Monday, February 27, 2012

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Painspleasure blogged that she doesn't like spankings. Particularly the OTK variety.

On the other hand, she likes watersports. And she wrote, "Being peed on and being told what a dirty filthy bitch I am whilst kneeling covered in his piss gets me going a lot. I love it. I will beg for it''

Here's the link:

I would think the majority of the bloggers like spankings and aren't keen on watersports. But I thought I would link to her post to show how how different people like different kinks.



  1. Hello Florida Dom,
    I certainly enjoy your style of journalling through the use of questions. Highly interactive.

    I am one of the few I believe you are speaking of. Although I do not crave watersports, at the right time, right place, that physical humiliating, marking exchange heightens my submission and I feel owned and happy to be at my Owners feet.

    Although I can enjoy a good paddling/spanking I absolutely do not like over the knee ones. I want to be bound, to be splayed out on the floor or as a piece of furniture that gets smacked when forgetting my posture and wriggling about.

    I do not believe I would take watersports over a good smack or vice versa, for me it is all about my head space and the environment Master and I are sharing.


  2. I will admit that I like OTK spankings. A lot!

    I've never experimented or experienced water sports. I don't think I would find it arousing.

    That's what is so great about TTWD. Every relationship is different and I have found people don't judge you because of something you might enjoy but might not be someone sea cup of tea.

    I agree with good girl. I like your blogging style too. From one day to the next, I can never be sure what I'll read about on your blog. Thank you for always surprising us with interesting topics to discuss and think about!

    For some reason, blogger doesn't like me tonight. I read your Oscars post but can't comment. :(. I think regarding the men's fashions - yes a tux is a tux- but I think some men DO look better in one than others! Lots of lovy dresses. I enjoy watching the Red Carpet arrivs and looking st the fashions!

    Fondly, Sky

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  4. Wow who knew a post about watersports could be so controversial....and not about the watersports.

    Back to topic, im guessing FD that im in a minority and thats ok i never was one of the 'in' crowd lol.

    Just to add i dont think its for anyone to judge someone else's blog and deem it to be fake, just stinks of playground behaviour to me....and we are meant to be adults.

    tori x

  5. Watersports are definitely not my thing, too much of the healthcare provider in me for that to be a turn on. It is nice though to read about what works for others and you never know where or when you will run across something new that might be fun to try :)

  6. goodgirl: Thanks for the kind words about my use of questions. And thanks for your explanation of how it is all about head space and the environment for you. You should consider starting a blog. You are a good writer.

    sky: Nice that you like OTK spankings. And thanks for your nice words about my blogging style. And, yes, it is good that people aren't judged here on what happens to be their kink.

    sbo: Sorry I don't have any tips on how to get listed on Yahoo news. Didn't even know I was there. I'm not very high tech. And glad you like the blog.

    pains: No problem with being in the minority. It is good that you do what you like and enjoy it. And while you may be in the minority, there are many like minded folks out there.

    faerie: Yes, even if watersports aren't your thing, it's nice to read what works for others. And I hope that the bloggers out there will always share what their interests are.

    And I hope more of you will share your thoughts on this topic.


  7. I have to say... the best part of this lifestyle is that there are so many different kinks and fetishes.... I know for me I love spanking... but water sports aren't so appealing...

    And Craig loves dominating me.. tying me up more than actually spanking me.... its a balance I think... and the key I believe is finding what works for you and going with it...


  8. And now a note to my readers:

    For just the second time since I've been doing this, i had to delete some messages today. I got what a person thought was a private comment, not realizing I don't have any filters here because I want to make it easy for people to comment.

    Another person thought I had posted the real name and email address of this person when the original person had done it in her message.

    Anyway, the original person wrote to say she thinks one of the blogs is a fake. I won't identify the blog in case you didn't see the original post before I deleted it. But for those who did, let me assure you the blog is very real and the blogger is a sincere, honest person who would never fake anything.

    But as pains said, we're adults here and we're adults of like-minded interests. If you have any problems with a blog, don't read it. But don't have any doubts about the blog in question. It is all true.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


    1. Sir? Have I told you lately how sweet you are?


  9. Audra: Yes, it is nice there are so many different kinks and fetishes. Something for everybody.

    poured out: Thank you my good girl. So nice of you to say that.


  10. I just read that blog and found it very interesting and started thinking a lot about how its so true that there are SO many fetishes out there and everyones likes/dislikes can be so different. It's really a topic that you could write about forever. Anyway, from that blog I came across yours, so just thought id stop by and let you know i enjoyed reading :)

  11. Playful: Yes there are so many different fetishes out there. You read the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts for details on the many fetishes. One point is that no one has a fetish alone. If you have a fetish, there are others who have it too. And I'm glad you enjoyed reading.