Thursday, February 27, 2014

Choosing a life partner

For all of our single bloggers, here's some good advice on finding a life partner and talking about the mistakes that so many people make. Mainly not expanding the pool of candidates and being pressured to make a choice between 25 to 35. Says it's better to be single at 37 looking for the right person than being 35 in a bad marriage. And women have the double whammy of dealing with the biological clock although the author says it is better to adopt later in life than to get married just to have kids.

For those of us in the D/s lifestyle, the pool is even smaller. Here's the link and then there's a part two.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Welcome back

One of the frustrating things about the blogging world is when some of the bloggers decide to leave.
Even Bonnie departed recently.

But I have good news because one of the bloggers has decided to return after a long absence. She's Jen, who is one of the bloggers I've had the pleasure of meeting. She has an interesting story to tell and I hope you will stop by and give her a shout out.

Here's a link to her blog:


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rose petals and rituals

I don't think I'll ever forget how nice our first Valentine's Day weekend together was. We had a a wonderful time although it was all too short.

I added a couple of special touches because it was Valentine's Day. I give her a glass vase with a dozen roses each time she comes. The florist I go to does a nice job. I used to do arrangements but she really seems to like the roses so I get those now. I hope they don't become routine but she always seems to love them. And after they wilt, I put the empty vase with the pink ribbon on a dresser in my bedroom as a reminder of her visits. This time she brought some of the roses home. She was going to try to press them but decided to dry them out.

Besides the roses, I added a Love You helium balloon. Also saw they were selling a small box of rose petals. When I left with the roses, balloon and rose petals, a woman customer said something like she's lucky girl. Made me feel good.

Anyway, before I left to pick her up at the airport, I spread the petals on the hardwood floor with the roses and the balloon on the top separating the kitchen from the great room so when she walked in she would see the petals, balloon and roses. And I had a wrapped box with my gifts.

She seemed to be impressed and that was just the start of a great weekend.

Along the way, she got three hard bare hand spankings. She was bouncing on the bed and yelping but she didn't say to stop. It's difficult to know how long to keep going. Don't want to stop too soon or go too far. Want it to be just right. And the spankings started good scenes that ended with her having loud, noisy cums, which I love.

We didn't spend all of our time in bed playing. Just seemed like it. At least we got out of bed fore noon. LOL.  We went to dinner at a French bistro Friday night and went tot he beach Saturday although it was quite windy and to a forest preserve on Sunday.

And then I added another ritual. I love our rituals like picking out her panties and her doing quiet time,  not shaving her pussy hair, only cuming with me, emailing and chatting each morning and night. But some of my ideas didn't work for her like writing things on her body with a magic market like "Sir's pussy.''  The trouble is it sometimes came off on her clothes. And she wanted comfortable not shaving her pits so I scrapped those.

So I decided it was time for a new ritual. I decided to tie a string around her under his boobs as a sign of her submission. She will wear it 24/7 except when she showers and can replace it. To make it more comfortable, I got a ball of yarn instead of string. I changed the yarn after each shower (we shower together which is always nice) and I gave her the ball of yarn to take home. But she takes the last one I put on her off to shower and then puts it back on. She likes knowing that was the one I put on her. So we now have a new ritual. I know this might seem unusual but I like it.

The only downside is that she had to leave Monday. It's so difficult to say goodbye. We're already counting the days to her new visit. Meanwhile, I haven't washed the sheets yet that we slept in. Makes me feel closer to her. But I still miss having her in my arms since I seem addicted to cuddling.

FD   .


Friday, February 21, 2014

Heartwarming tale

In Oslo, they filmed an experiment by having a boy shivering at a bus stop to see how people would react. Several gave him their coat or gloves. What would you do? Here's the link to the video and story. The video is worth watching as it shows some people having compassion for the young boy.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Does a more equal marriage mean less sex?

This was the headline in a story in the NY Times that marriages in which men do housework tend to have less sex than marriages in which he takes out the garbage and cleans the garage.

And as women get to get more power in the workplace, they tend to want to be more submissive in the bedroom. This was directed more at vanilla couples. I know the readers here tend to want the submissive lifestyle, but I thought you might find the article interesting even though it is magazine length. Share you thoughts. Here's the link:


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Roses and Thorns

You may have heard of the BDSM book, "Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns.''

With my girl visiting for Valentine's Day tomorrow, I think both are appropriate. Roses and thorns should be part of her day as we spend Valentine's Day together for the first time. It's a day for lovers and how nice we will be together.

Since the cleaning lady spiffed the place up Wednesday, I then started putting out my toys for her arrival. Including:

--A flogger and riding crop. No explanation needed although she prefers hard, quick hand spanking.

--Cuffs attacked to the head of the bed to keep her arms restrained.

--Cuffs that fit to the top of the door so she can be strung up with his arms above her head.

--Nipple suckers. She gave me them for Christmas. Nice for nipple play as they enlarge in the cylinder.

--Clothespins. They sting as much taking them off as putting them on.

--The magic wand. Stimulates her clit so well. Love getting her wet and then licking those juices and feeding them to her as she sucks them off my fingers.

--Three vibrating battery operated dildos. A new addition to my collection. You know those catalogs you get in the mail selling various things. Well, the newest one had two pages of sex toys. I guess they're becoming mainstream. They had three cheap vibes so I decided to get them. Kind of redundant with the magic wand, but, hey, why not?

--Butt plug. Can't ignore her butt.

--A hog tie kit. It's already put together for easy use.

--Whipped cream. That's in the fridge. I love to suck it off her nipples.

She will also arrive wearing red panties. One of our rituals is that I pick out the panties she wears every day. Red is one of my favorites anyway, but I think it's appropriate for Valentine's Day,

Not that she wears panties or bra in the house. Or anything else for that matter except usually a bathrobe so I have easy access to her. We have a ritual as I undress her. I unbutton her blouse, and unfasten her bra and then she cups her boobs and presents them to me. Then I slide off her pants and panties and we begin. She says I am insatiable but I think she wouldn't me any other way.

I have to admit, though, that we don't all the time playing with toys. I love cuddling and fondling her so we spend a lot of time that. Even when we watch TV, I like rubbing her boobs although I have to resist not squeezing too much or they get sore. Nice soft rubbing works well.

And we will be going out to a nice French bistro Valentine's night and I will be grilling baby back ribs Saturday night.

I think we should have a fun Valentine's weekend, too. I hope you do too. And the advertisers make sure no man in America can forget Valentine's Day with all the ads they run. And I hope the guy in your life gives you some thorns or spankings to celebrate.



Sunday, February 9, 2014

Body image

I've written before on the bad message sent to women when models and movie stars are too thin. I actually prefer curvy women.

Anyway, here is a study of how body images have changed over the last 100 years and how models today are 23 per cent different than average women. I think this makes many women feel negative thoughts about their bodies. I hope our bloggers think positive thoughts about their bodies and that the men in their relationships give them positive feedback.

Here's the link:

Your thoughts!!!!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Sex in America

Here's a story on a survey of Sex in America that says, among other things, that only eight per cent of women think it is appropriate to have sex on first date while 37 per cent of the men do.

And according to annual Singles in America study, the people having the most orgasms live in Miami or have androids or work in computer and electronic fields.

Another tidbit: 74 per cent of men would be comfortable dating a woman with more sex partners than them.

And both men and women think it's best to have sex two to three times a week, with 65 per cent of men and  69 per cent per cent of women saying 10 p.m. is about right.

Only 15 per cent of men say they'd like to have sex every day. And only 12 per cent of the women do. It wasn't mentioned in the survey but the men and women who like sex every day probably aren't in a relationship with each other.

Here's the link:

Your thoughts.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

A heartwarming story

I wanted to share this story about how a restaurant manager reacted when a mother asked him, "Do you know what it is like to have a child with autism?''

The restaurant manager will warm your heart with his reaction.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Passion in marriage

I've often thought that D/s relationships may have more sizzle than vanilla ones because the rituals like spanking and bondage are like extended foreplay and help keep couples close together. Don't know if this is true but just my theory.

Anyway, here's an article from a book called "Love Illuminated: Exploring Life's Most Mystifying Subject (With the help of 50,000 Strangers).''

The author is the editor of the Modern Love column in the NY Times and 50,000 people have shared their views, mostly on the fading of sizzle through the years.

He has categories of how people deal with this. He starts with what he calls sneakers, often online, but he says that's just a fantasy for most.

Then there are the quashers, who quash unfulfilled desires. They run the gamut from bitterly resigned to appreciatively resigned. The appreciatively resigned seem to be the healthiest and happiest. They dwell not on their marital shortfalls, but count their mutual blessings. They manage to grow together rather than apart.

Then there are the restorers who tend to try to restore things with stuff like date nights, counseling, scheduled sex, 10 for 10s (10 hugs a day of 10 seconds every single day), etc.

Eventually, restorers return to their original and most perplexing question: How much do we have have a right to expect from marriage? Is this simply as good as it gets? And is there a risk in pressing for more you will turn something pretty good into something really bad? Some will take that risk. Others will join the ranks of the appreciatively resigned. They will realize passion does not equal love, and that the loss of one doesn't necessarily mean the loss of the other.

Now here's the article:

I hope you will read the article and give us some insight on your views and how you cope with this in your marriage or relationship. The nice thing about blogging is that we can share our views. I hope you will And if you have managed to retain the sizzle, let us know how you do it.