Friday, December 7, 2018

Sex for 365 days in a row

Saw an article about a woma had her third kid and wan't feel very sexy and her solution was to have sex every day for a year. Of course, her husband was on board with the idea and she said they did it and had many positive benefits and it helped her feel better about herself.
Can anybody imagine really doing this?
Your thoughts?

Florida Dom 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry I haven't posted in ages, but wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
I will be spending the day with my good girl and we will be giving thanks that we found each other. Counting her two dogs, there will be four of us and they will want much attention as they always do.
If the weather is OK, Simone -- a pit mix -- will be eager for a walk and looking for squirrels.
Jett is an older dog we found at a rescue like Simone, a lab mix we fear was abused because he runs the other way if he sees the the leash so he is not ready for walking. We hope we will earn his trust and will be going on walks by next Thanksgiving.
Again, hope the holiday finds all of you well. I don't post often enough but think of the friends I've made here often.

Florida Dom   

Thursday, July 26, 2018

It's a dog's life

I never had much interaction or much interest in dogs. Our daughters had a cat growing up but cats are independent. The whole walking the dog thing didn't appeal much to me.
And then my good girl found a mixed pit at a shelter about a year ago and I found out why they call dogs man's best friend.
She loves to lay on her back and get belly rubs and lick your face and often wants to play. She has a ball slightly smaller than a basketball with ridges she can sink your teeth into and she wants you to try to pull it away from her which is almost impossible.
And she is smart and knows what she is supposed to do. She never climbs on our bed, for example, and she didnt take long to get housebroken. Once we started letting her sleep in a doggy bed at the foot of our bed, she used to wake up and come to my good girl's side and one of us would get up and take her out. But a couple of times, she just said go back to bed and Simone did. Now she stays in her bed until we get up.
But she will try to get away with things she knows she is not supposed to do if she thinks she can. She often has a rash on her lower belly and the vet hasn't been able to figure out the cause. Meanwhile, she likes to lick it, which we don't think is a good idea, but if we're not looking, she will. And we just say "hey" and she immediately stops. Or if she starts barking at a dog on the other side of the fence. When we open the door and say get in here, she immediately runs to the door but she seems to figure she will do it until we we tell her to stop.
And all bets are off when she sees a squirrel. She will pull on her leash trying to chase it. Of course, the squirrel just climbs a tree and all she can do it get up on her hind legs and look up at the tree. She can't figure out she will never catch one.
There are times my good girl and I disagree on dog parenting. Some days she doesn't each much and my good girl gets concerned. Maybe she is tired of the dog food or whatever. But I say no dog is going to starve when food is available even if she would prefer treats.   
Anyway, I was dubious about the idea of getting a dog, but have to admit she is fun to have around.


Pajama Man

I am spending three weeks with my good girl while she works on a big project and I am keeping your lovely dog Simone busy so she doesn't distract my good girl. So not much to report on the kinky front. But there has been one change. I am now wearing pajamas. I hadn't worn them when we've been together in the past. But her niece was visting and while I planned to get dressed before I left the bedroom in the morning, we just felt it would be more appropriate if I wore pajamas. You know in the unlikely event there was some kind of an emergency and I didn't have time to get dressed.
To my surprise, my good girl said I looked "distinguished'' coming to bed in pajamas. And so I am now wearing pajamas. Have to like that distinguished look, I guess. If they're good enough for Hugh Hefner, I guess they are good enough for me.


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Vaginas and menstration as Twitter topics

If you are on Twitter, you might want to go to @alisonpool for her two long threads on vaginas and menstration with many women chiming in with their comments. Two topics you don't usually see on Twitter being discussed in a serious manner.



Saturday, June 23, 2018

Seven tips on oral sex

Here is a Huffington Post story on seven tips on going down on a women.
Do any of our female bloggers want to add anything. I thought asking if she
likes what you are doing is good advice along with using fingers as well
as your tongue.

For some reason the link didn't click on so you may want to go to the
Huffington Post to read it.

Curious about the feedback.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Happy Sub Day

That was the email saying Happy Sub Day I got from a sub shop offering me a free sub on my birthday. Too bad they didn't send the same message to my good girl whose birthday is one day before mine. I guess I can't expect a Happy Dom Day email.



Did you see somebody ordered a cake for a graduate at Publix -- big supermarket chain in southeast -- and ordered Summa Cum Laude written on it. They wrote with frosting Summa - Laude and left out the word cum. What is wrong with these people. I never thought of the phrase in that way. And the chain also gave big bucks to a NRA booster running for governor and is now being boycotted. I hope the Parkland kids make sure he doesn't win. By the way, the guy wearing the If You Put My Meat in your Mouth you'll swallow" or something like that was in Publix. Strange times.


Orgy in the backyard

Well, we had something like seven males and three female ducks in the backyard screeching. And a couple of the males were fighting, I guess for the females. They would attack each other and we now have some feathers in the yard. And one male again almost fell over, seemingly satiated, after mounting one of the females. I'm have going to have to research the sex lives of ducks like on how long the females are in heat. The duck population will apparently continue to thrive in the pond that runs through our neighborhood.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Doggy tales

I've never had much first hand experience with having a dog in the house. Didn't have one growing up and when the kids were growing up, we got a cat, not a dog.

But about a year ago, my good girl saw the picture of a cute dog at a rescue shelter and decided to give her a home. She had been abandoned and was found in the streets and taken to a shelter. Well, the dog has been here since Christmas. When my good girl took a trip back home for 16 days, she left the dog here.

I was a bit apprehensive when she said the dog wa a pit mix, but she doesn't fit the pit bull stereotype. She's very friendly and loves to roll on her back and get belly rubs. I've been introduced to dog parks and to people who have dogs. One of them even had a birthday party for her two dogs at the park. She even had cupcakes with a milk bone on top. I was given one and my good girl's dog virtually inhaled it.

She quickly figured a way to get more. She went to the table where the cupcakes were and some of the people had them in their hands so she went up to them, sat quietly and looked up at them with a sad face and got a couple of people to feed her more. That's her. When we're in the kitchen she's right there hoping we give her something and drop something on the floor. We try not to feed her people food because we want her to keep eating doggy food but sometimes we relent. She whines at times when she wants somebody to play with her but when she is looking for our food, she just sits there and looks up at us with those sad eyes. She nows how to play us.

She's also like an alarm clock. She sleeps in a doggy bed in the bedroom and at about 730 she gets up and comes to the side of our bed and is just tall enough to put her head on the bed but never jumps on it. And she loves to swim at the doggy park.

I can now see how people get attached to dogs think they are members of the family. Right now, she is curled up on the couch next to me as I type. She often puts her head between my legs right in front of the computer. I have to admit that when she goes home with my good girl later this week, it will seem kind of strange when I return and she's not here.

If any of the bloggers have dogs, I think they will understand.


Can you believe this?

I was at the grocery store today and a burly guy had a T shirt saying something like, "When I put my meat in your mouth, you want to swallow.''

And he was with a nice looking woman and they had a kid with them. I was dying to say to her: Dlio you like that T shirt but I didn't. I did once see a woman in a car dealership wearing a steel collar and I asked her if she was submissive and she said yes.

What would you think if the guy in your life wore a T shirt like that in public? Would you think it would be appropriate or not?


Sex in the backyard

There was a sexy scene in my backyard this morning. I missed it because I was playing tennis but my good girl heard the ducks screeching in the backyard. There were near the lanai and don't usually get that close to the house from the pond. She went to look to see what wa going on and there were four ducks, three males and a female and they were mating. WOW group sex in the backyard. She said one of the males basically fell to his side after mounting the female. She didn't get her Iphone out until the four of them were eating the bird see in the backyard. And one of the males kept chasing the other two males away but they kept coming back. She captured that scene on the video. 

Anyway, sorry so long since I've updated my blog. Except for a 16 day trip back home, my good girl has been here since Christmas. But all good things seem to come to an end. She leaves Thursday for the two day trip home with her cute dog who is now curled up next to me on the couch as I type. I will drive with her going home and then fly back on the last day of the month.     

Want to say hello to all my blogger friends and give congrats to PK on new latest book. Will try to do a better job of saying in touch.


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Morning kisses

I woke up around 6 am and came into the living room while the puppy remained in her doggy bed in the bedroom. She finally came ambling in around 730, jumped on the couch and started licking my face before curling up with her head on my lap. Then when i got up to start fixing breakfast, she rolled on her back on the floor looking for belly rubs. And then when I returned to the house to write this, she started licking my face again. She loves attention. Now she is back curled up with her head in my lap. She lives the good life.


Friday, March 23, 2018

I'm finally back

Sorry it has been so long since I posted but sometimes life gets in the way of me blogging.
If you read my good girl's blog poured out (on my blogroll), I had surgery on a artery in my neck that was 70 percent blocked in early January. Since she isn't working, she came to visit at Christmas and then stayed to help me recover. The operation was a success and I had an ultrasound today to make sure everything is going well. The techs aren't supposed to give you info but she said docs did a good job to I assume things are fine.
Unfortunately, in early February, I got the flu followed by a cold and then she caught it so we spent a lot of time under the weather. But it still such a treat to spend two months together. The problem is she had to return home to catch up on things and the longer she stayed here, the harder that was to do. She finally left two weeks ago and will return tomorrow. She left her puppy here with me.
That was a new experience because while my kids had a cat growing up, I had no experience dealing with a puppy. She is very sweet and needy but then maybe most dogs are. Right now, I'm writing this on the couch and she is curled up next to me. As long as I stay on the couch watching TV or on my computer, she stays. But the minute I get up, she usually does too. If I'm in the kitchen, she looks at me with sad eyes hoping I will give her some food. I don't do it too often because I want her to eat dog food but I will do it on occasion. She also likes to play tug of war and chase a ball I toss it.
We happen to live a couple of miles from a doggy park and she loves it playing with the other dogs and swimming in the pool they have. She won't jump into the deep end, though. She walks in the shallow end and then swims.
We had a mishap the other day driving home when she jumped out of the car. I freaked out. I think she may have seen the squirrel. Fortunately, she was OK except for wound on forehead. The vet said it was no big deal and gave me some ointment but I still had to call my good girl to tell her. That wasn't a fun call since she had said not to open the windows when the dog was in the car, But she understood, I think. LOL.
Meanwhile, I am playing tennis several times a week.
Also hope all the bloggers and doing well and enjoying the lifestyle and I will try to blog more often.