Wednesday, June 26, 2019

My good girl is a lawyer

I know it is forever since I have written but I couldn't really write about the main thing in our lives the past few months. After she was downsized, she decided to take the bar exam about a decade of graduating from law school and deciding she didn't want to practice law.

She decided that she would try to pass the bar to make her more employable. Finding a new job
in your 50s isn't easy. So she took an online refresher course which meant months of being at the computer 12 hours a day or so. Of course, this cut back on our play time when I did visit and even having play time on the phone. She was too focused on studying and I understood.

But I didn't want to write about it if she didn't pass. Well, I have good news. She PASSED and
was sworn as a lawyer recently. I can't tell you how proud I am of her. I've always loved the dynamic of have a smart woman who is submissive because so many people think submission is a weakness but it is really a strength that she is willing to give herself to me.

And we have started to play more and she has felt the sting of the riding crop, which is usually part of our foreplay. She even likes to feel that sting between her legs. So we are having good times again.

 Meanwhile, we are now making plans for her to move here to Florida with her two dogs by next year. We did spend about four months together last year after I had surgery to clear out an artery and we both want to live together instead of just visiting.

We are looking forward to that future and I hope I still have some readers after being away for so long. Will now try to post more and again interact with my fellow bloggers.