Saturday, March 24, 2018

Morning kisses

I woke up around 6 am and came into the living room while the puppy remained in her doggy bed in the bedroom. She finally came ambling in around 730, jumped on the couch and started licking my face before curling up with her head on my lap. Then when i got up to start fixing breakfast, she rolled on her back on the floor looking for belly rubs. And then when I returned to the house to write this, she started licking my face again. She loves attention. Now she is back curled up with her head in my lap. She lives the good life.


Friday, March 23, 2018

I'm finally back

Sorry it has been so long since I posted but sometimes life gets in the way of me blogging.
If you read my good girl's blog poured out (on my blogroll), I had surgery on a artery in my neck that was 70 percent blocked in early January. Since she isn't working, she came to visit at Christmas and then stayed to help me recover. The operation was a success and I had an ultrasound today to make sure everything is going well. The techs aren't supposed to give you info but she said docs did a good job to I assume things are fine.
Unfortunately, in early February, I got the flu followed by a cold and then she caught it so we spent a lot of time under the weather. But it still such a treat to spend two months together. The problem is she had to return home to catch up on things and the longer she stayed here, the harder that was to do. She finally left two weeks ago and will return tomorrow. She left her puppy here with me.
That was a new experience because while my kids had a cat growing up, I had no experience dealing with a puppy. She is very sweet and needy but then maybe most dogs are. Right now, I'm writing this on the couch and she is curled up next to me. As long as I stay on the couch watching TV or on my computer, she stays. But the minute I get up, she usually does too. If I'm in the kitchen, she looks at me with sad eyes hoping I will give her some food. I don't do it too often because I want her to eat dog food but I will do it on occasion. She also likes to play tug of war and chase a ball I toss it.
We happen to live a couple of miles from a doggy park and she loves it playing with the other dogs and swimming in the pool they have. She won't jump into the deep end, though. She walks in the shallow end and then swims.
We had a mishap the other day driving home when she jumped out of the car. I freaked out. I think she may have seen the squirrel. Fortunately, she was OK except for wound on forehead. The vet said it was no big deal and gave me some ointment but I still had to call my good girl to tell her. That wasn't a fun call since she had said not to open the windows when the dog was in the car, But she understood, I think. LOL.
Meanwhile, I am playing tennis several times a week.
Also hope all the bloggers and doing well and enjoying the lifestyle and I will try to blog more often.