Thursday, September 10, 2020

Sex blankets

 Have you ever heard of sex blankets? I hadn't either until my good girl started looking for one because the sheets were getting wet when she squirted. Kind of sexy although it does create a mess although there are no stains and it just dries.

Basically, they're waterproof blankets but sex blankets has a better ring to it. And they work.

So for all the squirters out there, I recommend them. You don't read much about squirters so I don't know how many there are out there. 

Florida Dom   

Hello again

 Remember me?

It has been much too long since I last wrote. For an update, my good girl and I have been living together with her two puppies for almost six months.

Mergering two households has been a challenge. We still haven't cleared out the garage and a storage shed of all the stuff she brought with her (filling to pods) has been but it has been been a time of bliss to live together after being in a long distance relationship all these years.

The timing has been good and bad. She got here just before things shut down but on the other hand, we didn't expect our first six six months to be spent mainly staying safe. We still haven't eaten in a restaurant or gone to a movie and I still haven't had a haircut but we are staying safe. But I am playing a lot of tennis and she is learning how to play.

I like to go to estate sales (go to if you want to see what is available in your area) or garage sales for various trinkets. One is a sign that says As Long as We Are Together, Everything Will Fall in place. And she gets good spankings.

That is our motto these days.

And hello again to all the friends I met here, including PK, who set up this blog for me. Without this blog, my good girl and I would have never met.

Florida Dom



Do you like this picture?

I think the spankos who call their Dom Sir will like this picture.

Florida Dom