Saturday, May 29, 2010

Learning About Sex

As we celebrate this holiday weekend and have time to relax, I thought it'd be interesting to look back and think about how you first learned about sex. How you first put your hand between your legs and felt something good but something you didn't understand, how you felt when you first got wet, when you first came.

And did you have any instruction about sex from your parents, teachers, school classes, friends and books.

Or did you just discover on your own what it felt like when you learned how good it felt to have your hand between your legs. Or are those out there who first learned it when somebody else first played with them.

Your thoughts.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Spankings

Except for your friends in Australia, I presume most of our readers are heading into the summer season, which brings up the subject of summer spankings and the marks they leave.

I thought it'd be interesting to discuss whether the spankings you get or give tend to leave marks and whether you have to be careful while spanking not to leave marks in exposed places so she can wear her bikini on the beach or short shorts without her marks being noticed. Or don't you get marked by his spankings? Or does he figure it's your probem to deal with your marks.

I know it'd be great if you could go to the beach with marks showing on your thighs and say to your friends, "Oh, I got a great spanking last night!!!'' But since we're not close to that utopia, I assume that most of you are proud when he marks you, but you don't want them to show when you're out in public.

Your thoughts!!!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

When Did You Know?

I got this idea from BabyGirl on

The question is when did you know you were kinky and into being a sub or a dom?

Did you know:
--as long as you can remember?
--late teens
--later in life.

A good number of readers in her poll said not until adulthood. I knew I was a dom at some point after puberty. It was a fantasy from back then and it was always a big part of my masturbation fantasies. In the pre-Internet days when there was so little available information on the subject, I felt I must be weird and had no idea so many other people had the same feelings. And I had no idea there were women out there who wanted to be domed. I envy the youngsters who can get on the Internet when they find out they have these feelings and know they're not alone.

Hope you will share when you knew.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bondage Games

Do you watch Survivor? I don't usually but caught an episode last week with a bondage theme. The contestants had one arm tied over their head and the last one standing won. After an hour and 10 minutes, the last woman was still standing. I heard in a previous challenge, she lasted six hours.

That got me thinking. Are many of our readers into bondage? Have you had your hands tied over your head for very long? Do you like being tied up? Spreadagled Hog tied? Are you tied up very often?

Hope you will share your bondage experiences and your feelings about them!!! Or is it not your thing?


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Hope you've having a great Mother's Day weekend. We're doing something different and are having a family reunion this weekend. Spending time with the kids and the grandkids at DisneyWorld. It's hot and the lines are lone but the grandkids love it. The whole experience is great for them. Even the water slide at the hotel pool is a treat for them.

I saw a thing at a store recently that said if we knew grandkids were this much fun, we would have had them first. With the grandkids, we can be the goodguys and have fun with them and let their parents do the heavy lifting. Anyway, hope whatever you're doing this weekend, you're having a good time. Always good to have a time to thank mothers for all they do.

If you have a chance, share your Mother's Day experiences.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What happens after sex?

I know the stereotype is that the man rolls over after sex and leaves the woman frustrated because she wants some aftercare.

I don't follow that stereotype. I love aftercare. To me, cuddlling a woman who's still in the afterglow of a Big O is very satisfying. It's a sharing and reliving of the experience.

But I know stereotypes have a ring of truth. So does your man roll over for sleep or a nap after he's cum? Or does he give you aftercare? And do you want aftercare or do you like rolling over yourself?

Your thoughts.