Thursday, July 16, 2009

Training Lisa, part 7

For those of you who've been patient while I reposted the first six chapters of the Training Lisa Series, you'll be happy to know that this is a new chapter that wasn't previously posted on PK's site although she was kind enough to provide the pictures.
I hope it has been worth the wait.
Florida Dom
Training Lisa, Part 7

Lisa was cramped and uncomfortable in her cage. She couldn't stretch out and if she moved too much, the welts on the front of her body from the morning's intense session would get irritated. So she tried to lie quietly and rest. She knew she was in for another intense session in her Sir's bondage room in the afternoon. She wanted to be prepared for that.

Yet, despite her discomfort, she was pleased. She had passed a big test this morning when her Sir brought her level of submission to new heights. She was happy that she served him, had endured the pain and hadn't used her safeword. She knew now she really was a pain slut who was turned on by absorbing the pain her Sir gave her. And, oh, the rewards. She had come so many times that she couldn't count them. By the end, she was begging for him to stop giving her more orgasms because both her clit and her pussy were so sore. She had never imagined wanting orgasms to stop. But since she didn't use her safeword, he just grinned and didn't stop. He waited until she was so exhausted that she stopped bucking against his tight bonds and just lay back on the table in exhaustion.

That was an experience that she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams. Her Sir had brought her to levels that were more than she had ever fantasized about. She knew for a long time, even since before puberty, since before she had masturbated for the first time and was stunned by the pleasure she got when the orgasm wracked her body, that she wanted to submit to a Master. She wanted to be controlled. She wanted to serve. When she played games as a kid, she always waned to be tied up. She didn't know why she liked it, but she did. She had dreamed about light bondage and spanking. But never to this level. And now she had a chance to cool down and relax, she knew she wanted more. Even though all the welts were sensitive, she still wasn't sated.

She was eager to find out what he had in store for next. Coming over and over again like that as the pain turned to pleasure had become like a drug for her. She couldn't get enough. The more she got the more she wanted. She wasn't even sure what was happening to her. She was puzzled that she could get so much pleasure from pain. But she knew she did and now she knew she wanted to continue. She couldn't even imagine getting turned this way on by vanilla sex. She wanted the pain. She wanted the control.. She wanted to submit. She kept waiting for the room to the bondage door to open. And even though he still had a hood on and she couldn't see his face, she loved his muscular body, his big hands, his strong legs. It made her want to submit to him even more. This was a man's man, a man of her dreams, a man who could tame her, a man who could dominate her the way she wanted to be dominated.

She kept looking at the door, hoping for her Sir to return to the room. There were no clocks so she had no idea how long she had been in the cage. She figured she had dozed off a bit but not for long because she was so anxious to find out what was next. She was started to get hungry, but her real appetite was to submit to her Sir.

The reason was the door wasn't opening was that her Sir was in his den at his computer, blogging the latest chapter in his training of Lisa. He would always get a lot of hits every time he posted another chapter in his training of this woman. He knew that other men - and even women - enjoyed reading how he had molded her like a block of clay into the image he wanted. But he also knew she wanted to be molded. Even though she was a high powered business woman, she craved submitting to his desires. They were a perfect match.

He was an executive who had domed several women, but none of them like Lisa. She was not only beautiful with a body with a feminine scent that didn't need perfume and made his mouth water, but she was a strong woman. She was his intellectual equal. They could discuss business and politics as if she were a colleague. Which is why it was such a turnon to him to bend her to his will. It was much better than dealing with a compliant woman or a woman who wasn't as smart as he is. Doming a strong woman was much more satisfying. He was pleased with his training of her. She had started slowly to give her orders and each time she obeyed, there were new orders. And each time she obeyed, he kept bringing her to a new level.

And this morning in the bondage room, he had found out his first suspicions were correct. Beneath the well tailored business suits, beneath her commanding veneer, beneath her brusque manner in the board room was a woman who loved to absorb the pain, who was turned on by it. He was now pretty convinced that no matter what he had in store for her, she wouldn't use her safe word. Even if she didn't want to do something, she would eventually submit because she craved it. He knew that Monday morning, she would walk into the board room and be in total control and that none of her colleagues would dream that beneath her suit, she was wearing welts and bruises as a badge of honor. She knew that she liked to carry his marks. Just like she was proud that she wasn't allowed to shave under her arms. Or having to ask permission to go to
the bathroom. It was another sign of her submission.

Just when he was finishing his blog entry, the doorbell rang. The timing was perfect. He had ordered Chinese takeout delivered to his door. It was perfect for the meal he planned for her. The shrimp and fried rice and the wonton soup could be eaten out of bowls that he could place on the floor. She would have to eat on her knees like she was a pet. He knew she hated that, but
he knew she would submit to his wishes.

She got excited as she heard the door open. She couldn't wait to see him again. But she was disappointed when she saw him carrying two bowls. She knew what that meant. It was one thing to lap up water out of the bowl in her cage. It was another thing to eat food out of a bowl. It was so messy and got all over her face. She prided herself of always being so well groomed, on
having her makeup perfectly in place. It was so humiliating to have to eat like a pet. But she knew she couldn't resist him now. She would please him by submitting.

"So is my pet pleased to see me?'' he asked as he walked to the cage. "Yes, Sir,'' she said. "Are you enjoying your time in the bondage room?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she said. "Do you like serving your Sir?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she responded. "Are you ready for the next step?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she said. He knew the answers, but he liked to hear her say them.

He then put the bowls next to the cage, unlocked it and ordered her to crawl out. He then put cuffs on her wrists and fastened them behind her back so she couldn't use her hands while she was eating. He then took the bowl of water from the cage and placed it next to the other two bowls. "Ok, it's lunch time,'' he said. She crawled slowly to the three bowls. She didn't want to
eat this way, but she knew it would please him and she always wanted to please him. And he cracked her on the butt when she hesitated. So she stuck her face into the shrimp fried rice and started eating. She had to admit it was tasty and she was hungry so she ate most of the shrimp fried rice and the soup and not only drank the water but stuck her face in it to try to wash it
off. But her face was still messy and she hated that.

She didn't know it but he then had a treat for her. He put the blindfold back on her, which puzzled her, and then led her by the leash on her hands and knees. She heard the door open so she figured they were going to another part of the house. Then another door opened and she felt she was crawling on tiles. She thought it might be the bathroom. She found out she was right when he took off the blindfold, the wrist cuffs and her collar.

"Are you ready for a shower?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she said with a smile. She had sweated a lot during their intense scene and her face was covered with the food. "Are you going to beg me for a shower,'' he asked. 'Yes, Sir,'' she said and she started begging. "Please, Sir, your pet would like Sir to give her the privilege of a shower. Please, please, please.'' He enjoyed seeing her begging. He knew she really wanted a shower and he finally consented and opened the shower door, helped her up off the floor.

As she walked into the shower, he asked her if she needed to pee. "Yes, Sir,'' she said. "Ok, you're allowed to pee,'' he said. She started to come back out of the shower, but he stopped her and told her she wasn't going to be allowed to use the toilet. She would pee in the shower while he watched. Oh, she hated that idea. She decided she'd rather hold it in, but he was having none of that. "I'll wait. You're not showering until you pee,'' she said. Oh, she was so humiliated by the idea of peeing in front of him standing up. She didn't even know if she could do it. Even when she tried, it took a long time for it to come out and she felt so humiliated as she spread her legs
and it splashed on the tile floor. All she could do was tell herself that she was making her Sir happy.

When she finished, he told her she could shower although he would watch. She didn't mind that. The shower felt so good although it stung when the water hit her welts that were still so sensitive. She was in such a dreamy state showering that she didn't want to stop until he finally told her that was enough and she reluctantly turned the water off. As she came out, he dried her
off and put cream on her welts. He then put her back on her hands and knees, put the wrist cuffs and collar back on along with the blindfold and then led her back to the bondage room.

After they entered, he then took the blindfold off again and told her that she was now ready for the next test. He told her this was the final one. If she passed and didn't use her safeword, the next time they would meet, he would take her on a real date to a fancy restaurant. She would then be more than his pet. She would be his woman. She would be seen in public with him. The thought thrilled her. She couldn't wait to see him and go out on a date with him. But she wondered what the test would be. It didn't take her long to find out. First he told her to raise her arms above her head and attached each wrist cuff to a chain from the ceiling. Holding your arms about your head might not seem like much, but it's an unnatural position. He knew it wouldn't be long before her arms started to ache.

But he also upped the ante. He put big clamps on her nipples attached to a chain and then pulled them up so she had to stand on her tiptoes to keep the pressure off her nipples. He then attached the nipple chain to another one from the ceiling. It didn't take long for her to realize how difficult this would be. She stood on her toes as long as she could, but as soon as she put it heels on the floor, the nipple clamps would be pulled and the pain would shoot through her nipples.

He then distracted her by playing with her. He cupped her tits, ran his hands down her stomach and started playing with her clit. When he stuck his fingers into her, she felt how wet she was. But she was also in pain. Her arms ached. Her toes also were in pain, but when she relieved them by coming down on her heels, she'd feel the pain in her nipples. She didn't know how long she could keep doing this. She kept thinking about using her safeword. But then she started coming. She didn't know whether she was coming from him playing with her or from the pain. She was almost out of her head. The pain was mixed with her coming. She started screaming and crying. She was bathed in sweat and yet she kept coming and kept feeling the pain, first in her toes until she couldn't stand that and put her heels down and then in her nipples. Her clit was so now so sore she didn't want to come anymore. She was bathed in sweat. The tears were rolling down her face. Yet she kept herself from using the safeword. This was almost an out of body experience for her like she was watching it happen to somebody else. She was in pain, but when he played with her clit and massaged her G spot, the pleasure rolled over her.

Finally, when he saw she was exhausted, he released the clamps off her nipples. That fired another shot of pain into her tits as the blood rushed into them. But then she could stand again on her heels without feeling any pain. She was panting as she tried to collect her wits and calm down and he petted her, rubbing her hands over her to give her the aftercare she needed.

He then released the cuffs from the ceiling and she collapsed in his arms. Her toes, nipples and clit all still felt like they were on fire. But she was so happy she had done it. She hadn't used her safeword. She had shown him she wanted to submit to his wishes. She wanted to be controlled by him. She wanted to be his pet.

And now she would get her reward. As he rubbed her and congratulated her, he reminded her that she had now earned a date with him. The next time he was at her door, he would be taking her to a fine restaurant. They would be like two lovers out on a town. Then a thought flashed through her mind. Would he bring her flowers? She smiled as she hugged him tightly. She was his woman as well as his pet.


  1. FD,
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    FunKayLynn: I hope you were able to read it without looking through your fingers and you thought it was hot.

    Michelle: Since you're such a pro at writing, I always enjoy your feedback, especially when it's positive.

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