Sunday, February 27, 2011

Voodoo Sex Ceremony

Can you imagine saying you are a voodoo priest and convincing a woman it would bring her luck to have sex with you?

Well, that recently happened in Brooklyn with terrible consequences. The woman paid the voodoo priest $300 for a mystical ceremony that would bring her luck. He placed candles on the floor around the bed. He lit the candles and the couple began having sex. Candles were accidentally knocked over, igniting the bed sheets and their recently discared clothing. The man tried to put out the fire with water from a bathroom sink instead of calling 911. Another person opened a window and a door to the hallway, causing a blowtorch effect. The fire killed a woman in a different apartment and 11 residents and 20 firefighters were injured and 47 families were left homeless.

Unbelieveable. What a tragedy that should never have happened. I don't know what to say but thought I would share this story.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Is Sex Better for Women than Men?

I know there is no real answer to this question because the experiences can be so different. And women can get the short end of the stick if they have a partner who doesn't care about giving them pleasure. And women tend to need to feel loved and treated well if they are to really enjoy sex.

But I suspect for women in a loving relationship and partner who cares about their needs, sex is better than it is for men. Women have more erogoneous zones and they tend to have nultiple orgrams easier than men.

Anyway, that is my thought. Agree or disagree? I would love to hear your feedback.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Question

In recent posts, I've discussed why men pay for sex and why women don't.

Well, one blogger commented that men regularly ask her if they can pay her for sex.

I was kind of surprised by that. I couldn't imagine doing that. So I was immediately curious if any of our readers have had that experience. So I figured it would be another good question to pose to the readers.

And while talking about paying, I thought I'd add the story about the one time a woman asked to pay me for a service. Alas, it wasn't for sex. It was for playing tennis. I was on the support staff at the Army War College where a couple of hundred colonels were taking classes. So rank didn't mean as much as at a normal military base because they weren't commanding troops. Anyway, somehow this colonel's wife sent word she was looking for an enlisted man to play tennis with her to practice for her women's matches and was willing to pay. Since I was one of the few tennis players, the word got to me and we met. But I declined the money. I just like playing tennis and was happy to have someone to play. I said let's hit and if she could play, we'd just play. And she was and we did. So I blew my one chance to get a woman to pay me for something. LOL.

Got a tad off topic but I will be curious to see if asking women to pay them for sex is unusual.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another question

I recently asked why men pay for sex and got some interesting answers. Now the flip side. Why don't women pay for sex?

I think the answer is that for a lot of men, sex is just sex. A release. But for women, sex tends to involve commitment and love. And also any woman who wants sex isn't likely to have much trouble finding a man who is happy to provide it.

But I will be interested in your thoughts.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


My blog, which I started in late June of 2009, reached a milestone this weekend. The counter went over the 100,000 mark.

When I started this blog in late June of 2009 at the urging of the lovely PK at, I never dreamed of reaching a milestone like this. And I want to thank all the readers -- even the lurkers -- with a special thank you for those who leave comments.

I started this blog as a place for my Lisa stories and, unfortunately, I haven't done a good job of updating the series. I actually hope to have another chapter posted in another week or so. Meanwhile, the blog kind of morphed into me posting questions and so many of you being kind enough to answer or comment. I feel this is as much your blog as mine.

And I also want to thank all of you bloggers out there who keep your blogs going. That is what makes this such a good community of like-minded people who get to share their thoughts and their experiences. Let's all keep it up and share things.


Friday, February 18, 2011


In my last post, I talked about the Italian prime minister up on charges of paying an underage girl for sex and then intervening with police when she was arrested on a theft charge. The theme was powerful men paying for sex.

In the comments, there was discussion of why men pay for sex (why women usually don't is a whole other topic) in the first place. There was talk that the women cater to men's needs the way wives don't and that it was deeply connected to their home lives. And that some men pay for sex and then just want to talk.

I think it is all very complicated and there is no easy answer. I think variety is part of it. The excitement of something illicit. And just the fact that the male sex drive is so intense. I don't have first hand knowledge of the subject since I would embarrassed by the thought of paying. That is just me. But I found it interesting to watch the show on the Bunny Ranch con HBO called "Cathouse.'' I find it interesting the men must sign releases and agree to be filmed.

Also are there women out there who know their men pay for sex and how do they feel about it. I don't think it is necessarily a reflection on their home lives. Their men may just want something different.

Anyway, I thought I'd bring up the topic and see what the reaction is.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Men Behaving Badly

Did you see the story of the Italian Prime Minister charged with paying an underage nightclub dancer for sex and then intervening with police when she was arrested for theft? It turns out in Italy, the age of consent is only 14 but you can't pay a person under 18 for sexual services. The prime minister and the woman denied they had sex even though he paid her 7000 euros or about $9540 after attending a party. Maybe she made good party favors.

And then we had the former Governor of New York who resigned after it was discovered he was visiting high end prostitutes.

On the other hand, Louisiana Senator David Vitter was re-elected even though he was identified as a client of a prostitution service.

You would think these powerful politicians wouldn't have to pay for sex. I guess some of them do. Are you surprised or not? Or is this just men being men?


Happy Valentine's Day

So what did you do for Valentine"s Day?

And did you get a Valentine's Day spanking?


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sex and the Quarterback

I am a bit late in following up on my last post so I have to ask did anybody here actually have sex on Super Bowl Sunday?

And I thought I'd stay on a football-sex theme. The quarterback of the New York Jets is a 24-year-old named Mark Sanchez. So for the readers over the pond or non-football fans, he is a big celebrity in the country's largest city.

And according to, he hooked up with a 17-year-old high school senior on New Year's Eve and went out with her a few times and she even snapped a picture of his bedroom where he was apparently showing her his etchings.

Anyway, I was curious what our readers thought of a 24-year-old rich celebrity hooking up with a 17-year-old girl? I didn't think it showed good judgment by either of them but thought she might be star-struck. Although I had to wonder where are the girl's parents?

Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sex and the Super Bowl

It's common to hear wives bitch about their husbands ignoring them to watch sports on TV. Even heard the story of the wife trying to entice her husband by standing naked in front of the TV set during a game and his reaction is, "honey, you are blocking the screen.''

Anyway, I thought of that when I read about a dating site that claims men would rather have sex than watch the Super Bowl. And that women would rather watch the Super Bowl than have sex.

So I thought I'd ask for reaction. Since women post most of the comments, I will be curious what you have to say.

Also, the site says men prefer the Packers and women the Steelers. Can't figure that out.

Anyway, I often get thought provoking answers and will be curious to see what you have to say.

Fire away.