Friday, December 4, 2020

A Different Thanksgiving

This is really a strange year trying to stay safe in the middle of a pandemic and deciding what is the best way to stay safe.

I scheduled a tennis match with three friends. Playing tennis is something I do most days and is a safe activity. Outdoors just four people, no masks but social distancing since only two people on each side of the court.

So was able to set up a match for Thanksgiving day with three friends who didn't have plans. One of the women thought that having our Thanksgiving dinner next to the court on a grassy patch would be perfect. Eating inside with four people from four different households is frowned on.

We play on a court in our neighborhood that is usually free. She said she would make the turkey and dressing and we would bring sides and we would social distance while we ate. So we played three sets of tennis while the food was staying warm with steno cans. Of course, it helps that we were doing this in Florida where the weather is still mild in late November but it worked out great, we had a great meal and played one more set of tennis.

I hope by next year the pandemic is under control and we can have a normal Thanksgiving but I think we made the best of a bad situation this year.

Hope you are all staying safe and that the folks in the US had a good, safe holiday.

Florida Dom