good holiday. And at 10 a.m. on Black Friday, I was playing tennis. One of the perks of living in Florida.

    Meow: I wouldn't think the paint section would be too crowded. (When I proofread this, I realize I wrote pain section instead of paint. Maybe they need a pain section. LOL.)

    Janet: From what I've heard, insane seems to be a good way to describe it. And, hey, if it gets you a spanking, maybe you should suggest a return trip.

    Daisy: Turning Black Friday into a good experience with a friend makes sense.

    And thanks to everybody for sharing their experiences.


  16. I can't think of anything I want bad enough to brave those crowds for... I'm a little phobic about crowds anyway because of getting caught up in a rather unruly crowd on a Marta bus one holiday evening while expecting my third child... not a pretty story... so I just avoid the possibility.

    My oldest son had to work the night before to keep people from getting the electronics and stashing them until the sale began... it's a 24 hr WalMart... people are nuts... lol...

    Love your posts,

    His Kitten