Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Sorry that three weeks have slipped by since my last update.
The last time I wrote, my good girl and I were celebrating New Year's and we've had one more weekend together since then and I will be visiting her for a week starting a week from Wednesday.
It's always great to spend time together although my broken thumb has made it difficult for cuddling, much less other activities. Oh, and aunt flo came along for her last visit. Not a good threesome.
I continue to heal slowly and see the doctor again Wednesday and find out if I will continue to wear the Velcro cast or whether some other kind of wrap. I figure I probably have four to six weeks to go for it to heal completely.
One thing we've done well is spend a lot of time in bed -- sleeping. She actually sleeps better when I am in the bed. And when I wake up in the night, she likes me to cuddle. It doesn't wake her up but she is aware of it.
Another thing we've done is see three really good movies. I am not too thrilled with the state of moviemaking these days. Too many explosions and too much violence. I just watch the trailer and am not interested in the movie. But Sully, Hidden Figures and Fences are movies with adult themes that are quite interesting.
Sully is the story of the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson after geese flew into his engines. My first thought was how do you make a movie out of a 16 minute event. He had two minutes to land the plane and New Yorkers -- ferry and police boats -- got all the survivors out safely in 14 minutes. The water was freezing in January so they didn't have much time to rescue them. The drama in the movie is that the NTSB first tried to blame him for not going back to the airport instead of landing in the river. He was eventually vindicated.
Hidden Figures is about three black women who helped do the math that helped the space program get off the ground in the 1960s while dealing with the discrimination of the time. They got no attention at the time although they had the respect of their colleagues. When John Glenn was about to take off on the first orbit of the earth by the U.S., the computers were showing different figures on two days. Glenn said, "What does the girl think?'' Of course, using the word girl for a woman is troubling but it was a different time. The key thing is he respected her opinion and she did the math and said it was a go. It's worth watching.
And Fences is about Danzel Washington playing a garbage man in Pittsburgh who was a great baseball player but wasn't given a chance to play in the majors because of the color ban that wasn't broken until 1947. Don't want to give away two much of the plot in case you see it. Viola Davis plays his wife and has a very powerful scene that won her a Golden Globe.
I've also dealt with health issues lately and including my visit to the emergency room when I broke my thumb, I've had x-rays, two ultra sounds and three cat scans. So far, nothing serious but it's like they do one test and see something else and say we better check that out. Still keeping my streak alive of not spending a night in a hospital in decades. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Hope all is well where you are and hope you are getting the year off to a good start.