Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

You probably are familiar with the Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus reply to a girl who wrote a newspaper editor asking if there is a Santa Claus because her friends say there wasn't.
It's worth a read again so here is the link:

Sorry when I clicked it on, it didn't register but just type the link or google Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
It's interesting is that there is such a small window to be around kids who believe. It isn't until they are four or so that they understand the concept and by five years later, if not before, they no longer believe.
And Christmas isn't the same if you don't have some little ones in the house who believe.
Two of my grandkids are 4 and 1 so still have a few years left.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Ho Ho Ho.   

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

To start with, want to thank all the bloggers who said hello on LOL. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I've been busy visiting my good girl. But always happy to hear from old friends and some new ones.  We do have a good community here.
It is a quiet Tuesday morning. My good girl is still sleeping and the only creatures stirring are Simone, her dog, and I.
She woke up a while back to go outside and then she came in and laid down on her doggy bed in the living room.
She got bored with that and came to me with a big ball of rope in her mouth to play tug of war, which is one of her favorite games. She loves attention. She just dropped it to eat a snack of dog food and then I threw it and she ran for it and returned to her doggy bed in the living room. She will probably be back soon. 
And want to wish all the bloggers in the U.S. a happy Thanksgiving. Not a great time in our country but this too shall pass.
We got a butterball turkey but we won't have all the usual trimmings because that is just too many calories. My good girl found a recipe for cauliflower to go with the turkey.
I know Simone will join us  and sit patiently hoping we will feed her, which we don't because don't want to encourage her to eat from the table. But I will probably "accidentally'' drop a small piece of turkey or two on the floor and she will scarf it down.
Not a great time of month for her so our play time has been limited to a lot of cuddling and snuggling and a good spanking. 
So hope you and yours have a great holiday and will any of you brave the crowds for the bargains on black Friday?
We will stay in for a good spanking and maybe more.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Love Our Lurkers Day

Hello and welcome to all our lurkers out there.
If you've been visiting our community for less than a year, this is your first Love Our Lurkers Day.
The idea is to convince our lurkers to sign up and start commenting. Maybe that will even lead to you starting your own blog.
I started out as a lurker until I was convinced on Love Our Lurkers Day to sign up and start commenting.
It literally changed my life. I made friends here, was convinced to start my own blog and eventually found my good girl when she started blogging.
I haven't done a good job of posting the last few months. Sorry. No excuses. But I do hope that some of our lurkers decide to say hello and introduce themselves.
And you are always welcome here. We tend to be a very welcoming communiity.
Love to all of you,

Thursday, November 16, 2017

More doggy tales

Sorry I haven't posted in much too long.Will be visiting my girl tomorrow for a 17-day stay over the Thanksgiving holiday. We should enjoy some good spankings and play time. Last time I visited she even asked for a pussy spanking in the middle of a play scene. I was happy to oblige.
And we will be having fun with her dog, Simone, who is now her alarm clock. She sleeps on a doggy bed at the foot of the bed and when she wakes up, she runs to her side of the bed for her to get up. When I first left after my last visit, she'd run to my side of the bed if my girl tried to ignore her until she figured out I wasn't there.
She loves attention and loves to play. She will bring her tug of war rope and other toys over to my girl when she wants to play and tends to whine when she doesn't think she is getting enough of attention.
And she loves to look outside, checking out the front door and then going back to the back door to check on what is going on. And she loves to lay on her back for belly rubs.
Unfortunately, she came down with some sort of rash on her belly and is getting antibotics and the vet gave her a cone to put around her head to stop her from licking it. She looked so sad wearing that so my girl got a cushion dougnut type thing and she actually seems to like it.
Meanwhile, she hasn't been at the doggy park for a few weeks to play with the other dogs that visit.
My girl took her to the beach but she didn't seem to take to that.
She has had very few aaccidents inside the house and now mostly goes outside. She also doesn't ike spending time in the kennel, especially once she was allowed to sleep at the foot of my girl's bed instead of spending the night in the kennel.
Hope all of our friends in the US will have a Happy Thanksgiving next week. We haven't decided if we will cook a turkey or go out.
I am playing a lot of tennis and will try to write more, especially for the lurkers since Love Our Lurkers day is this weekend.


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Doggy tales

Hope our U.S. bloggers are enjoying a good holiday weekend and that the folks in Houston are getting the help they need.
I will be visiting my good girl today and will be seeing her dog for the second time. She couldn't stand having her in the kennel all night and then all day when she was at work so she started letting her sleep in a doggy bed at the foot of her bed. It has gone well. She has had no accidents and if she wants to go out in the middle of the night she will come to the side of the bed and push her with her nose. But she often sleeps through the night and then gets up when the alarm rings. My girl can no longer hit snooze because she is looking for attention.
One she didn't have to spend the night in the kennel, she didn't want to be there in the day. She has had a few problems keeping her in the kennel while she was at work during the day. The dog figured out how to open it from the inside. And then she made a mess. When my girl tied the door shut she actually bent a steel latch. My girl was worried she might squeeze her head out and get it caught so they she had to get a bigger kennel and that is working. When my girl arrives home and lets her out of the kennel, she heads right to the door.
And when she wants to go outside after that, she goes to the door and pushes the leash with her nose.
Well, time to get packing.
Hope all is well where you are.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Study says women behind iron curtain had better sex

We think of people behind the iron curtain had drab lives but a New York Times story claims women had better sex. Sounds kind of counter intuitive but you can click on the story. Cliff notes version is government provided more benefits and women had less stress so they enjoyed sex more. No idea is this is true or whether you can even prove this but kind of interesting.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

                             I am visiting for 10 days for the first time in three months because my good girl had a brutal work schedule for a new project that is now over.SI am visiting for 10 days for the first time in three months because my good girl had a brutal work schedule for a new project that is now over.
SI am visiting for 10 days for the first time in three months because my good girl had a brutal work schedule for a new project that is now over.
SI am visiting for 10 days for the first time in three months because my good girl had a brutal work schedule for a new project that is now over.


My good girl has decided to bring a second female into our relationship.
That is just a tease.
The female is a mixed pit bull that she recently obtained from a shelter.
She has wanted a dog for long time and immediately bonded with Samone. And she doesn't fit the stereotype of a part pit bull. She is docile and loves to lick your hand and roll over on her back so her belly can be rubbed. My good girl was taking her for a walk and she hid behind her when she saw a cat. My good girl said you  are not afraid of a cat.   
And if we kiss on the couch, she comes running over for some attention.
Living with a dog is all new to me. Never had a pet growing up and my younger daughter got a cat when she was seven.
 Samone is not house trained so she has to be kept in her kennel or crate overnight or when my good girl is at work because she won't soil her spot.
And when my good girl and I want some private time, we have to put her in the fenced in backyard or in the kennel, which is only three feet by about two feet but she doesn't complain or rarely barks.
She also only chews on her chew toys and not on the furniture.
We are still working on keeping her off the furniture and have a doggy day bed for her to relax on during the day instead of stretching out on the couch. I took her out this morning but she wasn't interested in chasing a ball. She seemed too interested in checking out a squirrel in a tree in neighbor's yard. So I decided to let her stay outside for a while. Next thing I knew she was sitting on a lawn chair. I opened the door and she jumped off. I closed it and she was quickly back on the chair so I let her inside. Next thing I knew she was on the couch. I told her down, which she mostly ignored and had to almost tug on her to get her off. She is now back relaxing on her day bed so maybe she got the message.
Still, I think my good girl lucked out in finding such a good dog.
Of course, there is a bit of adjustment when she says "I love you'' and I am not sure if she is talking to me or Samone.
I am visiting for 10 days for the first time in three months because my good girl had a brutal work schedule for a new project that is now over. And I am getting used to have a dog in the house.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Woman needs surgery to get butt plug removed

Here's a story on a 20-year-old woman in England who needed surgery to get a butt plug out after she pushed it in too deep.
Butt play can be fun but this is a cautionary tale about the need to be careful.



Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ashley Graham says she has a full bush

A sign of the times: Ashley Graham is asked about her pubic hair and says she has a full bush. Questions like that didn't used to be asked.
Do you ever discuss this with your girlfriends?



Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Birthday spankings

I find it interesting that the lifestyle is becoming more mainstream.
Now they even have birthday cards about spanking. Or at least I found one and thought it was perfect for my good girl.
She already blogged about it on her poured out blog on my blogroll but if you missed it, here's a link:

As she said our birthdays are one day apart -- May 22 and 23. What a coincidence is that?
Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend them together because she is on a brutal work schedule with a new project. Fortunately, it will be over in June and we will have 10 days together over the July 4th holiday. She didn't get a birthday spanking, but I think we will make up for it then.
Hope all is well for all of us and hope you are having many fun spankings.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Doctors puzzled why women groom pubic hair

It's popular for women to groom their pubic hair, but here's a story saying doctors don't think it is a good idea.
Here 's the link:
What do you think?

One in four Millennial women don't shave armpits

Is there a trend for young women not to shave armpits?
This article claims one in four Millennial women don't shave armpits.
Here's the link:
Do you think this is true?


One in four Milllenial

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Would you believe these ads?

Back in the day -- in the era of the show "Mad Men'' -- sexist ads were routine.
But even that show didn't dare to show some of the ads printed back then.
Here's a link:

You can click through them but here's a brief description of some of them:
There's a car ad that says, "Like a spirited woman who needs to be tamed.''
Another says, "Successful marriages start in the kitchen.''
A ad for a slide projector that says "World's finest projection equipment'' with a picture of a woman filling a sweater.
A picture of appliances telling women to tell their husbands which ones they want. "If he doesn't go to the start immediately, cry a little, just a little. He'll go. He'll go.''
A picture of a woman on her knees presenting breakfast in bed to her man.
Another says, Harder a wife works, the cuter she looks.
Then there was a woman on her husband's lap about to be spanked. Well, we won't coe'smplain about that.
Anyway, you can click through the link if you want to see more. There are 30 of them. Shows how times have changed.



Monday, May 15, 2017

Woman in Lust

Have you heard of a book called "I Love Dick'' about a woman's sexuality. I hadn't until I read this story that it is now a TV series streaming on Amazon, which I don't know how to watch.
Here's a link to a story on the TV series. Interested in your reaction.



Happy Mother's Day

Hope all the moms out there had a wonderful day although Mother's day should be 24/7/365 because a mother's work is never done.
This was my first Mother's Day without my mom who left us last winter at the age of 98. She was ready to move on, but it is always difficult for those of us left behind.
Wasn't able to visit my daughters or sister my mom lived with in his final years so I had to make do with phone calls.
Also played tennis this morning for the first time since I broke my thumb back in December. It is still not all the way back but I can grip the racket although I was very rusty.
And then tonight spent time with my girl, who had visitors this weekend. She is on a brutal schedule, working 12 hours a day, 13 days in a row with a day off every two weeks because of a company project that will hopefully be over soon.
Her schedule has cut down on our play time but tonight when she got in bed, she asked if I could tell her a story, which means she is ready for play time. I asked if she wanted to get her vibe but she said could she just rub herself since she was in bed. Well, it wasn't long before she was so horny that she asked if she could get it to put herself over the top. Hmmmm. That felt so good for both of us.
This will be a short post but I thought a short one would be better than none. I can't believe I left so much time pass since my last post.
I hope to do better in the future and catch up.
And hope you all have been doing well.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Sorry that three weeks have slipped by since my last update.
The last time I wrote, my good girl and I were celebrating New Year's and we've had one more weekend together since then and I will be visiting her for a week starting a week from Wednesday.
It's always great to spend time together although my broken thumb has made it difficult for cuddling, much less other activities. Oh, and aunt flo came along for her last visit. Not a good threesome.
I continue to heal slowly and see the doctor again Wednesday and find out if I will continue to wear the Velcro cast or whether some other kind of wrap. I figure I probably have four to six weeks to go for it to heal completely.
One thing we've done well is spend a lot of time in bed -- sleeping. She actually sleeps better when I am in the bed. And when I wake up in the night, she likes me to cuddle. It doesn't wake her up but she is aware of it.
Another thing we've done is see three really good movies. I am not too thrilled with the state of moviemaking these days. Too many explosions and too much violence. I just watch the trailer and am not interested in the movie. But Sully, Hidden Figures and Fences are movies with adult themes that are quite interesting.
Sully is the story of the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson after geese flew into his engines. My first thought was how do you make a movie out of a 16 minute event. He had two minutes to land the plane and New Yorkers -- ferry and police boats -- got all the survivors out safely in 14 minutes. The water was freezing in January so they didn't have much time to rescue them. The drama in the movie is that the NTSB first tried to blame him for not going back to the airport instead of landing in the river. He was eventually vindicated.
Hidden Figures is about three black women who helped do the math that helped the space program get off the ground in the 1960s while dealing with the discrimination of the time. They got no attention at the time although they had the respect of their colleagues. When John Glenn was about to take off on the first orbit of the earth by the U.S., the computers were showing different figures on two days. Glenn said, "What does the girl think?'' Of course, using the word girl for a woman is troubling but it was a different time. The key thing is he respected her opinion and she did the math and said it was a go. It's worth watching.
And Fences is about Danzel Washington playing a garbage man in Pittsburgh who was a great baseball player but wasn't given a chance to play in the majors because of the color ban that wasn't broken until 1947. Don't want to give away two much of the plot in case you see it. Viola Davis plays his wife and has a very powerful scene that won her a Golden Globe.
I've also dealt with health issues lately and including my visit to the emergency room when I broke my thumb, I've had x-rays, two ultra sounds and three cat scans. So far, nothing serious but it's like they do one test and see something else and say we better check that out. Still keeping my streak alive of not spending a night in a hospital in decades. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Hope all is well where you are and hope you are getting the year off to a good start.