Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Does a Woman Want in a Guy

Here's an interesting story describing what these women want in a man. I thought the one about wanting to be wooed and don't stop sending flowers after two months was good. I figure you can never go wrong sending flowers to a woman.

What are your thoughts?


New Blogger

I want to introduce you to a woman who is both new to blogging and to this lifestyle.

You can find her at:

She is just starting out but I thought I'd suggest you stop by and read her first few posts and welcome her and say hello. I like to encourage new bloggers. She writes very well and has found an old love who is eager to meet her needs by doming her.

They seem to be off to a very positive start and I want to wish her good luck.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is that a Collar?

Here is a picture of Salma Hayek highlighting her cleavage. But look at what she is wearing around her neck. I am sure it is not but couldn't that be a collar a sub could wear without vanilla types realizing it is one.

But then most guys might not look past the cleavage. LOL

Here is the link:

Lisa's Training Chapter 14

After leaving you hanging in the middle of the dinner party in the last chapter, I promised to write about the rest of the evening soon. So here it is:

Lisa's Training Chapter 14

Lisa almost couldn't believe it. She was naked in a room with several other naked women and like the rest of them, she had a dildo in her pussy and a plug in her butt.

And yet she had to admit she liked it. It made her feel so submissive. She wanted to please her Master and make him happy. She loves the things he does to her and this was totally new. And she had to admit it was making her so wet. The juices were dripping onto her thighs and she was dying to rub her clit but she knew she hadn't been given permission to do that.

She wondered what would be done to her the rest of the evening. She found out quickly what would happen next. Each woman had her wrists cuffed and fastened behind her so she couldn't cover up even if she wanted to. Their boobs and pussies were exposed for all to see. And then each woman then had a collar put around her neck with a leash attached. That made her feel feel even more submissive. She hoped her Master would be proud of her.

Then the first woman was led by the leash back into the ballroom. Each woman had been transformed from a woman wearing a chic black cocktail dress to a naked slave who was collared and cuffed and had a plug in her butt and a dildo in her pussy.

When she entered the room, there was a spotlight shining on her that almost blinded her. Each woman entered the room the room that way as the bright spotlight showed off her naked body. She saw the women who had entered before her were lined up on a row and they had were standing on scales. When they were all in the room, several men entered the room with clipboards. The weight of each woman was written down and each woman was measured for her
height and measurements. Lisa felt so submissive as the tape went around her breasts, stomach and hips. She was proud of her body and she hoped it met the standards that the host wanted. Even her clit and her slit were measured as well as her arms and legs.

After the measurements were completed, the women were all blindfolded. Lisa wondered why they were blindfolded and she got the answer quickly when the host announced they would be inspected. The blindfolds would prevent them from watching the inspection of the other women and not knowing who inspected them.

When it was her turn, she was told to open her mouth. She felt a finger being inserted in her mouth as her teeth was checked out. The Master doing the inspection said he was pleased she had good teeth. He then fondled her breasts and asked her if they were natural and she was proud to say yes. He then took the dildo out of her pussy and tasted her juices and then fed them to her. He said he was pleased that she was very wet. He said you have done a good job of training her and she heard her Master's voice say. "Thank you.'' She was so pleased that her Master was getting compliments on her reaction. And she felt herself getting even wetter as the juices continued to drip on her thighs. She felt so submissive. She felt she was giving her Master what he wanted. She wanted to make him happy. When the inspector pushed the butt plug in and out of her ass, he also told Master he was pleased she wasn't tight and had good ass training.
That made her feel good.

After the blindfolds were taken off, a cart was rolled in and Lisa knew why there were measured so carefully. Each woman had a corset put on that rested under their breasts and pushed them up and stopped above their pussy. She had to admit the women looked stunning in the black corsets that left their breasts and pussies showing. And then each woman was fitted with a garter belt and long black stockings. So they were collared, wearing a corset and long black stockings, but their pussies and breasts were exposed. Lisa felt so exposed but she figured her Master would be so pleased with her.

The women were then led to the dinner table and then seated on a pillow at the feet of their Masters. It was difficult to sit down with her wrists cuffed behind her but her Master made sure she didn't fall. She wondered if she would be allowed to eat or would just watch her Master dine. She quickly found out when her Master gave her a spoon of caviar. She and the rest of the slaves would be fed by their Masters. And what a dinner it was, caviar followed by lobster bisque soup followed by a ceasar salad, lobster, lamb and standing rib roast. The meal was absolutely delicious and Lisa felt so submissive being fed by her Master. And they washed them down with the finest wines and he deliberately raised her glass so it dribbled down her chin and onto her breasts. That made her feel so submissive, too.

After they finished the entrees, one of the slaves was called to another room. When the dessert table was wheeled in, Lisa found out why. She was part of the dessert presentation of whipped creamed and strawberries. Her body was covered with whipped cream and the strawberries were set in it and the Masters scooped the strawberries and cream off her body. And some of them inserted strawberries in her pussy to combine the flavor of her juices with the taste of the strawberries. And before she was brought in, pussy juices were rubbed on her face so the smell of her sex was in the air.

After the tables were cleared, it was time for the night's entertainment. And then three naked women were brought in the room and pulleys were dropped from the ceiling and they were cuffed with their arms above their head and a spreader bar was put between their legs. And the Masters mingled while the slaves watched and inspected them and tasted their pussy juices.

And then Master James announced it was time for the main event. He said one of the Masters would show how well his slave had been trained since this was her first time at the dinner. Lisa was stunned when she heard Master James call her name.

His Master helped her up off the pillow and led her to the center of the room and the spotlight shown in her eyes.

She then saw a cart wheeled in with a lot of clothespins and she winced. She knew the bite of the clothespins but she wanted to please him. She winched as he put three on each pussy lip and then one on her nipple and four on each breast around it.

She then bent over the spanking bench as he picked up the cane. She knew the drill. With each spank, she called out the number. With each stroke, she said, "ohhh'' and then "one, sir'' and on and on. By number 28, she said, "oh gawd.''

The numbers kept going higher, 30, 40, 50 and she winced with each blow. She was now panting hard. The blows were making the pins bite even harder. It was getting harder to concentrate. He then stopped at 60 on the left ass cheek and then he moved to the right ass cheek and had her start counting at one again. As he continued on her second cheek, she often said, "oh, gawd'' as she tried to catch her breath. By the end of the 60 on the right one, she was sweating and trembling. Then he went back to her first one.

After 40 on that cheek, she was losing it. It was so hard to concentrate. The pain was getting worse. But she kept thinking she needed to please her Master. After 40 on the left cheek, that one had taken 100 and he switched to the other one. With each stroke, the pain was getting blinding. She wanted to rip the pins off of her. And it took her longer and longer to give the count until she lost count all together at 13. He gave her the number and gave her two more and then stopped at 15. She had never lost track of the count before so he knew had reached her limits. He had planned to go to 40 so it would be an even 100 on each ass cheek. But he knew it was time to stop.

He then told her to take the pins off her boobs and the pain was so intense taking them off. She screamed, "oh, gawd. oh shit.'' And she kept thinking about how it was going to feel taking them off her pussy lips. She already had them on for more than the 20 minutes recommended for having pins on.

Her Master kept reassuring her that she was pleasing him as she took off the pins off her pussy lips. She screamed again as she took them off but when she was done, she had to admit she felt a feeling of euphoria that she had done what he asked. She had pleased him. He asked her how she felt and she said, "Oh my nipples hurt so bad.'' He asked her if she wanted to continue and she didn't want to stop. She felt fuzzy but she wanted to please him. So he had her stroke her boobs 100 times and her clit 100 times and then fuck her pussy 100 times with the dildo and she game at number 30. She said she thought she was out of it and was getting cold. She often got his feeling of being cold once she was drained. One of the butlers brought in a robe and ushered them into a bedroom as she got a standing ovation for the way she served her Master. And Master cuddled with her until she feel asleep in his arms.

She woke up the next morning with sore nipples and pussy lips but she felt refreshed and so pleased that she had given him everything he wanted. She loves making him happy and pleasing him.

After they showed and they rubbed each other's bodies in the shower, Master James then treated them to a lavish breakfast and congratulated her on the way she served her Master. He said they would be invited to future dinners.

And she was so pleased. She had served her Master. She had given him what he wanted. She was content.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Teen Calls Cops on Mom for having Sex

If you have or have had teens in your house, you know they tend to put a crimp in your sex life. They tend to stay up late and if your bedroom is close to theirs, you don't feel like you have much privacy.

Well, here is a story I had to share. A 15-year-old called 911 and wanted to go to a shelter because she heard her mom having sex and felt disrespected. The police came and she admitted there was no abuse or neglect in the home and then changed her mind about going to the shelter because it was almost time for school.

Here's the link to the story.

And they aren't making it up because there is an actual police report. And you can click on and read the actual report, which ends, "Nothing further.'' You can just imagine the cop thinking how did I get stuck with this.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lisa's Training Chapter 13

This is the latest chapter in my Lisa series, the story of a professional woman who is a tiger in the office and a slave at home to her Master. If you're a newcomer here and like the story, the first 12 chapters are in the archives.

Lisa's Training Chapter 13

Lisa was tired. It had been another grueling week of 12-hour days. Running her office in a big corporation was demanding work. She had to prove to the men in the office that she could be in charge. She knew they called her a bitch behind her back, but that didn't bother her. She was going to climb the corporate ladder. No glass ceiling for her.

Of course, they had no idea that under her tailored suits, she sometimes wore a butt plug because she was a slave to her Master. She loved being a submissive. She loved serving him. She loved it when he sent her to the bathroom at work, told her to pull down her pants and panties and stand there naked below the waist waiting for permission to pee. She loved that he made her rub her clit before she pulled her panties up. Once she left the bathroom, though, she was back to her no-nonsense self.

But once she got home, she was free to submit and obey. SSO he liked to call it. Serve, submit and obey. She got undressed and put on her collar the way she was required to when she got home. He wanted her naked and collared when he called if he wanted to use her body for her pleasure.

She then turned on the computer to check her personal emails as she sat on the sandpaper on her chair with her naked butt the way he required her. And she saw there was one from him. That always made her heart flip. It always did to hear from him. And then when she opened it, she could feel herself getting excited and wet immediately. He was telling her they were going to one of Master James' dinner parties Saturday night. Master James was well known in the community. So were his dinner parties. They were coveted by members in the lifestyle. He had a mansion where he hosted the parties. He had made big money as a hedge fund manager and his parties were known to be lavish events. The doms all dressed in tuxedos. The submissives wore black cocktail dresses that showed plenty of cleavage and were so short they barely covered their pussies. But what actually happened at those parties was never talked about by the guests.

Lisa was thrilled to be invited and eager to find out what takes place at the parties. He told her he would pick her up in the morning so they could go out and buy the right dress. He told her to dress casually but with no underwear. The women at the parties never wore bras or panties. They were naked under their dresses so he didn't want her wearing them when she tried on the dresses.

When he knocked on her door the following morning, she was on her knees with her head bowed the way she always was when he arrived. He lifted her face towards him and told her to rise and then reached inside her pants and plunged his fingers into her pussy. She was wet the way she always was when she met him. He got his fingers wet and then sucked her juices off them. He loved her taste and smell. He then rubbed some of her juices on her upper lip and on her face so he could smell her sex.

Then they were off to one of the best boutiques in town where he had her try on several dresses before he found the one he liked. It met the requirements for Master James' parties. It was a black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline. It barely covered her nipples. And it was so short it barely covered her shaved pussy. And it was sleeveless so it showed the fact her pits were not shaved. He didn't allow her to shave them as a sign of his ownership of her. She was now used to it and if he wanted her to show the fact she wasn't shaved at the party, she wanted to make him happy.

When he brought her home, he told her that two women would be arriving to prepare her for the party. They would do her hair and makeup. She had to look flawless for the event. She would find out out soon how she would be prepared.

When the women arrived, they told her to follow them in the bathroom and strip. She was taken back. Wasn't she getting any privacy? They told her that Master had given them instructions and they would follow them. She was stunned again to know they knew she was his slave. But she knew if they knew, she had to obey. She quickly undressed and they told her to get on her knees and then she spotted the enema bag. She knew what that meant. She was going to get an enema. Why did she need an enema to attend a dinner party? She could only guess but she knew she had to obey. She raised her butt as one woman lubed her ass and plunged in the rod to give her the enema. In no time, she felt filled and was cramping and her belly was extending before she was told to get up and expel it. She was relieved that was over until she was told to get back on her knees. One enema wasn't enough. She needed a second one to make sure she was properly cleaned.

She then showered and the women dried her off and brought her into the bedroom where they waxed her pussy to make sure there were no stray hairs. They then put in a chair and fixed her hair and put on her makeup. She had to admit as she looked in the mirror that they were professionals. Her makeup was perfect. And her hair looked beautiful. They then brought out her new dress and after putting it on, she had to admit she never looked so good.

The women had done their job. They left and told her that her Master was to be arriving soon. So she got on her knees the way she always was when he arrived. When he arrived. he complimented her and told her she looked ravishing and she was pleased. She always wanted to please him. She always wanted to make him happy. He then reached under her short dress and found she was wet again as she always was when he arrived. He sucked her juices off his fingers but this time he didn't rub any on her face. He didn't want to spoil her makeup.

He then led her to the waiting limo and they both got into the back seat. He told her to raise her dress so she was sitting on her bare butt. She was reminded of the woman in "The Story of O'' who was told to do the same thing in the opening scene. He then played with her pussy as they drove to Master James' mansion. She was embarrassed because the limo driver could see what he was doing, but she wanted to submit. She wanted to make him happy.

When they arrived at the mansion, the butler opened the door and welcomed them. And when they got inside, Master James welcomed them and ushered them into the ballroom. It was a beautiful room with expensive paintings on the walls and a long table was set for about a dozen couples. They were served drinks and appetizers and they met some of the other guests. All the men wore tuxes and the women were in black cocktail dresses similar to hers. All had plunging necklines that showed off their tits. And they were all so short they barely covered their pussies. To this point, it was a typical cocktail party and she started to wonder what all the fuss was about. And then a woman in a uniform clapped her hands and said, "Ok, all the women, follow me.''
She was puzzled as she looked at her Master and he nodded so she knew she was supposed to do what she was told.

Several of the other women had obviously been there before and quickly followed so Lisa tagged along. The went into a side room and she was stunned when some of the women who had been there before started unzipping their dresses and stepping out of them. They seemed to take it for granted they were going to be naked. Lisa hesitated until the women in charge snapped her fingers and told her to undress. A butler was waiting with hangers for the dresses.

When Lisa looked at the other naked women, she saw that some of them had pierced nipples and pussy lips. One had Slave Sally tatooed on her butt. Another was wearing a chastity belt and the woman in charge had a key and opened it. And she was stunned to see another women whose pussy had been sewed shut. The woman in charge snipped it open and pulled out the thread. The women were then told to bend over and the butler lubed each of their asses and inserted a butt plug. He then told them to stand up with their legs spread and he inserted a dildo in their pussies. They were now all naked with a butt plug in their ass and a dildo in their pussy.

Lisa couldn't help thinking what was next. She would soon find out. She had certainly never been at a dinner party like this one.

(To be continued)

Shaving II

In my last post about women shaving, three women commented on their guy shaving. Squirrel said she loved it that Wolf shaved. Goodgirl said she likes trimmed hair on a guy and Deb had the most interesting comment. She doesn't like sucking what she calls hair balls. She wishes men didn't have hair on their balls. But she doesn't want them to shave their balls either. So she has to suck hair balls.

So I thought I'd ask the readers what do they think of the hair on their men. Do they like it? Don't care? And do any of their guys shave?

My comment on all this is that I hate shaving my face, much less my groin area and balls. I would agree to trim and run my electric razor over my groin area but not enough to get it completely bare. And not my balls. And I hate that it is thinning on my head but still grows on my face. I would prefer it the other way around. LOL.

Anyway, share your thoughts.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In a recent post, the lovely PK made a reference to her husband shaving and spanking her kitty as she calls it.

Anyway, I thought I would do a blog on shaving. I did it a couple of years ago but I have a lot of new readers and I find it fascinating how customs change.

When Playboy started publishing in the 1950s, pussy hair was considered so erotic the magazine couldn't show it. Then shaving was considered kinky. And then it became mainstream. I am still puzzled why and how this happened. There have been suggestions that porn actresses started the trend.

And interesting that many men like it and even some women prefer the smooth feel. Of course, some people prefer a trim or a landing strip compared to shaving it all off -- or waxing it off. And some prefer a full bush.

I happen to like pussy hair but that's me.

So I thought I would open the conservation. Do you shave, wax or trim? How long have you been doing it? Do you do it for him or do you like it yourself? Or do you not shave at all? And do you ever discuss shaving with your real life friends?

I hope you will share your thoughts.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coloring your Hair

Do you color your hair? Do you color it to change the color or to cover up the gray?

I thought women might like to discuss coloring their hair.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Being Happy

I thought this post by greengirl about friends noticing that she and her husband seem happier together now that they are in the lifestyle. Of course, they don't know about their lifestyle.

I thought it would be interesting to see if you friends commented on you being happier once you were in TTWD.

Here's the link:


Monday, January 9, 2012


Last weekend was so hectic as I ended the holiday season with my daughter's wedding. This weekend, it was nice to relax.

And walked the beach, which I love to do, hearing the waves crashing and lapping at my ankles.

One of the benefits of living in Florida is that it's beach weather even in January. Wasn't hot. Kind of sweatshirt weather. But nice. And the crazy thing is that the beaches weren't crowded at all and no problem finding parking close to the beach.

It's like the natives want it steaming hot to come to the beach. To me a cool breeze is nice.

And had an interesting story yesterday. Some of the tennis players often get together on Saturday and we were having typical guy talk, mostly about sports. And somebody pointed to one of the guys I didn't know and said he probably wasn't interested in the conversation. I asked him what he was into. And he said stocks. Turns out he has a formula and said he averaged $28,000 a month last year. And he's 83 and says it's kind of a hobby to give him something to do. He lives a simple life. A 2300 square foot house which is the size of mine and a 16-year-old car.

He hasn't been to Europe in over a decade. I was telling him why aren't you at a bistro in Paris instead of at Panera's. LOL. And he and his wife, married 59 years, have no kids. I told him he could put the Florida Dom Foundation (well I used my real name) in his will. LOL.

Anyway, found it interesting to see a guy with a lot of money living an average middle class lifestyle.

And I had lost 2 1-2 pounds in the last week when I stepped on the scale this morning. I thought if I wrote about it, it would give me more incentive not to slack off. It will be hard to keep up that pace but it is a start.

We'll see if I can keep it up.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Why We Fall Out of Love

I found this article about why people fall out of love.

I thought it was interesting. I am curious what your thoughts might be.

Here's the link:


Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Mystery of Women

Stephen Hawking says women are a mystery. He can figure out everything else.


Pussy spankings

I'm sure many of you read the post by the lovely Ronnie on getting a pussy spanking. Here is the link:

So I thought I'd ask. Do you get pussy spankings and do you like them?


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well, I am getting myself together again and catching up on my sleep after a hectic 10-day holiday trek that included eight airplane rides and visiting the grandkids and attending my daughter's wedding.

I took a nap last night and didn't set the alarm, which is always dangerous. I once slept till midnight doing that. Not sure when I started, maybe 730ish. Anyway, I woke up and wondered why the kitchen light was on. I had forgotten I was napping and was thinking I had gone to bed for the night. It was 915. Anyway, the nap and a good night's sleep left me rather refreshed.

And got some good shopping in yesterday. I am an egg nog freak and they sell it from only mid November to early January. So I freeze a few bottles and have one every month or two until I run out. They had five left and they were half price.

And I decided to check out a place that sells Christmas cards. I usually get some the day or two after Christmas when they were are on sale for the next year. But I was just too busy last week. Alas, they only had a few boxes left. But they were 80 per cent off. Got $40 worth for 8 bucks. I often joke that I am just spending my kid's inheritance so I am not sure why I like bargains.

Ran into my tennis buddies at the grocery store and he was complaining how much more expensive the coffee was than at Costco. But he was out of coffee and Costco is a longer trip. He was talking about how he loves what they have but then he spends $400 there. That store is addicting. All the money you save on their bargains, you spend on other stuff that you spot but wouldn't have bought otherwise. And I love that they pay their employees well, not like another big box store I won't mention.

Also one downer moment to share. Called my mother who at 93 still lives alone and drives and is doing well for her age but isn't up to airplane trips so I told her about the wedding. And she said her kidneys aren't functioning well. Oh, that is scary. I've always thought I'd send her picture to Willard Scott when she reaches 100. Let's hope she makes it.

Oh, one more wedding story. The bride and groom checked into our hotel to spend the night before they left on their honeymoon. My older daughter saw them and said, "oh, you're right next to dad's room.'' They changed rooms to a different floor. LOL. Doubt I would have heard anything since I was so tired.

Oh, I'm still at 220. Today, I start getting serious about dropping a few pounds. Have to stay away from the rich food at Costco. And I will start playing tennis again although it is freezing by Florida standards. Woke up about 5 a.m. and it was cold even snuggled in my electric blanket which I rarely use. It was 60 in the house so I turned on the heat for the first time since last year.

Well, I've rambled on enough so I will get to more interesting stuff in my next post.



I thought this was an interesting post on a woman deciding to remain single.

Your thoughts.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wedding Customs

I hope you all had fun ringing in the New Year.

And, I hope, unlike me, you are asleep now at 6 a.m. on New Year's Day morn. I am at the airport waiting for my flight back home (I have to work today) after attending my daughter's New Year's Eve wedding.

I was at the wedding of a niece last year but it's been a while since I've been at a another wedding. Maybe over 10 years ago when my older daughter was married. Maybe I'm missing one. Will have another batch of weddings in a decade or two when the grandkids start getting married. At my age, you attend more funerals than weddings. It is the cycle of life. I also wore a tux for the first time since my older daughter's wedding. I needed help from my son-in-law getting the black studs in and the tie and the tie right. I took a nap in the tie so I didn't have to redo it. LOL.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the interesting things they did. Instead of the groom waiting at the altar, he was walked down the aisle by his parents. And her parents walked her down the aisle.

And the groom's best man was a woman, which I hear is done sometimes these days. He met her college and they've apparently been dear friends for years. Not sure if they ever dated.

The rehearsal dinner was at the house of a sister of the groom. They're in the restaurant business and must be doing well because the house was very impressive. I guess they would have lost too much business if they had it at their restaurant.

As, as usual, the bride was radiant. My daughter was happy as a single person and is 37 so she waited a while to do this and I hope she got it right. The groom is a great guy and even choked up during the vows.

Both fathers and the best woman gave toasts and her roommate gave the blessing. The groom's parents came here from Puerto Rico a couple of generations back and she gave part of it in Spanish, which I thought was a nice touch. I got two laughs during my toast. One of which I stole from the Internet about if you're wrong, admit it. And if you're right, shut up. I changed it to keep it to yourself.

I talked about how they were soul mates (both work for non profits) and I got the other laugh when I said I sent my daughter off to a college as a sensible woman and she fell with the crowd that wants to save the world (she did a two year volunteer stint in a third world country and goes on the Internet to buy clothes made in countries that pay a living wage). And I added he wants to save a city that is depressed in the northeast. He's on the school board.

My other joke I didn't explain so it didn't get a laugh. I said the person we had to thank for all this was St. Anne. The back story is that we have neighbors who are very religious and the wife was concerned about my daughter being single in her mid 30s. So she gave her a tiny statue of St. Anne, get me a man a couple of years back. We had a laugh over it at the time. I think it helped more that one of her roommates talked her into signing up for a dating site.

They passed horns and hats for the guys and at midnight, they showed Times Square from a computer at Times Square on a screen on the wall.

Anyway, when I finish work today, I will do a lot of sleeping. This will be my 8th plane flight I've taken in the last 10 days days. With 5 trips through TSA security, which I hate and think is a waste of time. And had to work Christmas Eve and now today. I have a crazy job. And when I got back from visiting the grandkids for Christmas last Tuesday, I had to pack in four days of work on Wednesday and Thursday and left Friday.

Now my goal in the next few months is to lose 20 pounds. I had a 42 inch waist at the tux shop and have all these expandable 38 pants. But the airport has chocolate croissants and I couldn't resist a couple of them. They are 440 calaries each. Well, I guess I'll start working on losing some weight tomorrow. LOL.

Well, I hope I didn't drone on too much. I'll try to find more interesting, sexy topics in the future.