Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is that a Collar?

Here is a picture of Salma Hayek highlighting her cleavage. But look at what she is wearing around her neck. I am sure it is not but couldn't that be a collar a sub could wear without vanilla types realizing it is one.

But then most guys might not look past the cleavage. LOL

Here is the link:


  1. Think it's like a velvet or possibly silk choker. Very retro and making a comeback. It seems she has another necklace on also, mouse thinks she saw a hint of a chain. Could be why the part that hangs looks so awkward, that they're really two separate peices?

    While mouse can't be certain, she doesn't think it's in any way lifestyle related. In fact mouse has many that were owned by her late grandmother and great aunt.


    1. Oh and the ones that mouse owns that belonged to grandma and her sister, would be horrible as a lifestyle piece...on small tug and they'd easily break. Super delicate those things are.

      Hugs again,

  2. Omega and Mouse: I didn't think what she was wearing was lifestyle related. I just thought somebody in the lifestyle could wear something like that and pass it off as not a collar.


  3. That would be great to wear in the vanilla world as a sign of submission without a let of questions.

  4. Florida Dom,
    It reminds me of a Victorian choker, something I used to wear all the time throughout high school and my university days. Could it be a significant collar? Of course, but then, can't anything around the neck be one?:)