Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My last post was about a woman turning down a public proposal. That got me thinking. Have any bloggers turned down private proposals?

If not, it would be nice to share the story of the proposal you accepted.



  1. I have not turned down a Proposal but I did give a ring back after foolishly accepting it at the age of about 23. The relationship was very passionate and looking back at it now was a D/s relationship although I did not know it at the time. The problem was there were also factors of mental abuse and some minor physical abuse that I believe would become worse with time. When we sat down with the Pastor to go through the required counseling you have to take to be married in the Church I knew I needed to walk away. It was heartbreaking but it was right for me and it made me a stronger person.

  2. Im much the same as dancingbarez in that i have not turned down a proposal, i did however sell the ring after discovering he was married, but separated a fact he failed to tell me and i found out by accident. That lost my trust in him.

    I gave the money from the ring to charity.


    oh i do hope we get some sucess stories here lol

  3. Florida Dom: I think you already know my story, but I wrote about it on my blog as part of the History of Daddy and Kitty story. I copied the proposal part of the story from my actual diary, which I originally wrote in when I was just 18:)!

    I would say yes all over again!!!


  4. I've never received a proposal. My ex and I got married because we'd been living together a while and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    No one will ever propose to me, and I'm glad, because I would never dream of getting married again.

    Now that I've suffered through the absurdly complicated process of a California divorce, I wonder how it can even be legal for people to enter into a marriage contract without any of the actual terms of the contract being written down and agreed to and signed.

    I mean seriously, nowhere on a marriage license application or marriage certificate does it say, anything either of you acquires from now on will be joint equal property, even if only in one name, and any debt either of you acquires from now on will be joint equal debt, even if only in one name, and you'll have to go through hell and back to divide all of the nothing you have evenly when it all falls apart in the end.

    I mean seriously, any other contract and the terms would be laid out on paper and you would have to agree and sign to it, but not the nightmare invisible marriage contract.

  5. I turned down several proposals, the first one at age 14. I accepted 2 but actually went through with one. That was 25 yrs ago and we are still happily married :)

  6. dancing: Good to hear it made you a stronger person.

    pains: Nice gesture to give the money to charity.

    Kitty: She has a success story. I know you would say yes all over again. The amazing thing is that you were so young when you said yes and it worked out so well.

    t1klish: Good points on the marriage contract.

    faerie: You obviously said yes to the right one.

    Thanks for your comments and hope we get more proposal stories.