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Training Lisa, Chapter 5

This is the fifth chapter of my Lisa's Training series. The first were first posted on PK's newbeginnings site at

For those of you who read the first six on her site, be patient because a new seventh chapter is coming soon.

And let me know your thoughts on the saga of a woman who is dominant in the boardroom and submissive in the bedroom.

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Lisa's Training, Chapter Five

As Lisa briskly walked towards her office with her high heels clicking on the floor to announce her presence, she was the picture of confidence.

She wore an expensive designer suit that showed she was all business, but it still showed off her curves that she knew distracted her colleagues even when she was barking orders at them. She was proud of her figure and she kept in shape by working out hours at the gym and jogging. And her breasts were firm and well-rounded and a vivid contrast to her thin waist. She liked to be in charge in the office but she also liked to show off her feminine side.

And she announced her arrival with her high heels making a staccato sound as she took each step on the floor. She knew the guys checked her out and she liked that but she also knew while she was very feminine, she demanded perfection. She looked the same way she did every day when she arrived in her office like she was a master of the universe.

What her colleagues didn't know was how her life had changed. They didn't know about the welts and bruises all over her body from last night's session with her Sir. They didn't know if she stood and paced the floor during their meeting, it wasn't that she was trying to make a point about how she wanted better results. It was that she didn't know how long she could sit on her red bottom. From her tits to the top of her thighs, her body had the marks from the intense session with Sir.

The pain from the caning almost took her breath away. She couldn't stop crying as he landed blow after blow. And yet she couldn't stop coming from the combination of the pain and the pleasure she felt when he touched her clit with the vibrator. And when he untied her after beating her bottom, top of her thighs and her back, she thought it was over. Instead, he turned her over, retied her and did the same thing to her tits, belly and pussy. And she kept coming until she was completely spent and just slumped on the bed.

He knew he had to let her down softly with a lot of aftercare and didn't leave until he had petted her a long time and she had seem to recover from her intense experience. As she started getting sleepy, he laid her back down on the bed, gave her a reminder that all the rules were still in place and tied her right wrist to the headboard. That was to let her know that once again, she was not allowed to touch herself without permission. Not that she wanted to right now. She just wanted to sleep although every time she turned, she could feel the welts, but she liked that feel. It was reminder of how intense the experience was and she knew she had never been brought to such heights of pain and pleasure.

When the alarm rang in the morning, she was still in a languid mood. As she rolled over, she could feel the sting of the welts but it was a good feeling because she knew she had made her Sir happy. As she untied the rope to the headboard, her first thought was how good it would feel to put her hand between her legs, but she knew she wasn't allowed that privilege. That was part of serving her Sir. When she got up, she checked herself out in the mirror and admired the welts and the cane marks. They were a symbol of her submission to her Sir. She was proud of them as she thought about how often she had come as the blows landed on her.

She then realized she only had five minutes to sign in and get her daily instructions from her Sir on what she was allowed to wear and what she was allowed to eat for breakfast. Sir was pleased when she signed in with a minute
to spare. He asked her if she was naked and sitting on the sandpaper. When the answer came back, "Yes, sir,'' he knew that she was continuing to submit to him. She hadn't absent-mindedly put on her bathrobe. She was thinking of him and his rules and that was part of his control over her. And sitting on the sandpaper made her welts sting and she squirmed, but she had the satisfaction of doing what she was told to do.

He told her that her breakfast would be a yogurt and a banana. She silently groaned when she read that. She'd much prefer a gooey Danish, but he knew she liked that and he would deny her that pleasure. And it was healthy, too. He then ordered her to take a shower and gave her permission to use the bathroom. Once she got in the shower, the water pelted down on her welts, but she enjoyed the sensation even though it burned. It was a turn on for her and her hand started to drift towards her pussy, but she suddenly stopped. She knew that wasn't allowed. And she was careful to keep a washcloth in her hands so she didn't touch any areas that now belonged to her Sir. She knew her pussy belonged to him.

She then got ready for work and even sitting in her car while she was driving was a constant reminder of how she had submitted to the cane. Her colleagues, of course, knew nothing about this because she could almost turn on a switch when she entered the office. In the office, she was in charge and she made sure everybody knew it. She didn't suffer fools gladly. She found an excuse to stand more than usual while showing off some charts to avoid sitting on her bruised butt, but nobody knew the difference.

She also had to concentrate on following his rules. Like no snacking. And getting permission to go to the bathroom. She knew that was part of his control, part of her submitting to him and she knew she wanted that, but it was still annoying. At one point in the afternoon, she absent-mindedly went to the ladies room, entered the stall and pulled down her panties when she realized she hadn't emailed for permission. She had a debate in his head. He would never know if she didn't ask. What was the harm? Still, she pulled up her panties and walked back to office and sent the coded message asking for permission. As much as she didn't want to follow this rule, she wanted to be submissive to him. It was a turn-on for her. And this was part of the deal. He emailed back that she had eight minutes. Eight minutes!! She got annoyed all over again. She knew he was just showing his control over her. But she waited the eight minutes. She followed the rules.

He was pleased to get the email. It was another sign that she liked to be controlled, that she liked being told what to do, that it wasn't about what she wanted but it was about what he wanted and her only job was to obey. He was pleased that her training was going so well. She took to submission like a duck to water. It was obviously buried deep into her psyche and he was the vessel for bringing it out. And she had to admit that she liked going home after dealing with all the stress of the business world and not having to make any major decisions. She just turned on her computer and found out what she was allowed to wear in the evening, what she was allowed to eat, what TV shows she was allowed to watch and when her bedtime was.

Some nights, he allowed her to be fully dressed. Another night, she had to be topless or bottomless. Or nude. He always kept her guessing. She might have to eat dinner with a clothespin attached to each nipple. She never knew what to expect. She just knew she had to obey. Eating dinner with a clothespin on each nipple was not something she liked. But she knew it wasn't about what she liked. She knew she was being trained and she accepted that.

That night, there was another message for her, reminding her to keep Saturday free because she was going to spend the day at his place in his bondage room.

Just reading that email made her start to get wet with of mixture of fear and anticipation. What was his bondage room like? What was he going to do to her there? Could she endure it? The next two nights, she slept fitfully as her wrist pulled against the rope tied to the headboard. She had so many different emotions. She was turned on and wanted to put her hand between her legs and massage her sweet parts to make them feel even more juicy. She wanted to stick several fingers inside her. Oh, to be allowed to put her vibrator against her clit and turn it up high. But she also had a feeling of fear because she didn't know what to expect. All those thoughts kept bouncing around in her mind.

She woke up early Saturday morning but wasn't allowed to get up until the alarm rang. Her adrenalin was pumping. She quickly untied the rope when it rang and hustled to the computer to get the instructions for the day. She was told to shower and prepare herself and to be at her door at 10 a.m. sharp on her knees, blindfolded. She only was to wear a skirt and a blouse. No underwear.

As she showered, she thought about how her life was changing. Just two weeks ago, she couldn't have imagined all this happening to her. She couldn't imagine all the hair under her arms because she wasn't allowed to shave her pits. That was a sign of how she submitted to him. And her pussy hair was only a stubble from the last time he shaved it. He had reserved shaving it for himself. She wasn't allowed to do that. And now she knew she was going to visit his bondage room. She didn't know what that was going to be like.

At 10 a.m. sharp, she unlocked the door and got on her knees. A few seconds later, the door opened and she recognized his voice telling her he was pleased that she had prepared the way she was told to. He put the dog collar around her neck and took her arm for the quick walk to his car. He had checked there was nobody around so she wouldn't be seen with the blindfold. As she slid into the passenger seat, he told her to lift her butt and he lifted her skirt so her bare butt was on the seat. He then bunched the front of her skirt so her pussy was accessible to him and told her to spread her legs. And he unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse so he also had easy access to her breasts. He then fastened her seat belt. She was almost happy to be blindfolded so she couldn't see how open her pussy and breasts were. She was so embarrassed to be in public like this. But again, she knew it was part of his control. She craved this lifestyle and this was part of it.

As he drove to his place, he had one hand on the wheel and the other hand fondling her breasts. And then he massaged her pussy and inserted one, two and then three fingers into his very wet pussy. She was almost gushing and that was a sign of how much of a turn-on it was for her even though she felt embarrassed to be exposed in public. She didn't want to admit it, but it was something that made her tingle in her pussy. She wondered if any bystanders or drivers in the other cars could see her being fondled and while she hated that idea, it was still something she craved. It only made her wetter.

Finally, the car came to a stop. She didn't have any idea of where they were or where he lived. He came over to the passenger's side of the car, fastened the buttons on her blouse and pulled her skirt down. Again, there was no one in the area and he led her to his front door. After he opened it, he told her to stand still with her hands at her side. She obeyed. She always did. He quickly took off the blouse and the skirt. He had told her not to wear any underwear so he had less to take off. She was now naked and would remain that way until it was time to take her home.

He then asked her if she was ready to see his bondage room. Her tongue was almost dry. She said softly, "Yes, Sir.'' She didn't know if she was ready or not, but she knew that didn't matter. He was ready and that's what mattered. He told her that after she entered the bondage room, he would take her blindfold off. He wanted her to see all the delights in it. He had personally built some of them. He told her he would wear a hood because she still wasn't allowed to see his face until he passed this final test. He then told her to get on her hands and knees and attached a leash to her dog collar. He then started to pull and she followed him to the door of the room that he had turned into the bondage room.

She heard the door opening and he told her that she would be entering the bondage room. There was no turning back. This was one more step in her training, one more step in her submission, one more step in him controlling her.

Was she ready for it? As she followed him in the room and heard the door close, she knew she would soon find out.



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  2. Ronnie: Patience is a virtue. LOL. Have to post Chapter 6 first

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