Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coloring your Hair

Do you color your hair? Do you color it to change the color or to cover up the gray?

I thought women might like to discuss coloring their hair.



  1. I do it to change the colour. Haven't done it in a while as my sis in law is pregnant, so I'm back to natural for a while. Boo!

  2. I color my hair to cover those pesky grey hairs. I go light in the summer and darker in the winter.
    I've heard they are working on a pill that we can take to get rid of the grey hairs, that would be so cool.

  3. Covering gray is my goal. But I like that I can use the opportunity to go a shade redder than my childhood strawberry blond. BTW FD, I love the varied subjects you bring up!

  4. i colour my hair, i have gone lighter now like a honey brown colour...need to to stop that horrible grey colour taking over!!!.

    oh wow sbf how marvellous that would be!!!

    blossom xx

  5. I absolutely cover my gray hair. I actually began changing my hair color to a more red shade early in High School... for fun.
    Now I try to stay ash brown, or ash red .. but as long as it isn't gray, I'm happy.

  6. LOL FD. What a topic. I love my gray. It shows how much I worry about my family. No, I don't color it. I have better things to spend my money on.

  7. i have coloured and tinted and rinsed my hair for so many years I have lost track of why. I am however aware of the grey poking through these days and not a pretty grey. I love to change things about me. I only ever change things that are reversible. I have a want for a tattoo..but I resist this as I know the trauma of permanent markings will visit me in my next whim for change.
    L xx

  8. Wait... I thought everyone out here was 25 and hot as hell! LOL! I color mine too. I really am working up the courage to let it stay gray but I've gone this long I'll probably wait and retire before I get up the nerve.


  9. I used to have highlights put in my hair but never a full colour. I don't think I would cover up my grey (haven't any yet)


  10. I've been coloring my hair regularly for over a decade now, and don't even remember what my natural color is! It's purely because I like having different colors, and Master enjoys all the colors I tend to pick.

  11. I only have a couple of silver hairs and R once said something about them. So I colored my hair, he didn't even notice. After 2 weeks, I told him I colored my hair and he asked me why. I told him because he mentioned I had silver hair. I won't be coloring it again. He can now live with my few silver hairs. LOL

  12. I color mine. Started out trying blonde, did highlights, back after in my early forties, then went red and haven't looked back. Clearly, i i was born to be a redhead....

    Um, it covers the gray now too. Works out well.


  13. I used to color mine for fun anywhere from red to blonde to dark brown. Now I just go for covering up the gray which I needed to do like 2 weeks ago.

  14. I don't color my hair. I used to when I first started turning gray but stopped because it would grab the color but not keep it. I got tired of looking at a different hair color every day.
    Anyway, I am one of the lucky ones. People stop and ask me who colors my hair - So I guess it's pretty. Its salt and pepper in the back but entirely grey/white on top.

  15. Another great topic, FD!! :)

    I color and highlight my hair. I was blonde when I was younger and over the years it has darkened. I refuse to be anything but blonde! :)

    Fondly sky

  16. I color my own hair using professional products. One of my brothers used to be a cosmetologist and he told me exactly how to do it. I mix up the color myself and I even mix shades and then brush it on. I used to go to the salon and for the exact same product it was costing me almost $100.00. Now it costs me less than $20.00. Gotta love the savings and personally, I like the way I do it even better, although I do go to the salon for my hair to be cut.


  17. I color to cover the gray but have found that I like more red than brown. So I have become a chemically dependent red head.

  18. I color my hair because my husband asked me to. I prefer my natural white hair, but I'd rather please him.

  19. I stopped coloring my hair a few years ago when I became allergic to the dye. The salon couldn't find a product that worked for me. Besides, I love to swim (Florida native)and be out side. Coloring was such a hassle. I went natural the summer while school was out of session. Aug came and I went back to my classroom waiting for comments. One of the male teachers came by to chat. His comment... "Joyce, you look so rested and different. What did you do? Oh my god you had a facelift!" Laughing all the while, I told him I merely stopped coloring my hair and let it go natural. Guess the gray is more flattering to my skintone than the color! I love it now. Go figure...


  20. I do color my hair. A few years back my stylist convinced me to go from blonde to red, he said it matches my personality better. I won't lie, the first few days I looked in the mirror and screamed. I think just pure shock. My hubby loves it, and now I have fun playing with all different hues of red. At almost 50, I haven't seen a grey hair yet... lucky I guess.

  21. i AM 25 and hot.. with 20 years experience :)

    and have gone from my natural dark brown to a "natural" looking red with highlights... no one i know in this state has ever seen my any other way..

    if i let it go i would be more than 75% grey and that just cant happen ;)


  22. i've been coloring my hair since i was 29. Premature gray runs in my family and back then it seemed the most horrid thing!!Now i still color it, a vibrant red, as my Master prefers it.

    roots? What roots?


  23. Vanille: Can you say why you haven't done it because your sister-in-law is pregnant.

    SBF: A pill would be convenient.

    Holly: Nice of you to say you love my varied topics.

    Blossom: Honey brown sounds good.

    Nancy: Ash brown and ash red both sound good.

    Dragon: Nice you love your gray.

    Little one: Change can be fun.

    PK: You mean my readers aren't all 25 and hot? LOL.

    Ronnie: Nice you haven't had any gray hairs yet.

    Kitten: Nice you Master likes all the colors you pick.

    Heather: I think silver is very attractive.

    beinggaisha: Nice you were born to be a redhead.

    dancing: Sounds like you need to color again. LOL.

    Sunnygirl: Nice your hair is pretty without coloring.

    Laurie: I wish you would have told us more about the color you like.

    Sky: You look so good as a blonde.

    Kitty: Always good to save money.

    Sensual: It obviously works for you because you like the red.

    Maryann: Always good to hear you like to please your husband. And do you plan to start blogging more often again?

    Joyce: Good to hear the gray is flattering to your skin tone.

    Katia: Nice your hubby loves it red.

    Sugar: Natural looking red with highlights sounds like a good combination.

    Nilla: Nice your Master prefers a vibrant red.


  24. Florida Dom,
    I am a natural born ginger; however, at the ripe age of nearly 39 my hair is now starting to turn silver. Due to my new natural highlights I recently dyed my hair raven black. This of course was a huge change and I do like how "dark" I look but when my hair returns to its natural colour I will add highlights of ginger again. I waited a long time to dye my hair because, quite frankly I was blessed with a natural beauty of a mane, yep, a little vain indeed.

    Dying ones hair is fun. Enjoy it. Life is too short not to play.

  25. Goodgirl: Nothing wrong with being a little vain when you were blessed with a natural beauty of a mane.