Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Google tells us about sex

Here is a fascinating story in the New York Times of what Google searches tell us about sex. One thing is that people only have sex 30 times a year, once every 12 days. Why not more? We all have insecurities. A couple of interesting points is that women are more concerned about men being too big and feeling pain than their men being too small. The guy who did the survey didn't get into kinky sex. I think us kinky types have more because we play in scenes that lead to sex. I have no idea if this is true or if the data supports that. Anyway, I think it's worth reading.
Your thoughts?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Is this ad too sexy for the Super Bowl?

Here is a proposed Super Bowl ad that is causing a stir and may be considered too sexy to run. What are your thoughts on it? Should it be shown on TV?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

What was your wedding night like?

Here are some funny stories about couples talking about their wedding night. Like the parents booking their room in an inn above their room. Or the mother knocking on the door and saying they should come and spent time with the family.
I hope you enjoy them. How was your wedding night?

More rituals

Speaking of rituals, when she is here, we always shower together. It's another way we feel close. And my house has a separate shower stall that we both fit in very nicely. Sometimes, she feels the need to shower more often than I do. She did blog during her last visit (it's poured out on the blog roll) that while we were cuddling one morning, she said, Sir, we need to shower.'' I said, "Don't you like to smell my pheromones?'' She said she buried her face in the pillow and said no and figured we would shower immediately. I said I had a few things planned first. LOL. It seems like I always have a few things planned.
And after a shower, I put the string back around her body under her boobs. Wearing the string is another sign that she is mine and wants to be mine.  

It is now 26 days until her next visit. I am thinking about our ritual when she arrives. Her standing before me. Unbuttoning her blouse. My eyes feasting on her red bra. Then unfastening it and she presents her boobs to me for my pleasure to be licked and sucked and squeezed and rubbed. And sucking on her nipples. And then pulling her pants down and seeing those red panties. And pulling them down and seeing her hairy pussy, knowing she doesn't shave for me. And then spreading her legs and fingering her and seeing how wet she is and sucking her juices off my fingers and then feeding them to her.

That is just the beginning.

26 days. I will be counting them.


Friday, January 16, 2015


I mentioned some of our rituals with my good girl in my last post but I left out the fact I pick out her panties every day. I think I mentioned it in the past but thought I'd revisit it. She has them in all kinds of colors so I make out a schedule for which ones she wears each day. I usually do it two weeks or a month at a time. On the days she is scheduled to visit I always have her wear red panties and she always wears a red bra with them. I just love her wearing red panties and a bra. And we have a ritual when she arrives. I unbutton and remove her blouse and see her red bra. Then I unfasten it and she presents her boobs to me. Then I pull down her pants to see her red panties. I remove the panties have her spread her legs and I finger her and she is usually wet. Oh I love her being wet. A sign she likes the rituals or is happy to see me.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bad timing

When you're in an LDR, the time together you have is precious. And so it was a downer that on her most recent visit on New Year's Eve. I came down with a cough and a cold that sapped my energy.

I actually gave her two hand spankings while I was lying down in bed. And we still had two good play sessions. After one of them, she had two intense cums and I was thinking about trying for a third with the vibe on her clit. But I was actually losing my energy so it was time to cuddle. I always do that after a play session because I think aftercare is important. But this is the first time I did it because I was weary. Crazy.

So we weren't as kinky as I like to be. I didn't cuff her arms above her head while she is standing the way I like and I didn't bruise her boobs, which is another of my favorites. I like to have her boobs marked as a sign of her submission. I like to have her standing up with her boobs resting on the counter and her hands cuffed behind her as I spank them with the riding crop. I settled for putting pins on her boobs. I guess our playtime was intense enough that when we had a third session, she couldn't take the vibe on her pussy because it was too sore.

But at least we had a lot of couple times just doing stuff like watching TV and we opened our Christmas presents. If you remember, she had a big box sent and I couldn't figure out for the life of me what it could be. It turned out it was a buggy to help carry our stuff to the beach like the folding chairs. That is something that will come in handy during beach season.

She also gave me three boxes of mix to make the biscuits that Red Lobster serves. I don't know if you ever go there but their biscuits are a real treat.

Since she is such a girlie girl, I gave her a lot of girlie girl presents like a bracelet and she seemed to like them.

Now we await our next visit Valentine's Day weekend and then another one two weeks later. And we're trying to get closer. We used to text or talk from her office but she is now so busy that we stopped doing that. And I hated to suggest it because she is so busy and she has an intense job and she is very good at it. But she suggested we start having a brief call in the afternoon. We already talk every morning and evening but a little afternoon communication is a treat. Kind of like another ritual the way I have her tie a string of yarn under her boobs across her chest as another reminder that she is mine. She's also not allowed to shave her pussy. I like rituals. I've started to text her more during the day, just a thinking of you comment even if she is too busy to respond.

And hope we're both healthy for our next visit. And that she leaves with marked boobs.



Wednesday, January 14, 2015