Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Comfortable In Her Own Skin

I thought this was interesting about Christina Aguilera saying she was comfortable in her own skin.

Here's the link:

Do any of our bloggers have problems being comfortable in their own skin?



  1. I'm comfortable in my own skin but right now I would like to shed it in hopes it will take this rotten cold with it.

  2. Hmm.. depends what skin you are talking about. My sub skin yes....but I doo feel I have too much real skin! abby

  3. I am comfortable in my skin, but would love to shed some of it... S is happy just how I am, which helps make me comfortable!

    BTW... as a side note... FD, I got done last night catching up on Lisa's Training.... OMGoodness.... very hot!!! For those who like some steaming reading... WOW... I was impressed.... and S was impressed with my reaction! ;o) Thank you for sharing... and feel free to write more...SOON! LOL

  4. I'm very comfortable in my own skin, if I have doubts all I have to do is look at Musicman. We have been together a long time and he still likes what he sees.

  5. I think most women (kinky or not) struggle with being comfortable in their own skin, especially when we are younger. There is so much pressure in society on women's looks. We are also taught to place so much of our self-worth and self-esteem in our appearance that it is inevitable.

    As we age and understand how society affects us, how you can never be thin enough, curvy enough, pretty enough, sexy enough compared to photoshop images of other, I think we can get a lot more comfortable.

    I am 100% asian and I remember growing up that the image of beauty was white and blonde only. At the time I would have given a 1/2 my brain to be thin, white, and blonde (or at least a mix). Now I realize how silly that is.

    I am comfortable in my own skin, but it has taken time.

  6. I'm comfortable in my own skin, whatever that actually means.

    As to the blonde thing that Sss mentioned. When I was 10 I had a crush on a boy, and he had a crush on the girl with pale blonde hair who lived down the street.

    My mom told me, that's just the way they are, men prefer blondes.

    That never made me think less of myself though. It just made me think less of men. I find dark hair far more lovely.

  7. Florida Dom,
    Interesting that I found this entry today because just yesterday I was thinking something similar. I have been fighting a bit of a cold and spent the day watching ridiculous television on Netflix and in an episode of The Big C there is a scene with the main character who has stage 4 melanoma and she struggles with her own body, her own skin. She never thought she was pretty enough or thin enough to show her body and in one scene she finally lets go of reservations and stands outside in her back yard naked with shade protecting her body.

    This was a really significant moment for the character and I related. I think almost all women fight with their skin, their bodies. I am 38 nearing 39 very soon and I have struggled for as long as I can remember, no matter how tiny I was. I think one of the saddest things that has happened to people is the lack of comfort in ones own skin. I would not say I am completely comfortable but I absolutely am learning and appreciating. I hope future generations embrace the shell they have been blessed with. I think we would have a happier planet if we did.

  8. I'm comfortable in my skin and like most women it has been an interesting journey getting to this point.

    Young girls are shown such distorted images of what is "pretty" that it is very hard to accept oneself if you happen to be outside the "ideal".

    I never felt particularly uncomfortable but watched my daughter struggle to accept herself as a young teen. She finally did but it took a long time.

    I don't know how to make it better for girls .. it is frustrating!

    This is certainly an ongoing conversation among most women I know.
    Thanks for the post , FD.

  9. FD,

    I'm somewhat comfortable in my own skin, lol! It's fun to have fitness goals and I love to work on building muscle and tone in my body.


  10. Good question..i am finally getting comfortable in my own skin (at 50 yrs old!)...and some days i feel more beautiful,more at one with my inner self..i have found in the last two years that i feel radiant and lovely when i am naked for Master..but also at that moment i am pure slave and free of all other influences.

  11. While I prefer a curvier woman any day of the week, I tend to take words from celebrities with a grain of salt, especially Ms. Aguilera. She's has always seemed like there was something she needed to prove to the world, most of which is that despite life's downfalls, she is more confident than she really is. Case in point, I'd be willing to bet that if she could have the body she had at age 20, she'd make a deal with the devil for it. Not that she'd ever tell us that.

    Nonetheless, genuine or not, her comments are a good message to put out there for women who think they need to be skinnier.

  12. I'm comfortable with myself. I feel there are things that could improve, but I don't stress them.
    I think the telling thing about her comments, no matter how good I think the message is, is the fact that she immediately has to mention how other people are fine with how she looks. It undermines her stance, imho.