Sunday, July 5, 2009


For those readers who have HBO, you might want to check out a new comedy show called Hung. They had the pilot last week but they're reshowing it at 10 .m. tonight and the rest of the week before they show episode two next week. I guess they didn't want to show a new episode over the holiday weekend.

The premise of the comedy is that this high school coach in a Detroit suburb is pretty much a failure in life. Among other things, his wife left him and his house has burned down. But he's got one thing going for him. He's well hung. They don't actually show how well he's hung, but it drives the plot.

Yeah, it sounds bizarre but you might give it look and see if you like it if you have HBO as you ponder whether bigger is better.


  1. Thinking I may need to contact the cable company and get myself some HBO ;-)

  2. Shoot I don't get it either but it does sound like an interesting show!


  3. I have been accused of this very same anatomical truth - being the solid cornerstone behind our happy, firm and very long marriage (all puns intended)!! Thanks for the tip - sorry I have no control....

  4. Kitten and Meow: If the show is a hit, it'll likely be released on DVD.

    KayLunn: Love your puns.