Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day Plans

I want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving and thought it'd be fun for our readers to comment on how they plan to spend the holiday.

Will you be home and invite friends or family members over? Will you visit friends? Or will you go to a restaurant? What will be on your menu? The traditional turkey or something different? Do you have to work? Will you be alone?

I hope you'll take a moment to share how you'll spend the holiday. It'd be interesting to see the various ways we celebrate the holiday.



  1. Hi FD,

    As you know we don't celebrate it over this side of the pond but stopped by to with you and your readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Yes ditto Ronnie... happy thanksgiving x

  3. We will be going to two different places. One on his side of the family, and then to mine. We don't do it the way they show on tv where they all sit around 1 table, and all the food fits on it.

    Our Thanksgiving is buffet-style, with more like 2-3 turkeys (baked, smoked, fried), maybe a ham, with about 15 side dishes and casseroles, and about 15 desserts. (I'm not exaggerating). This is all for usually about 15-20 people, lol.

    On my side, my mom bakes a turkey and cooks the majority of things. One of the men will generally smoke or fry a turkey, and all the other women bring a couple of sides and desserts each. I love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  4. Ronnie and Rosie: Yeah, I think the U.S. and Canada are the only countries that have Thanksgiving. But I think we're near the bottom of the totem pole in the number of paid holidays msot Americans get. The big six here are Thanskgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day. The federal government has more holidays like MLK's birthday, President's Day and Veterans Day, but many companies (including mine) don't give paid time off for them.

    And, Daisy, you really do Thanksgivng in style with not one but two feasts. Sounds like a wonderful day.


  5. Us Canadians had Thanksgiving back in October...which is too bad, because I could really use a day off from school at the moment! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. This year will be my first in a long time that I haven't spent it with family. My SO is taking me away so I don't have to mull on the reasons why. I am expecting a lovely trip with him...but it is still very, very hard for me. Still, I will be with him, and I am sure it will be a wonderful time away from the world.

  7. Thanksgiving will be spent here at my home with my family, mothers, kids girlfriends. im loving the buffet style i read about above, i may change up some things here this year and do that instead.. seating is always a problem for a formal sit down dinner here. i cook everything myself so i will be starting that process in a few hours here...the most work is kicking everyone out of my kitchen until dinner is actually served..lol.
    Happy Thanksgiving to You!

  8. This year will be special. It is the first Thanksgiving in 27 years that we will be alone, no parents or grandparents. Just my husband, myself and my daughter.

    My daughter has asked that I teach her how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner so it will be a special day filled with sharing recipes and time together just the three of us.

  9. Here in Dallas -- first Tgiving with my Dom -- dinner together and a 4 day play date.

    Hope you spend your Tgiving with someone special!

  10. Me and a pie and a side dish are going to the house of my friend of longest standing. (We do not use the "o" word.) After dinner there will be board games and then I'll come home and watch "Iron Man" while I cook a turkey so I can have leftovers!

  11. I started talking about my Thanksgiving, but it grew too long and too intense, so I decided it belonged over at my place instead.

    The short form is that I usually spend Thanksgiving with family after a very long drive (7+ hours), with neither the visit nor the drive being things I look forward to.

    But my aunt died this morning, so we are canceling Thanksgiving and meeting up on Sunday for the funeral.

    Loss makes me keenly aware of who and what I am grateful for. I will have little to no communication with my Master the sadist during these next few days, but we will never be apart.

    Treasure those you love while they are with you.

  12. Just finished making pumpkin bread, blueberry marshmellow pie, and homemade cheesecake for desserts for tomorrow. Tomorrow i will be up early starting dinner (turkey w/ stuffing , gravy, potatoe, sweet potatoe, brocolli and cheese, carrots and honey, rolls) for Sir and family. Also will need to have crackers and cheese and such for Sir and kids and the mum to munch throughout day. We will eat here and be stuffed and sleepy ;) Then we shall live off hot turkey sandwhiches for a bit. Hope you share your plans...

    P.S. i am coming back to this comment tomorrow if i think i am missing/forgetting something ;)

  13. True Blue: Actually, Thanksgiving in October doesn't seem like a bad idea because ours is so close to Christmas and New Yaar's that it makes for a hectic holiday season.

    Piecesofjade: I can imagine you'll miss your family, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the trip with your SO. Tell us about it when you get back.

    His Flower: Buffet style can make things easier. And I can imagine you kicking everyone out of the kitchen so you can do your thing. There can be only one chef, right?

    Janet: What a nice bonding experience to teach your daughter how to make a Thanksgiving dinner. Hope the three of you have a good time. Our kids are grown and can't make it so it'll be just the two of us, but we'll spend a lot of time on the phone talking to family.

    strivingforpeace: I'm sure you enjoy your first Thanksgiving dinner with your dom. And the four-day play date sounds like a lot of fun. Be sure to tell us about it.

    Jz: You've solved the problem of not having leftovers when you go out to eat. My problem is I leave Saturday morning on a three-day business trip so only have Friday to enjoy the leftovers.

    oatmeal girl: Sorry to hear about your loss. Loss during the holiday season is especially difficult. And your message to treasure those you love while you still have them is a very good one. And I'm sure your Master will be giving you support even though you can't be with him.

    Viemoira: You are surely cooking up a feast today and feel free to stop by if you miss something but you'll probably be too busy.

    And thanks for all of you who shared your plans and it's not too late if you still want to share with us. I have to work part of the day, but my wife will still cook the turkey (a small one) and the trimmings and. As I said before, we'll be on the phone catching up with family members. My mother will be spending her 91st Thanksigivng with one of my sisters who lives close by to her and it's a blessing she's still with us.

    Happy Thanksgiving and as oatmeal girl said, treasure those you love while they're still here. And I have much to be thankful for, including the chance to share with the other bloggers. Thanks to all of you who stop by and comment. And you lurkers are welcome, too, but don't be shy. Feel free to say hello.


  14. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm playing hostess to my very first "family" type of Thanksgiving. I'm all a flutter...


  15. We actually had ours already. Yeah, I know I'm in Australia, but old habits die hard. Not celebrating Thanksgiving was depressing me and making me miss my family even more, so we started our own tradition out here.

    We had a great day! We had a couple of friends over and had a great time. You should have seen their eyes light up when they laid them on their very first Thanksgiving feast. That alone made cooking all day worth it!

    We didn't do Turkey, though. My Master isn't fond of Turkey and it was actually much cheaper to buy two chickens instead. I actually like chicken better anyway. Much more flavor, I think.

    Hope yours is a good one, Sir!


  16. Mouse: Hope everything went well in your first try at hostess of your first "family" Thanksgiving.

    Spirited: Hope you enjoyed starting your own tradition. I wonder how many other Americans do that while living abroad.
    And, yes, we had a good one with turkey and the trimmings. Another treat was seeing you had posted three chapters of your novel "His Perfection.'' They were very well done and I recommend them if you want to check out her site.