Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sub Space

Dancing barez recently described herself after an intense session as:

"shaking uncontrollably in his arms.''

"In a complete daze.''

Her body "trembled uncontrollably.''

She also said she was floating and cold.

I assume this was subspace.

Here's the link:

My good girl has also described herself at times as "floaty,'' "out of it,'' "somewhere else,'' "shivering'' and "cold.''

Do any of our bloggers want to share if they have similar reactions?



  1. Floaty is definitley how it feels to me, i completley 'let go' and can be unaware if he is talking to me especially if its a more intense session and im well away with the faries lol.

    I tend to find i get into subspace during s&m rather than afterwards, the pain stops registering and i just bask in this wierd wanderful feeling.

    Afterwards i tend to prefer to be left alone to 'come down' in my own time, although under his supervision.


  2. How I experience sub space depends on where I am, the energy of the scene and how intense it is. At a party I get get giggly and talkative after a very intense scene. At home I feel like am floating on an ocean of air. Reality fades and the only person in existence is my Dragon. A light scene will simply relax me, an intense scene sends me into a memory of the beach on our honeymoon.

  3. In my short experience I have felt sunspace.

    When he's spanking me I lose track of my counting. I get giggly even tho later I think how could I? lol

    I dont know about being cold, but last night was the first time since being in my apt that I've turned my heat possibly I WAS cold but didn't realize why. I was still high from yesterday with him.

    Fondly, Sky

  4. I've found that the the greater the ability of a Dominant or submissive to connect the physical with the emotional and intellectual, the greater the likelihood that they can experience true subspace, or in the case of the Dominant, a similar and symmetrical feeling.

    Those who rely too heavily on the physical aspects of a scene or a relationship are missing so much. Just my opionion :)


  5. Hmmm, my body doesn't shake uncontrollably during subspace. It is certainly a surreal, floaty feeling. I have even lost time during subspace, and been unable to hear what is being said to me. My movements are sluggish, like in slow motion.


  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I find it a fascinating subject how subs react to intense scenes. .


  7. I've experienced subspace not always but now and then.
    Generally I get floaty and feel distant from Sir. I find it hard to move or react to his touch. I get very quiet as well.

    He doesn't like the part where I don't move much.. it is hard for him to know how I'm feeling so he usually slows things down at that point.

    Often after we have stopped whatever it was, I am very verbal and get the giggles.. or I'm very quiet and sometimes weepy.

    It all depends.. there is no way to say it will be this way or that way.
    Maybe that is the fun of it all.. who knows what will happen !?