Saturday, May 31, 2014

Looking at your vagina

Here's a story about a woman who ran an ad on Criag's list asking for women who'd never looked at their vagina. And she had them look at theirs. Here's the story and clip:
I don't know if most women take a hand mirror and check out their vaginas or not. I would think they'd be curious.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Vanilla time

Last night, we watched the final episode of this season of Mad Men on the couch with her having a heating bad on. Yes, her period arrived right on schedule. We knew it was likely to come and it arrived Sunday morning.
But we can't be about all spankings all the time. And it was still nice to spend time with her watching one of our favorite shows that had a smash finale. Don't know if you watch it but it is TV at its best.
Just spending time together can be so nice. And her next visit will be mid-July. Perfect timing.



Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lazy weekend

We do more than spanking when we are together. This morning when we finally got up, we walked in the backyard on bare feet and felt the wet grass and we looked across the pond that runs through the neighborhood.  And then we had coffee on the lanai and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Now we're checking our computers and after a late breakfast or lunch, we will head to an Arts Festival. And having a standing roast dinner tonight.

We could get used to this lazy lifestyle.

Will update on the spankings later. I got carried away spanking her pussy and got it a bit sore and sensitive so I couldn't suck on her clit too hard. Have to be more careful!!!! Oh, well, she says I am insatiable.

And we had wonderful birthday celebrations. More later.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Changing beauty standards

I rant from time to time that skinny models tend to make women feel anxiety about their bodies.
Here's an interesting article on photoshopping famous nude paintings to make the women look like today's skinnier models. I think it's worth a look:


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Birthday spanking

The timing is perfect for my good girl's arrival tomorrow. Our birthdays are back-to-back days Thursday (hers) and Friday (mine) and we also get to spend the holiday weekend together. What are the odds of our birthdays being on consecutive days?

Of course, she will be getting a good birthday spanking. I added a new dimension the last time she was here, cuffing her hands to the headboard and taking the riding crop and starting on the bottom of her feet, the inside of her thighs, her butt and shoulders. And then repeat and repeat so it's not the same place every time.

And I was planning on spanking her pussy and boobs when I turned her over but she asked for a pussy spanking when she was still on her tummy and I obliged. And then I put about 15 pins on each boob. They sting going on and even more so when I take them off. Instead of opening them as I take them off, I like to pull them off which increases the sensation. And the nipple suckers are a delight along with running the Wartenberg wheel over her body.

That was just the warmup for her noisy cums that left her shaking. 

Another favorite is cuffing her hands over her head to the cuff attached to the top of the door and then using the nipple suckers and pins along with the riding crop.

And she only wears a bathrobe around the house so I have easy access when I am in the mood to use her.

The one thing I still have somewhat of a problem in my head is just how much pain to deliver. I know it makes her feel submissive and it brings out my dom side but I am sometimes not sure if I am overdoing it. I don't know if other doms have this feeling. Sometimes when I am squeezing and rubbing her boobs while we watch TV, she will tell me they are getting sore so we seem to finding the right balance. She tells me I am insatiable but she doesn't seem to mind that. And we have our little rituals. She has to tie a piece of yarn around her chest under her boobs after she showers as a sign of her submission. No pain or even discomfort in that but just a reminder that she is mine.

We celebrated our third anniversary of when we started playing and she noted that leather is the symbol of the third anniversary as a sign of the durability of a relationship. And she gave me a leather paddle which I will be using this time.

An LDR relationship has its challenges but we cherish the times are together. Absence does seem to make the heart grow fonder. And now we're both counting the hours.


Friday, May 16, 2014

How to make love last

This is a long article but I think it is interesting. It says one problem in marriages and relationships is that people tend to get bored after a while. It also says that over time, arranged marriages tend to be better than love ones because the people in arranged marriages spend more time in trying to make it work.

They also say don't try to change your partner but idealize your spouse to make it think as if he/she is better than he/she really is. And do exciting things together.

Since many of us are in D/s marriages or relationships, let me add my two cents worth. I think we are less likely to get bored in these relationships because they are more creative when you are doing things like giving or receiving spankings or bondage or being dominant or submissive.

I think the article is worth the read and will be interested in your comments and thoughts.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mile High Sex

Here is a bizarre story of a woman busted for having loud sex in an airplane bathroom and getting handcuffed to her seat. And it says her parents were on the flight. Crazy.