Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wedding Customs

I hope you all had fun ringing in the New Year.

And, I hope, unlike me, you are asleep now at 6 a.m. on New Year's Day morn. I am at the airport waiting for my flight back home (I have to work today) after attending my daughter's New Year's Eve wedding.

I was at the wedding of a niece last year but it's been a while since I've been at a another wedding. Maybe over 10 years ago when my older daughter was married. Maybe I'm missing one. Will have another batch of weddings in a decade or two when the grandkids start getting married. At my age, you attend more funerals than weddings. It is the cycle of life. I also wore a tux for the first time since my older daughter's wedding. I needed help from my son-in-law getting the black studs in and the tie and the tie right. I took a nap in the tie so I didn't have to redo it. LOL.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the interesting things they did. Instead of the groom waiting at the altar, he was walked down the aisle by his parents. And her parents walked her down the aisle.

And the groom's best man was a woman, which I hear is done sometimes these days. He met her college and they've apparently been dear friends for years. Not sure if they ever dated.

The rehearsal dinner was at the house of a sister of the groom. They're in the restaurant business and must be doing well because the house was very impressive. I guess they would have lost too much business if they had it at their restaurant.

As, as usual, the bride was radiant. My daughter was happy as a single person and is 37 so she waited a while to do this and I hope she got it right. The groom is a great guy and even choked up during the vows.

Both fathers and the best woman gave toasts and her roommate gave the blessing. The groom's parents came here from Puerto Rico a couple of generations back and she gave part of it in Spanish, which I thought was a nice touch. I got two laughs during my toast. One of which I stole from the Internet about if you're wrong, admit it. And if you're right, shut up. I changed it to keep it to yourself.

I talked about how they were soul mates (both work for non profits) and I got the other laugh when I said I sent my daughter off to a college as a sensible woman and she fell with the crowd that wants to save the world (she did a two year volunteer stint in a third world country and goes on the Internet to buy clothes made in countries that pay a living wage). And I added he wants to save a city that is depressed in the northeast. He's on the school board.

My other joke I didn't explain so it didn't get a laugh. I said the person we had to thank for all this was St. Anne. The back story is that we have neighbors who are very religious and the wife was concerned about my daughter being single in her mid 30s. So she gave her a tiny statue of St. Anne, get me a man a couple of years back. We had a laugh over it at the time. I think it helped more that one of her roommates talked her into signing up for a dating site.

They passed horns and hats for the guys and at midnight, they showed Times Square from a computer at Times Square on a screen on the wall.

Anyway, when I finish work today, I will do a lot of sleeping. This will be my 8th plane flight I've taken in the last 10 days days. With 5 trips through TSA security, which I hate and think is a waste of time. And had to work Christmas Eve and now today. I have a crazy job. And when I got back from visiting the grandkids for Christmas last Tuesday, I had to pack in four days of work on Wednesday and Thursday and left Friday.

Now my goal in the next few months is to lose 20 pounds. I had a 42 inch waist at the tux shop and have all these expandable 38 pants. But the airport has chocolate croissants and I couldn't resist a couple of them. They are 440 calaries each. Well, I guess I'll start working on losing some weight tomorrow. LOL.

Well, I hope I didn't drone on too much. I'll try to find more interesting, sexy topics in the future.



  1. FD, You couldn't possible have a 37 year old daughter. You schedule would kill a man over 40! But I'm glad all the festivities are over and that everyone survived. I hope you get several days to sleep now.

    I hope you New Year brings you everything you desire!


  2. Happy New Year, FD! Your daughters wedding had some lovely touches. I'm sure the whole ceremony was wonderful, from start to finish!

    I hope you're able to get some much needed rest and recharge your batteries. Your schedule sounds very hectic!

    Thank you for sharing your daughters day with us. It sounds like your speech went over very well :)

    Fondly, Sky

  3. Happy New Year. I hope you get to stay off the planes for a couple of days at least lol.

  4. Oh, my! I would be so exhausted just from all the travel. The wedding sounded like it was truly wonderful, too, and I wish I could have heard you give your lovely toast.


  5. St. Anne, St. Anne bring me a man! I remember that prayer! hmmm....

  6. Ah how wonderful FD! Best wishes to your daughter and new son-in-law. Happy healthy new year to you. Hope you get to catch up on some R&R soon.

  7. Happy New Year! Hope it starts with some well earned rest! Thanks for sharing your daughter's wedding with us! abby

  8. Happy New Year FD. Congratulations to your daughter and her husband.

    Interesting having a women as the best man.

    Thanks for sharing.


  9. Happy New Year. Glad the wedding was wonderful - some nice changes were incoporated making it truly their own.

  10. It all spunds just worderful! Happy New year FD!


  11. ...and if only I could type!

  12. I'm sure you're exhaustedly happy FD! What a crazy week you've had.

    The best weddings are those that mix things up to make everyone happy.. this one sounds like it did just that.
    Enjoy the memories and get some rest!