Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blowing His Mind

I'm sure many of you have read Kitty's post on giving blow jobs.

If you missed it, here's the link. I just redid it because it was coming up blank before:

What I found interesting is that she never had any problem with the gag reflex even though it was all new to her.

I thought I'd ask if any of you had any problem with the gag reflex and/or swallowing. And if you like it or do it to please him.

Will look forward to your observations



  1. I have a problem with the gag reflex, and also with the girth. I honestly don't know if it will fit beyond the back of my mouth. I keep trying though.

    As for swallowing, I have swallowed since the very first time I did it. I never considered not swallowing. It doesn't taste like whipped cream but it tastes pleasant enough, nothing wrong with the taste. The idea that some people run off to spit it out boggles my mind. Even if you don't like the taste, swallowing is the quickest way to get rid of it. Like medicine. Holding it in your mouth and running to spit it out makes you taste it and its texture much longer, and I get queasy at the thought of spitting or if I try to spit something out. For example, when I brush my teeth, I have to put my mouth under the water faucet to rinse, I could never just spit out the toothpaste without gagging and almost being sick.

    So yes, swallowing, always. Unless my man chooses to come on my face, which is lovely too. I never want him to come somewhere else where I can't enjoy it fully.

    I remember back in old porn from the 80s and 90s, don't know if they still do this, but back then the women would always say, "Come on my tits!" but it was obvious they just didn't want the man to come on their face. I don't get it. If you're not going to drink it, the next best place is your face. Anywhere else is a waste as far as I'm concerned. Hee.

  2. SQUICK! This is something Dragon would never ask of me. I came into our marriage a Lesbian. I married because I loved him and because it is what good little girls do. All things male makes me gag. Always has always will. After 18 years I can probably be best described as bisexual now. I have learned how to accept his touch. But a blow job? NO WAY...

  3. when i click on the link, i get a blank screen. :(

    i almost always swallow. the beauty is in the efficiency. "no mess - no fuss!" lol. usually the taste is fine. the only thing i've had trouble w/ in the past if the man smokes pot. then there's a funk sometimes. maybe it depends on the quality of the pot?

    @ t1klish. actually, i can't stand it on my face. it usually kinda tingles in a way i don't appreciate it. but i do love being come on anywhere else on my body. LOVE IT.

    last but not least... liz phair. hwc. :-)

  4. Yes, gagging when he goes down my throat to far. I haven't figured out how to stop it. As for swallowing, that depends on what he has been eating and/or smoking. Food does change the flavor of it. He has finely stopped smoking cigars again - yuck no swallowing than, nasty nicotine flavor and as an ex smoker no something I enjoy.


  5. I always swallow and enjoy doing it. I can't imagine spitting it out. To me, that would equate to him brushing his teeth after he gives me oral sex. Lol

    As for the gag reflex, I have learnt to overcome it. Relaxing my throat and allowing him to push further inside. The position you're in also aids in working with your gag reflex.

    I found some mints very recently called Oral Sex Mints $7.95. They work lol. You suck two and they last four hours. I found them at Spencer's. That store is becoming mini porn shop!! You let them dissolve in your mouth and they have some sort of numbing (?) ingredient in them.

    1. I so wish I had a Spencer's nearby. The closest would be about an hour and a half away by two buses, if it's even still there. Will have to look it up. Back in the 70's there was one in our local mall, so much fun! Back then it was dark inside with strobe lights and lava lights and such. Loved that place. At some point in the 80's they turned on the lights and it wasn't nearly as much fun anymore, but glad to hear they still have cool stuff!:)

      Maybe whatever this stuff is can be found on Amazon. Hmm. I'll have to check :)

      I've heard that maybe Chloroseptic also has a numbing effect?

    2. I just went to Amazon, and they do appear to have something called Comfortably Numb Oral Sex Mints! I'll have to look into them.

    3. Chloroseptic will work, for best effect gargle slowly with your head tipped back a little. It only takes a small amount, about 1/2 tsp. I don't recommend swallowing it, especially on an empty stomach, it can be upsetting.

  6. The problem with gagging is the fear that I will throw up, which I really, really don't want to happen.

    1. Yes, I'm with you on that. I don't do throwing up. At all. If I actually threw up on my man, that would be the end of the relationship. I'd be horrified to ever even see him again in any capacity. Not to mention having to throw away my sheets and buy new ones.

      Don't know if anyone here watches Seinfeld, but Jerry only threw up like once every 15 years. I'm even less than that. I haven't thrown up since once in the 80's. Twice before that in the 70's. And only once in my memory in the 60's. Seriously. There is nothing more disgusting than throwing up. Boggles my mind that there are people who don't think they had a good time unless they got so drunk they threw up.

      Yuck. Seriously.

      Just reading about all the drooling that goes on while deep throating makes me feel gaggy. I don't do drool either. I honestly can't fathom how anyone finds drool sexy. It just makes me feel like I'm going to be sick. Yuck yuck yuck.

  7. I don't gag and I crave the taste if it's been too long.

    This act was a prime feature of my abuse and it has been a long road to get to a place of enjoying it. But I did that and beyond, I love everything about it :)

  8. Florida Dom,

    Thanks so much for linking to my post. I'm honored:)!

    Regarding gagging, I don't want to convey I've never, ever, ever had a gagging reflex. I have, but it's very rare and usually for a specific reason.


  9. I love giving blow jobs, but cannot deep throat because of the gage reflex.

    However, I found a post giving step by step instructions on how to learn and I have doing that for about a week. It seems to be going well. M could tell the different the other night.


  10. I like it when its forced down roughly and im made to gag, but other times he lets me go slow, with practice i know longer gag unless its rough.

    I like to swallow but i also like it when he pulls out and cums over my face.

    I think its hard to say what the perfect blow job is..its personal preference on what the man likes...but its most enjoyable for both us perfecting the technique.

  11. I've always swallowed.. it never occurred to me not to!
    Gagging .. not so often. One man liked me to gag, drool and generally look disheveled..he wanted me to wear lots of makeup so it would run from my tears. To each his own!
    I do like it when Sir comes on my face or breasts.. but swallowing is my favorite.

  12. I definitely have a gag reflex problem. Daddy's been slowly training me to get used to it though and now I can take him pretty much all the way in without gagging.....the key for me has been holding my breath though....once I have to breathe again the gag reflex comes back. Trying to work through the next steps to get over that...but it may come down to just letting him take over and if I heave then I see how far things have to go.

  13. Giggling Bunny, instead of holding your breath try working with it to relax the throat muscles. Kind of like yoga for the throat.

  14. t1klish: Sorry you have a problem with the gag reflex and nice you like swallowing and having him cum on your face. And did you see porn movies in 80s and 90s because your ex did? What I find interesting in the old porn movies is that the actresses had a full busy. Don't know what prompted them to start shaving.

    Dragon: Interesting that you came into your marriage as a lesbian and now consider yourself bisexual. Did you tell him that at the beginning What did your lesbian friends say when you decided to get married?

    Deb: I hope you came back after I fixed the link. Interesting that you don't like it on your face but are fine with it everywhere else. And I got a black screen when I went to your YouTube link but was able to hear the song. Interesting it was uploaded by "myhappypenis.'' There was also a link to a site called discusses swallowing, she says most women don't like it but like the fact it pleases their guy. She discusses it for about five minutes at at the end there's a scream and she laughs and says her husband is watching a football game in the other room. Interesting she films vidoes while he watches football.

    Heather: I can understand you wouldn't like the nicotine flavor. And good luck on dealing with the gagging.

    sunnygirl: Nice you like both.

    Sky: Nice you enjoy swallowing and learned to overcome the gag reflex. And good tip on the oral sex mints.

    t1klish: I googled Spencer's and they are online.

    faerie: Thanks for the tip.

    Amber: Obvious you don't want to throw up.

    t1klish: I cant figure why people would think throwing up after getting drunk is having a good time.

    faerie: Congrats that you took that long road and now like everything about it.

    Kitty: Nice that it is rare for you to have a gag reflex problem.

    Sss: I'm sure he is happy you are getting better at it. And are those your lips? Very sexy if they are. As is the photo on your site.

    painspleasure: Nice that it is enjoyable for both of you as you perfect the technique.

    nancy: Nice that you like swallowing and Sir cuming on your face and breasts. And interesting that one guy liked you being a mess. As you said each his own.

    Bunny: Hope his training continues to go well and faerie had some advice for you.

    faerie: Thanks for giving her advice.

    Thanks for all your comments and I hope we get more. One great thing about blogging is the way we can share our feelings and likes and dislikes.


  15. Yes, my ex was already obsessed with porn when I met him, 18 years old. I figured it was just a phase he was going through since he didn't have a girlfriend, at the time. But no such luck.

    For a few years we watched some together every now and then. This was back when John Leslie and Paul Thomas were making some movies that attempted to have plots. I got annoyed with the fact that the men made no noise at all, the women were on absurdly phony sounding audio tracks that didn't match the action, more and more breasts were becoming fake, and it was becoming like 80% lesbian which is a total turnoff to me, but was always shelved in the "straight" section, which was absurd and annoyed me to no end, and always will, just like calling a monogamous woman a slut just because she likes adventurous sex.

    I had no idea porn had become about bondage and strangling and hitting and stretching and torturing until several months ago when I started reading these blogs and looking at naughty tumblrs. None of that stuff was allowed to be sold around here back when I used to watch.

  16. Like that comment wasn't long enough already. Hee. I just wanted to clarify, 80's porn when John Leslie was actually in it was good, breasts were real, and the men made noise. John Leslie was great at talking dirty:) What I described above about the fake breasts and men making no noise was in early 90's porn. I think the last thing I saw back then was "Sinderella" with Savannah in it.

  17. There are so many things I enjoy about giving Sir blow jobs and I think it changes with where we are at that day. I like to swallow every last bit and quite enjoy the taste. I also like having Sir cum on my face and body and then request I rub it in. I do tend to have a bit of a gag reflex and I used to try to hide it but I noticed the more I gagged the harder he pushed. I took that as my cue that he liked to watch me gag and drool so I just let it happen now. I guess there is a humiliation factor there but I can feel how turned he gets by it and even though I am mess it turns me on that he wants me that way.

  18. I have always given S blowjobs, and has always swallowed. The gag reflex... every once in a while I'll gag a bit but if I back off for a minute and then deep throat again...

    I would never think for a minute to spit, spitting would be so disrespectful... besides I love the taste!

  19. t1klish: I think the reason lesbian porn is in the straight section is that straight men tend to love it. I sometimes wonder if they watch it more than lesbians do. LOL. Never heard of John Leslie but googled him and he made almost 300 adult films and directed 90 more. He died in 2010 of a stroke.
    Also googled Paul Thomas and he starred in Broadway in Hair and in the film Jesus Christ Superstar before turning to porn in 1974.
    And I still can't figure out why your ex preferred fantasy to you. I guess that is why he is your ex.

    dancing: Interesting that he likes you being a mess. You're the second blogger to mention that. It is not my thing but obviously some men like it.

    Mikki: Nice that you love the taste.