Monday, February 13, 2012

Are Kelly's Nipples Showing?

I thought this clip from fans claiming Kelly Ripa's nipples were showing on her dress was kind of amusing. Here's the clip:

I guess daytime TV hosts aren't supposed to wear dresses showing their nipples.

So I thought this would be a lead in to a topic. I may have asked this before but what do you think about women wearing tops showing their nipples? And do you like to wear tops showing



  1. I watched the clip and I couldn't see anything. As for myself, I try not to show my nipples. Most women don't.


  2. I think the whole this is laughable. Good grief people. She was well covered. Not every woman in the universe thinks a thick padded bra is comfortable. Grow up and get over your selves! I think all the emails and calls were inappropriate and only served to make her uncomfortable.

    If you want to see a fashion disaster simply visit your local Walmart or even the mall. Yikes.

  3. Does it bother anyone if men's nipples show? I think some women are obsessed with making sure they don't show, I am not one of them. If they do, they do. In the scheme of things, what's is the big deal either way. They are a body part and everybody has them.

  4. I have no idea what the big deal is!!! Are nipples bad somehow???

    I have nipples which are always somewhat hard no matter what. Even with a padded bra (which I do not need) you can sometimes see them through it. I guess they are on the large side as well.

    I have gotten bad looks and comments as well. I try to ignore them.

  5. i don't try to show mine...but i don't worry too much about hiding them either.....they have always been "perky" and even with a slightly padded bra they show through....they are shapely and on the smallish side...i have never had any comments or complaints...:)

  6. She was too far away for me to be able to see if they were showing.

    As for mine, I definitely do not want them showing if I'm out and about or at work or whatever. Definitely not. But that's not a problem because my bras cover them completely. Thankfully, they finally invented nice bras that do that. Until recently, bras had that thick line across that attempted to cover them, but didn't do it very well, and then the thick line was always showing.

    Anyway, my bra covers them, and I do need a bra. My breasts are not huge, but real C-cup breasts need a bra.

    I actually kind of wonder what people who are much smaller and don't need a bra do to cover their nipples, since if you don't have to wear a bra, who would want to wear one?

    Back in the days when the ex and I used to go out for the evenings occasionally, concerts or whatever, where a little dress was appropriate with spaghetti straps, where I really couldn't wear a bra, I would put a piece of scotch tape across them. It does actually work pretty well at hiding them.

    As for a man, no, I don't want to see his nipples showing through his office shirt either.

    Eventually, with all of these questions, you're going to know every intimate detail about me. lol.

  7. There's always some busy body that has to raise a fuss over nothing, so silly. But I'll bet this winds up as a skit on SNL, lol!
    I have never tried to hide or expose my nipples through my shirt - I'm so boring. Maybe I haven't given this enough thought lol.

  8. well.. I got my hopes up only to be disappointed... what a let down.

    Some people have too much free time...

    ~disappointed shoes~

  9. Kitty: Looking at her dress, I couldn't figure out what they were talking about.

    Dragon: No doubt she was well covered. I still can't figure out what the fuss was about. But she was obviously uncomfortable.

    sunnygirl: From the emails she got, I guess it does bother some people.

    Sss: I am surprised you would get looks and comments. Kind of rude.

    mountain girl: Nice that they are perky.

    t1klish: Love you telling me initimate details. LOL. Seriously, nice thing about blogging is that bloggers can be candid.

    SBF: Will be curious if SNL makes a skit out of it. It would be good fodder for them.

    Red shoes: Yes, I guess it is a sign that some people have too much free time.


  10. "I actually kind of wonder what people who are much smaller and don't need a bra do to cover their nipples, since if you don't have to wear a bra, who would want to wear one?"

    I have small breasts myself, barely even a, I actually like wearing bra though I guess I have no need to. They hide my nipples, which is good as I don't like showing them, and also make me look like I had at least tiny breasts. I hardly have any figure and I feel it's a bit embaressing for a adult woman like me to look like a 10-year-old. (Not jugding tho')

    I don't mind seeing a nipple or two, hardly feel other people's nipples would be my business. Mine are small and usually soft so it's easy to hide them.

  11. It depends on where I am going. To work or to the store, I wear a bra that nipples do not show. But if we are going to a kinky event then your more than likely to just see naked breasts so nipples showing through a shirt or dress are not big deal.


  12. Anon: Interesting that you like wearing a bra even though you have no need to. You must like the feel of a bra.

    Heather1: Yes, showing your nipples at a kinky event would be no big deal.


  13. I watched the clip and did not see what the problem was. She looked great to me. I do not intentionally try to show my nipples but in the summer if I like a piece a clothing and they are showing thru a bit I just let it go.

  14. Couldn't see any sign of nipples on show. Personally I don't wear tops that show my nipples but that's just me.


  15. As has been said it depends on the circumstances, i work with children so wearing anything overtly sexy is a no from the start..although im sure the teenage boys wouldnt mind lol

    At a fetish event not a problem its more appropriate, in general i am quite reserved (yes seriously lol) so tend to keep covered if i can get away with wearing tops that show my nipples just isnt me if i get my own way..which i dont a lot.

  16. Dancing: I also don't see what the problem was.

    Ronnie: I also didn't see any signs of nipples on the show.

    painspleasure: I can imagine the teenage boys wouldn't mind. LOL.


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