Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well, I am getting myself together again and catching up on my sleep after a hectic 10-day holiday trek that included eight airplane rides and visiting the grandkids and attending my daughter's wedding.

I took a nap last night and didn't set the alarm, which is always dangerous. I once slept till midnight doing that. Not sure when I started, maybe 730ish. Anyway, I woke up and wondered why the kitchen light was on. I had forgotten I was napping and was thinking I had gone to bed for the night. It was 915. Anyway, the nap and a good night's sleep left me rather refreshed.

And got some good shopping in yesterday. I am an egg nog freak and they sell it from only mid November to early January. So I freeze a few bottles and have one every month or two until I run out. They had five left and they were half price.

And I decided to check out a place that sells Christmas cards. I usually get some the day or two after Christmas when they were are on sale for the next year. But I was just too busy last week. Alas, they only had a few boxes left. But they were 80 per cent off. Got $40 worth for 8 bucks. I often joke that I am just spending my kid's inheritance so I am not sure why I like bargains.

Ran into my tennis buddies at the grocery store and he was complaining how much more expensive the coffee was than at Costco. But he was out of coffee and Costco is a longer trip. He was talking about how he loves what they have but then he spends $400 there. That store is addicting. All the money you save on their bargains, you spend on other stuff that you spot but wouldn't have bought otherwise. And I love that they pay their employees well, not like another big box store I won't mention.

Also one downer moment to share. Called my mother who at 93 still lives alone and drives and is doing well for her age but isn't up to airplane trips so I told her about the wedding. And she said her kidneys aren't functioning well. Oh, that is scary. I've always thought I'd send her picture to Willard Scott when she reaches 100. Let's hope she makes it.

Oh, one more wedding story. The bride and groom checked into our hotel to spend the night before they left on their honeymoon. My older daughter saw them and said, "oh, you're right next to dad's room.'' They changed rooms to a different floor. LOL. Doubt I would have heard anything since I was so tired.

Oh, I'm still at 220. Today, I start getting serious about dropping a few pounds. Have to stay away from the rich food at Costco. And I will start playing tennis again although it is freezing by Florida standards. Woke up about 5 a.m. and it was cold even snuggled in my electric blanket which I rarely use. It was 60 in the house so I turned on the heat for the first time since last year.

Well, I've rambled on enough so I will get to more interesting stuff in my next post.



  1. It was 23 here when I got up. This is not Florida they must have moved it during the night.
    Loved your comment about Costo. I have always called it the $200 store - I rarely get out of there for less even when its only a few items.
    Stay warm - hoping Florida weather returns soon.

  2. Lovely post FD. I don't like eggnog think I must be the only person to doesn't like it. You got quite a bargain on the cards.

    It's only 6 here today cold and windy.


  3. FD - in glad you were able get some much needed rest!

    I love the story about your daughter and her new hubby switching rooms!

    I like hearing about your "vanilla" life! :)

    It's been cold here too. 23 yesterday!

    Fondly. Skyb

  4. Wait!!!! You can freeze eggnog?? We're eggnog junkies in this house...


  5. sunnygirl: Yes, easy to run up a bill at Costco.

    Ronnie: Oh, 6 degrees. Almost never get that low in Florida.

    Sky: Thanks for liking the stories about my vanilla life.

    Mouse: Yes, you can freeze eggnog just like you can freeze milk. And it tastes fine when you take it out of the freezer. I love egg nog but it is high in calories.


  6. I love bargains, too! Thanks for sharing such a newsy post.


  7. Kitty: I am glad you enjoyed it.