Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

With all the bloggers from different time zones celebrating the start of the New Year at different time, I just wanted to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.
For me, I am hoping it will be better than 2016. a year to forget for me.
In a bit over 10 hours, my good girl and I will be on the couch watching the ball drop in Times Square on TV as we snack on a shrimp platter and pigs in a blanket. We will also we toast each other with a wine toast and a sweet kiss.
And we're grilling steaks earlier in the afternoon to make it a We already started our day with coffee on the lanai as we looked over the pond and water fountain.
I also would not be surprised if she gets her first spanking of the new year before we go to bed. I can't play tennis with the broken thumb on my right hand but can still spank with my left hand.
Again, a toast to all the bloggers in our community.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holiday season

I didn't wish everybody a happy holiday season but when you hear my story, I hope you will understand.
Two weeks before Christmas, I took a nasty spill on an uneven brick walkway and went straight down. Broke my thumb, bruised my face and glasses and knees. They did a cat scan of my head and didn't see a problem but five days in, I suffered a dizzy spell. So I started to rest more and that didn't happen again but decided not to travel to visit the kids and grandkids and took it easy. Having a cast on my dominant hand was a bummer just trying to button shirt or tie shoes or write.
The only consolation was that with me being home, my good girl found flights and came last Friday and spent the weekend. Neighbors invited us over for Christmas dinner and she was worried she would slip up and call me Sir. To questions of how we met, she decided we would say we met on a writing blog. Vanilla types wouldn't understand our story. As it turned out, somebody asked and she said online and they didn't ask further questions.
Cuddling also isn't easy with a cast on my hand but I did manage spanking with my left hand.
To cap the weekend, one of my presents was a snowglobe since she connects them. Neither of us dreamed TSA wouldn't let her bring it on board so she had to go back and check her bag and barely made the flight. I get so tired of the TSA. You are more likely to get hit by lightning than be hit by a terrorist attack but enough of that rant. FDR said we have nothing to fear but fear itself but now we seem to fear everything. OK, for a second time, enough of that rant.
But I don't want this to sound like a pity party. I have many blessings and it was nice to spend the holiday with my good girl. And I see the doctor Wednesday for an update.
And my good girl will be back Friday for New Year's. That was planned all along.
And I hope Christmas was happy and healthy for all the bloggers. And that 2017 gets off to a better start than the end of 2016 even though Jan. 20 will be a depressing day.
And one of my blessings is to be part of this supportive community of likeminded folks.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Eye candy

I was playing tennis last night and one of the women was looking at her phone one of the times we switched sides and said that Victoria's Secret runway show was on at 10 pm and she was going to have to push her husband's eyeballs back in his head.
Did any of you watch it and what did you think?
I watched some of it and thought it was more bizarre than sexy and finally changed the channels. Some of the models were wearing wings on their backs which I guess is a fashion statement these days but all I could think of was what was the point. I think these fashion designers get over the top sometimes.
Speaking of TV, they showed "It's a Wonderful Life'' recently, a sign the Christmas season is upon on. They used to show it dozens of times during the season because the copyright lapsed but somebody bought up the rights and now they ration the showings to make it more of an event.
Meanwhile, I can't believe Christmas will be upon us soon and I have so much to do, including Christmas cards.
Been going all these catalogs that arrive in the mail looking for some quirky gift ideas. The problem is most of us already have too much stuff.
Anyway, hope you aren't getting stressed out as the season approaches.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Turkey for two

We+ had a great Thanksgiving together and my good girl showed her kitchen magic by making a stuffing recipe from her mother that includes cornbread.
The turkey was also delicious although the company gave their employees turkeys and it was bit too big for two. We had leftovers Friday and Saturday and lunch Sunday before I left. She packed up leftovers for me to take home.
Of course, we had also had a side of spankings and I also used the Wartenburg wheel, which she hates. But I couldn't use one of my favorite toys in which cuffs hang up from the top of a door so I can string her arms above her head as I put pins on her. She has a sore shoulder so we had to skip that. Real life sometimes interferes with play time.
Her pussy was just fine and I so love playing with it with her nice soft wet lips. Love licking and fingering her pussy. And she had some nice cums although she twice had a crimp in her leg after a cum. Never had that often before. Have any bloggers ever had that happen?
It was a wonderful weekend, but still difficult to leave.
It's like the longer the visit lasts, the tougher it is to say goodbye. But she will be visiting in mid-December and then again for New Year's Eve.
Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving as we did.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish all the bloggers and readers and lurkers a very happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.
I am fortunate that I will be visiting my good girl and she will be cooking a turkey for us. I can certainly look forward to her hugs at this time.
And, again, thanks for all the bloggers and lurkers who commented on my last two blogs about my loss. It will be my first Thanksgiving now that both of my parents have departed.
I so look forward to spending the holiday with my good girl. It is the third Thanksgiving day in a row that we've been together and it makes the holiday even more special. The last two years she spent it here and now I will be at her place. Will be flying out today on the busiest travel day of the year. Don't expect any empty seats on the plane.
Hope you also have a special time on the holiday.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Saying goodbye

It was a very emotional, draining experience to attend my mother's funeral and I want to thank all the bloggers who sent their best wishes.
I met many people I hadn't seen in years and it was so nice to hear so many of them saying so many good things about my mother.  She was a nurse and a half dozen of her former colleagues showed up wearing the caps and capes they wore back in the day.
She was very involved in her church and one of the priests at her service talked about how they decided to put together a book on all the religious denominations in the community. When only half of them replied to their letters, she called the ones that didn't reply. If they didn't the answer the  phone, she visited their places of worship to get the history of their congregation. When she was asked what brought her to their place of worship, she said you don't answer your mail. My mother always told it like it was.
Her church has a brunch after all the funeral services and one of the priests invited everybody to come and he then said you'd better show up. He smiled and said that's not me talking, that's her talking.
She lived in her own house until her mid 90s when she had to give up driving and move in with my sister about three and a one-half years ago.
She started planning the funeral a long time ago and even picked out her coffin back in 1998 with the last supper tableau on the front. They no longer had the same coffin but they had a similar one. I think she lived longer than she expected. She sometimes said in recent years, why hasn't God called for me. Has he forgotten about me? I think she was ready to leave us after a long and fruitful life at 98 although it would have been a milestone if she had reached 100. Sometimes I think death is tougher on those of us left behind than for the deceased who have probably gone to a better place.
And she was a quilter who made hundreds of pot holders for people to pick up at the funeral to help them remember her. And she even made things for breast cancer victims to wear under their arms.
At the cemetery, the first snowstorm of the year was falling. Kind of made it a poignant scene for someone who spent her life in snowy Michigan. She was buried next to my father next to my dad, who died in 1990.
And now my family and I are left with many memories. 
And now to change the subject, I missed Love Our Lurkers day. And for the lurkers who are reading this, I hope you will sign on and join our community. I was once a lurker myself until I was convinced by LOL to join in. That eventually led to me meeting some of the bloggers and then starting this blog. Welcome to all of you lurkers. This is a very welcoming community.  


Thursday, November 17, 2016


This is not an easy post to write. My mother passed away early Tuesday at age 98.
She did live a long, productive, long life but it is still difficult to know your parents are both gone. My dad died in 1990 and I still think of things I want to tell him if he were here.
I will be leaving for Michigan in a few hours for the viewing on Friday and the funeral on Saturday. It will be an emotional time.
In my last post in early October -- I have to do a better job of blogging -- I talked about visiting her and my sister. It turns out that day she went to the hospital suffering from pneumonia. At least I got a chance to visit her in the hospital for a few days in what amounted to say goodbye. Although she did return home for a while, she spent her last days getting good care at a hospice facility.   
For those bloggers who have lost both their parents, you understand how I am feeling these days.
I am left with a lot of wonderful memories that I will always cherish.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Back to normal

I am happy to report that I got the power back this afternoon so I am back to normal. What a relief that it wasn't worse. Fortunate that the hurricane didn't get closer to the coast. The winds were bad enough as they whipped through the trees And the pond that runs through the neighborhood didn't overflow. I did have one small tree near the street that went down but otherwise, just some brush in the yard. One of my neighbors had a falling tree that poked a hole in the roof but otherwise, the neighborhood didn't suffer too much damage.
Now I leave Monday to go up north to visit my mother, who's 98, and sister. Come back Friday and then have a wedding to attend Saturday. Going to be a busy week but will try blog more often than I have been lately.

Power outage

Just when I thought I was out of the woods and the worst was over, my power went out at 645 p.m. last night. JEA says 218000 customers without power as of 8 p.m. last night and number was rising. They say they suffered significant damage to its electrical system and no forecast when it will be restored. Good news is I am safe and suffered no property damage. Thanks to all of you who expressed concern. I will keep you updated as long as the battery in my computer lasts.
On other hand, couldn't watch TV when the biggest political story of the year was exploding. My girl kept me updated by phone on what was being said. Most of the time she was expressing outrage and yelling omg when GOP operatives tried to defend him.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane update

I want to thank all of you who sent your best wishes as I await the hurricane. Already getting steady rain but it is likely to be four hours before the hurricane arrives and then we will have a rough four or five hours. They are already telling everybody to stay off the roads and hunker down. The good news is that it is a little more to the east than they thought so it may not be quite as bad as feared. But it is still a category three and they're saying it is the worst storm here since 1898.
I will let you know what happens as I keep my fingers crossed. And thanks for your concern.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane watch

Gosh, I know it has been a long time since I've updated my blog. I've lost a lot of followers. I guess they've given up on me. No excuses really but a lot of things good and bad have been going on and have been using them as an excuse not to write.
The good things have been exchanging visits with my good girl and the baptism of my youngest granddaughter. Bad thing was I woke up one morning and could barely walk. Turns out I have arthritis in my lower back. Got cortisone shots and it is OK now but don't know if it will come back.
My doctor says these aren't the golden years. They're the rust years. And I am rusting.
Anyway, the reason I am writing is the hurricane. One of the first people I connected with me here who lives in UK just wrote to ask about it. So I replied to her and it gave me motivation to write. Obviously, I am in Florida from my handle and you all know the hurricane is hitting Florida.
How bad it is going to be is anybody's guess. My girl was going to visit tonight but had to cancel. They're calling it the storm of the century to hit here. Fortunately, I'm about 20 miles from the ocean so may not get the worst of it. I am hoping not much if any damage to my house. Only 15 years old and they upgraded the codes because of the damage of past hurricanes. The big worry is power going on. Have flashlights, water, canned food, radio. batteries, etc. And if power goes out, the next question is when it comes back on. Some friends are being optimistic and talking about a party Sunday with all the excess food if we escape the worst.
I am also scheduled to fly up north Monday to visit my sister and mother, who is 98.
If power goes out, I can only stay on computer until battery runs down so I may file a quick note on how it is going if I get a chance.
This is the first hurricane I lived through and a bit apprehensive. I am not in the evacuation zone but don't know how significant that is.
Keeping my fingers crossed. Also wish the best to any other bloggers on the east coast of Florida.

Friday, August 19, 2016


My good girl doesn't blog as often as I wish she did -- but then I don't either -- but when she does, she writes such a deft touch that they are a delight and fun to read. If you didn't read her latest blog on my blogroll, I thought I'd post a link here for you all to enjoy.
Yes, she is so good at finding gifts that I can put to good use. And, yes, I did listen to her when she said the spankings with the paddle with five holes could be harder but shorter. Yes, it is easy to agree that is a good idea when we are talking afterwards. But when I am delivering the blows and her butt is getting pink and she is squirming or even yelping, it is so hard to stop.
And I do find all kinds of reasons why it is time for a spanking, especially starting or ending the day but I must admit that sometimes I let things slide.
That gives me new incentive not to let things slide. I will be visiting tomorrow for the weekend and I think two a day -- if not three -- should be a minimum. I hope I can report I didn't let things slide.
But even when I let things slide, I don't think you will ever find her complaining about not getting enough spankings. And said mentioned 100 minimum. Maybe it is time to raise the minimum.
And the wheelie thing -- I think it is called the Wartenburg wheel -- was not a gift. That was my idea and yes, she hates it and I enjoy it. But there is one consolation. She knows it makes her Sir happy and she always wants to do that. Isn't that the point of being a good submissive? And SSO stands for serve, submit and obey and she does all three things very well.
And I think there is one thing she likes more than spankings -- hugs. And I will be giving her plenty of those.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

American women having fewest babies ever

Here's a story that the economic is affecting the baby rate. American women are having babies at the lowest rate ever because of the economy. Having a baby is expensive. But the lower birth rate could hurt the economy. With all the controversy over immigration, we may need more immigrants.
Has the economy affected your decision on have a baby?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Millennials having less sex than their parents

Here's an interesting story on how millennials are having less sex than their parents and less than people since the 1920. They give various reasons for the decline. Here's one article.
Now here's a second story giving more reasons.
What are you thoughts?
Are you surprised they're having less sex. And if any millennials are ready this, would you like to comment.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sexy older women model bikinis to show body confidence

Here's an interesting story about older women modeling bikinis to show they have confidence in their bodies. Older women are sexy and it's great to see them willing to wear bikinis.
Your thoughts?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Doctors say shaving your pubic hair is not a good idea

I know many of you shave, some because you are told to and others because they feel it's good hygine and makes them feel clean down there.
Well, here's a New York Times article say doctors think that shaving actually causes more infections and is bad for hygiene.
I don't believe in women shaving because I think hair down there is sexy and a sign of a sexually mature woman so my good girl doesn't shave.
Will be interested in hearing what you think about shaving.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Seventh Anniversary

It was seven years ago last night that I started this blog with my first post and I want to thank all my followers and those who are kind enough to comment who have given me the motivation to keep it going.
I've told the story in the past how I happened to start blogging but since there are many newcomers to our little world, I will repeat it. I started off as a lurker until I was convinced to sign up by Bonnie's Love our Lurkers Day. Once I started commenting, I started to meet people and one thing led to another and I wrote some stories for PK until she convinced me to start my own blog to publish my stories.
I never dreamed when I started that I would post over 800 times and have over 400 followers. Then as now, many of the bloggers are women I didn't know if they would relate to my comments. But I figured I had nothing to lose. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the stories going but blog about all sorts of stuff and it seems to have found an audience.
It would not be an understatement to say that blogging has changed my life. I have become friends with many bloggers and met three of them although one has stopped blogging. It is always sad to see some of the bloggers leave our community -- and more than one has died -- but times change. And it's great that some of the bloggers who were here when I started like PK and Ronnie are still here.
And, of course, blogging led to me to meet the love of my life, my good girl five years ago. We are still in an LDR but cherish the time we spend together. We have had such good times together. It is always wonderful to love and be loved.
And the blogging community has changed or maybe I find more blogs. Back in day, the bloggers were mostly women who were spankos. And many of them had waited years before they admitted to themselves that they were spankos. Now we have young women who embrace their love of being a spanko when they are barely out of thei teens and I welcome them to our little world.
And BDSM seems to becoming more mainstream. Shades of Grey was terrible but it did introduce more women to the lifestyle. And there was a movie The Submission of Emma Marx along with a sequel about the lifestyle. They were originally made as porn movies but there are soft core versions that are shown on cable. And Showtime just finished a series called Submission. They all have their faults but at least they show submission. If you remember the movie 8 1-2 weeks and hadn't read the novel, you wouldn't have known it was about submission.
And in the beginning, the blogs were more about women submitting to men. Now we have a of of Femdom blogs with men submitting to women and being locked in cock cages by the women in their lives. The interesting thing is that the men tend to write more of these blogs. The fact you can buy these cages shows there is a market for them. There are also female chastity belts but not many blog about them. I prefer toys like the magic wand. 
Although I don't blog as often as I once did and don't comment on other blogs as much as I once did, I hope to continue writing and hope that you will continue reading and commenting.
And cheers to our lifestyle and that we have found like minded people who share our kinks and continue to be part of our community.

Monday, June 13, 2016

You like to tell me what to do

I loved it when she said that to me yesterday. Is there any better definition of the D/s lifestyle? Yes, I love telling her what to do and she loves doing it. Well, she doesn't love it all -- she is not wild about ice on her boobies -- but she accepts it because it makes me happy. And she loves making me happy. And I like to keep telling her to do things like putting ben-wa balls in her pussy when we talk at night. And wearing the new silver collar I got her. Or giving herself spankings with the new ruler I got her. Or fucking herself with her dildo or putting the Hitachi on her clit. The lifestyle certainly works for us.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Birthday gifts

Our birthdays are one day apart and we celebrated them a week late when we recently spent 10 days together and went to a BandB for a couple of days. She is so good at getting me toys I can use on her. Like for our anniversary, she gave me a wooden paddle with five holes in it. It packs a punch. She said she could take it a little harder but a little shorter. She says I took that as an invitation to do it harder and longer. Oh, well.
Anyway, she gave me nipple clamps attached to a chain with a third clamp attached to the chain hanging down in the middle. My first naive comment was where does that third one go. Then I reaized it was for her clit or pussy lips. WOW. What a toy, Unfortunately, as I guessed she couldn't take it very long on her pussy lips. I didn't even try it on her clit. Have any of our bloggers had clamps on down there and how did they feel?. She likes pleasing me but isn't too much of a mascochist.
She also gave me rope with a book on tying knots. I don't know if I'll be able to replicate the knots in the book. And she gave me candles for wax play.
I gave her a nice necklace to wear in place of a collar which she doesn't find comfortable. And a second necklace that is made of a single round piece of steel. It looked like a BDSM collar although it was being sold at a department store. I first figured she wouln't go for that in public but then I decided she could wear it at night when she calls along wih the ben wa balls in her pussy. It kind of prepares her for me to use her before I put her to bed. I also got her a black ruler that says "spank me Sir.'' Actually, I use it to have her spank herself as part of our phone play before we end the evening. I have her spank, rub her clit and slit and then lube up her dildo and fuck herself with it -- I love her being well fucked -- and then have her put the Hitachi on her clit before she goes to bed. It's a nice way to end the evening. I also gave her LED candles. It a good birthday for candles.
We had a good time during her visit but the time just flew by. The BandB was in St. Augustine and they have some great history. They had a Thanksgiving 50 years before the Pilgrims but I guess the Pilgrims had better PR because they get more time in the history books. The Spanish, English and French all fought over St. Augustine until Spain built a fort of cocina shells that looks like stone or cement and it was never overrun although it changed hands in some treaties. And there was shopping. She has the shopping gene and loves it and they have a lot of neat stores. And the wax museum -- the first in the nation -- was quite interesting. She took some good pictures. Hope she gets time to post them.
She left with a sore pussy -- no surprise -- and bruised boobies. Like to put them on a counter and spank them with the riding crop.
We were having lunch one day and there was a TV set on some show talking about how young people tend to screw up contraception. A woman said the pill was giving her an upset stomach so her guy started taking hem. Not surprising she got pregnant. And then they said the condom goes on the twig, not on the berries. That cracked us up and we started referring to my berries which she gave a lot of attention along with my twig.
We don't get as much time together as we'd like but we really enjoy the time we get to spend together.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Poll asks if people would sleep with Donald Trump for $1 million

The poll said 53 per cent of women and 55 per cent of men say no.
Your thoughts.


Here's an interesting take on marriage in the NY Times. The headline "Why you will marry the wrong person'' is somewhat misleading. It's more about our expectations. It says that we tend to believe the imperfections in our marriages isn't normal. Instead, it said we should learn to accommodate ourselves to "wrongness,'' striving always to adopt a more forgiving, humorous and kindly perspective on its multiple examples in ourselves and in our partners.
Your thoughts?


Friday, May 27, 2016

Stormy weather

My good girl is arriving tonight for a 10-day visit that will include belated birthday celebrations for both of us. Our birthdays are on consecutive days May 22-23 but 24 years apart although to us, age is just a number. And we're going out of town to a B and B for a couple of days next week.
But wouldn't you know it, with the stormy weather, his flight is already 90 minutes late, now due at 1230 a.m. and who knows if it will be later than that. We usually have some good play time when she arrives but she said she is likely to be a zombie by the time we get home at 130 a.m. or later. I had an elaborate scenario planned for tonight and even bought more rope at the hardware store for more bondage. May have to cut things short although I will probably give her a good spanking just to keep her awake. She may not be too wet even when I am rubbing her clit and slit to warm her up.
Anyway, I figure we will sleep late Saturday morning and our morning coffee on the lanai may be late morning. But as we relax, she will have the ben-wa balls inserted the way she does when she calls every night so she will feel like she's mine. I love her feeling like she is mine and is making me happy. Meanwhile, I will try to take a nap but she won't have that luxury at the airport.


Museum of Sex

Did you know there is a Museum of Sex in New York. I've actually been there. They've had some bondage gear. And grainy films of naked women that are over a century old. It seems that as soon as film was invented, filming naked women was popular.
Here's an article on the former curator of the museum. Maybe you will find it interesting.


Thursday, May 26, 2016


I became a grandpa for the fourth time Wednesday, just two days after my own birthday and three days after my good girl's birthday. My daughter had a very cute baby girl. This has been a week of birthdays for us.
For all of you who are grandparents know what a special treat it is to have another grandchild. I have two daughters and each has a boy and a girl. And it will be fun in a few years to go through the Santa Claus experience again.



Somebody posted a picture of a couple hugging and kissing and the caption was that a wide physical once said that the best medicine for humans is love. And when somebody asked what if it doesn't work, he said increase the dose.
Life is so much better when you love and are loved.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Body shaming

It's not news that Donald Trump tends to put down women, but here's a sad story about how he body shamed a former Miss Universe, calling her "Miss Piggy'' after she put on weight. And she talks about the psychological damage it did to her.
It's another example of some of the things that women face regarding their bodies.
Although, this made news because Trump was involved, many women face issues like this.

Monday, May 23, 2016

More evidence that America is going crazy

Here's a story about a two lesbian tourists who say they were harassed after kissing in a grocery store in Honolulu. They won an $80,000 settlement.
And I thought Honolulu catered to tourists.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


The D/s lifestyle that we celebrate in the blogs tends to be off the radar screen. I wish there was more research on the subject. I tend to think that D/s couples have a closeness that vanilla couples don't. I tend to think there is more communication and playtime tends to keep them closer.
What brought up this subject was a NY Times article written by a woman who says her marriage ended because of the silence in the relationship. they not only didn't fight. They didn't communicate.
Here's the article:
Will be curious to hear your reaction.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

America is going crazy

You've probably heard about the transgender bathroom controversey, which shouldn't be a controversy and isn't a problem.
But to show how crazy things are getting a 22-year woman posted a blog about being told by another woman to get out of the bathroom at a Wal-Mart. The 22 year old was first puzzled but then realized that because she had cut her hair short to give hair to cancer victims and was wearing a baseball cap, the other woman apparently thought she was trans.  
What does it say about America that there is such a strain of intolerance on some issues?


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Woman having multiple orgasms for first time at age 57

Here's a story showing age is just a number at age 57. A woman talks about having multiple orgasms for the first time at age 57 and having it with a man in a wheelchair. He's obviously a good lover.
Your thoughts?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Keeping your sex life from becoming boring

Here's an article talking about keeping your sex life from becoming boring. Things like building anticipation and doing different things.
What are you thoughts?
Being in a long distance relationship, I think there is value in rituals because it is easy to let things slide when your contact is on the phone.
We have recently made our play time part of our evening ritual because there were times in the past when she sounded tired or distracted that I didn't pursue any phone play time. After she even called back a couple of times and I figured she wanted more, I decided that we needed more of a nightly ritual with some play time.
So I have her insert ben wa balls in his pussy before she calls to build anticipation. Then I have her remove them and ask her a series of questions like how does she want to make me happy, serve me, be taken, give herself to me, take her body for my pleasure.
Then one scenario is to tell her to spread her legs and rub her slit and clit and finally her g spot. Meanwhile, I talk about the things I like to do to her from taking off her top and unfastening her bra and cupping her boobs and presenting them to me as I suck her nipples and lick her boobs and rub them. And then remove her pants, pull down her panties and having her spread her legs and then rubbing my fingers along her slit to see how wet she is.
And then talking about paddling her with your new wooden paddle and marking her boobs with the riding crop to fingering her butt.
And then I move to the next stage and have her lube the dildo and fuck herself with it. And finally putting the vibe on her clit. I see how she reacts. If she is moaning, I know she wants more and is likely to come. If not, I figure she is not cuming that night and I stop and talking about cuddling her, holding her tight and putting my leg between her legs and rubbing my knee against her cunt, which she loves. And then I put her to bed.
I don't do all these things every night. Sometimes, I skip some elements of the ritual because I don't want to wear her out. But whether she cums or not, I love doing some kind of ritual nightly. I feel it makes us feel closer and even more connected, which is especially important in an LDR. She said recently she needs to be when I need her to be. Her saying that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I love her serving me.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fifth anniversary

We were fortunate that my good girl was able to visit and be here on the fifth anniversary on the first night we played back in the days when we first started playing online. It was a night we remember vividly. She was a newbie to the lifestyle and I offered to give her a taste of it if she decided she wanted to try it. I think in retrospect she was waiting for me to take charge. So that night, she said she was getting horny as we talked about the lifestyle so I decided it was time for me to bring out her submissive side and it turned out she was ready to submit. She had her first online cum and we've never looked back. She quickly learned she would no longer have cums without me directly them and she hasn't.
And one thing led to another although we didn't meet for almost 18 months. Amazing how quickly five years can go by.
And I couldn't have been happier with the gift she gave me. The fifth anniversary symbol is wood and she gave me a wooden paddle with five holes in it.
Well, as you might assume, the paddle packed quite a wallop. It reddened her cheeks very quickly and she was gasping but as I've said before, it is somewhat difficult for me to know how hard to paddle her. Not too hot, not too cold but just right. We talked about it afterwards and she said she could take it harder but shorter. We will continue to try to figure out how to use it just right.
Whether or not it was a coincidence, we had quite a playtime after that. She wanted to be fucked harder and squirted all over the place. I don't know if squirting means it is a better cum or why she squirts sometimes and sometimes she doesn't.
Anyway, we had a good time while she was here. Visited the beach one day and she wanted a bit of sun but she is very fair skin and she reddened quickly. When she pulled down the front of her swimsuit, it was like she had a red bib. Fortunately she got under the umbrella before she actually burned.
And every morning we had coffee on the lanai looking at the ducks on the pond. It was very relaxing. One morning a hawk swooped in and she wanted to get a picture of it. Unfortunately, then the hawk went after some of the smaller birds babies and I won't go into the details. It was upsetting for her and we had to shoo him away when he returned.
And, of course, we went to sleep every night in each other's arms and woke up in each other's arms. We aren't together as often as we'd like to so we really cherish the times we have together.
We were so lucky to find each other. We have lit up each other's lives.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

The risks of shaving pubic hair

Here's  an article saying that some women wind up in the ER from labia cuts from shaving their pubic hair. Yet it says 72 per cent of women still shave. I actually prefer the natural unshaved look and wonder if some day more women will go back to the natural look.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Good times

My good girl did a nice blog on my last visit and I thought I'd share it with you if you didn't read it on my blogroll.
Yes, I still have the wheelie thing and will be using it on her on my next visit. If you read her comments, she said I tortured her with it on the day I left and she was howling and I was laughing. Who I am to protest that she was slightly exaggerating.
The wheel's official name, by the way, is the Wartenburg wheel and was originally designed for medical use but now is popular in the BDSM community.
Of course, we did a lot of other fun things like spankings, butt play and cuffing her to the things that fit over a door and keep her arms above her head. And then comes the use of the wheel, the pins and a spanking of her boobies as she is helpless because her hands are cuffed over her head. Very good for bringing out her submissive side.
And then we also had plenty of cuddling, being close together with our legs and arms intertwined. She loves it with I put my leg between her legs and rub it against her pussy.
And we did some vanilla things like visiting museums and gardens and she got some plants for her backyard. She takes her plants seriously and talks to them so they aren't lonely. It was a wonderful visit and time flew by. Saying goodbye is so difficult for the both of us.  
We had some fun phone time last night with the dildo and vibe and she had a big cum, but today she is spending quality time with her heating pad since Aunt Flo arrived for a visit.
Next month is the fifth anniversary of the first time we played on the phone. Times flies when you are having fun.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Longer visit

I've been having some weekend visits with my good girl, but a weekend seems all too short. It is so difficult to leave. Which is why I am happy to report that I am leaving today for a 10-day visit that will include two weekends.

For 10 days, we get to cuddle each night and wake up in each other's arms. She has to work some of the days but even on those days, it will be nice to be there when she comes home.

We are both looking forward to it. I think it's only the second time we've been together for 10 days. We will cherish every minute, if not every second.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Recharging her batteries

I will be visiting my good girl over the St. Valentine's Day weekend for the second time in three weekends. She has been working long hours in a high stress job so I will give her a lot of nap time to get caught up and recharge her batteries. But she will also be drained as I take everything I want and she gives me what I want. As she has said in the past, I take what I want and I want a lot. She wants to make me happy.

Also, we will play again with our newest toy -- a prostate massager. I like the feel of it. With some lube, it slides in very nicely.

As I often tell her as I prepare to visit, I'm feeling frisky already. And I know she will be waiting for wearing red panties since I give her a panty list each month.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How did the date go?

I saw something called an embarrassing party video about men and women discussing a date. Can't figure out how to download it so I will describe it. Was pretty funny.
First one woman talks about her date.
She says the guy came over, ate in a couple of minutes, then dropped his pants and was finished (shows them standing up against the sink with him humping her and shows her frustrated) and it was over quickly before she got her top off. then she says he passed out on the bed.
now the other girl says her date was amazing. The guy picked her up in a taxi, went for a romantic dinner, wandered around the city, got to his place, lit some candles. An hour of best foreplay ever, an hour of wild sex and then he held her and they talked all night. she said it was paradise.
now the two guys give their versions to each other..
Now the first guy said there was food everywhere at her place and it was so good so he filled up and he fucked and fell asleep on her bed and got home to watch the game.
the other guy says the night was a disaster. Electricity was out because he forgot to pay the bill so he has to take her out, so went in a taxi, got an expensive dinner, couldn't afford a taxi home so they had to walk back. they got home and he fumbled for candles.
then he was so tired he couldn't get it up for like and hour and it took an hour for him to get off.
He said I swear to god I was so pissed. then just laid there together all night. it was awful.

Another example of how men and women are Venus and Mars.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Impact play

Here's another sign that spanking is becoming more mainstream. Here's a story from the Huffington Post on what it calls "impact play.'' As spanking becomes more mainstream, maybe spankos will start talking to their vanilla friends about how much they like getting spanked.
Here's the link:

Thursday, January 28, 2016


I know texting seems to be more popular these days than talking on the phone. I can see texting for short message but to me it seems much easier to talk on the phone than to have a long texting conversation.
Anyway, here's a story in the New York Times about a woman who kept getting texts from a guy, who not only didn't call but didn't ask her out.

So what are your thoughts on texting vs. talking on the phone.


Sunday, January 24, 2016


I think it is interesting that TTWD is creeping into the mainstream media, a sign that our lifestyle is becoming more accepted. For example, Showtime has a new show called "Billions'' about a U.S. attorney pursuing a hedge fund manager for insider training. The first scene on the first show is the attorney tied up on the floor while his wife steps on him with her high heels and then puts a cigarette out on his chest. And then at the end of the first show they are hugging and she again puts her shoe on his chest. The scenes are very short but a sign that we may be coming out of the shadows a bit.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Real life

I wish I could write about all the exciting times we had this weekend. But, alas, my car broke down on the way to the airport Friday night and had to cancel the trip. What a letdown. I rescheduled for two weeks from now but it was such a bummer to be all ready for a trip and then have it scuttled.
We spent a lot of time on the phone this weekend and watched the first episode of the last season of Downton Abbey. I notice I spelled it Downtown in a previous post. Anyway, thought the plot line when Mrs. Hughes was worried that Mr. Carson wouldn't approve of her body when they had sex so she sent the cook to ask him if he wanted a "full marriage'' or just live together like brother and sister because she was too shy to bring it up herself. Those were different times.
We also did some play time on the phone last night. No shyness here.
My good girl also has some real life work issues in her life and she worries about them too much. I keep telling her not to worry that she has her Sir to be there for her and she should just think about serving him and pleasing him and everything else will take care of itself. I don't know if my obvious logic made much headway but I hate to see her worrying although it's a plus she shares her concerns.
Anyway, just wanted you to know that sometimes real life interferes with our best laid plans.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

The island will have to wait

We were surprised that my two tickets and the three my good girl bought were all losers in the lottery. So we won't be getting that island any time soon. And we won't be starting that foundation she talked about to help good causes. It was nice to dream even if the odds are close to 300 million to one. 
The good news is that I'll be visiting Friday night. Have my scuba gear all packed so I'll be ready to dive in -- after lots of foreplay, of course. Oh, I love diving in. Spoiler alert. I think she loves when I do it.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Downtown Abbey

Do any of the bloggers across the pond watch Downtown Abbey? I just read that the show ended on Christmas Day in England while in America, they've just shown the first two episodes of the final season. They end it in 1925. I wish they would have gone to the start of WWI. I find the show fascinating as a time and a place that is gone forever. The rich in the U.S. these days are probably richer than the aristocracy was in Britain and live in huge mansions but don't live in the formal style they did then. Even the servants were kind of snobs in their own right.
Anyway, I find it interesting that they waited to show it in the U.S. until after it was shown in Britain.


Bought two lottery tickets today.

I can't remember the last time I bought a lottery ticket. But with the payout at a billion dollars and no line at the gas station-convenience store, I couldn't resist a $4 "investment'' or probably a waste of money.
The good girl and I were discussing lump sum payment vs. annual payout. She said lump sum payment as most people do. But I read that for tax purposes the annual payout is a better option. By the way, I think if you get all but one number, you get a million. Hey, I'm not greedy. I'll take the million.
Instead of picking numbers, I took the ones the machine spit out.
And now I wait to see if there's a winner.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Buying an island

Did you hear the Powerball lottery is over a billion dollars? My good girl and I don't play the lottery because you have better chance of getting hit by lightning than winning the lottery. So we were fantasizing about what we would do with a billion dollars. She said instead of getting a condo on the beach, we could get an island of our own. Or maybe a mountain top.

Anyway, I could use scuba gear on an island. She says I need scuba gear because she says I like to "dive in'' when we are together. I guess I do tend to do that but after I do the ritual undressing of her that I have described before, I've decided to do some cuddling for foreplay before I dive in and take her. Of course, I don't usually keep my handsoff her even when watching TV although sometimes I rub er arm with too much force. She reminded me to go "lightly and softly."

I was last there New Year's night. Our schedules didn't work for us being together New Year's Eve so we spent that night on the phone. We watched the ball fall at midnight and then spent an hour talking until it was midnight in her time zone.

We exchanged Christmas presents and we went to a sex shop and she got a prostate massager. That should be interesting. She also got ben wa balls and I now have her inserting them before we talk on the phone. Another ritual and you know how I like rituals in our relationship. I love her being mine and taking her body for my pleasure and using her.

We went to the beach on a chilly day and watched a bird capture a fish.

And we had a couple of great play times. She has some new pillows and wrapped ooe of them in a garbage bag and put a towel on top of it. Alas, she didn't squirt either time although when she does it dries and leaves no trace. I can't figure out why some times she does and doesn't. But there were great sessions.

The only downside is that I got sick Monday night after I got back with some type of 24 hour flu. Somebody threw up in the jetway when the plane was loading. They stopped boarding for a half hour and supposedly disinfected it but I wonder if the germs circulated through the plane. One of the downsides of traveling.

I will be leaving Friday for another weekend visit. I already have her wearing red panties on that day when I sent her the monthly panty list. I like her wearing red panties when I first undress her.

I won't be bringing my scuba gear but will be doing a lot of diving in, I'm sure.


Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Hope you had a good time on New Year's Eve. We watched the ball drop together by phone and since she is an hour behind me, she experienced it twice.
Will see her tonight I hope. Flight already 35 minutes late. Typical for this time of year.
Packed only a few toys, a dildo, pins, wartenburg wheel, rope, wooden spoon, rubber bands. Curious if the TSA folks open it up to check out the stuff.
She's been instructed to wear her red panties on my arrival. They are my favorites. Won't be on long after I arrive.
And I have Christmas presents too for a late Christmas.
Happy New Year to you and yours.