Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A second Christmas

Want to wish you all a happy holiday season. I have two Christmases, one with my kids and grandkids and then my good girl arrives tonight for New Year's Eve and we celebrate a second one. Unfortunately, I have the two Cs -- cold and a cough -- but I am sure she will provide TLC.

And she had a couple of packages shipped here. One was like three feet long and a foot and a half wide. I can't figure out what will be in there but can't wait to find out.

Hope you all have a wonderful year and will find time to keep blogging. It's good to keep up with the friends in blogland.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Do you like to sleep alone even after sex?

Here's a woman writing that she likes to sleep alone even after sex.
I love cuddling and falling asleep in each other's arms after sex is great. But are there any others out there who prefer to sleep alone after sex?
Your thoughts.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Eight tips to a lasting marriage

I thought this article was interesting about tips to a lasting marriage. The first was having a cheaper wedding. I heard on the radio this weekend that the more couples spend on the wedding, the more likely they aren't likely to last. Don't know why. Another thing I was interesting was that it's good to watch movies together. My good girl and I enjoy that. Anyway, here's the link:
Your thoughts

What to do on those nights when you're too tired and he wants sex

I think you will find this interesting. A perfect description of a wife exhausted from putting to kids to bed and just wants to relax and her husband is in the mood. What to do?
Your thoughts?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Erotic photos in the early days of photography

As soon as photography was invented, taking photos of naked women -- and some men -- became popular. Here's a photo of a naked woman on a grainy photo from 1855 along with some other more recent photos. You can click on the link if you are interested:
Your thoughts?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Having hair rather than going bare making a comeback

Here's an interesting story saying some woman aren't waxing and shaving the way they used to and are letting their pubic hair grow.
Your thoughts?


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas stress

Well, it's coming and it's coming fast. Just a week from Thursday. Time for family and good
cheer and the holiday spirit and all those things. And I hope you all enjoy the season.
But am I the only one who feels a lot of stress at this time of year. So much to do. Christmas
cards, putting up the tree, gifts, traveling and all the rest.
Is it just me or do other bloggers feel it is difficult to celebrate the season the way it is
portrayed by Norman Rockwell or the Currier and Ives paintings. Oh, and tomorrow
night it is time for luminara and I've got to put the sand in the bags and put the candles in
them and space them just right in front of the house.   
I hope I don't sound like Scrooge.


A different kind of honeymoon

Here's a feel good story about a couple that used their honeymoon funds to do random acts
of kindness in all 50 states.
I think they are two good people destined to have a fulfilling marriage. Hope you enjoy the
story as much as I did.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Souvenir of her visit

It is just an ordinary looking pillowcase. Nobody would know from looking at it that her essence has been on it. That it has been very wet. The wetness dries and there is no stain. But I remember it being very wet three different times and don't plan to wash it. It is my souvenir of her Thanksgiving visit.

It was our first Thanksgiving together and we started with a dinner at a fine restaurant. Then we came home and followed our usual ritual. I unbuttoned her top and then unfastened her red bra. I pick out the panties she wears each day and I always pick red for the day she visits. Then I tell her to present her boobs to me and she cups them and offers them to me. She knows they are mine and I suck her nipples and squeeze and rub her boobs and she loves me taking them for my enjoyment.

Then I pull down her pants and her red panties are in view. I am now about to feast on her pussy. I pull down her red panties and tell her to spread her legs and then I put my finger between her legs while she holds her hands on top of her head. I love seeing how how wet she is. She is obviously ready to be taken. And her pussy is natural and hairy the way a mature woman should be. She is no longer allowed to shave it. That is one of the many ways she serves me.

I tie her boobs and put her on the bed with a pillow under her butt for a good spanking and to give me better access and after the spanking, I suck and lick and finger her slit and insert my finger in my pussy to see how wet it is. Then I slide a vibrating egg in her pussy and turn it on. Because it is inside her, you can't hear it but you know she can feel it. And then I put the vibe on her clit. The combination of the egg and the vibe drives her into ecstasy and it is so intense that she tries to wiggle away from the vibe. I keep it on until I can see she can't take it any longer and give her a few moments to catch her breath. And she loves me talking dirty to her. And then I put it back on and she goes wild again. I do it a few more times until she is exhausted and her body is shaking. And then I remove the pillow and see how wet the pillowcase is. And then we cuddle and I stroke her and rub her until she falls asleep.

We repeat variations of this Friday night and Saturday morning and the pillowcase was wet all over again. Friday morning was reserved for her pleasing me with her tongue and mouth.

We also did some vanilla things, watching TV while I stroked her. And she baked me my favorite chocolate pie. Even baking is an act of submission because she wants to please me.

Her visit was all too short but I have that souvenir of her visit. It will be waiting to get wet again during her next visit when she serves me once again. My motto for her is SSO -- serve, submit and obey. I can't begin to describe how I love her serving me and giving me what I want. It gives me that wonderful feeling of control. She is my good girl and my dream girl.