Thursday, December 31, 2015

A suitcase full of toys

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I spent it with the kids and grandparens and various relatives.

The youngest grandchild is 2 1-2 -- another one is on the way -- and I've discovered that you can buy Fisher Price toys with a fraction of their original price at thrift shops and they're like new except for not having a box because kids outgrow them so fast. I had a suitcase full of them. 

Nice to see the little one figure how what to push to hear the music each toy made.

And want to wish everyone a happy new year. My good girl and I won't be able to spend New Year's Eve together and we will miss that but I will be doing the next best thing and visiting her on New Year's night so we can get the new year started with some good spankings.

And looking at my blogroll, I am sad to report that some bloggers didn't update their blog in 2015. I hope if they are lurking that they will stop by and say hello in 2016. Like to see the members of our community keeping in touch.

And a nice toast to the new year.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas cards

It's that time of the year again -- time for Christmas cards. I meant to get mine out Saturday so they would be sure to arrive by Thursday. Alas, I didn't get them done until Monday(today) and I fear some of them won't arrive until Saturday, the day after Christmas. Oh, well. Sometimes in July, I think I should get my cards done months ahead of time but I always seem to wind up rushing at the last minute.

So how are you all doing?. Did you get your cards out or don't you do cards?

It's always a hectic time of the year, a time of stress besides holiday fun. Hope you're not too stressed out. .


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday memories

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. My good girl and I had much to be thankful for, including the fact that we were so fortunate to find each other in the cyber world. And the fact we spent our second Thanksgiving Day together.

She flew in Thanksgiving afternoon and we went right to dinner at a restaurant for a nice holiday dinner with turkey and stuffing and the trimmings. Some restaurants aren't open on the holiday, but this is one of our favorites and it is. We had plenty leftovers to bring home for Friday night dinner and when the owner noticed they forgot to give us cranberry sauce, he brought us boxes with the sauce and another slice of turkey.

Once we got home, we didn't leave the house until it was time to take her to the airport Saturday evening. We just enjoyed each oher and didn't get involved in Black Friday madness.  We had a nice relaxing time cuddling in bed before we went to sleep and in the mornings after we woke up. And I loved that she hadn't shaved because she knows that pleases me and she wants to be mine and make me happy. She wants me to take her. And then we spent time on the lanai having morning coffee and watching the ducks on the pond and the fountain. When the baby ducks came by, I wondered if the adults mate in the water. Her comment was that I am always thinking abouot sex. Ah, but what better think to think about.

We had to do a few things differently because it wasn't a good time of the month and she had a pad on when she arrived. Kind of like a chastity belt. Kind of like in high school, we played above the waist. But she did spend a lot of time playing with me with what I call her magic fingers. And there was a spanking and marking her boobs with the riding crop. And by Friday night she was no longer in the pad and it was to stimulate her even with panties and easy to slip underneath them. And she had an explosive cum.

Our time together just flew by but we made holiday memories together. Memories to remember forever. Life doesn't get much better than that. And hope you enjoyed your holiday.



Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black and blue on Black Friday

My good girl and I were talking about Black Friday and how we would probably stay in and play and avoid the Black Friday madness.
And she said something to the effect that I have a different definitiion on Black Friday.
And it just popped into my head and I said, "Black and blue on Black Friday.''
Well, her boobs might be somewhat black and blue because I like to mark them and they bruise easily.
But while she has a great butt for spanking, it doesn't bruise easily and I usually stop when it gets pink and she is starting to feel the pain.
Still, I love the line Black and blue on Black Friday. I think I will bring it out every Black Friday.
And want to wush you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
Let us know how many friends and relatives you will be with on Thanksgiving, Be interesting to see who has the biggest gathering. And I know sometimes a houseful of relatives can lead to some awkward moments. Hope all goes well.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Controlling her

My lovely good girl blogged about her most recent visit a couple of weeks back. If you want to read it, you can go to poured out on my blog roll or click on this link:
Anyway, she is a very clever writer in the way she describes our time together. AS PK wisely noted in her comment, she really didn't seem to mind my devious ways even though she may protest too much.
She said I pulled  a bait and switch when I said we would have a "little'' playtime because she wasn't arriving until after midnight. If she had appeared to be tired, I would have only done a little playing but she seemed eager for more. And eventually, she was bouncing off the bed with a noisy cum and soaking the pillow her butt was on with her squirting. I forgot to put a towel on the pillow. Didn't think she would be squirting since it was so late.
And I plead guilty to "lightly" touching her afterwards as she flopped on the bed because she was so sore. Don't know if that makes me a sadist or not although she made it obvious what her opinion is.
But I must admit am controlling. I love our rituals and the things she does for me.
When she arrives, we always head to the bedroom for her arrival ritual. I take off her top, unfasten her bra and then have her cup her boobs and present them to me for my licking and sucking. And then I unfasten her pants and pull them down and she stands before me in red panties. They are always red because I send her a panty list each month and always pick red for the day she arrives. Then she spreads her legs with her hands on her hand and I put my hands between her legs and she is usually very wet. I just love how wet and juicy she usually is. And then we begin our playtime which sometimes includes a spankings of her butt and having her hands cuffed behind her and putting her boobs on the counter to spank them with my riding crop. If I manage to mark them with bruises all the better. And I also like stringing her up with her arms above her head and putting pins on her.
And after we are both drained, there is a lot of aftercare and cuddling before we nap or sleep. Naked, of course. She doesn't wear many clothes in the hosue and never panties. Usually just a wrap that doesn't have buttons to shut it.
I often tell her she is mine and she does SSO (serve, submit and obey) and she gives me what I want and pleases me.
She wears a string tied around her chest under her boobs as a sign she is mine. And doesn't shave her pussy and we even have a pee ritual after she asks permission. And I used to have her shave her armpits but she wasn't comfortable with that and asked to stop a while back. Well, when she arrived the last time, I found out she had stopped shaving them. It made me all warm and fuzzy to know she did that for me because she knows I like that as a sort of mark on her.
We also do vanilla stuff, too, like having morning coffee on the lanai while we watch and listen to the fountain and see if any ducks are in the pond in the back of the house.
She will be arriving again Thanksgiving afternoon and we will go out to dinner.What happens when we get home depends on if her app is right on the bad time of the month arriving. She may be pending quality time with her heating pad.
Regardless, we will still enjoy the visit and give thanks for all our blessings and the time that we get to spend together although it is never enough. And I know she wants my control.
Life doesn't get any better than that.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Love Our Lurkers

I know I am a day late for LOL day, but better late than never. I just want to encourage all the lurkers out there to join our community and leave comments.

I've been blogging since 2009 so it's almost hard to remember when I was a lurker and was convinced by Bonnie's LOL day to stop lurking and start commenting. And then I eventually went on to starting my own blog.

For you lurkers out there, I think you will find this a very welcoming community. We are tolerant of all lifestyles that involve consulting adults.

And I can say it changed my life, leading me to meet other bloggers and eventually find my good girl.
Welcome and I hope you will say hello. And don't be shy and consider starting your own blog.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Myths about female orgasms

Here's a story about how intercourse isn't not exactly the best way for women to enjoy orgasms.  They need clitoris stimulation. Now exactly news but I thought I'd pass it on.
Your thoughts?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

When and why did women start shaving their armpits?

I am a movie buff and enjoy watching old movies. Watched a Greta Garbo silent film the other day TCM called the "Temptress.'' It is considered a classic -- like Garbo -- although it seems a bit strange to watch silent films in this day and age. Anyway, she is sleeveless is one scene and had shaved armpits. This was 1926 and got me wondering whether just movie stars shaved in those days or it was the norm. Well, on the Internet, you can find the answer to virtually everything. It turns out that sleeveless dresses came into fashion in 1915 and the fashion magazines promoted the idea of shaving while wearing them. It turns out that women didn't start shaving their legs until the 1940s when movie stars like Betty Grable started showing off their legs.
All this may interest only me but I find it interesting how fashion trends got started. I also find it interesting that in the 1960s when some women started not wearing bras -- they didn't burn them by the way, they threw them in an ashcan -- but they didn't make an issue of having to shave for fashion sake although I think most women like not having hairy armpits and legs even though it may be something of a pain in the neck to actually do the shaving.
Oh, and apparently Muslim women have shaved for hundreds of years -- it was a custom for brides to shave off their body hair for their wedding night -- although since they tend not to show must skin, I don't quite get the point.
Again, it's interesting the info you can find on various fashion issues.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Salmon sex

Here's an interesting article -- or at least I thought so -- about salmon sex. It's not news that the males die after having sex but the interesting thing was that the female salmon go for the biggest and best fish and that after having sex with one, go on to the next male. I guess they are salmon sluts. And the males also scope out the best females. I guess it's nature.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TV show about a guy who says he is not good in bed

Don't know if any of you saw this on the Discovery channel but a guy did a TV shot about how he wasn't satisfying his wife in bed. And how he worked to get better.

Friday, September 4, 2015


My good girl is on her way for her next visit. She is wearing red panties because I always like her in red panties when she arrives and red panties are always on her panty list for the day she visits.

Of course, befoe I pull the red panties panties down and have her spread her legs so I can check how wet she is, I remove her top and bra and have her present her boobies to me for my pleasure. She knows that they will be marked by the riding crop as I her her set her boobies on the kitchen counter to make them easier to mark. She is proud to have her boobies marked for my pleasure.

It is a short holiday weekend visit but there will be time to mark her boobies, get her pussy sore and her butt well spanked. And she is eager to return in three weeks for more. She wants to be mine and to give her body to me for my pleasure.


Monday, August 31, 2015

Sex on the first date? Yes or no?

Here's an article about whether or not to have sex on the first date. Some interesting comments. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How married couples find time for sex

Are you often too busy for sex? Here's a story on how five married couples find time for sex.
Your thoughts?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sex after 50

Here's an article about how women's bodies and sex lives can change after 50 and how sex is much more than vaginal penetration.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Did you know some women dye their armpit hair?

Very few women don't shave their armpit hair. But some women not only don't shave it, they dye it. The NY Times reports on the women doing this with pictures. Yes, women with blue or red armpit hair. Here's the link:
I doubt any readers dye their armpit hair. Are there any out there who don't shave it.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bras and beds

That might seem an odd title for a post but we did some shopping on my girl's visit last weekend. We went bra shopping because the last time she was here she found a Vanity Fair one with no underwires that supported her big boobs but was comfortable. I don't know if all stores are like this but there was no rhyme or reason with the way bras are displayed. You would think the ones with underwires would be separate from the ones with them. But no, they were thrown together. And they were not in order by size. A 32 might be followed by a 38. She found one or two in her size and then wandered away to check out other stuff. So I decided to go through all the racks myself and found a couple more so she wound up with four. Three were white and one beige. I prefer colors and more lace but they gave her the support and comfort what she calls "the girls'' need. And she always takes off her
bra the first thing when she comes home from work. Of course, when I am around she doesn't wear panties either. And she did find a nice colorful wrap of thin nylonish material to wear when we are together. It doesn't have buttons in the front so her body is very available for my use, especially when we watch TV and I think to stroke her girls. I always keep in warm so she doesn't need to wear anything underneath it. I think she likes that I want her and want to take her.

We also bought a couple of beds. She said mine isn't comfortable. Granted, the mattress is over 15 years old and probably needed replacing. And we tend to spend a lot of time in bed when she visits. And she has a queen size bed which just isn't comfortable for me so she got a king so we both have kings. We got the kind you can adjust how firm they are. Our time in bed will be even more enjoyable if that's possible. And she is buying her first house and has to watch her spending so I am monitoring that. Last night, I got an email asking if she could buy a rug for her bedroom for $250. I like the fact she remembered to ask. It's another ritual that shows she wants to serve me.

We also visited a museum and went out to dinner and we also got in our usual playtime. Her shoulder was bothering her so I couldn't cuff her but I did spank her boobs with the riding crop a couple of times when I had her rest them on the kitchen counter. I always like her to leave with marked boobs. And gave her the usual spankings. And one night she seemed very tired so I thought we would just cuddle and we would go to sleep. But she starting putting a hand between my legs so I spread them to give her more access to the jewels. And then I started rubbing her pussy and she was moaning and said, "spank my pussy.'' I gave it a nice hand spanking but she still needed more stimulation so I put the hitachi on her clit and she had her usual noisy normal cum although there was no squirting during this visit.

By the last night of her visit, her pussy was too sore to play so we settled for a spanking. I have now started rubbing her pussy and fingering her after she cums as a sort of aftercare. I'm not one to roll over and go right to sleep after a session. But all the attention does get her a bit sore. Sometimes I will keep the hitachi on her clit after she cums and she flails her legs and body because it is so sensitive by then. Unfortunately, the visit was all too short. And I can't visit her until at least November because I have the blood clot in my leg and am taking blood thinners and can't fly. Hopefully, the clot will have dissolved when O get my ultra sound in November. Being apart in an LDR is so difficult. But our time together is so wonderful.

Oh, one more thing. When she packed, she left a pair of green panties on the floor so I have put them on the headboard to remind me of her when I go to sleep. I like to think how they've been snug against her pussy. Nothing is more sexy than spreading her nice pink pussy lips. I usually fall asleep thinking about those pink lips and how I like playing with them. Just writing about them make me miss them and her. Gosh, she is so sexy and I can never get enough of her.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Red panties

My good girl is arriving today. Of course, she will be wearing red panties. I sent her my panty list for July and July 1 had Red panties for arrival. Of course, I will remove them shortly after she arrives and she won't wear panties again in the house while she is here. The idea is for her pussy to be available for me to take when I want it. As I like to say, If it's good for me, it's good for her. I want her and she likes to be wanted.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mate value

Here's an interesting style of how couples are attracted to each other. The premise is that when people first meet, they tend to click with people who are as attractive as they are. But as they get to know each other, perceptions can change. People can become more attractive or less attractive, which leads to the Plain Jane, Hot Stud connection .
I would be interested in your reaction.

Monday, June 29, 2015

12 facts about the clit

Everything you always wanted to know about the clit including the fact only one-fourth of it is visible. And 50 to 75 per cent of women need it stimulated to get an orgasm.

Advantage of being good looking

It's no surprise it's a plus in our society to be good looking. Here's a story about it.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Now a video on topic of women who don't shave

 I kind of think most women take shaving for granted, but for a minority it seems to be an issue. Here's a video on the topic:

Woman explains why she is happy she stopped shaving

This article says women didn't  start shaving their armpits until about 1915 and their legs until 1940 or so. Although some celebrities are now posting pictures showing they don't shave their armpits, they seem to be in the minority. But it is interesting that women shaving is something that didn't start until the 20th century.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The rust years

My doctor tells me these aren't the golden years, they're the rust years. And I've been rusting too much lately. I debated whether to share the story but then we blog to tell the story of our lives and so I decided to let you know if you're interested. I always like it when bloggers share their stories.   

I've been fortunate on the health front. Haven't spent a night in a hospital in decades since I had hernia surgery when I was something like 9 or 10. And I play tennis several times a week. But lately, I've been rusting. First had bursitis on my right hip. Needed a cortisone shot and physical therapy.
Then I felt something on the side of my leg just below the knee. Thought it was a pulled hamstring or calf muscle. I had an appointment with my physical therapist and asked what exercises I needed for this. She felt it, called a guy over and he felt it and they decided I needed an ultrasound. Turns out I had a blood clot behind my left knee. My doctor told me a couple of years ago I had Factor Five leiden and my blood was in danger of clotting. I didn't take it too seriously because I never had a clot. But there it was.

So I am now on a regimen of a blood thinner called Xarelto for six months and I get another ultrasound in November to see if it has dissolved. Also, the lawyers who run TV ads claim Xarelto can lead to dangerous side effects but I haven't had those and the doc said it's better than the alternatives. But if I get blood in my urine or stool, shortness of breath or chest pains, I am to head to the emergency room. For the first month, they advised I not play tennis. But I got the green light after a month to get back on the courts. And haven't had side effects.

Meanwhile, I can't fly until November so I can't visit my girl on my summer vacation, which is frustrating because she just bought a home she's in love with. She will be coming her for the 4th weekend but I will miss helping her move. Although she needs to have a strict budget now that she has house payments so I will monitor her spending, which will giving me more control.

I will be showing her I am still healthy to follow my new slogan: If it's good for me, it's good for you.

And it's good for me to deliver spankings. And to leaving marks on her boobies with the riding crop, insert butt plugs to stretch her and other good stuff. I am making progress with anal play. At first she couldn't take the plug and wanted me to just use my fingers. So I got a smaller plug to insert after finger play and now she has graduated to the bigger one.

And, of course, having her on her knees working on her sucking skills is always good. Want her to know I am not going to slack off just because I am rusting a bit. Playing tennis keeps my right arm in good shape for landing good blows. Her last visit was in late May when we have our birthdays on consecutive days although 24 years apart. I know quite a difference but it works for us. But it was also a bad time of the month and she had to spend a lot of quality time with her heating pad. The timing will be much better this time.

Meanwhile, I've also developed high blood pressure for the first time ever. They said it might be "situational'' worrying about my blood clot. But if it doesn't go down, I have to go back to the doctor and likely will be taking more pills.

Anyway, I am still feeling OK and will be thinking about my "If it's good for me, it's good for you'' slogan to keep her focused on serving me and keeping me happy.

And, of course, we will continue her arrival ritual which I have talked about before. We go right to the bedroom where I unbutton her blouse, unfasten her bra and tell her to cup her boobs and present them to me for my pleasure. Then I unfasten her pants and pull her bed panties down and she steps out of them and spreads her legs with her hands behind her head and stands before me naked ready for me to use her. Then I reach between her legs and see that she is wet. And that is just the beginning of our arrival ritual.

As I said, if it's good for me, it's good for her.



Monday, June 22, 2015

Sweden has come up with a new for female masturbation

Here's an article on how Sweden came up with a name for female masturbation. Along with 14 reasons why female masturbation is so satisfying for women.

Sleeping alone

Here's a video saying people actually sleep better when they sleep alone rather than in the same bed with someone
Kind of counterintuitive. Always nice to fall asleep cuddling. But here's the video:

Sunday, June 14, 2015

19 things women like about their boobs

Here's an article about 19 things women like about their boobs. Some serious, some not. And a lot of women seem happy with having small boobs.
What do you like about your boobs?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What do men think about women's pubic hair?

Here's a survey of what men think about whether women should shave their pubic hair. In a poll, 41 per cent said all bare and only five per cent said natural. The rest were in between.
Does your guy care whether you shave or not?


Monday, June 8, 2015

Viagra for women

Did you read the FDA is on the verge of approving a pill to help women's sexual desire or Viagra for women. There is some controversy about how effective it is. I also think women's libido would be helped if the men in their lives are more sensitive to their needs.
So what are you thoughts? Do you have a problem with desire? Would you consider this pill?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Women share stories of first time they were harassed

Here's an interesting story about a woman who started a blog about women writing about the first time they were harassed.
Your thoughts.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Young women say no to thongs

Here's an interesting article saying women are rejecting thongs for granny panties because they feel more comfortable. Do we have any thong wearers out there?
My good girl doesn't wear thongs, but she has panties in many colors and I decide what color she wears each day. I give her a list at the start of the month. I like these rituals and she appears to like it because she will remind me if she needs a new list. It's like having her wear a string just under her boobs as a reminder she is my good girl. Kind of in the same category as her not shaving her pussy.
And when we are together at her place or mine, she doesn't wear panties unless we are going out. And I always have wear red panties on the first day when we are together. We have the ritual undressing as I remove her blouse and bra and have her cup her boobs and present them to me for my pleasure. Then I remove her pants and she stands before me dressed only in the red panties. And then I slide them off and have her spread her legs and I put my finger on her slit, which is almost always wet and juicy, a sign she is ready to be taken.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Sex ed

Here's a woman answering questions about sex, including squirting.
Your thoughts.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2015

D/s on Saturday Night Live

Did you watch SNL last night?. They had a sketch that showed how mainstream D/s is becoming. It was about a shoemaker and two elves, a guy and girl, who wanted to be punished for not doing their work. The guy gets on his hands and knees and says I want to tempt you to give me the spanking I deserve. He gives him a few hand spanks. And then the girl says I guess you want to go to the restroom on us. And the guy says he'll unfold a plastic sheet to protect the floor or collect it if you want to use it for something later. The shoemaker then says he won't do that but says you don't know how much I want to dominate you right now. I so want to call you the nastiest of names I can think of. The elves say, "Do it.'' I want to take my pants off and parade around around in front of you in my underwear. One elf says great idea. I want to make you call me Daddy and force you to wash the kitchen floor with sponges on your bottom. It ends with him saying he can't do those things because he's married and the wife barges in says you have to chose between me and the elves. The shoemaker then asks the audience. Do you think I should take faithful to my wife, then test this number. If you think I should sexually dominate the elves, text this number. It ends with him saying be back later with the results.
I think the skit is showing that this lifestyle is becoming more accepted I can't imagine SNL talking about sexually dominating elves back in the day..
I am sure you can find the clip on the web if you want to watch it.
Your thoughts?


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dress too provacative for a high school prom

I didn't realize they were still kicking young girls out of proms for what the dress police think is appropriate. Here's one that has high slits showing her leg but covered on top. What do you think? Was it appropriate?
Your thoughts?

Sexless marriages

Here's a depressing article about sexless marriages, saying one in five haven't had sex in a month, 12 per cent in the last three months and six per cent in the last year.

I hope none of you are in one of these marriages. I like to think the D/s lifestyle fosters a closeness
Your thoughts.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Prostitutes protest in Amersterdam

This is the kind of story you don't see every day. Prostitutes took to the street to protest the closing of some of the windows they used to attract customers.
Any readers from Amersterdam?
Your thoughts?

Suzanne Somers says vibrating Thighmaster makes sex better

Have you ever used a vibrating Thighmaster? Suzanne Somers says it makes sex better because it is good for Kegel exercises.
Your thoughts?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Alternative to divorce

Here's an article about couples who decide to stay together to raise the kids instead of getting a divorce but stop having sex or a romantic relationship.
Sounds kind of awkward but here's the link:
Your thoughts?

Mom gives a funny take on what it's like to have a baby

Mothers can relate to this story about the challenges of having a baby.
Your thoughts?

First periods

Here's an article about first periods. Including a tale about a football player who stood up for a girl in school when the teacher wouldn't allow her to go to the bathroom.
Your thoughts?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How good guys finish

I don't know if any of you check out Tumblr. They're mostly noted for their pictures but they
sometimes have good sayings.

Here's one:

"Nice guys may finish last...
"Good'' guys always her her finish twice.''

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

Here's another one:

"I just thought of you and smiled to myself''


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Here's 13 reasons why you should have sex every night

An interesting article giving 13 reasons why you should have sex every night.
Do any of you have sex every night or even several times a week?
Your thoughts.

Sex and millennials

Here's a survey on how millenials view sex. Thought you might find it interesting.
Your thoughts?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Packing for a visit

I will be traveling to visit my good girl again tomorrow for the weekend. Already started to pack, including the appropriate toys. It will be the fourth time we've been together since New Year's and again looking forward to spending time together and taking her body for my pleasure.

I also hope I'm in better shape than I have been on recent visits. First, there was a a wicked cold that left me so drained that I spanked her while lying in bed. The next get togther the bursitis on my hip flared up. The crazy thing is that I can play tennis fine but sitting down or laying in bed tends to bother it. Got a cortisone shot before my last visit figuring that would solve the problem. It didn't. That's a drag when we both like to cuddle. I even had to get up in the middle of the night and walk around. We still managed some play time including good spankings and she had three loud noisy cums. Still, it wasn't ideal.

Now I'm taking some physical therapy and they told me to sleep with a pillow between my knees to
keep stress off the hip. It's been better lately so hoping it will be fine this weekend.

Still look forward to our rituals, including unbuttoning her blouse when we arrived on her place, unfastening her bra and having her present her boobs to me for my pleasure. Then pulling down her pants and panties and having her spread her legs and then I reach between them and she is usually nice and wet. I love to feel that wetness and to lick it off my fingers.

And, of course, there will be play time, spankings and lots and lots of cuddling.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Women talking about masturbating

Here's a story about women talking about masturbating. Do you ever talk about it? Here's the link:
Your thoughts.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Twenty per cent of young adults have used a smart phone during sex

I can't imagine using a smart phone during sex. It's annoying enough when the phone rings during sex. But this story says 20 per cent of young adults have used a smart phone during sex. Have you?
Your thoughts

Why you should make sex more exciting

The headline on this story is why you should make sex more difficult but a better description is how to make it more exciting for couples in a long term marriage.
Watch the video and share your thoughts.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Women's sexual response

The headline is what men should know before having sex with a women. Do you agree with the  comments about female sexuality?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Review of movie "Submissiion of Emma Marx''

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Singer does a song complaining about being photo shopped

It's no secret that most of the women in the fashion magazines are photoshopped to meet society's ideal of female beauty. I hate the message this sends to young women who tend to be unhappy with their bodies.
Here's the story of the singer who wrote a song about it. Of course, she looks great without being photoshopped even though they once even made her arms look skinnier.
Here's the link:
I think women should embrace the way they look instead of feeling they have to look like they need a good meal.
Your thoughts? Hope you are happy with your body the way it is.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Average wedding now costs $31,000

Here's an article on the average wedding costing $31,000. How much did you spend on yours?

Boosting your self esteem

Do you struggle with self esteem issues? Unfortunately many women do. Here's some tips of how to deal with low self esteem.
Your thoughts?

Dating life of a porn star

A woman in porn talks about her experiences with dating.
Your thoughts?

A love story

A middle aged woman talks about finding love after a divorce.
Your thoughts?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Panties with a message

I thought you'd find it interesting that some women are putting a message about violence against women on their panties.
Your thoughts.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Science explains why men like curvy booties

This is a fascinating story of how back in the day, women with curvy booties could easier endure multiple pregnancies so men were somehow programmed to like them.
Here's the link for a longer explanation:
Your thoughts?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

TV show

Have anyone of you gotten an email from Magilla Entertainment that does non scripted programming including Moonshiners on Discovery and Beachfront Bargain Hunt on HGTV?
I just got their email and it says they are doing a docu-series about people who want to change their lives in 21 days. One episode will feature couples who are bored with their vanilla sex life and are looking to spice it up with kink and BDSM. They wanted me to forward their casting call to anyone I deem appropriate, hoping that some of my newer/amateur followers might be interested in an opportunity like this. They also are looking for BDSM experts to coach these couples through the transition. They say they were inspired by the 50 Shades craze.
I actually think they have the wrong format. The better one would be to show real kinky couples and how they interact with each other rather than try to coach vanilla couples in spicing up their lives.
I found it kind of interesting that they found my blog and decided I was an expert but I am not interested in being involved. I will watch it if they get it on the air. But I was curious if any of you got this email.

Clit size

In my previous post about a clit ring -- for the finger not on the clit -- they mentioned the clit is much bigger than we think it is and the button we think of as the clit is just the tip of it. Did anybody know that?
They also mentioned it is the only organ which sole use is for pleasure. I did know that.
When I mentioned clit ring in my previous post, I think most readers thought I meant a ring on their clit, not on their finger. Do any bloggers have one on their clit or their labia lips? Or have thought about getting one? And are you able to orgasm without it being stimulated?
I asked a few questions. It's question March. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Clit ring

Have you ever heard of a clit ring? Here's a story about Gloria Steinem wearing one. Would you wear one? Here's the link:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Having fun

I'm off to visit my good girl today. Since she just left on Feb. 15 after we spent Valentine's weekend together, it's only been 11 days since we were last in each other's arms. She talked about how we can a lot of things to have fun this weekend, including visiting the zoo. I laughed. She knows I'm OK with that but my idea of having fun also means having her naked as she presents her boobs to me and I plug her holes, give her spankings and put the pins on her boobs. And I love her telling me she wants to have a well fucked pussy. And I love her having loud, noisy cums. And it's also nice when she squirts although I don't know if that is the right word for it. In our last session the night before she left, the pillow (under her butt) and sheets were suddenly wet. We forgot the towel. But even though they call it squirting, I didn't see any squirting. There was just suddenly this wetness. Not sure how that works.

And then we do plenty of snuggling, which is one of our favorite activities. And if she wakes up in the night and I have moved, she scoots over to get closer to me. And it's so nice to wake up in each other's arms. And if I wake up, I usually stroke her before falling asleep. Of course, we sleep naked.

It should be a fun weekend. 


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Content warning

Another thought on the new censorship. They seem to be targeting blogs that have a content warning page. My blog, which was set up by a friend, doesn't have that. It goes right to the content. Could those who have a content warning page remove it to get around the censorship? Just a thought.


Blogger censorship

A couple of bloggers commented that they got emails on blogger's new censorship rules being imposed next month.
So I googled and found this story:
This is really depressing. It's hard to believe this is happening in 2015 and the devastating effects it will have on our community. Don't know what wordpress' policy will be. Or whether posting on is feasible.
Meanwhile, I suggest that instead of using google to search, use for your searches. They do not track your searches the way google does. Or in which you can donate to a charity of your choice while searching.
I just hope there is enough of an outcry that this is reversed. What's next? Bloggers having a Scarlet Letter?  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

my good girl's flight is on time

Getting the day off to a good start with her flight being on time. It won't be long before I will be taking her as she gives me what I want and pleases me and gives me her
sexy body for my pleasure. I love the way she is kinky and submissive.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A look back at a chapter of my Training Lisa series

I was looking at recent keyword activity on my blog today and somebody had read chapter 9 of my Training Lisa series. To all the newcomers here, when I started this blog five years ago, I wrote a Training Lisa series about a professional submissive woman. Now that we're talking about 50 Shades fiction, I thought I'd link to it if you want to read it.
If you haven't read it before, will be interested in your feedback. If you like it and want more, go back to my archives to the beginning of my blog. I haven't written a new chapter in several years. Maybe I should try to. Back then it was all fantasy because it was before I met my Good Girl, who's arriving tomorrow for Valentines Day weekend. It's the second Valentine's we've spent together. Anyway, here's the link:

Anatasia has a bush in "50 Shades"

In my last post, I'd said I'd link to an interview with the director talking about Anatasia having a bush in 50 Shades. The director doesn't say whether she has a bush in real life or let it grow for the movie. Here's the link:

NY Times review of "50 Shades of Grey"

The 50 shades movie, coming out on Valentine's Day, has gotten a lot of hype. I haven't read the books but the bloggers who have tend to not give them good reviews. They are said to be poorly written. But they still have made our lifestyle a bit more mainstream even if they aren't a good portrayal of it.
Here's the link to the NY Times review:
The reviewer says the movie, like the book, "is a wildly confused treatment of a perennial confusing subject. Sex is a knotty business, perhaps all the more so when actual knots are involved.''
He ends it by asking why so many women read the books -- why not more men? -- when they have no literary value. He said for fun. He said it might not be a good movie and then says, "OK, it's a terrible movie'' but "it might nonetheless be a movie that feels good to see, whether you squirm or giggle or roll your eyes or just sit still and take the punishment.''
You can read the whole review by clicking the link.
And if you go to, there's a funny cartoon saying the movie is like eating a Big Mac.
And did you read the books and will you see the movie?.
In my next post, I will link to an interview with the director about Anatasia having a bush at the start of the movie.


The things you do for the love of your life

Listening to the radio today, a woman said her husband peels her bananas for her. For some reason she doesn't like to peel them.
As we approach Valentine's Day, do you do things for the love of your life?
Please share.

21 things every person who loves a woman should know

I thought this list was interesting.
What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Google tells us about sex

Here is a fascinating story in the New York Times of what Google searches tell us about sex. One thing is that people only have sex 30 times a year, once every 12 days. Why not more? We all have insecurities. A couple of interesting points is that women are more concerned about men being too big and feeling pain than their men being too small. The guy who did the survey didn't get into kinky sex. I think us kinky types have more because we play in scenes that lead to sex. I have no idea if this is true or if the data supports that. Anyway, I think it's worth reading.
Your thoughts?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Is this ad too sexy for the Super Bowl?

Here is a proposed Super Bowl ad that is causing a stir and may be considered too sexy to run. What are your thoughts on it? Should it be shown on TV?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

What was your wedding night like?

Here are some funny stories about couples talking about their wedding night. Like the parents booking their room in an inn above their room. Or the mother knocking on the door and saying they should come and spent time with the family.
I hope you enjoy them. How was your wedding night?

More rituals

Speaking of rituals, when she is here, we always shower together. It's another way we feel close. And my house has a separate shower stall that we both fit in very nicely. Sometimes, she feels the need to shower more often than I do. She did blog during her last visit (it's poured out on the blog roll) that while we were cuddling one morning, she said, Sir, we need to shower.'' I said, "Don't you like to smell my pheromones?'' She said she buried her face in the pillow and said no and figured we would shower immediately. I said I had a few things planned first. LOL. It seems like I always have a few things planned.
And after a shower, I put the string back around her body under her boobs. Wearing the string is another sign that she is mine and wants to be mine.  

It is now 26 days until her next visit. I am thinking about our ritual when she arrives. Her standing before me. Unbuttoning her blouse. My eyes feasting on her red bra. Then unfastening it and she presents her boobs to me for my pleasure to be licked and sucked and squeezed and rubbed. And sucking on her nipples. And then pulling her pants down and seeing those red panties. And pulling them down and seeing her hairy pussy, knowing she doesn't shave for me. And then spreading her legs and fingering her and seeing how wet she is and sucking her juices off my fingers and then feeding them to her.

That is just the beginning.

26 days. I will be counting them.


Friday, January 16, 2015


I mentioned some of our rituals with my good girl in my last post but I left out the fact I pick out her panties every day. I think I mentioned it in the past but thought I'd revisit it. She has them in all kinds of colors so I make out a schedule for which ones she wears each day. I usually do it two weeks or a month at a time. On the days she is scheduled to visit I always have her wear red panties and she always wears a red bra with them. I just love her wearing red panties and a bra. And we have a ritual when she arrives. I unbutton and remove her blouse and see her red bra. Then I unfasten it and she presents her boobs to me. Then I pull down her pants to see her red panties. I remove the panties have her spread her legs and I finger her and she is usually wet. Oh I love her being wet. A sign she likes the rituals or is happy to see me.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bad timing

When you're in an LDR, the time together you have is precious. And so it was a downer that on her most recent visit on New Year's Eve. I came down with a cough and a cold that sapped my energy.

I actually gave her two hand spankings while I was lying down in bed. And we still had two good play sessions. After one of them, she had two intense cums and I was thinking about trying for a third with the vibe on her clit. But I was actually losing my energy so it was time to cuddle. I always do that after a play session because I think aftercare is important. But this is the first time I did it because I was weary. Crazy.

So we weren't as kinky as I like to be. I didn't cuff her arms above her head while she is standing the way I like and I didn't bruise her boobs, which is another of my favorites. I like to have her boobs marked as a sign of her submission. I like to have her standing up with her boobs resting on the counter and her hands cuffed behind her as I spank them with the riding crop. I settled for putting pins on her boobs. I guess our playtime was intense enough that when we had a third session, she couldn't take the vibe on her pussy because it was too sore.

But at least we had a lot of couple times just doing stuff like watching TV and we opened our Christmas presents. If you remember, she had a big box sent and I couldn't figure out for the life of me what it could be. It turned out it was a buggy to help carry our stuff to the beach like the folding chairs. That is something that will come in handy during beach season.

She also gave me three boxes of mix to make the biscuits that Red Lobster serves. I don't know if you ever go there but their biscuits are a real treat.

Since she is such a girlie girl, I gave her a lot of girlie girl presents like a bracelet and she seemed to like them.

Now we await our next visit Valentine's Day weekend and then another one two weeks later. And we're trying to get closer. We used to text or talk from her office but she is now so busy that we stopped doing that. And I hated to suggest it because she is so busy and she has an intense job and she is very good at it. But she suggested we start having a brief call in the afternoon. We already talk every morning and evening but a little afternoon communication is a treat. Kind of like another ritual the way I have her tie a string of yarn under her boobs across her chest as another reminder that she is mine. She's also not allowed to shave her pussy. I like rituals. I've started to text her more during the day, just a thinking of you comment even if she is too busy to respond.

And hope we're both healthy for our next visit. And that she leaves with marked boobs.



Wednesday, January 14, 2015