Sunday, July 26, 2009

How much sex do you want?

Does your paper get Annie's mailbox, which replaced the late Ann Landers?

Anyway in the column today, they quoted a woman saying, "I would like sex every day but my husband thinks two or or three times a week is enough. What is considered average?''

The paper said, "The national average is about twice a week (this incorporates couples who have sex every day and couples who have sex twice a year.) "Normal'' is what works. If you want sex every day and your husband prefers twice a week, find a compromise you can live with.''

My thought on this is that it shows it can be difficult for couples to get on the same page. There are a lot of men who'd be happy to give her sex every day and she's married to one who doesn't.

Kind of like woman spankos who want frequent spankings and have vanilla husbands who don't do it as often as they'd like.

Are there couples out there who are both happy with the frequency of their sex and don't have to compromise?

Your thoughts?


  1. I am very happy, and never have had to compromise. I am lucky to married to someone who is on the same page. I am one, that would be happy anytime or anywhere. My hubby meets all my desires and expectations. Ours is not one that has diminished with years married, I think when we added DD, we added a whole new demension and level of excitement.

  2. Hmmm. to go the long haul, don't you think compromise is always going to be a part of the equation? Even couples who are totally on the same page are going to have times when one is under the weather, stressed from work, distracted, etc. Sexual compatibility is important, and we have been blessed in that area of our marriage, but also being giving enough to bend and stretch has proved invaluable.

  3. I'm happy we are very much on the same page but as Sara says still have to compromise sometimes.

    Average sounds right as they save the average Brit has sex less than 7 times a month.


  4. Katia: Congratulations that you are on the same page with your hubby and that DD has added a new level for you.

    Sara: Yes, compromise is always important, but it's great that you and your husband have been able to bend and stretch to stay compatible.

    Ronnie: Happy that you and your husband have been able to stay on the same page and still compromise.

  5. truth be told, in my own life, the comment you quote is sadly accurate. In my age group (I'm 53, my friends range from 40 to 65), I would have to say that MOST would LOVE more sex. I always get very frustrated and angry at the myth that it is the woman who is averse as my personal expeirence is that it is almost ALWAYS the man.

    Not saying, if course, that is universal- just in my corner of the world, that is my direct knowledge.