Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Vaginas and menstration as Twitter topics

If you are on Twitter, you might want to go to @alisonpool for her two long threads on vaginas and menstration with many women chiming in with their comments. Two topics you don't usually see on Twitter being discussed in a serious manner.



Saturday, June 23, 2018

Seven tips on oral sex

Here is a Huffington Post story on seven tips on going down on a women.
Do any of our female bloggers want to add anything. I thought asking if she
likes what you are doing is good advice along with using fingers as well
as your tongue.


For some reason the link didn't click on so you may want to go to the
Huffington Post to read it.

Curious about the feedback.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Happy Sub Day

That was the email saying Happy Sub Day I got from a sub shop offering me a free sub on my birthday. Too bad they didn't send the same message to my good girl whose birthday is one day before mine. I guess I can't expect a Happy Dom Day email.



Did you see somebody ordered a cake for a graduate at Publix -- big supermarket chain in southeast -- and ordered Summa Cum Laude written on it. They wrote with frosting Summa - Laude and left out the word cum. What is wrong with these people. I never thought of the phrase in that way. And the chain also gave big bucks to a NRA booster running for governor and is now being boycotted. I hope the Parkland kids make sure he doesn't win. By the way, the guy wearing the If You Put My Meat in your Mouth you'll swallow" or something like that was in Publix. Strange times.


Orgy in the backyard

Well, we had something like seven males and three female ducks in the backyard screeching. And a couple of the males were fighting, I guess for the females. They would attack each other and we now have some feathers in the yard. And one male again almost fell over, seemingly satiated, after mounting one of the females. I'm have going to have to research the sex lives of ducks like on how long the females are in heat. The duck population will apparently continue to thrive in the pond that runs through our neighborhood.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Doggy tales

I've never had much first hand experience with having a dog in the house. Didn't have one growing up and when the kids were growing up, we got a cat, not a dog.

But about a year ago, my good girl saw the picture of a cute dog at a rescue shelter and decided to give her a home. She had been abandoned and was found in the streets and taken to a shelter. Well, the dog has been here since Christmas. When my good girl took a trip back home for 16 days, she left the dog here.

I was a bit apprehensive when she said the dog wa a pit mix, but she doesn't fit the pit bull stereotype. She's very friendly and loves to roll on her back and get belly rubs. I've been introduced to dog parks and to people who have dogs. One of them even had a birthday party for her two dogs at the park. She even had cupcakes with a milk bone on top. I was given one and my good girl's dog virtually inhaled it.

She quickly figured a way to get more. She went to the table where the cupcakes were and some of the people had them in their hands so she went up to them, sat quietly and looked up at them with a sad face and got a couple of people to feed her more. That's her. When we're in the kitchen she's right there hoping we give her something and drop something on the floor. We try not to feed her people food because we want her to keep eating doggy food but sometimes we relent. She whines at times when she wants somebody to play with her but when she is looking for our food, she just sits there and looks up at us with those sad eyes. She nows how to play us.

She's also like an alarm clock. She sleeps in a doggy bed in the bedroom and at about 730 she gets up and comes to the side of our bed and is just tall enough to put her head on the bed but never jumps on it. And she loves to swim at the doggy park.

I can now see how people get attached to dogs think they are members of the family. Right now, she is curled up on the couch next to me as I type. She often puts her head between my legs right in front of the computer. I have to admit that when she goes home with my good girl later this week, it will seem kind of strange when I return and she's not here.

If any of the bloggers have dogs, I think they will understand.


Can you believe this?

I was at the grocery store today and a burly guy had a T shirt saying something like, "When I put my meat in your mouth, you want to swallow.''

And he was with a nice looking woman and they had a kid with them. I was dying to say to her: Dlio you like that T shirt but I didn't. I did once see a woman in a car dealership wearing a steel collar and I asked her if she was submissive and she said yes.

What would you think if the guy in your life wore a T shirt like that in public? Would you think it would be appropriate or not?