Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Does a Woman Want in a Guy

Here's an interesting story describing what these women want in a man. I thought the one about wanting to be wooed and don't stop sending flowers after two months was good. I figure you can never go wrong sending flowers to a woman.

What are your thoughts?



  1. I'm not big on flowers, and that's a good thing, since I will never see anything like that coming from Master.

    Seriously though, I don't like them. Flowers are beautiful where they're supposed to be, in soil somewhere growing.

    I don't like something that was alive being cut from its stem, then brought to me to watch it die, then get thrown away.

    I like things that are more practical, like a gift card for where he knows I shop. Like Starbucks. Or Target.

    Otherwise I would like maybe the latest CD by my favorite singer, or a DVD of a favorite movie, or better yet, a DVD of a season of my favorite show.

    But the man would have to be willing to get to know me a teensy bit in order to know what to buy.

    1. I feel THIS EXACT way! When we had a yard, though, my husband would buy me lily bulbs, specialty bred, gorgeous orienpets (my favorites), for things like my birthday/Valentine's day. I have a lovely bed back home full of them.

  2. Flowers are always welcome in my book. But actually a well thought out book goes a lot farther for me... it means he paid attention when I talked about reading.

    Generosity of spirit.. a sense of real sharing with one another, honesty, commitment to one another..all these are things I need/want to have in a man.

    Thankfully I'm not looking.. having found those and more in my Sir...nurturing and sadistic, who listens and gives me books is honest to a fault... on and on. I'm one lucky woman!

  3. FD,

    I love flowers, especially roses. When Daddy gives me roses it reminds me of when we were first dating.

    Also, I love it that Daddy is so generous, and not just with buying things, but generous with his time, also.


  4. Absolutely totally love getting flowers...Daddy is very generous, but really doesn't think along those lines,

    So sad for mouse!


  5. Flowers are nice, especially when received at work. I know, vanity of having one's Love sending such a public display. But I have to echo Kitty's comment. Time is probably the one thing I enjoy the most - simple time cuddling together, reading quietly together, the time just lying on the bed together and having him tell my about my one eyelash that is curling the wrong way. (gulp) That even noticed my eyelashes at all touches me in all the right ways.

  6. Im not getting the link? However flowers im inclined to agree with the first comment i love flowers but prefer wild flowers and therefore where they should be.

    Im not the most romantic of women but its the little things i think more of, having someone to listen to me and i mean really listen, lazy sunday mornings in bed, going for a nice long walk in the country, laughing together....mostly the things that money cant buy.

  7. Came back to say more beyond the flowers part of this topic.

    In the opening section of that article it talks about passion, and says that the stereotype is that women think that means lust for only them. That's not what it means at all to me, and it is an important quality. For me passion means what it means, and I want the man to have passion for whatever he loves in his life. I want him to eat with passion, listen to music with passion, read with passion. As long as it's not something I have a problem with. I don't want him to gamble and smoke or support the Food Police with passion. But then, since he eats with passion, I can probably trust that he doesn't want yummy food banned.

    There are obviously more qualities I want in a man, but not room here to describe them all. Because of what has gone on in my life recently though, I can say that what I want in a man has not changed, but what I want FROM a man has, except for the preferred gifts list in my comment above.

  8. This one is tough, I think it would be hard to pick one quality. Flowers are great but I just don't get all giddy over them. After some thought I think the sense of feeling safe and loved is the most important thing for me. That keeps me content.

  9. I ADORE flowers and in my perfect world, I'd always have fresh flowers inside. It wouldn't have to be a complex arrangement or even one from a florist. From a simple flower brought in from the garden to a lush, extravagant arrangement; flowers make me happy.

    For me, what I like in a partner/playmate/lover is someone who endeavors to bring me happiness.

  10. Our first date was on a Friday and my husband brought me flowers. Every Friday since that day he has brought me flowers and when he is out of town, he has them sent.
    I love that my husband makes me feel as if I'm the most important person in the world and never an afterthought or takes me for granted.
    The passion and love we feel for each other has grown stronger.


    1. I am glad you still feel they are special. My husband (who is now my ex) did that and still sends them to me for a treat but for a long time it was meaningless to me as it was so habitual. Now I accept that it is simply his way, instilled in him by his mother and rather sweet.

  11. Oh, I think maybe just to tell her she hung the moon, Sir.


  12. flowers for me..i don't really like watching them die and i hate having to throw the gift away(so sad)...what i do love is the nurturing and listening,Master has taken the time to get to know what i like and what i need.That look in His eyes when He first see's me is my favorite gift.

  13. Florida Dom,
    Flowers, when sent with a purpose and meaning are beautiful. I am not an overly big fan of receiving flowers; however, when Master has brought them, greeted me with them I have felt the love he has for me in such an offering.

    I do not expect flowers, ever. I do not expect birthday gifts, anniversary presents, none of that. And as far as what I want in a man well it is not material at all. I want integrity, passion of life, communication and time.

    The greatest commodity is time, at least to me and Master and when he gives me his time, when I give him mine that is true romance for us.