Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TV show about a guy who says he is not good in bed

Don't know if any of you saw this on the Discovery channel but a guy did a TV shot about how he wasn't satisfying his wife in bed. And how he worked to get better.

Friday, September 4, 2015


My good girl is on her way for her next visit. She is wearing red panties because I always like her in red panties when she arrives and red panties are always on her panty list for the day she visits.

Of course, befoe I pull the red panties panties down and have her spread her legs so I can check how wet she is, I remove her top and bra and have her present her boobies to me for my pleasure. She knows that they will be marked by the riding crop as I her her set her boobies on the kitchen counter to make them easier to mark. She is proud to have her boobies marked for my pleasure.

It is a short holiday weekend visit but there will be time to mark her boobies, get her pussy sore and her butt well spanked. And she is eager to return in three weeks for more. She wants to be mine and to give her body to me for my pleasure.