Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Training Lisa, Chapter 4

This is the fourth chapter of my Training Lisa saga that was first posted on PK's Fantasy Friday series at elisnewbeginnings.blogspot.com. For those who read it on that site, be patient because new chapters will follow after the first six have been reposted.

Let me know your thoughts on the story about a woman who is submissive in the bedroom and dominant in the boardroom.

Florida Dom

Training Lisa, Chapter 4

Lisa was so nervous she was almost shaking as she heard the door open.

She was in the position her Sir told her to be in when he arrived - naked, blindfolded and on her knees with her head down on the floor and her ass up in the air. She also had tied her breasts tightly and had a crotch rope pulling tightly in her slit. And she had a clothespin on each nipple and three more on each side of her pussy lips. She knew they would hurt a lot more coming off than they did when she was putting them on, but she understood that she knew she deserved to be punished. She knew he was there to mete our punishment because she had been careless and hadn't followed his instructions. She knew he could be a harsh taskmaster when his rules weren't followed and she knew she now had to pay the price for being careless.

She had mixed feelings about all this. She wanted her Sir to take charge of her and enforce his rules, but she also didn't know what it would be like to be punished severely and she didn't know how pain she would be able to endure.

Sir, meanwhile, was pleased when he opened the door and saw that she was exactly in the position he told her to be. It showed him that even though she was careless earlier in the day when she didn't follow his rules because she snacked between meals and didn't ask permission to go to the bathroom. Sir knew they were minor infractions and didn't really care that much about them. What he cared about was sending her the message that she had to follow his rules.

He also wanted to find out the depth of her submission. She had already shown she was submissive to him in the bedroom and wanted to be submissive there even though she was dominant in the boardroom. But was she ready for pain and humiliation? Was that a turn on` for her? He planned to humiliate her an give her pain to see how she'd react. And he didn't care if she cried and begged him to stop. He actually liked that. The proof of the pudding would be how wet her slit would get when he was meting out the punishment. And could she orgasm from being caned? The answers to those questions would decide where he would take her in the future.

As he walked up to her, she could only hear his footsteps and wonder what he had in mind. She was surprised when he grabbed her by her hair, pulled her neck up and started putting something around her neck. He told her it was a dog collar and she was now his pet. She wondered what that meant, but she found out quickly when he said, "bark.'' She couldn't believe it. She was tongue-tied. He wanted her to bark. How humiliating. She started to say, "I can't…'' when she heard a crack. It was his hand coming down hard on her butt. "I told you to bark,'' he said.

She didn't want to do it, but she knew she had to please him and she said,"arf, arf.''

Suddenly, there was another crack and she felt his hand again battering her butt. "Louder,'' he said.”I want you to know you're my pet.''

She'd never felt such conflicting emotions. She didn't know how to deal with this. As she hesitated again, there was another crack. Her butt was getting sore so she yelled, "ARF, ARF.'' She was bowing to his will. He then yanked on her leash that he had attached to her to her collar and started a brisk walk around her condo. She was having trouble getting her head around this. Here she was an accomplished woman being led around her condo on her hands and knees like a pet. She couldn't see where she was going because of the blindfold, but just followed his lead. She was stunned he would do this to her. But she followed his lead until she heard a door open and realized he was pulling her out onto her terrace. She tried to pull back until she heard another crack as he smacked her butt again. She reluctantly started to follow him onto the terrace. She was worried one of her neighbors might see her, but she knew she had to please her Sir. He taunted her by saying it was too bad she couldn't see the skyline because of her blindfold. She was now almost trembling at the thought of being seen and she started to beg to be brought inside. She heard another crack as he swatted her butt again and told her to shut up and stop beginning. Her only option was to do what she was told. She was his pet and he was training her. He then tied her leash to the railing and said he was going inside for a drink. She tried to crouch down as low as she could to avoid been seen.

He came back slurping a drink, untied the leash and led her back inside. She felt such a relief being off the terrace. He then reached between her legs, thrust three fingers into her pussy, held them to her nose to smell and then told her to suck her scent off his fingers. She realized how wet she was getting and she was even more confused. How could this be turning her on? But her Sir was pleased. This was a sign that she was a submissive who was turned on by being humiliated.

He led then her into the kitchen, pulled on her leash, told her to get up on her knees and hold her hands up like paws and pant. By this time, she was past being shocked that she was doing all these things. She almost started to hesitate but then she realized she had to do what she was told. She was resigned to following his orders and she quickly got in position and started panting. And then he slipped a cracker in her mouth. "This is your reward,'' he told her as she started to munch on it. He then told her to get back down on her hands and knees and pushed her head down until her nose hit water. She realized it was be a dog bowl filled with water. He told her to drink and she did, lapping up the water with her tongue. By now she had stopped resisting. She knew she was being trained to be a pet and she was willing to go along with it because she wanted to please him. And he patted her on the back to show he was happy with her and she craved the positive feedback.

He then pulled her by the leash again and led her on another walk. When she felt the rug in the next room, she realized she was in the bedroom. He took her to the side of the bed and told her to climb up on it on her back. He then took each hand and tied it to the headboard and told her to spread her legs. She wondered what was next and she found out quickly when she felt a clothespin being knocked off her nipple. She felt a flash of pain and gasped as the blood rushed back into her nipple. And she had heard a swish so she figured he was knocking them off with his cane. Then she felt another jolt of pain as the pin was knocked off her other nipple. She now figured out what was coming next. He was going to knock the six off her pussy lips. She tried to prepare for he pain, but, as usual, he was one step ahead of her. He just slowly moved the cane over her tits and belly. That felt good and she relaxed but he suddenly made one quick swish and knocked all six off. She pulled the ropes tied to her wrists to absorb the pain and then just slumped on the bed. She was still absorbing the pain. She was gasping from the pain. But she realized the pain had only made her wetter. She felt like she was dripping and she was on a high.

He then let her lay there to recover before he untied the rope around her belly and took it out of her crotch. The part of the rope in her crotch was drenched and he put it under her nose so she could smell her juices and realize how turned on she was.

She then felt something being spread all over her groin area. She figured it must be shaving cream and she was right. She only had some stubble after her previous shaving, but he liked to keep her pussy very smooth. And she liked it that way too. She was almost in a dreamy state as she felt the razor removing the stubble from her pussy, stroke by stroke. It felt like foreplay and he was enjoying it too. It was such an intimate feeling for the both of them. He liked seeing her so smooth. When he finished, he rubbed her pussy with a warm towel. Oh, that felt so good to her. And then he stroked her smooth pussy and she started to buck her hips. This was such a turn on for her. To have her smooth pussy rubbed like that made her even wetter. She felt like she was drenched.

But then he stopped. Now it was time to get down to business. She was now going to get her punishment. She felt him pick up one leg and bend it back as far as it would go. He tied one end of a rope to her ankle and the other to her headboard to secure it. Then he did the same with her other leg. And then he slid a pillow under her butt. She was now completely exposed with both legs pulled back and her pussy, asshole and staring at him. He then took one of her thongs, pushed it into her pussy to drench it and pulled it back out and told her to open her mouth. He pushed the thong into her mouth so she could taste herself on her gag. And then he taped her mouth shut to keep the gag in. He told her that she was free to scream but the gag would muffle her sounds. He didn't want to be distracted. He only had two more things to do before he had ready to suffer her punishment. He plunged a dildo into her pussy and then he put a butt plug in her butt. He wanted her to feel full.

Now the time had come. She was tied securely and couldn't move. All she could do was wait. She war nervous and almost trembling. She figured she was due for a beating. She didn't know how she would react and she started to sweat. He then talked to her softly to prepare her. He told her there would be pain, but there would also be pleasure. And if she got off on it, she was free to orgasm as many times as she could. He wanted to find out if she would orgasm from the combination of pain and pleasure. He figured she was primed because she had been in a state of orgasm denial. In their previous meeting, he repeatedly brought her to the brink of orgasm and then denied her. And he hadn't allowed her to get herself off. Now was her chance to do that.

He first rubbed the cane all over the back of her legs and on her pussy. He wanted her to relax. He then started to hit the back of her legs and her butt, but not very hard. He wanted it to build so she could adjust to it. He slowly increased the tempo until each blow started to hurt. And each blow was harder than the next. She didn't know how much more of this she could take. But she knew she had to please her Sir. She tried to absorb the pain.

With each stroke, she would make a muffled cry behind her gag. As the blows started to come harder and quicker, the welts started to form on the back of her legs and ass. She kept crying louder with each blow and the tears started to roll down her cheeks. But then he changed things up. He pressed a vibrator against her clit with his other hand. Her cries were replaced by moans. It was obvious she was getting turned on and was close to coming. He then hit her again with the cane and the pain and the pleasure put her over the top. She had a shattering orgasm and she tried to buck against her bonds, but she couldn't move. It made the orgasm even more intense. But he was just getting started. She was now almost in an altered state. He would touch her with the vibrator, hit her with the cane and then she was come again. And he did it again and she'd come it again. It happened so many times that neither of them could keep track how many times she came. It happened over and over again and she was glassy eyed and sweaty and her pussy was drenched and she could feel it dripping out of her. It was almost like an out of body experience. The high was unbelievable. The more he did it, the more she wanted it. He then beat the soles of her feet and she came one final time. And then he stopped.

She was sobbing as he untied her and pulled the tape off of her mouth. She was totally spent. And she was still flying from all the endorphins raging in her body. She had never felt anything like this before. She felt feel the pain of her welts and yet she was emotionally drained from all the orgasms. He then went into a tender mode and applied cream to her welts and held her in his arms. She was naked. He was fully clothed. He rubbed her hair and her back to soothe her. He told her how proud he was of her. She didn't know went to think. She was still coming down and he knew she needed to be calmed down and reassured. She was still trying to process all of her emotions. She had loved it and she had hated but she knew that deep down, she wanted to do it again. He had unlocked desires in her that she didn't even know she had.

He was pleased as he continued to bring her down. He knew that she was the woman he had been looking for. She could get off from pain and pleasure without even being fucked. He now she was ready for the scenes that he had planned, starting this weekend when he'd bring her to his place for the first time so he could let her experience his bondage room that he had carefully assembled.

Their journey had just begun. He was now ready for the next step and he knew she was too.



  1. I'm enjoying reading them again FD.


  2. Ronnie:I'm glad you enjoyed it the second time around.

  3. FD,
    I am really loving the series. The pace is perfect. I can't wait to read more later.