Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

The title is probaby not what you think it is.

I'm talking about watching the Bachelor or Bachelorette. I know it's a waste of time and I can't watch the whole thing but I'm attracted like a moth to a flame to the last 15 minutes of the last few episodes when somebody is sent home. These people barely know each other and it's in a very artificial setting but yet they act as if they're heartbroken when they're sent home.

And at the end, the final two act as if they've found the love of their lives although the relationships never seem to last despite the fact the last couple are still together. In the latest one, Jilian had three men madly in love with her in just such a short time. And she seems to happy with the one she picked but you wonder how long it'll last in the real world.

Do any of the readers watch the show (my wife makes fun at me for checking it out) and do you think the latest couple have any chance of making it in the real world?

Your thoughts?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How much sex do you want?

Does your paper get Annie's mailbox, which replaced the late Ann Landers?

Anyway in the column today, they quoted a woman saying, "I would like sex every day but my husband thinks two or or three times a week is enough. What is considered average?''

The paper said, "The national average is about twice a week (this incorporates couples who have sex every day and couples who have sex twice a year.) "Normal'' is what works. If you want sex every day and your husband prefers twice a week, find a compromise you can live with.''

My thought on this is that it shows it can be difficult for couples to get on the same page. There are a lot of men who'd be happy to give her sex every day and she's married to one who doesn't.

Kind of like woman spankos who want frequent spankings and have vanilla husbands who don't do it as often as they'd like.

Are there couples out there who are both happy with the frequency of their sex and don't have to compromise?

Your thoughts?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Neil Armstrong's sex story

If you're old enough to remember the moon landing, you know what an historic moment it was. If not, you probably got a sense of it because of all the coverage this week.

Which brings me to an email I got recently:

On July 20, 1969, as commander of the Apollo Lunar Module, Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon.

His first words after stepping on the moon, "that's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind,' were televised to earth and heard by millions.

But just before he reentered the lander, he made the enigmatic remark, "Good luck Mr. Gorsky.''

Many people at NASA thought it was a casual remark concerning some rival Soviet Cosmonaut. However, upon checking, there was no Mr. Gorsky in either the Russian or Americxan space programs.

Armstrong never answered the question of what he meant until July 5, 1995 in Tampa Bay, Florida when a TV reporter brought up the 26-year-old question.

Mr. Gorsky had died so Neil Armstrong felt he could answer the question. In 1938 when he was a small kid in a small Midwest town, he was playing baseball with a friend in the backyard. His friend hit the ball, which landed in his neighbor's yard by the bedroom window. His neighbors were Mr. and Mrs. Gorsky.

As he leaned down to pick up the ball, young Armstrong heard Mrs. Gorsky shouting at Mr. Gorsky.

"Oral sex! You ant oral sex?! You'll get sex when the kid next door walks on the moon''

True story.

That was the end of the email. Great story, right. Except a Google search shows the story isn't true. The transcripts show Armstrong never mentioned a Mr. Gorsky. The only controversy is whether he said "one small step for man'' or "one small step for A man.'' He said it was the latter.

But the interesting thing is how these urban legends never die even when they're debunked. Which is why I got the email from a friend with dates like 1938 and 1995 even though it never happened. It's like Obama's birth certificate. The state of Hawaii has certified it. The Honolulu papers published births in those days and his birth was published. And yet the legend that he wasn't born in Hawaii won't die.

Or like the tales of alligators in the New York sewer system.

Once a story like this starts, you can't stop it. There's an old saying like a rumor is halfway around the world before the truth pulls his pants on.

Anyway, if you ever hear the Mr. Gorsky story, you know it's not true. It's true good to be true, unfortunately.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sexless Marriage

While reading about the husband who had a sex change operation and was featured on Prime Time Family Secrets, they had a link to a Good Morning America segment last February on sexless marriages, which they describe as being sexually intimate 10 or fewer times a year.

They featured a couple who are having sex once every three or four months and are seeing a family therapist in an effort to solve the problem.

A Dr. Hilda Hutcherson is quoted as saying, "Sex is essential for a great marriage, and the reason is there are a number of chemicals and hormones that are released when you have sex with your parters that actually bonds couples.''

In the show on the husband who became a woman, she is still sleeping in the same bed with her wife but they now have a sexless marriage but so far the wife has decided to stay in the marriage. So, in effect, they're roommates raising two kids.

I just wonder if a sexless marriage can last long term. I can't imagine it, but am curious what your thoughts are.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Extra X Chromosome

You might want to check out a show called Prime Time Family Secrets on ABC Tuesday night at 10 p.m.

It's about a family in Ohio in which the husband has an extra X Chromosome, which is called Klinefelter' Syndrome.

The man has had a gender change operation and is now an attractive woman with a blog in which she says, "I ask you to watch this episode with an open heart and an open mind.''

The show apparently features the wife and their 7 and 6 year old boys, one of whom is quoted as saying, "She had girl inside she went to a surgeon to get it out.''

And the wife, who married a man, is now living with a woman although she's not having sex with her former husband. And the wife still expects her former husband to do the man type chores like cutting the grass while the former husband wants to be a mommy.

This has caused stresses and one of the boys said, "We feel bad. We don't want them to argue.''

If you want to read about this, you can google prime time family secrets.

I just wonder if their marriage can survive all this and I'm curious why they would agree to go on national TV. Your thoughts? I'm especially interested in what you think if you watch the show.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sex Addiction

What is the definition of a sex addict?
A. A male.

Hey, I like the joke if I say so myself.

What brought it up was a column in the USA Weekend issue called relationship tips by Dennie Hughes. She is asked if there is such a thing as a sex addict because when people get caught cheating, they blame a sex addiction.

She quotes author and psycotherapist Tina B. Tessina as saying that true sex addicts addicts are so obsessed with their need to have sex that they are dysfunctional in every aspect of their lives. Sounds like a blogger. (Another joke).

"The need to have sex is stronger than any of their relationships, their careers, their health or their reputation,'' she is quoted as saying.

I'm still not convinced there is such a thing as a sex addict but here's another joke:
What's the cure for sex addiction?
A. Having kids around the house.

So what are your thoughts. Do you think there is such a thing as sex addiction?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Training Lisa, part 7

For those of you who've been patient while I reposted the first six chapters of the Training Lisa Series, you'll be happy to know that this is a new chapter that wasn't previously posted on PK's site although she was kind enough to provide the pictures.
I hope it has been worth the wait.
Florida Dom
Training Lisa, Part 7

Lisa was cramped and uncomfortable in her cage. She couldn't stretch out and if she moved too much, the welts on the front of her body from the morning's intense session would get irritated. So she tried to lie quietly and rest. She knew she was in for another intense session in her Sir's bondage room in the afternoon. She wanted to be prepared for that.

Yet, despite her discomfort, she was pleased. She had passed a big test this morning when her Sir brought her level of submission to new heights. She was happy that she served him, had endured the pain and hadn't used her safeword. She knew now she really was a pain slut who was turned on by absorbing the pain her Sir gave her. And, oh, the rewards. She had come so many times that she couldn't count them. By the end, she was begging for him to stop giving her more orgasms because both her clit and her pussy were so sore. She had never imagined wanting orgasms to stop. But since she didn't use her safeword, he just grinned and didn't stop. He waited until she was so exhausted that she stopped bucking against his tight bonds and just lay back on the table in exhaustion.

That was an experience that she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams. Her Sir had brought her to levels that were more than she had ever fantasized about. She knew for a long time, even since before puberty, since before she had masturbated for the first time and was stunned by the pleasure she got when the orgasm wracked her body, that she wanted to submit to a Master. She wanted to be controlled. She wanted to serve. When she played games as a kid, she always waned to be tied up. She didn't know why she liked it, but she did. She had dreamed about light bondage and spanking. But never to this level. And now she had a chance to cool down and relax, she knew she wanted more. Even though all the welts were sensitive, she still wasn't sated.

She was eager to find out what he had in store for next. Coming over and over again like that as the pain turned to pleasure had become like a drug for her. She couldn't get enough. The more she got the more she wanted. She wasn't even sure what was happening to her. She was puzzled that she could get so much pleasure from pain. But she knew she did and now she knew she wanted to continue. She couldn't even imagine getting turned this way on by vanilla sex. She wanted the pain. She wanted the control.. She wanted to submit. She kept waiting for the room to the bondage door to open. And even though he still had a hood on and she couldn't see his face, she loved his muscular body, his big hands, his strong legs. It made her want to submit to him even more. This was a man's man, a man of her dreams, a man who could tame her, a man who could dominate her the way she wanted to be dominated.

She kept looking at the door, hoping for her Sir to return to the room. There were no clocks so she had no idea how long she had been in the cage. She figured she had dozed off a bit but not for long because she was so anxious to find out what was next. She was started to get hungry, but her real appetite was to submit to her Sir.

The reason was the door wasn't opening was that her Sir was in his den at his computer, blogging the latest chapter in his training of Lisa. He would always get a lot of hits every time he posted another chapter in his training of this woman. He knew that other men - and even women - enjoyed reading how he had molded her like a block of clay into the image he wanted. But he also knew she wanted to be molded. Even though she was a high powered business woman, she craved submitting to his desires. They were a perfect match.

He was an executive who had domed several women, but none of them like Lisa. She was not only beautiful with a body with a feminine scent that didn't need perfume and made his mouth water, but she was a strong woman. She was his intellectual equal. They could discuss business and politics as if she were a colleague. Which is why it was such a turnon to him to bend her to his will. It was much better than dealing with a compliant woman or a woman who wasn't as smart as he is. Doming a strong woman was much more satisfying. He was pleased with his training of her. She had started slowly to give her orders and each time she obeyed, there were new orders. And each time she obeyed, he kept bringing her to a new level.

And this morning in the bondage room, he had found out his first suspicions were correct. Beneath the well tailored business suits, beneath her commanding veneer, beneath her brusque manner in the board room was a woman who loved to absorb the pain, who was turned on by it. He was now pretty convinced that no matter what he had in store for her, she wouldn't use her safe word. Even if she didn't want to do something, she would eventually submit because she craved it. He knew that Monday morning, she would walk into the board room and be in total control and that none of her colleagues would dream that beneath her suit, she was wearing welts and bruises as a badge of honor. She knew that she liked to carry his marks. Just like she was proud that she wasn't allowed to shave under her arms. Or having to ask permission to go to
the bathroom. It was another sign of her submission.

Just when he was finishing his blog entry, the doorbell rang. The timing was perfect. He had ordered Chinese takeout delivered to his door. It was perfect for the meal he planned for her. The shrimp and fried rice and the wonton soup could be eaten out of bowls that he could place on the floor. She would have to eat on her knees like she was a pet. He knew she hated that, but
he knew she would submit to his wishes.

She got excited as she heard the door open. She couldn't wait to see him again. But she was disappointed when she saw him carrying two bowls. She knew what that meant. It was one thing to lap up water out of the bowl in her cage. It was another thing to eat food out of a bowl. It was so messy and got all over her face. She prided herself of always being so well groomed, on
having her makeup perfectly in place. It was so humiliating to have to eat like a pet. But she knew she couldn't resist him now. She would please him by submitting.

"So is my pet pleased to see me?'' he asked as he walked to the cage. "Yes, Sir,'' she said. "Are you enjoying your time in the bondage room?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she said. "Do you like serving your Sir?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she responded. "Are you ready for the next step?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she said. He knew the answers, but he liked to hear her say them.

He then put the bowls next to the cage, unlocked it and ordered her to crawl out. He then put cuffs on her wrists and fastened them behind her back so she couldn't use her hands while she was eating. He then took the bowl of water from the cage and placed it next to the other two bowls. "Ok, it's lunch time,'' he said. She crawled slowly to the three bowls. She didn't want to
eat this way, but she knew it would please him and she always wanted to please him. And he cracked her on the butt when she hesitated. So she stuck her face into the shrimp fried rice and started eating. She had to admit it was tasty and she was hungry so she ate most of the shrimp fried rice and the soup and not only drank the water but stuck her face in it to try to wash it
off. But her face was still messy and she hated that.

She didn't know it but he then had a treat for her. He put the blindfold back on her, which puzzled her, and then led her by the leash on her hands and knees. She heard the door open so she figured they were going to another part of the house. Then another door opened and she felt she was crawling on tiles. She thought it might be the bathroom. She found out she was right when he took off the blindfold, the wrist cuffs and her collar.

"Are you ready for a shower?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she said with a smile. She had sweated a lot during their intense scene and her face was covered with the food. "Are you going to beg me for a shower,'' he asked. 'Yes, Sir,'' she said and she started begging. "Please, Sir, your pet would like Sir to give her the privilege of a shower. Please, please, please.'' He enjoyed seeing her begging. He knew she really wanted a shower and he finally consented and opened the shower door, helped her up off the floor.

As she walked into the shower, he asked her if she needed to pee. "Yes, Sir,'' she said. "Ok, you're allowed to pee,'' he said. She started to come back out of the shower, but he stopped her and told her she wasn't going to be allowed to use the toilet. She would pee in the shower while he watched. Oh, she hated that idea. She decided she'd rather hold it in, but he was having none of that. "I'll wait. You're not showering until you pee,'' she said. Oh, she was so humiliated by the idea of peeing in front of him standing up. She didn't even know if she could do it. Even when she tried, it took a long time for it to come out and she felt so humiliated as she spread her legs
and it splashed on the tile floor. All she could do was tell herself that she was making her Sir happy.

When she finished, he told her she could shower although he would watch. She didn't mind that. The shower felt so good although it stung when the water hit her welts that were still so sensitive. She was in such a dreamy state showering that she didn't want to stop until he finally told her that was enough and she reluctantly turned the water off. As she came out, he dried her
off and put cream on her welts. He then put her back on her hands and knees, put the wrist cuffs and collar back on along with the blindfold and then led her back to the bondage room.

After they entered, he then took the blindfold off again and told her that she was now ready for the next test. He told her this was the final one. If she passed and didn't use her safeword, the next time they would meet, he would take her on a real date to a fancy restaurant. She would then be more than his pet. She would be his woman. She would be seen in public with him. The thought thrilled her. She couldn't wait to see him and go out on a date with him. But she wondered what the test would be. It didn't take her long to find out. First he told her to raise her arms above her head and attached each wrist cuff to a chain from the ceiling. Holding your arms about your head might not seem like much, but it's an unnatural position. He knew it wouldn't be long before her arms started to ache.

But he also upped the ante. He put big clamps on her nipples attached to a chain and then pulled them up so she had to stand on her tiptoes to keep the pressure off her nipples. He then attached the nipple chain to another one from the ceiling. It didn't take long for her to realize how difficult this would be. She stood on her toes as long as she could, but as soon as she put it heels on the floor, the nipple clamps would be pulled and the pain would shoot through her nipples.

He then distracted her by playing with her. He cupped her tits, ran his hands down her stomach and started playing with her clit. When he stuck his fingers into her, she felt how wet she was. But she was also in pain. Her arms ached. Her toes also were in pain, but when she relieved them by coming down on her heels, she'd feel the pain in her nipples. She didn't know how long she could keep doing this. She kept thinking about using her safeword. But then she started coming. She didn't know whether she was coming from him playing with her or from the pain. She was almost out of her head. The pain was mixed with her coming. She started screaming and crying. She was bathed in sweat and yet she kept coming and kept feeling the pain, first in her toes until she couldn't stand that and put her heels down and then in her nipples. Her clit was so now so sore she didn't want to come anymore. She was bathed in sweat. The tears were rolling down her face. Yet she kept herself from using the safeword. This was almost an out of body experience for her like she was watching it happen to somebody else. She was in pain, but when he played with her clit and massaged her G spot, the pleasure rolled over her.

Finally, when he saw she was exhausted, he released the clamps off her nipples. That fired another shot of pain into her tits as the blood rushed into them. But then she could stand again on her heels without feeling any pain. She was panting as she tried to collect her wits and calm down and he petted her, rubbing her hands over her to give her the aftercare she needed.

He then released the cuffs from the ceiling and she collapsed in his arms. Her toes, nipples and clit all still felt like they were on fire. But she was so happy she had done it. She hadn't used her safeword. She had shown him she wanted to submit to his wishes. She wanted to be controlled by him. She wanted to be his pet.

And now she would get her reward. As he rubbed her and congratulated her, he reminded her that she had now earned a date with him. The next time he was at her door, he would be taking her to a fine restaurant. They would be like two lovers out on a town. Then a thought flashed through her mind. Would he bring her flowers? She smiled as she hugged him tightly. She was his woman as well as his pet.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do Opposites Attract?

The question of whether opposites attract is a continuing debate so I decided to throw out the idea for some comments.

My feeling is that opposites can attract but a relationship has a better chance of succeeding if both are more alike than opposite.

Your thoughts? And is your relationship an attraction of opposites?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Training Lisa, Chapter 6

This is the sixth chapter in my Training Lisa saga and the last that was posted on PK's site.

Yes, the seventh chapter will be a new one, the first posted only on this site. Watch for it Thursday night or Friday.


Florida Dom

Training Lisa, Chapter 6

Lisa was a bundle of nerves as her Sir opened the door to his bondage room. She was scared and excited at the same time. She knew she was getting wet just thinking about what lay ahead. She had found out like she liked pain and it turned into pleasure for her. And she liked submitting to her Sir, following his orders and being controlled by him. This was what she had fantasized about for a long time and now it was a reality.

But she didn't know what her limits were and how far was he going to push her. She didn't know how much pain she could take and she was now going to find out. Her Sir was ready to take her to the next level. This was a big test for her so he could find out how much she wanted. He wanted to go to her limits, to scare her, to make her scream out in pain that eventually turnedto pleasure. But he didn't want to go too far and scare her away. He wanted to give her what she wanted. Now he had to find out exactly what that was.

So has he opened the door, they were both looking for answers. He was fully dressed and she was on the floor, on her hands and knees, blindfolded and naked with a collar around her neck attached to a leash that was in his hand. He had found out that being a pet was a turnon for her and after some hesitation, she was even willing to drink out of a bowl like a real pet.

As he pulled on the leash and she started walking on her hands and knees, they entered the bondage room and he closed the door and she heard him lock it. She shuddered a bit. She knew there was no turning back. But she was eager to find out what was going to come next and how she would deal with it.

He had told her that once they started, she could use her safeword at any time and bring everything to a halt. But he warned her that if she did that, he wouldn't push the envelope any farther. And she might miss out on a lot. If she were able to endure the pain, he would bring her to heights that she couldn't imagine. She could scream all she wanted. He had soundproofed the
room. But he would ignore the screams and go forward as long as she didn't use the safeword.

As promised, he then took off her blindfold. It was the first time she had been without the blindfold in his presence. It took her a while to adjust to the light after being in the dark with the blindfold over her eyes. But he was wearing a hood so she couldn't see his face. She would be denied that privilege until she passed his test. But her stomach flipped when she saw his
muscular shoulders. He had the body of a man who works out and takes care of himself. She couldn't wait to see his face, but she knew that wasn't her decision to make. She knew she had one more test to meet before she got that privilege.

She also was stunned as she looked around the bondage room. On one wall were all kinds of floggers and canes. And nipple clamps and ropes. On one table was an assortment of dildos and butt plugs, needles, shaving cream and a razor. She shuddered at the sight of the needles. She didn't even like to get shots. But she knew if he planned to decorate her body with needles, she would accept it. She had come this far and she was willing to accept whatever he wanted to do to her. She was determined to show him she wanted to submit to whatever he had planned for her.

And she noticed the other three walls had floor length mirrors and the ceiling also had a mirror on it so she could see what was going on from several angles. And there was a video camera set up in the corner. He told he wanted a record of this day for his enjoyment so he could relive it in the future if she passed the test.

As he led her around the room, she also saw his bondage table, his St. Andrews cross, a spanking bench, wrist cuffs attached to chains hanging from the ceiling and a stand with a dildo attached to the top. She noticed it appeared to be just tall enough to fit in her.pussy when she was standing up. He told her he had built it specifically for her. And there was a cage with a mattress, a blanket and a bowl of water. She figured she would be spending time in it.

On another table were several lit candles. She knew this probably meant that wax play was going to be something she would have to endure during this session. She wondered how she would cope with hot wax being dribbled on her naked body. She assumed she was going to find out. Seeing everything in the room filled her with conflicting emotions. She knew this was going to be an
intense session. She knew she was going to have to accept more pain than she had ever dealt with before. But she was starting to understand that she must be a pain slut. Just the thought of the pain and the bondage he had planned for her was a huge turnon. She knew she was getting so wet that she might go over the top just from the pain. And the thought of getting orgasms from
the pain turned her on even more. She felt like she was gushing.

He suddenly broke her train of thought with a question.

Are you ready? he asked. She didn't know if she'd ever be ready for this but she knew she had only give one answer. "Yes, Sir,'' she said.

Are you willingly ready to submit to whatever I have planned for you? Again, she didn't know if she'd ever be ready, but she found herself almost eager to get started. She now wanted to find out if she had any limits, if she could submit fully to his wishes. Again, she answered in a soft voice, "Yes, Sir.''

Are you happy to be under my control and live by my rules? This answer was easy. She had fantasized a long time about submitting to a Sir who would bring her to new heights. "Yes, Sir,'' she said.

He then tugged her leash and led her to the bondage table, told her to stand up and sit on the table. He then gently laid her down on the table on her back and put cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She then pulled her arms and secured them tightly to the front legs of the table. He then spread her legs and tied them tightly to the bottom legs of the table. She was now spread eagled. He then took off her dog collar and replaced it with a posture collar that covered her entire neck and prevented her from lifting her neck. And then he tied a strap across her forehead to make sure she couldn't move her head. Now she couldn't virtually move a muscle. She was completely tied down. Just to make sure, he poked a needle in one of her tits. By reflex action, she tried to move but she couldn't move at all. She could only watch what was going on while looking at the ceiling mirror. He smiled. Now he had her bound the way he wanted.

He then took a pair of her panties out of his pocket. He had her wear panties that day instead of her usual thong because he waned her scent on them. He then pushed them inside of her pussy to absorb all of her juices. He then took the panties out, folded them and put them on her nose so she could sniff her scent and have evidence of how turned on she was, how much she wanted
this. He told her the panties had another purpose. She was allowed to scream, but it would not stop him. Only the safeword would stop him. But he preferred her to process the pain and if he decided her screams were distracting him, he were stuff the panties in her mouth.

He was now ready to begin.

The first thing she saw in the ceiling mirror was that he was bringing the shaving cream and razor to the table. That meant he was going to shave her pussy again. He liked to begin each session that way so she had a very smooth pussy. Her armpits, of course, were unshaven. She was not allowed to shave those. The unshaved pits were his mark on her. And she wasn't allowed to shave her own pussy. That task for reserved for him. And she liked it when she felt him squirting the shaving cream all over her pussy as she watched in the ceiling mirror.

Then she watched and felt him stroking the razor across her pussy and removing all the stubble. She loved the feeling and knew she was gushing. It felt so intimate because she felt like she was offering the most intimate part of her body to him. As he kept wielding the razor over her pussy, she wanted to wiggle in her excitement, but she was tied down too securely to move. That added to the sensation as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. After he finished, he wiped a warm towel over her pussy to get rid of the last of the shaving cream. Oh, that felt so good to her. She again tried to wiggle, but she couldn't and she started to sweat. She knew she was right on the
verge of coming if only he touched her more. As she groaned, she said, "please.''

The mood was suddenly broken when she felt him slap one of her tits. Hard. She was stunned. But he reminded her that she was not to beg to come. She would get a chance to come if she were a good girl and submitted to the pain, but she would do it on his schedule, not hers. "I'm sorry sir,'' she said. "It won't happen again.'' He replied, "It better not.''

He then asked her the question that she dreaded and yet was eager to hear at the same time. "Are you ready for pain,'' he asked. "Yes, sir,'' she said.

He then brought a tray of lit candles in glass containers to the table. She knew what was next. Wax play. She had read about wax play. But she hadn't experienced it. The thought of that hot candle wax dribbling on her body scared her. She didn't want to get burned. She figured he would give her pain, but trusted him enough that he wouldn't burn her. She didn't know it, but he knew how to do it to give her pain, but not burn her. The key to wax play was the height from which it was dropped. It cooled in the air. So he got on a step stool and held the glass with the candle in it several feel above her. He would judge the right height from her reaction. He wanted her to feel pain but didn't want to leave her any burns.

She was apprehensive as she watched in the ceiling as he held the glass with the candle above her. She was almost gasping for breath as she awaited her fate. And suddenly, he turned the glass over and she felt the wax falling on her tits. She flinched but was surprised to find out it wasn't that hot. When he saw she didn't flinch much, he lowered it the next time. She gasped,
but he saw it didn't burn her. He had the right height. It caused her pain, but didn't burn the skin. So he started dribbling it over her. He planned to cover the front of her body from her tits to her pussy.

She was able to process the pain and found it was turning her on as the wax from candle after candle continued to dribble on her body. She knew she was a pain slut. She loved the fact she was submitting to him and accepting the pain he wanted her to feel. She again tried to wiggle and buck against her bonds, but she couldn't move. Finally, when she was covered, he stopped and
she exhaled. She had endured the pain without using her safeword. She had gasped and groaned, but hadn't screamed at a full pitch and he hadn't stuffed the panties in her mouth. As she lay there quietly now that the first stage was over and processed everything in her mind, he decided to she show her how turned on she was. He took the panties and once again shoved them in her
pussy to soak up her juices once again. And then he took them out and once again put them on top of her nose. As she breathed in her scent, she realized it had become stronger. The wax play had stimulated her.

She also need time to come down from the experience and her Sir quietly petted her as she collected her wits about her and started wondering what was next. As he went to the wall and took down one of his canes, she knew. A caning was next on his agenda. He told her that he would cane some of the wax off her body, but she would get pleasure from the pain. The thought of getting pleasure made her smile, but she knew she'd also have to endure the pain.

As she lay thinking about her conflicting emotions, she saw him raise his arm in the ceiling mirror and quickly felt the lash against her tits. The wax came flying off, but a thin red stripe also appeared on her tits. She gasped as he kept the blows coming and she started crying. The pain wracked her body. She didn't know how much more she could take, but then he rubbed her
clit and she came in a shudder. Her body almost exploded against her bonds. And then he repeated the process. She felt the pain and came again. And again. She was getting exhausted as her body kept reaching new heights. She started panting as she processed both the pain and the pleasure. She wanted it to stop and yet to wanted more. She started sweating and felt like it was an out of body experience as she saw herself in the ceiling mirror trying to move in her tight bonds.

Just when she didn't think she could take it anymore, he stopped. She just exhaled and sighed. She had come so many times that she didn't think she could do it again. And she could see in the ceiling mirrors that the front of her body was covered with red stripes and welts. They stung, but she felt relieved that she had absorbed everything he had given her. She was happy that
she had pleased him. As she lay there catching her breath, he again took her panties and stuffed them in her pussy one more time to absorb more of her fluids. And then he put them on her nose and she drank in the scent. She liked the smell that showed how turned on she was submitting to him.

He then took a knife, scraped the rest of the wax off her body and then treated her welts and stripes with cream. Oh, that felt so good. And then he untied her and she stretched her legs and arms, which were almost numb of being tied so tightly. He had her sit up on the table and he sat down next to her and cuddled her, petting her, giving her aftercare and congratulating her
for being a good girl. As he stroked her, he reminded her that she had met his expectations and that he was pleased with her. She loved to hear that. Hearing that she had pleased her Sir made her tingle all over.

He then tied the dog collar back around her neck, attached the leash and had her slide off the table back on her hands and knees. He then led her to her cage and told her to enter it. He slapped her butt as she went on and told her that this afternoon, it would get some red coloring. But first, he locked her in the cage and told her to rest. She stretched out onto the mattress, thinking about everything that had happened and savoring it.

As he left the room, she wondered what else he had in store for her in the afternoon. She wound find out soon enough.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Training Lisa, Chapter 5

This is the fifth chapter of my Lisa's Training series. The first were first posted on PK's newbeginnings site at

For those of you who read the first six on her site, be patient because a new seventh chapter is coming soon.

And let me know your thoughts on the saga of a woman who is dominant in the boardroom and submissive in the bedroom.

Florida Dom

Lisa's Training, Chapter Five

As Lisa briskly walked towards her office with her high heels clicking on the floor to announce her presence, she was the picture of confidence.

She wore an expensive designer suit that showed she was all business, but it still showed off her curves that she knew distracted her colleagues even when she was barking orders at them. She was proud of her figure and she kept in shape by working out hours at the gym and jogging. And her breasts were firm and well-rounded and a vivid contrast to her thin waist. She liked to be in charge in the office but she also liked to show off her feminine side.

And she announced her arrival with her high heels making a staccato sound as she took each step on the floor. She knew the guys checked her out and she liked that but she also knew while she was very feminine, she demanded perfection. She looked the same way she did every day when she arrived in her office like she was a master of the universe.

What her colleagues didn't know was how her life had changed. They didn't know about the welts and bruises all over her body from last night's session with her Sir. They didn't know if she stood and paced the floor during their meeting, it wasn't that she was trying to make a point about how she wanted better results. It was that she didn't know how long she could sit on her red bottom. From her tits to the top of her thighs, her body had the marks from the intense session with Sir.

The pain from the caning almost took her breath away. She couldn't stop crying as he landed blow after blow. And yet she couldn't stop coming from the combination of the pain and the pleasure she felt when he touched her clit with the vibrator. And when he untied her after beating her bottom, top of her thighs and her back, she thought it was over. Instead, he turned her over, retied her and did the same thing to her tits, belly and pussy. And she kept coming until she was completely spent and just slumped on the bed.

He knew he had to let her down softly with a lot of aftercare and didn't leave until he had petted her a long time and she had seem to recover from her intense experience. As she started getting sleepy, he laid her back down on the bed, gave her a reminder that all the rules were still in place and tied her right wrist to the headboard. That was to let her know that once again, she was not allowed to touch herself without permission. Not that she wanted to right now. She just wanted to sleep although every time she turned, she could feel the welts, but she liked that feel. It was reminder of how intense the experience was and she knew she had never been brought to such heights of pain and pleasure.

When the alarm rang in the morning, she was still in a languid mood. As she rolled over, she could feel the sting of the welts but it was a good feeling because she knew she had made her Sir happy. As she untied the rope to the headboard, her first thought was how good it would feel to put her hand between her legs, but she knew she wasn't allowed that privilege. That was part of serving her Sir. When she got up, she checked herself out in the mirror and admired the welts and the cane marks. They were a symbol of her submission to her Sir. She was proud of them as she thought about how often she had come as the blows landed on her.

She then realized she only had five minutes to sign in and get her daily instructions from her Sir on what she was allowed to wear and what she was allowed to eat for breakfast. Sir was pleased when she signed in with a minute
to spare. He asked her if she was naked and sitting on the sandpaper. When the answer came back, "Yes, sir,'' he knew that she was continuing to submit to him. She hadn't absent-mindedly put on her bathrobe. She was thinking of him and his rules and that was part of his control over her. And sitting on the sandpaper made her welts sting and she squirmed, but she had the satisfaction of doing what she was told to do.

He told her that her breakfast would be a yogurt and a banana. She silently groaned when she read that. She'd much prefer a gooey Danish, but he knew she liked that and he would deny her that pleasure. And it was healthy, too. He then ordered her to take a shower and gave her permission to use the bathroom. Once she got in the shower, the water pelted down on her welts, but she enjoyed the sensation even though it burned. It was a turn on for her and her hand started to drift towards her pussy, but she suddenly stopped. She knew that wasn't allowed. And she was careful to keep a washcloth in her hands so she didn't touch any areas that now belonged to her Sir. She knew her pussy belonged to him.

She then got ready for work and even sitting in her car while she was driving was a constant reminder of how she had submitted to the cane. Her colleagues, of course, knew nothing about this because she could almost turn on a switch when she entered the office. In the office, she was in charge and she made sure everybody knew it. She didn't suffer fools gladly. She found an excuse to stand more than usual while showing off some charts to avoid sitting on her bruised butt, but nobody knew the difference.

She also had to concentrate on following his rules. Like no snacking. And getting permission to go to the bathroom. She knew that was part of his control, part of her submitting to him and she knew she wanted that, but it was still annoying. At one point in the afternoon, she absent-mindedly went to the ladies room, entered the stall and pulled down her panties when she realized she hadn't emailed for permission. She had a debate in his head. He would never know if she didn't ask. What was the harm? Still, she pulled up her panties and walked back to office and sent the coded message asking for permission. As much as she didn't want to follow this rule, she wanted to be submissive to him. It was a turn-on for her. And this was part of the deal. He emailed back that she had eight minutes. Eight minutes!! She got annoyed all over again. She knew he was just showing his control over her. But she waited the eight minutes. She followed the rules.

He was pleased to get the email. It was another sign that she liked to be controlled, that she liked being told what to do, that it wasn't about what she wanted but it was about what he wanted and her only job was to obey. He was pleased that her training was going so well. She took to submission like a duck to water. It was obviously buried deep into her psyche and he was the vessel for bringing it out. And she had to admit that she liked going home after dealing with all the stress of the business world and not having to make any major decisions. She just turned on her computer and found out what she was allowed to wear in the evening, what she was allowed to eat, what TV shows she was allowed to watch and when her bedtime was.

Some nights, he allowed her to be fully dressed. Another night, she had to be topless or bottomless. Or nude. He always kept her guessing. She might have to eat dinner with a clothespin attached to each nipple. She never knew what to expect. She just knew she had to obey. Eating dinner with a clothespin on each nipple was not something she liked. But she knew it wasn't about what she liked. She knew she was being trained and she accepted that.

That night, there was another message for her, reminding her to keep Saturday free because she was going to spend the day at his place in his bondage room.

Just reading that email made her start to get wet with of mixture of fear and anticipation. What was his bondage room like? What was he going to do to her there? Could she endure it? The next two nights, she slept fitfully as her wrist pulled against the rope tied to the headboard. She had so many different emotions. She was turned on and wanted to put her hand between her legs and massage her sweet parts to make them feel even more juicy. She wanted to stick several fingers inside her. Oh, to be allowed to put her vibrator against her clit and turn it up high. But she also had a feeling of fear because she didn't know what to expect. All those thoughts kept bouncing around in her mind.

She woke up early Saturday morning but wasn't allowed to get up until the alarm rang. Her adrenalin was pumping. She quickly untied the rope when it rang and hustled to the computer to get the instructions for the day. She was told to shower and prepare herself and to be at her door at 10 a.m. sharp on her knees, blindfolded. She only was to wear a skirt and a blouse. No underwear.

As she showered, she thought about how her life was changing. Just two weeks ago, she couldn't have imagined all this happening to her. She couldn't imagine all the hair under her arms because she wasn't allowed to shave her pits. That was a sign of how she submitted to him. And her pussy hair was only a stubble from the last time he shaved it. He had reserved shaving it for himself. She wasn't allowed to do that. And now she knew she was going to visit his bondage room. She didn't know what that was going to be like.

At 10 a.m. sharp, she unlocked the door and got on her knees. A few seconds later, the door opened and she recognized his voice telling her he was pleased that she had prepared the way she was told to. He put the dog collar around her neck and took her arm for the quick walk to his car. He had checked there was nobody around so she wouldn't be seen with the blindfold. As she slid into the passenger seat, he told her to lift her butt and he lifted her skirt so her bare butt was on the seat. He then bunched the front of her skirt so her pussy was accessible to him and told her to spread her legs. And he unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse so he also had easy access to her breasts. He then fastened her seat belt. She was almost happy to be blindfolded so she couldn't see how open her pussy and breasts were. She was so embarrassed to be in public like this. But again, she knew it was part of his control. She craved this lifestyle and this was part of it.

As he drove to his place, he had one hand on the wheel and the other hand fondling her breasts. And then he massaged her pussy and inserted one, two and then three fingers into his very wet pussy. She was almost gushing and that was a sign of how much of a turn-on it was for her even though she felt embarrassed to be exposed in public. She didn't want to admit it, but it was something that made her tingle in her pussy. She wondered if any bystanders or drivers in the other cars could see her being fondled and while she hated that idea, it was still something she craved. It only made her wetter.

Finally, the car came to a stop. She didn't have any idea of where they were or where he lived. He came over to the passenger's side of the car, fastened the buttons on her blouse and pulled her skirt down. Again, there was no one in the area and he led her to his front door. After he opened it, he told her to stand still with her hands at her side. She obeyed. She always did. He quickly took off the blouse and the skirt. He had told her not to wear any underwear so he had less to take off. She was now naked and would remain that way until it was time to take her home.

He then asked her if she was ready to see his bondage room. Her tongue was almost dry. She said softly, "Yes, Sir.'' She didn't know if she was ready or not, but she knew that didn't matter. He was ready and that's what mattered. He told her that after she entered the bondage room, he would take her blindfold off. He wanted her to see all the delights in it. He had personally built some of them. He told her he would wear a hood because she still wasn't allowed to see his face until he passed this final test. He then told her to get on her hands and knees and attached a leash to her dog collar. He then started to pull and she followed him to the door of the room that he had turned into the bondage room.

She heard the door opening and he told her that she would be entering the bondage room. There was no turning back. This was one more step in her training, one more step in her submission, one more step in him controlling her.

Was she ready for it? As she followed him in the room and heard the door close, she knew she would soon find out.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Sexual Orientation

In her new book, "You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win,'' comedian and author Carol Leifer says she didn't realie she was a lesbian until she was 40.

"I really didn't have any clue, and in fact, had very good physical relationships with men It was around when I turned 40 that I had this intense desire to have an affair with a woman,'' he said.

She said she was surprised it led to her falling in love with her partner, Lori.

I know some women don't turn to lesbian relationships until they've been married but I always thought they had inclinations that they were denying.

Also, she had an interesting comment about the difference in relationships between a man and a woman and two women that seems to ring true.

"In my relationships with men,, whenever a woman says we have to sit down and talk, the walls come up and the guy freaks out. With two women, it's like, "Hey, let's pop the champagne.'' We could go all night talking. Talking is never a problem. In fact, it can get to be too much because it's two verbal people,'' she said.

This sounds like the old Mars-Venus thing with women feeling they're not getting enough communication with the man in their lives.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, July 9, 2009


How would you like to go to the doctor and be told that the cure for your problem is to have sex every day for a week.

Now isn't that the kind of treatment we'd all like?

I bring this up because reserachers in Australia have reported that in men who have damaged sperm, sex every day for a week leads to a 12 per cent decrease in damaged sperm. Thatmakes it easier for their partner to conceive.

He also said if men don't smoke, drink moderately, exercise or get more antioxidants, it can improve sperm quality. But havig sex every day for a week sounds like more fun.

Dr. Greening, according to AP, said he instructs all couples seeking fertility advice to start by having more sex. "Some of the older men look a little concerned. But the younger men seem quite happy about it.''

Which brings me to my question. How many days in a row would you like to have sex? There were two books written recently on the topic. One called Just Do It about a couple who had sex 100 days in a row. And another called 365 Nights about a couple who had sex every day for a year. You can google them if you want more details.

But I think sex 100 nights in a row could be a challenge, much less every day for a year. Real life tends to interfere, especially if you have kids.

I can just see guys saying, honey, we can write a book. All we have to do is have sex every day for 100 days. Or maybe there are wonen saying that to their guys.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Training Lisa, Chapter 4

This is the fourth chapter of my Training Lisa saga that was first posted on PK's Fantasy Friday series at For those who read it on that site, be patient because new chapters will follow after the first six have been reposted.

Let me know your thoughts on the story about a woman who is submissive in the bedroom and dominant in the boardroom.

Florida Dom

Training Lisa, Chapter 4

Lisa was so nervous she was almost shaking as she heard the door open.

She was in the position her Sir told her to be in when he arrived - naked, blindfolded and on her knees with her head down on the floor and her ass up in the air. She also had tied her breasts tightly and had a crotch rope pulling tightly in her slit. And she had a clothespin on each nipple and three more on each side of her pussy lips. She knew they would hurt a lot more coming off than they did when she was putting them on, but she understood that she knew she deserved to be punished. She knew he was there to mete our punishment because she had been careless and hadn't followed his instructions. She knew he could be a harsh taskmaster when his rules weren't followed and she knew she now had to pay the price for being careless.

She had mixed feelings about all this. She wanted her Sir to take charge of her and enforce his rules, but she also didn't know what it would be like to be punished severely and she didn't know how pain she would be able to endure.

Sir, meanwhile, was pleased when he opened the door and saw that she was exactly in the position he told her to be. It showed him that even though she was careless earlier in the day when she didn't follow his rules because she snacked between meals and didn't ask permission to go to the bathroom. Sir knew they were minor infractions and didn't really care that much about them. What he cared about was sending her the message that she had to follow his rules.

He also wanted to find out the depth of her submission. She had already shown she was submissive to him in the bedroom and wanted to be submissive there even though she was dominant in the boardroom. But was she ready for pain and humiliation? Was that a turn on` for her? He planned to humiliate her an give her pain to see how she'd react. And he didn't care if she cried and begged him to stop. He actually liked that. The proof of the pudding would be how wet her slit would get when he was meting out the punishment. And could she orgasm from being caned? The answers to those questions would decide where he would take her in the future.

As he walked up to her, she could only hear his footsteps and wonder what he had in mind. She was surprised when he grabbed her by her hair, pulled her neck up and started putting something around her neck. He told her it was a dog collar and she was now his pet. She wondered what that meant, but she found out quickly when he said, "bark.'' She couldn't believe it. She was tongue-tied. He wanted her to bark. How humiliating. She started to say, "I can't…'' when she heard a crack. It was his hand coming down hard on her butt. "I told you to bark,'' he said.

She didn't want to do it, but she knew she had to please him and she said,"arf, arf.''

Suddenly, there was another crack and she felt his hand again battering her butt. "Louder,'' he said.”I want you to know you're my pet.''

She'd never felt such conflicting emotions. She didn't know how to deal with this. As she hesitated again, there was another crack. Her butt was getting sore so she yelled, "ARF, ARF.'' She was bowing to his will. He then yanked on her leash that he had attached to her to her collar and started a brisk walk around her condo. She was having trouble getting her head around this. Here she was an accomplished woman being led around her condo on her hands and knees like a pet. She couldn't see where she was going because of the blindfold, but just followed his lead. She was stunned he would do this to her. But she followed his lead until she heard a door open and realized he was pulling her out onto her terrace. She tried to pull back until she heard another crack as he smacked her butt again. She reluctantly started to follow him onto the terrace. She was worried one of her neighbors might see her, but she knew she had to please her Sir. He taunted her by saying it was too bad she couldn't see the skyline because of her blindfold. She was now almost trembling at the thought of being seen and she started to beg to be brought inside. She heard another crack as he swatted her butt again and told her to shut up and stop beginning. Her only option was to do what she was told. She was his pet and he was training her. He then tied her leash to the railing and said he was going inside for a drink. She tried to crouch down as low as she could to avoid been seen.

He came back slurping a drink, untied the leash and led her back inside. She felt such a relief being off the terrace. He then reached between her legs, thrust three fingers into her pussy, held them to her nose to smell and then told her to suck her scent off his fingers. She realized how wet she was getting and she was even more confused. How could this be turning her on? But her Sir was pleased. This was a sign that she was a submissive who was turned on by being humiliated.

He led then her into the kitchen, pulled on her leash, told her to get up on her knees and hold her hands up like paws and pant. By this time, she was past being shocked that she was doing all these things. She almost started to hesitate but then she realized she had to do what she was told. She was resigned to following his orders and she quickly got in position and started panting. And then he slipped a cracker in her mouth. "This is your reward,'' he told her as she started to munch on it. He then told her to get back down on her hands and knees and pushed her head down until her nose hit water. She realized it was be a dog bowl filled with water. He told her to drink and she did, lapping up the water with her tongue. By now she had stopped resisting. She knew she was being trained to be a pet and she was willing to go along with it because she wanted to please him. And he patted her on the back to show he was happy with her and she craved the positive feedback.

He then pulled her by the leash again and led her on another walk. When she felt the rug in the next room, she realized she was in the bedroom. He took her to the side of the bed and told her to climb up on it on her back. He then took each hand and tied it to the headboard and told her to spread her legs. She wondered what was next and she found out quickly when she felt a clothespin being knocked off her nipple. She felt a flash of pain and gasped as the blood rushed back into her nipple. And she had heard a swish so she figured he was knocking them off with his cane. Then she felt another jolt of pain as the pin was knocked off her other nipple. She now figured out what was coming next. He was going to knock the six off her pussy lips. She tried to prepare for he pain, but, as usual, he was one step ahead of her. He just slowly moved the cane over her tits and belly. That felt good and she relaxed but he suddenly made one quick swish and knocked all six off. She pulled the ropes tied to her wrists to absorb the pain and then just slumped on the bed. She was still absorbing the pain. She was gasping from the pain. But she realized the pain had only made her wetter. She felt like she was dripping and she was on a high.

He then let her lay there to recover before he untied the rope around her belly and took it out of her crotch. The part of the rope in her crotch was drenched and he put it under her nose so she could smell her juices and realize how turned on she was.

She then felt something being spread all over her groin area. She figured it must be shaving cream and she was right. She only had some stubble after her previous shaving, but he liked to keep her pussy very smooth. And she liked it that way too. She was almost in a dreamy state as she felt the razor removing the stubble from her pussy, stroke by stroke. It felt like foreplay and he was enjoying it too. It was such an intimate feeling for the both of them. He liked seeing her so smooth. When he finished, he rubbed her pussy with a warm towel. Oh, that felt so good to her. And then he stroked her smooth pussy and she started to buck her hips. This was such a turn on for her. To have her smooth pussy rubbed like that made her even wetter. She felt like she was drenched.

But then he stopped. Now it was time to get down to business. She was now going to get her punishment. She felt him pick up one leg and bend it back as far as it would go. He tied one end of a rope to her ankle and the other to her headboard to secure it. Then he did the same with her other leg. And then he slid a pillow under her butt. She was now completely exposed with both legs pulled back and her pussy, asshole and staring at him. He then took one of her thongs, pushed it into her pussy to drench it and pulled it back out and told her to open her mouth. He pushed the thong into her mouth so she could taste herself on her gag. And then he taped her mouth shut to keep the gag in. He told her that she was free to scream but the gag would muffle her sounds. He didn't want to be distracted. He only had two more things to do before he had ready to suffer her punishment. He plunged a dildo into her pussy and then he put a butt plug in her butt. He wanted her to feel full.

Now the time had come. She was tied securely and couldn't move. All she could do was wait. She war nervous and almost trembling. She figured she was due for a beating. She didn't know how she would react and she started to sweat. He then talked to her softly to prepare her. He told her there would be pain, but there would also be pleasure. And if she got off on it, she was free to orgasm as many times as she could. He wanted to find out if she would orgasm from the combination of pain and pleasure. He figured she was primed because she had been in a state of orgasm denial. In their previous meeting, he repeatedly brought her to the brink of orgasm and then denied her. And he hadn't allowed her to get herself off. Now was her chance to do that.

He first rubbed the cane all over the back of her legs and on her pussy. He wanted her to relax. He then started to hit the back of her legs and her butt, but not very hard. He wanted it to build so she could adjust to it. He slowly increased the tempo until each blow started to hurt. And each blow was harder than the next. She didn't know how much more of this she could take. But she knew she had to please her Sir. She tried to absorb the pain.

With each stroke, she would make a muffled cry behind her gag. As the blows started to come harder and quicker, the welts started to form on the back of her legs and ass. She kept crying louder with each blow and the tears started to roll down her cheeks. But then he changed things up. He pressed a vibrator against her clit with his other hand. Her cries were replaced by moans. It was obvious she was getting turned on and was close to coming. He then hit her again with the cane and the pain and the pleasure put her over the top. She had a shattering orgasm and she tried to buck against her bonds, but she couldn't move. It made the orgasm even more intense. But he was just getting started. She was now almost in an altered state. He would touch her with the vibrator, hit her with the cane and then she was come again. And he did it again and she'd come it again. It happened so many times that neither of them could keep track how many times she came. It happened over and over again and she was glassy eyed and sweaty and her pussy was drenched and she could feel it dripping out of her. It was almost like an out of body experience. The high was unbelievable. The more he did it, the more she wanted it. He then beat the soles of her feet and she came one final time. And then he stopped.

She was sobbing as he untied her and pulled the tape off of her mouth. She was totally spent. And she was still flying from all the endorphins raging in her body. She had never felt anything like this before. She felt feel the pain of her welts and yet she was emotionally drained from all the orgasms. He then went into a tender mode and applied cream to her welts and held her in his arms. She was naked. He was fully clothed. He rubbed her hair and her back to soothe her. He told her how proud he was of her. She didn't know went to think. She was still coming down and he knew she needed to be calmed down and reassured. She was still trying to process all of her emotions. She had loved it and she had hated but she knew that deep down, she wanted to do it again. He had unlocked desires in her that she didn't even know she had.

He was pleased as he continued to bring her down. He knew that she was the woman he had been looking for. She could get off from pain and pleasure without even being fucked. He now she was ready for the scenes that he had planned, starting this weekend when he'd bring her to his place for the first time so he could let her experience his bondage room that he had carefully assembled.

Their journey had just begun. He was now ready for the next step and he knew she was too.


Sunday, July 5, 2009


For those readers who have HBO, you might want to check out a new comedy show called Hung. They had the pilot last week but they're reshowing it at 10 .m. tonight and the rest of the week before they show episode two next week. I guess they didn't want to show a new episode over the holiday weekend.

The premise of the comedy is that this high school coach in a Detroit suburb is pretty much a failure in life. Among other things, his wife left him and his house has burned down. But he's got one thing going for him. He's well hung. They don't actually show how well he's hung, but it drives the plot.

Yeah, it sounds bizarre but you might give it look and see if you like it if you have HBO as you ponder whether bigger is better.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Training Lisa, Chapter 3

This is the third chapter of the Training Lisa story that was originally posted on PK's Fantasy Friday series at For those who've read the first six on FF, please be patient. New chapters will be posted after the first six are reposted.

I hope the newcomers are enjoying the story.

Florida Dom

Training Lisa Chapter Three

Lisa had a fitful night of sleep. She did a lot of tossing and turning because her mind was going a thousand miles an hour. There was so much to think about because she was entering a new phase in her life.

She was still thinking about last night when she met the dominant man of her dreams, the man who would control her life outside the boardroom, a man who made her submit to his will. He had shaved her pussy and had brought her close to orgasm time and time again without letting her come. And he wouldn't even let her see him. She wore a hood. And then there was her right arm that was tied to the headboard because he didn't want her touching herself in the night. But her arm was cramping and it was uncomfortable. That added to the mixture of pain and pleasure that had her so discombobulated. She had never felt this way.

It had all happened so quickly. She had answered an online ad by a dom looking for a professional woman who was in charge in the boardroom but wanted to submit in the bedroom. After exchanging emails and phone calls, they had their first meeting last night and it was everything she expected. She was ready for more. But he then told her that she had to take at least one hour after he left to decide if she wanted to continue this journey.

Once she typed, "I will obey, Sir,'' when her Sir asked if she was ready to live this lifestyle, she knew she had given up control of her life outside the bedroom. It was a scary moment for yet but yet one she craved. She felt a mixture of love and hate. She loved the idea of submitting but yet she feared it. She was feeling so many conflicting emotions.

From now on, she would obey. No questions asked. His wishes were her desires. Yet she was scared and wondered where this would all lead. She had already violated one rule and knew she was going to be punished. She had to self spank herself last night. But she knew he was going to bring her to her place for the formal punishment. She wondered what that meant. Why was he going to take her to his place at a time of his choosing. Did he have his own dungeon? What would he do to her there? All those questions swirled in her mind. And because she had violated a rule she still wouldn't be able to see him. She knew she would be blindfolded. She hadn't even seen this man who had taken over her life.

He had quickly put his rules in place. He would decide what she would wear, what she would eat (no sweets or caffeine unless she had permission), when she would eat (no snacks between meals) and what TV shows she could watch. He would decide when she went to sleep and when she would get up. She even had to ask permission to go to the bathroom. If he wasn't online when the request was made, she only had to wait five minutes. If he were online, he would tell her how long she had to wait, usually between 10 and 15 minutes. It was all part of his control.

She already had a full growth of hair under her arms because he no longer allowed her to shave under her arms. That was his mark on her to symbolize she was His. And even though she now had a freshly shaved pussy, she was no longer allowed to shave it herself. He had reserved that for himself and had done it during their first session last night. She liked it when she was all smooth like that, but she knew she wasn't allowed to touch her pussy and she knew the consequences if she disobeyed. And, sure, he wouldn't know unless she reported herself, but she knew that she couldn't not tell him if she slipped up. That was part of his control over her. She had to report herself. That made her even more anxious. She knew she'd be tempted to try to get away with something, but she knew she didn't dare to. That was one more thing to worry about.

And, most of all, he would decide when she was allowed to have an orgasm. And right now, she wasn't allowed to either touch herself or have an orgasm. She was on orgasm restriction until further notice. He would decide when she would be allowed to come. And last night, he had taken her to the brink of orgasm several times, but then stopped before she could push herself over the top. He would take his hands off of her and just watch as her panting finally subsided as he smiled at her frustration. That was part of his control. And then when she stopped panting, he would start again. She craved being under his control and yet she was so frustrated that she no longer decided when she could enjoy pleasure. And that fact just increased her craving.

The fact that she had an arm tied to the headboard was another reminder of her submission as she kept looking at the clock. The alarm wasn't set to go off for 15 minutes and she wasn't allowed to get out of bed until the time he had set. That's one of his rules. Her Sir likes his rules. Although she did find one loophole to give her pleasure. With her left hand she started squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples. Oh, that felt so good so she did it several times. It wasn't as good as touching herself between her legs, but it gave her some pleasure as she waited for the alarm to go off.

Meanwhile, Sir was also watching his clock. He had told her that she had to check in within five minutes after her alarm rang. It was one of the many ways she was controlled and he was convinced that she wanted to be controlled. He liked the fact that he had met a smart, beautiful accomplished woman who craved control and he knew how to provide it. He would make sure that "I will obey, Sir'' would become her mantra and she would obey because she wound know the consequences if she didn't. The biggest one he knew was that she didn't want to disappoint him. She wanted to be controlled and he was giving her the message that she had to obey.

Granted, she had a minor slipup when she had a bathrobe on and didn't sit her bare butt on the sandpaper at her computer. But he knew he couldn't be lax. He had to give her the message that there was a price to pay for his control. If he were going to show enough interest in her to give her rules to follow, she would follow them or suffer the consequences. That's why he made her self spank herself and told her she was now facing a punishment session in which she would be blindfolded the entire time just like she was last night and would have to wait longer for her first orgasm with him. Orgasm denial was an effective tool for him to control her. The longer the denial, the more she would crave it and need it. And when he finally gave her one, it was sure to be explosive.

Sure, enough, just two minutes after she was allowed untie her wrist from the headboard and get out of bed, there was an email from her saying that she was checking in, waiting for her instructions for the day. And then she added, "I will obey, Sir.'' She had to include that phrase in every email to re-enforce the message that she was serious about obeying.

He also knew she was naked sitting at the computer, which meant her bare butt was on the sandpaper. He had told her she was to sleep naked last night for being disobedient. And if she was naked, it meant that her bare butt was on the sandpaper.

He smiled, leaned back in his chair and was satisfied with the progress he was making with her. He knew he was very good at bringing out the submissive side of a woman. He then got on his treadmill and got in a good workout. He could give himself a chance to relax. Making a submissive woman bow to his will gave him a lot of satisfaction.

And the truth of the matter is that for Lisa, even sitting on the sandpaper had become soothing. Granted, it wasn't comfortable, but there was a soothing quality because she knew it meant that she was being controlled and submitting to his will.

She then clicked on the instructions email. She knew that each day he would send her instructions for the day and she had to follow his instructions. It was part of her submitting to him. Each night, she would send him a list of what she planned to wear the next day at work for his approval. And she had to tell him what she planned to have for breakfast and lunch. He also controlled her diet. And she was not allowed to snack between meals. Any infraction must be reported and she would face punishment. It was a reminder whenever she was tempted to each a cookie between meals.

He approved the suit she planned to wear, but she had written panties out of habit and he reminded her that she was no longer allowed to wear panties. She has to wear thongs because he wanted her butt mostly bare. And he changed her breakfast menu. She was planning on having a poached egg. He told her to eat fruit and yogurt. He wanted to keep her in the best of shape.

And there was one more instruction. He told her to stand naked in front of her mirror in her bedroom with her arms locked behind her head. That way she could admire her body that she was presenting to him. She was to spend five minutes thinking about how much she enjoys being under his control and how it brings out her submissive side.

After reading the instructions, she typed, "I will obey, Sir,'' and headed towards the bedroom. During her five minutes in front of the mirror, she felt the hunger build between her legs. She wanted to touch herself but she knew that wasn't allowed. As she looked into the mirror, she thought about how much she had wanted this all of her life. She started to breathe heavily as she felt herself getting wetter, but she kept herself under control. She knows her Sir would expect that. Still, she felt so many conflicting emotions. Was she really ready for this? Could she submit the way he wanted her to? This was difficult, but there was only one answer. She would do it.

After the five minutes were up, she headed to the shower where she was careful to use a washcloth when she rubbed between her legs. She knew she wasn't allowed to do any skin to skin touching between her legs.

After showering, she put on her thong, her bra and her business suit and was ready to go out and face the world. She simply had to send an email to Sir to notify she was heading into work. Of course, she added, "I will obey, Sir.''

When she got into work, she sent him a friendly, "Hi, I'm here'' email. Since it was a company computer, she couldn't mention obeying. But she had to check in. The rest of the day, she was a businesswoman. Sir didn't want to interfere with her business career. She was now free to be the successful businesswomen that all her colleagues knew. She would again be the one in charge. She would make major decisions. She did not suffer fools gladly. To her colleagues, there was no difference in her demeanor. She was still career minded and appeared to put her career above all else. If her subordinates didn't perform up to expectations, they knew they'd be making a trip to her office and it wouldn't be pleasant. She was on the fast track on her way to the top of the corporate world and wasn't going to let incompetent executives slow her down. Her employees were rewarded, but they were expected to be at the top of their game at all times.

What they didn't know was now she had to work at being in charge. Her mind kept wandering back to those moments of fulfillment when she was being dominated, brought close to orgasm, but not allowed to go all the way. She'd think about following his rules. She was now living two different lives. She still liked being in charge in the boardroom, but now she looked forward to coming home and being dominated.

They also didn't know that even at work, she had rules to follow. No snacking between meals, no sweets, no caffeine and she still had to ask permission to go to the bathroom. She had to use code and email him, "I'm ready,'' because she was on a company computer. He would then send the number of minutes she had to wait before heading to the bathroom. The emails would look routine except to the two of them.

But she got so immersed in her work that she forgot the rules. When somebody brought in some doughnuts to work, she absentmindedly picked one up. She had it half-eaten before she was horror stuck. She had violated a rule. She quickly tossed the other half in the trash. But she knew it was too late. She would have to report herself and she knew that would mean a punishment. Even worse in the afternoon, she just routinely went to the bathroom without asking for permission. She didn't realize her mistake until she was brushing her hair before she left the bathroom. She was in a state of mild panic. This was all so new to her and she wanted to do what she was supposed to do but she was almost overwhelmed by the rules. As she held the brush in her hair, she wondered if he would be pounding her butt with that hairbrush for her mistakes. She had failed twice in one day and she would have to report herself and suffer the consequences. She knew she still needed more training. As she left work, she sent a two word message, "going home.'' She couldn't say, "I will obey, Sir'' on a company computer. Even worse she hadn't obeyed. Twice. Driving home, she had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. She knew she had failed him and she knew there would be consequences.

As soon as she got home, she went to the bedroom and took off her clothes. She still had to be naked at home for not following the bare butt rule on the sandpaper last night. She shuddered to think what the consequences would be for failing today. With much trepidation, she went to her computer, sat down on the sandpaper and fired it up. She still had that feeling in the pit of her stomach as the computer booted up.

Once she got to her email to check for instructions, she found he had approved her dinner menu and the TV show she wanted to watch. She only had to do five minutes before the mirror and then tie her wrist to the headboard as a reminder that she couldn't touch herself. Then she hesitated before she started typing with the bad news. She confessed she had broken two rules. She apologized pofusely and said it wouldn't happen again.

He wasn't surprised by the email. He knew that training takes time. Old habits are hard to break. For a take charge woman to let herself be in total control of another person wasn't easy. But he couldn't let her know that. He had to be stern to let her know that disobeying was not an option.

He then told her the punishment. She was to tie her tits tightly with a rope that went around her back until they stuck out nice and tight so he would have a good target when he struck them. And then he was to tie herself in a crotch rope that tied around her belly, went between her legs and tied tightly in the back so it pulled tightly on her pussy. And she had to put a clothespin on each nipple and three on each side of her pussy lips.

He then told her there wouldn't be a delay on this punishment. He would be over within half an hour. She was to prepare herself and when he knocked on the door, she was to unlock it, blindfold herself and kneel with her forehead on the floor as he entered. She had to wear the blindfold because she hadn't earned the right to see her Sir yet. He also told her that she would be allowed to speak only four words in his presence. She knew what they were: "I will obey, Sir.''

She quickly started to prepare herself for his arrival, starting with tying her tits tightly. She knew he would not tolerate them being loose so she tied them as tightly as she could and she noticed how they stood out like headlights. She knew he would be pleased.

Then she tied the rope tightly around her belly, pulled it down between her legs and pulled it up tightly in her crotch. She kept pulling it because she knew he wanted it tight and she could tell it was getting drenched in her crotch because she was so wet. And then she pulled it up behind her back and tied it off. She felt that she had met his requirements and she took advantage of the extra time she had to squeeze her tits and pull on her nipples. They felt so good and he hadn't ruled she couldn't do that. Then she put the clothespins on each nipple and six more on her pussy lips, three on each side. She had to touch her pussy lips to put them on and that felt so good. She could tell how wet she was and what a strong scent she had. She had to calm herself down because she was still on orgasm restriction.

Now all that was left was the waiting for the knock on the door. She was excited and apprehensive at the same time. She knew she was to be punished but she knew she deserved it and this was the lifestyle she had chosen. She liked the fact he cared enough to punish her.

And then it came, the knock on the door. She quickly unlocked the door and stepped back to put the blindfold on and got down on her knees with her forehead on the floor. Her Sir would be pleased with her.

The wait was almost over. As the heard the door starting to open, she knew she would submit. She knew she craved his punishment and control. As she heard him enter, she spoke the only four words she was allowed to say, "I will obey, Sir.''