Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday

When I went out to get my paper Thursday morning, there were two papers. The regular paper and then a second one with all the Black Friday ads.

So I thought it'd be interesting to see how many Black Friday shoppers we have. I'm not one of of them but if you are, how early did you start and did you feel you got some good bargains and how crowded were the stores? And if you did some shopping, congrats because the economy can use the boost.

So if you went out shopping or still plan to, I'm sure we'd all like you to share your experience.

And hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and thanks to those of you who shared that experience.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day Plans

I want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving and thought it'd be fun for our readers to comment on how they plan to spend the holiday.

Will you be home and invite friends or family members over? Will you visit friends? Or will you go to a restaurant? What will be on your menu? The traditional turkey or something different? Do you have to work? Will you be alone?

I hope you'll take a moment to share how you'll spend the holiday. It'd be interesting to see the various ways we celebrate the holiday.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Thumbs Up

If you're looking for a heartwarming feel good movie for the holiday weekend, I want to suggest you see "Blind Side.'' It's definitely a two thumbs up movie.

It's about a homeless, inarticulate black 300 pound plus teen-ager who is taken in and eventually adopted by a white upper class family in Memphis and goes on to playing offensive tackle for Ole Miss and was drafted on the first round by the Baltimore Ravens this spring.

But, as Hollywood likes to say, it's not a football movie, it's a relationship movie. The relationship is between the teen-ager Michael Oher and Leigh Anne Tuohy, the wife of the couple who brought him into their home. She's a dynamo who is played in the movie by Sandra Bullock. She quarterbacks the effort to get him an education and mothers and mentors him.

Her husband is a successful businessman but he cheerfully admits she runs the show. The line isn't in the movie but when he was asked how early in their marriage did he realize she would be in charge, he said, "When she gave me the ring in college and said it was time for me to propose. Is that early enough?'' She uses that determination to turnaround the youngster's life. And it's a true story.

I haven't done the movie justice in this short explanation but don't want to spoil it for those who decide to see it. Trust me, if you see it, you won't be disappointed.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sex as a weapon

I found the following letter in Dear Abby:

"My wife of 25 years, in an effort to get me to stop smoking, refuses to have sex until I quit. It's been more than a year since we made love. I plan to quit smoking, but not this way. I don't want to think of sex as her weapon, but it is. Any advice on how to cope with my unwinnable battle?''

I think using sex as a weapon is bad enough, but after a year, I don't think she's using it as a weapon. I think she doesn't want to have sex with him.

Anyway, I curious about what you think about using sex as a weapon generally and what this woman is doing as a specific example.

Your thoughts?


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sleeping in the Nude

I thought it'd be interesting to conduct a survey on whether or not you sleep in the nude, why you do or don't do it and what you wear if you don't.

And if you sleep in the nude, do you feel it's sexy or just comfortable and do you do it for the other person in your life or because you like it.

Your thoughts?


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Men and Women

I found an interesting article in the Detroit Free Press about a study in the Netherlands called "Interacting with women can impair a man's cognitive functioning.'' The translation is that men get stupid around women.

This is serious research published in the May Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. It says most guys, married or single, lose their ability to think around women. The women don't have to be attractive but if the woman is attractive, the impairment gets worse. The writer of the article joked that if the wife asks you why you didn't take out the trash, you can tell her she's so beautiful that you forgot.

On a more serious note, I'm curious what your your thoughts are about this. Do women think they make men act stupid around them?

And, oh yes, they say men have so effect on the cognitive ability of women. Maybe it's because women think with their brains and men think with their, well, you know.

Your thoughts?


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tom Brady's wife

Since this is a Sunday, I thought a post about Tom Brady and his wife would be appropriate. For our readers across the pond and the ocean who don't know the name, he's a famous American football player who makes millions and is so good looking that even women who don't like football are into him. He was dating an actress named Bridget Moynahan, got her pregnant and dumped her for a super model named Giselle Bludchen, a move which alienated many of his fans.

Anyway, he plays in Boston so she gets the bright idea to learn how to fly a helicopter to commute to New York where much of her modeling work is . She's one of the richest women in the world but she doesn't want to hire a pilot. She wants to fly solo even when she's pregnant. Naturally, Brady isn't too thrilled with this idea and thinks it's dangerous but she won't listen to him.

He is quoted as saying in the Boston Herald, "I guess I just have to go with it. There's some things I'm definitely not gonna win and that's one of them.''

Huh? He can't convince his pregnant wife not to fly solo in a helicopter?

Hmmm, sounds like this woman needs a good spanking!!!!

Your thoughts?