Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A second Christmas

Want to wish you all a happy holiday season. I have two Christmases, one with my kids and grandkids and then my good girl arrives tonight for New Year's Eve and we celebrate a second one. Unfortunately, I have the two Cs -- cold and a cough -- but I am sure she will provide TLC.

And she had a couple of packages shipped here. One was like three feet long and a foot and a half wide. I can't figure out what will be in there but can't wait to find out.

Hope you all have a wonderful year and will find time to keep blogging. It's good to keep up with the friends in blogland.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Do you like to sleep alone even after sex?

Here's a woman writing that she likes to sleep alone even after sex.
I love cuddling and falling asleep in each other's arms after sex is great. But are there any others out there who prefer to sleep alone after sex?
Your thoughts.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Eight tips to a lasting marriage

I thought this article was interesting about tips to a lasting marriage. The first was having a cheaper wedding. I heard on the radio this weekend that the more couples spend on the wedding, the more likely they aren't likely to last. Don't know why. Another thing I was interesting was that it's good to watch movies together. My good girl and I enjoy that. Anyway, here's the link:
Your thoughts

What to do on those nights when you're too tired and he wants sex

I think you will find this interesting. A perfect description of a wife exhausted from putting to kids to bed and just wants to relax and her husband is in the mood. What to do?
Your thoughts?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Erotic photos in the early days of photography

As soon as photography was invented, taking photos of naked women -- and some men -- became popular. Here's a photo of a naked woman on a grainy photo from 1855 along with some other more recent photos. You can click on the link if you are interested:
Your thoughts?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Having hair rather than going bare making a comeback

Here's an interesting story saying some woman aren't waxing and shaving the way they used to and are letting their pubic hair grow.
Your thoughts?


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas stress

Well, it's coming and it's coming fast. Just a week from Thursday. Time for family and good
cheer and the holiday spirit and all those things. And I hope you all enjoy the season.
But am I the only one who feels a lot of stress at this time of year. So much to do. Christmas
cards, putting up the tree, gifts, traveling and all the rest.
Is it just me or do other bloggers feel it is difficult to celebrate the season the way it is
portrayed by Norman Rockwell or the Currier and Ives paintings. Oh, and tomorrow
night it is time for luminara and I've got to put the sand in the bags and put the candles in
them and space them just right in front of the house.   
I hope I don't sound like Scrooge.


A different kind of honeymoon

Here's a feel good story about a couple that used their honeymoon funds to do random acts
of kindness in all 50 states.
I think they are two good people destined to have a fulfilling marriage. Hope you enjoy the
story as much as I did.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Souvenir of her visit

It is just an ordinary looking pillowcase. Nobody would know from looking at it that her essence has been on it. That it has been very wet. The wetness dries and there is no stain. But I remember it being very wet three different times and don't plan to wash it. It is my souvenir of her Thanksgiving visit.

It was our first Thanksgiving together and we started with a dinner at a fine restaurant. Then we came home and followed our usual ritual. I unbuttoned her top and then unfastened her red bra. I pick out the panties she wears each day and I always pick red for the day she visits. Then I tell her to present her boobs to me and she cups them and offers them to me. She knows they are mine and I suck her nipples and squeeze and rub her boobs and she loves me taking them for my enjoyment.

Then I pull down her pants and her red panties are in view. I am now about to feast on her pussy. I pull down her red panties and tell her to spread her legs and then I put my finger between her legs while she holds her hands on top of her head. I love seeing how how wet she is. She is obviously ready to be taken. And her pussy is natural and hairy the way a mature woman should be. She is no longer allowed to shave it. That is one of the many ways she serves me.

I tie her boobs and put her on the bed with a pillow under her butt for a good spanking and to give me better access and after the spanking, I suck and lick and finger her slit and insert my finger in my pussy to see how wet it is. Then I slide a vibrating egg in her pussy and turn it on. Because it is inside her, you can't hear it but you know she can feel it. And then I put the vibe on her clit. The combination of the egg and the vibe drives her into ecstasy and it is so intense that she tries to wiggle away from the vibe. I keep it on until I can see she can't take it any longer and give her a few moments to catch her breath. And she loves me talking dirty to her. And then I put it back on and she goes wild again. I do it a few more times until she is exhausted and her body is shaking. And then I remove the pillow and see how wet the pillowcase is. And then we cuddle and I stroke her and rub her until she falls asleep.

We repeat variations of this Friday night and Saturday morning and the pillowcase was wet all over again. Friday morning was reserved for her pleasing me with her tongue and mouth.

We also did some vanilla things, watching TV while I stroked her. And she baked me my favorite chocolate pie. Even baking is an act of submission because she wants to please me.

Her visit was all too short but I have that souvenir of her visit. It will be waiting to get wet again during her next visit when she serves me once again. My motto for her is SSO -- serve, submit and obey. I can't begin to describe how I love her serving me and giving me what I want. It gives me that wonderful feeling of control. She is my good girl and my dream girl.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to spend Black Friday

My good girl and I have the perfect way to spend Black Friday. We won't be leaving the house. We won't have to fight the crowds. No crowd in our bed with just the two of us as we cuddle and play. She's arriving Thanksgiving evening and we will go right our to dinner from the airport. And then we will come home. It's chilly, which is perfect cuddling and spanking weather. It's our first Thanksgiving together. Perfect family holiday. We are in an LDR but we still feel like the two of us are a family.

And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there in the blogging world.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Celebrity women with pit hair

I know pit hair is a taboo in our society, which is why I like it. Here's a photo essay of 16 celebrity women photographed with pit hair. Madonna is not surprising. But it was surprising that Sophia Loren and Julia Roberts were in the montage. Here's the link:
Your thoughts?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Free the nipple

I doubt many bloggers want to go topless in public but here's a story on women who do:
Share your thought.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here's why faking orgasms may not be good for your relationship

I thought this article was interesting on why faking orgasms may not be good for your relationship.
Do any bloggers fake them? Please share your thoughts.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Playing tennis in a stocking cap

I know I won't get much sympathy for those of you buried in snow up north but it is cold even here in Florida. Was in the 30s this morning and the car was frosted over. Last night,I left for tennis when the temperature was 50. By the time I got back home, it was 41. Wore a stocking cap and several layers of clothes. You might say why do we play in cold weather. Good question but the other guys want to play and if I back out, they don't have a foursome.

Are any of our bloggers snowed in up north and if so, how are you spending your time. I hear in the Buffalo area they have a driving ban. I guess hospital personnel are working 24/7 if they can't leave because the next shift of workers can't get there.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Good news

I'm happy to report my good girl is feeling much better and is back to work today. She actually went in yesterday and her boss told her to go home. It's company policy to stay home for 24 hours after you have a fever. She was surprised they enforced it. Want to thank you all for sending your good wishes.

With her feeling better and with her arriving next Thursday for Thanksgiving, I could again tell her I'm lusting for her soft, curvy body. I can't keep my my hands off her. I love lots of foreplay, petting her, rubbing her, stroking her and just cuddling with her. And sucking and licking is good. too. Love to lick whipped creams off her nipples. I think she likes knowing I want her although she just and calls me frisky when I get going like that and usually laughs. She says she is trying to lose some weight and I am fine with that because it's healthy but I like telling her that I love every inch of her the way she is. She says she isn't curvy but I think she's very curvy and I love all her curves.

Of course, we will be doing other things during  her visit. Of course. She doesn't arrive until about 5:30 on Thanksgiving Day and we're going right to a restaurant for dinner. Friday is Black Friday so we're going to stay in and avoid all the hassles. We will also spend a good amount of time in bed on Friday although she said she has to get up to bake. She wants to make me a chocolate pie, which is a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, she has to leave Saturday so it will be a short visit but she will be back New Year's Eve.

I am counting the days.


Monday, November 17, 2014

My good girl is under the weather

One of the difficult parts of being in an LDR is not being there when she needs a good hug.

One of our rituals is that she calls every morning before she goes to work. When it was past her usual time, I realized my phone was off the hook and figured she had called and got a busy signal. I figured she was already driving to work. So I called her cell and left a message and texted her that I was sorry I missed her.

She called a half hour later to say she wasn't feeling well -- fever and scratchy throat -- and was staying home from work. I put her back to bed but it's frustrating not being there for her. I can only hope she recovers quickly.

She's due to visit Thanksgiving and I will be counting the days.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love Our Lurkers Day

Are you a lurker? Do you read comments and never comment. Well, this day is for you and all the other lurkers. It's Love Our Lurkers Day. We're asking the lurkers to stop by and say hello. Or give any feedback you want. I was once a lurker and was encouraged by this day to start commenting. One thing led to another and I started this blog. I have made great friends here and have met three other bloggers besides my Good Girl, the love of my life. So if you're a lurker, don't be shy. Stop by and say hello. We are a friendly community here. If you're reading the blogs, you're interesed in the lifestyle so join in. If you want you can just say hello. Or tell us something about yourself and how long you have been reading blogs and how long you have been interested in the lifestyle. You are always welcome.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Five reasons why sex is better at 50 than 25

Do the 50somethings agree with this?

Talking about spanking with a colleague on an open mike

A California assemblyman named Michael D. Duvall was caught having this conversation on an open mike with a colleague:

"So, I am getting into spanking her''
 His colleague replied, You are?''
He said, "Yeah, I like it"
The colleague said, "Does she?''
He said, "Yeah when I spank her. She goes, "I know you like spanking me, don't ya?''
 He added, "I go, "That's because you're such a bad girl.''.
These comments were made five years and got a lot of notice recently when John Oliver played a clip of it on his HBO show. It's also on YouTube.
So I googled it and there's more. The woman he was spanking was not his wife but a lobbyist.
Reporters tried to talk to him and he fled them. He later resigned.
She is a lobbyist for a utility company and the company gave him $1,500 in campaign  contributions. The company was against a bill increasing the percentage of electricity utilities must procure from environmentally sensitive sources. Naturally, he was against the bill.
The company issued a statement saying, "The employee has denied the speculative media reports. Our investigation will be conducted to ensure not only that our policies on employee conduct are strictly adhered to, but also that our employee is treated fairly.''

During the conversation, the assemblyman also said she was going up and down stairs after sex and said "you're dripping out of me.''

Oh and in the conversation caught on the mike, he said he is having a second affair.

And the guy is a conservative Republican who opposes gay marriage. Doesn't say if he opposes gays spanking. An advocacy group said he got a 100 per cent rating from for voting for pro family legislation. A spokeswoman said, "It's unfortunate he wasn't living it out.''  

In comments on the story, somebody wrote, "Hey, who doesn't like some spanking now and then? Or frequently as the case may be.''

Unfortunately, this guy is not a good spokesman for spanking But it must not be such a taboo if the guy is bragging about it..

Postscript: The FBI conducted an investigation and said it would not pursue federal charges and the woman was reinstated (nice the woman didn't get fired which so often happens) and issued a statement, "This experience has been a professional and personal nightmare. I did nothing whatsoever illegal or unethical with former Assemblyman Duvall or anyone else.'' Her lawyer said what he said about her was a "plain old-fashioned lie'' although one person was quoted as saying their affair was the worst kept secret in Sacramento and they had been seen arm in arm in public. He was 54 and she was 36.  A staff ,member said, "He's old and fat. He's hot, blonde and about 20 years younger. He could have never gotten a woman like that before he got this job.'' She's apparently married.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Making sex better for women

Here's an interesting article about two women who have designed a hands free vibe that fits over a woman's clit during sex and gives her the stimulation she needs to her orgasm.
What do you think?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Good advice

Here's an article on six things to tell your daughters. I thought it will well done. Curious to get your opinion.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What do you like most about your body?

It's always good to think positive things about your body at a time when too many people think of negative things. Here's a group of women and men saying what they like about their bodies:
What is yours?


Friday, October 17, 2014

Body image

It is not exactly news that women often struggle with their body image in our society. Here's an interesting video on the subject.

Do you prefer a male boss over a female boss?

Here's a study saying workers prefer a male boss to a female boss. Do you?

Boob pictures in Moscow cause 500 accidents

I thought you'd find this interesting that pictures of boobs on trucks caused a rash of accidents in Moscow. I guess it shows the obsession with boobs never changes. And I presume males were involved in all the accidents.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Today's the day

My good girl is scheduled to arrive this afternoon and stay until Tuesday. The visit will be all too brief but we cherish our time together. And we love our rituals.

When we arrive home, we go to the bedroom and before she unpacks she stands before me, waiting for me to take her. I unbutton her blouse and remove it and then unfasten her bra and I tell her to cup her boobs and present them them to me.

I rub them, suck them and play with them. They are mine to be used for my pleasure.

Then I pull down her pants and remove her panties and she is naked before me. She is always naked in the house. I tell her to spread her legs as I rub her pussy.

And then we begin as I decide what is next as she serves me and is SSO, which stands for serve, submit and obey.

Of course, there will be spankings. I know some bloggers write they don't as many spankings as they want. I don't want her to have to write that blog.

And now I am counting down the hours.


Friday, September 5, 2014

The countdown continues

It is now just a week from today that my good girl will be making her next visit. We will be together for four nights. It will be so nice to go to sleep in each other's arms and wake up in each other's arms.

Of course, she will be naked in the house so her body is always ready when I want to use it as I take her for my pleasure. I love the way she submits and makes me happy. And she will be well spanked during her visit. Of course, we will also do vanilla things like walking in the grass in our bare feet as we look at the ducks in the pond behind our house. And listening to the fountain in the backyard.

I will be getting the toys out this weekend as a reminder of how I plan to use them and fill all of her holes. I want her to give me everything she has to give to make her feel more submissive. She is my good girl and my dream girl. If you've been a long term reader, you may remember by Training Lisa stories. I haven't written a new one but now I can live them by training her in the submissive lifestyle.

Counting the days now and will be soon counting the hours.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Top ten compliments women like to hear

Here's a list of ten compliments a woman likes to hear:
What do you like to hear him say?


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Do you like all men or short men or don't you care?

Here is an article on the differences between tall man and short men in determining who they marry.
Your thoughts?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Having a positive body image

Here is a story about how a woman overcame low self esteem and started to feel better about her body. I wish most women would feel more better about their bodies.
Your thoughts?

"Dating Naked"" star sues the show

Did you see this woman who went on a show called "Dating Naked'' (which I had never heard of) and was promised that while she would be naked, her private parts would be blurred. In one scene they weren't and she is suing for $10 million. Here's the link and you can click on the scene if you wish:
She seems to have a good case but going on the show in the first place wasn't exactly a great idea.
Your thoughts?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Here's a woman who's been taking topless photos of herself for 40 years

An interesting article about a woman who has chronicled her life by taking topless photos of herself for 40 years.
Your thoughts?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Do lesbians have more orgasms than straight women?

Here's an article saying lesbians have more orgasms than straight women. Could it be that two women together understand the better? Here's the link:
Your thoughts?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Should you marry for love?

Here's an article on why marrying for love may not be the best idea. But don't we all want to marry for love?
Your thoughts


She didn't marry the love of her life

Here's a story of a relationship that sounds like fiction. Curious your reaction.


Cooking frozen steaks

I didn't know you could cook frozen steaks. Here's an article explaining howl.
What do you think?


Do it matter which spouse in a marriage makes more money?

Here's a article discussing whether it matters which spouse in a marriage makes more money.
Since many of the bloggers are women, does it affect your marriage if you make more money than he does?


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Having sex every day

Here's an interesting article and video about a woman talking about havng sex and/or intimacy every day.
Your thoughts?
Doesn't mention spankings but then it is not a kinky site.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Sex spreadsheets

This topic started with a guy who kept a spreadsheet on the reasons his wife gave for not wanting sex. And then a wife put together her own spreadsheet. I thought you might enjoy the give and take.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Here's the preview for the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey"

I know the book "Fifty Shades of Grey'' has gotten mixed reviews in our little community. I wonder what we will think of the movie when it comes out next year. The preview trailer for the movie has come out and created a controversy. What do you think?

This story said it was too hot for TV and Kathie Lee Gifford said hide the children and dogs before showing it. I thought it was pretty tame but another example that anything that hints of BDSM is considered taboo these days.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Welcome back, Bonnie

It's always a sad time when one of the members of our community decides not to blog anymore. And it's a great time when one of them decides tor return to blogging.

I am sure most of you are familiar with Bonnie and the good news is that she has decided to return. I hope you stop by and wish her the best on her return.

Here is her new link:


Monday, July 21, 2014

Pain and pleasure

How can three nights and days go by so fast? It was like she was just here and, poof, she was gone. That is the pain and pleasure of an LDR. My good girl's visits are so sweet, but there is the pain of when she has to leave. It didn't help that her flights going and coming were delayed and she even missed a connection on the arrival and had to take the next flight.
It was late when she arrived and she was tired so we just had vanilla sex Thursday night. Didn't think the mood was right for a spanking. And it's also so nice just cuddling and sucking after being separated for several weeks.
By Friday morning, we were both ready for more. At least I was and she gives me what I want. I put her into a hog tie, which didn't go as well as I had hoped because it wasn't easy to get it just right. But I gave her a good spanking while she was hog tied. I decided I prefer cuffing her wrists to the head board so she can kick her legs when the spanks sting. After the spanking I, cuffed her wrists behind her and then marched her into the kitchen and had her rest her boobs on the counter. Perfect for spanking the tops of them with the riding crop. I then brought her back to the bedroom and strung her up by her arms above her head and put the suckers on her nipples and about 15 pins on each nipple. I left her there so the pins could sink in and then brewed the coffee. I then came back and removed them as she gasped. Coming off, they are more intense then putting them on. By this time, her arms were getting a but numb and I unhooked her. Having your arms held above your head is much more intense than you might think it is. If that isn't part of your play, just hold your arms above your head and see how long you can do it. Then it was time for sex and a very noisy orgasm. It's so nice when she says "fuck me.'' She also likes her nipples pinched hard when she cums. It makes them sore and sensitive when I suck them and that adds tot he sensation. She also sucked me to a nice orgasm. She loves sucking and, of course, I love her doing it. And she is good at it. Very good.
We then had a lazy day, watching some TV and having a nap before we went out to dinner that night. That was the first time she had clothes on since she had arrived except when she asked to wear a bathrobe for a bit after we showered together because it always feels so chilling when you step out of the shower. I finally got the temperature right where she felt comfortable being naked in the house and doesn't feel chilled. I love having her naked in the house, a sign of her submission and also a sign that her body is always ready for my use and easy to caress when we are watching TV. Well, she wore one thing, the string of yarn around her chest that fits under his boobs. I have her wear that except when she showers as another sign of her submission. Kind of a collar but something only the two of us know she has on.
That night I gave her a hand spanking and after a while asked her if she wanted more. I had done that on the two spankings that morning and she said no so I stopped. As I've said, I still have trouble deciding how much is too much. Her answer this time was that it was difficult answering that question. I guess she likes me taking charge so I continued until I decided she had enough. Trying to figure out the right length reminds me of the Goldilocks and the three bears -- not too hot or cold but just right. At least I know she will never be able to blog that she doesn't get enough spankings. Not at least when we're together.
I started Saturday off with another spanking, which is kind of our morning ritual after cuddling. I also put the nipple suckers on her after turning her over. Later, we did some shopping and watched a movie that night. Sunday morning was another spanking and nipple suckers and put the pins on while she was lying down. And I also put whipped cream on her nipples and sucked it off. I've also considered putting the whipped cream on her pussy but I like the natural scent and smell too much when I suck it and lick it. Then I had her put on some clothes and we had coffee on the lanai and walked on the grass in bare feet as we overlooked the pond and the house across the pond. And then she had to pack and the all too short visit was over. It is always a sad time to say goodbye, especially after a short visit.
But we are left with the memories. Oh, the memories. We both savor them. And look forward to making more memories.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

My good girl is on her way

My good girl just texted she is at the gate waiting to board the plane for her latest visit. Yes, after six long weeks, we will spend a weekend together. We wish it could be longer -- she has to leave Sunday -- but we cherish our moments together. And she's had some stress at work so it will be good to get away and get my stress removers.
We will be doing some vanilla stuff -- cuddling, watching our favorite TV shows,, visiting the beach and an arts festival, having coffee on the lanai, walking on the grass in the backyard on our bare feet and showering together..
And, of course, there will be spankings and pins and nipple suckers on her boobs as she is SSO -- my abbreviation for her serving, submitting and obeying.
My tennis matches were rained out the last three days and she joked my swinging arm might be a bit rusty. But I think I will be ready, She seems to like the take the pain for me although I still struggle with how much is just right.
 If you read poured out on my blog roll, she would like to do some decorating with a coastal themed d├ęcor until she came to a stop when she found a paddle headboard. She posted a picture of it. That may be a bit too coastal.
She will also do her quiet time each evening as she focuses on her submission.
And then one of my favorite activities is spreading her pussy lips and seeing how pink and juicy they are as they await my use. Those lips are so so sexy.
And I turn down the air conditioning so it is hotter than normal and she doesn't feel the need to wear many clothes.
We will pack as much fun as we can into the next three days
FD . 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kids watching their parents kiss

Here's a funny photo of two kids covering their eyes when their parents kiss. If you have young kids, how do they react to you showing affection to each other?


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hijacked by Google

I've been on a family vacation the last couple of weeks and wasn't able to post because each time I typed in, a thing from Google would pop up saying I wasn't at my usual address and that I needed to verify it was me. That was frustrating because I have an aol address tied to this blog, not a gmail address. I guess Google is trying to take over the world. Anyway, I am back home now so Google has stopped bothering me.  

Had a good time on my family vacations, especially with my 10 month old grandson' He is not quite crawling but moves on his belly pushing his arms and legs. My daughter calls it his Army crawl. And a three-year-old nephew was very cute. Wanted to hold Uncle's hand as we walked around a zoo and when he went to the ocean to fill his pail with water. Seemed to be afraid the waves would knock him down if he wasn't holding my hand. Once he got the pail filled, he would run back to the sand without needing his hand held. So cute..

Anyway am now back and starting the sixth year of my blog My fifth anniversary of my first post was five years ago on June 28, 2009.

I've had a great time here, met some wonderful people, including my good girl. I don't get as many comments or page views as I once did but maybe I haven't done a good job of posting enough.\

Anyway, want to thank PK who set the blog up for me originally and all the bloggers I've met here. Some of the bloggers have left in the last five years but we continue to get newcomers and welcome them all. May this continue to be a nice neighborhood of like minded folks.



Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Women enjoying their sexuality

I thought I'd share this post from Des on how she enjoys her sexuality. I think women who write blogs tend to be open with their sexuality but I know in our society, that is not always the case.
In case you didn't read her blog, enjoy:


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Are trophy wives a myth?

Here's an interesting article saying the whole concept of trophy wives is largely a myth. Don't know whether you agree or not.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sweet moments in a marriage

Here's a sweet story about a husband telling his wife and harried mother of five that she smelled nice. I won't give away the spoiler alert but it is a fun read.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The science of being sexy

Here's an article on six things that make you irresistible. One is humor and another point is that we don't fall in love with a person, we fall in love with how we feel when we're with them. I thought you might find it interesting.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Having big boobs

Here's a story by a woman talking about the challenges of growing up with big boobs. It is an interesting perspective.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Walking down the street as a female

Here's an article on women being harassed as they walk down the street. I guess this is an old problem that doesn't go away.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Looking at your vagina

Here's a story about a woman who ran an ad on Criag's list asking for women who'd never looked at their vagina. And she had them look at theirs. Here's the story and clip:
I don't know if most women take a hand mirror and check out their vaginas or not. I would think they'd be curious.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Vanilla time

Last night, we watched the final episode of this season of Mad Men on the couch with her having a heating bad on. Yes, her period arrived right on schedule. We knew it was likely to come and it arrived Sunday morning.
But we can't be about all spankings all the time. And it was still nice to spend time with her watching one of our favorite shows that had a smash finale. Don't know if you watch it but it is TV at its best.
Just spending time together can be so nice. And her next visit will be mid-July. Perfect timing.



Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lazy weekend

We do more than spanking when we are together. This morning when we finally got up, we walked in the backyard on bare feet and felt the wet grass and we looked across the pond that runs through the neighborhood.  And then we had coffee on the lanai and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Now we're checking our computers and after a late breakfast or lunch, we will head to an Arts Festival. And having a standing roast dinner tonight.

We could get used to this lazy lifestyle.

Will update on the spankings later. I got carried away spanking her pussy and got it a bit sore and sensitive so I couldn't suck on her clit too hard. Have to be more careful!!!! Oh, well, she says I am insatiable.

And we had wonderful birthday celebrations. More later.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Changing beauty standards

I rant from time to time that skinny models tend to make women feel anxiety about their bodies.
Here's an interesting article on photoshopping famous nude paintings to make the women look like today's skinnier models. I think it's worth a look:


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Birthday spanking

The timing is perfect for my good girl's arrival tomorrow. Our birthdays are back-to-back days Thursday (hers) and Friday (mine) and we also get to spend the holiday weekend together. What are the odds of our birthdays being on consecutive days?

Of course, she will be getting a good birthday spanking. I added a new dimension the last time she was here, cuffing her hands to the headboard and taking the riding crop and starting on the bottom of her feet, the inside of her thighs, her butt and shoulders. And then repeat and repeat so it's not the same place every time.

And I was planning on spanking her pussy and boobs when I turned her over but she asked for a pussy spanking when she was still on her tummy and I obliged. And then I put about 15 pins on each boob. They sting going on and even more so when I take them off. Instead of opening them as I take them off, I like to pull them off which increases the sensation. And the nipple suckers are a delight along with running the Wartenberg wheel over her body.

That was just the warmup for her noisy cums that left her shaking. 

Another favorite is cuffing her hands over her head to the cuff attached to the top of the door and then using the nipple suckers and pins along with the riding crop.

And she only wears a bathrobe around the house so I have easy access when I am in the mood to use her.

The one thing I still have somewhat of a problem in my head is just how much pain to deliver. I know it makes her feel submissive and it brings out my dom side but I am sometimes not sure if I am overdoing it. I don't know if other doms have this feeling. Sometimes when I am squeezing and rubbing her boobs while we watch TV, she will tell me they are getting sore so we seem to finding the right balance. She tells me I am insatiable but she doesn't seem to mind that. And we have our little rituals. She has to tie a piece of yarn around her chest under her boobs after she showers as a sign of her submission. No pain or even discomfort in that but just a reminder that she is mine.

We celebrated our third anniversary of when we started playing and she noted that leather is the symbol of the third anniversary as a sign of the durability of a relationship. And she gave me a leather paddle which I will be using this time.

An LDR relationship has its challenges but we cherish the times are together. Absence does seem to make the heart grow fonder. And now we're both counting the hours.


Friday, May 16, 2014

How to make love last

This is a long article but I think it is interesting. It says one problem in marriages and relationships is that people tend to get bored after a while. It also says that over time, arranged marriages tend to be better than love ones because the people in arranged marriages spend more time in trying to make it work.

They also say don't try to change your partner but idealize your spouse to make it think as if he/she is better than he/she really is. And do exciting things together.

Since many of us are in D/s marriages or relationships, let me add my two cents worth. I think we are less likely to get bored in these relationships because they are more creative when you are doing things like giving or receiving spankings or bondage or being dominant or submissive.

I think the article is worth the read and will be interested in your comments and thoughts.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mile High Sex

Here is a bizarre story of a woman busted for having loud sex in an airplane bathroom and getting handcuffed to her seat. And it says her parents were on the flight. Crazy.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Porn star's guide to a healthy sex life

Here's an interesting article on having a healthy sex life. Among other things, stay healthy, give yourself some alone time, tell your partner what you want and don't be ashamed of your desires.

Auctioning off her virginity

You may have heard about  the Duke student who is paying for his education by working in porn. Now here's a story about a med school student who is auctioning off her virginity at age 27 and has a bid for $300,000. The story says other women have done this.


Monday, April 28, 2014

A nude wife

Believe it or not, here's a guy who is complaining about his wife being in the nude in the morning.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Third anniversary

It was three years ago Thursday that my good girl and I played online for the first time.

We eventually started phoning and then met for the first time in the fall of 2012. And as I write this she is driving to the airport to make her third trip this year. The first two were for New Year's and Valentine's Day. She will spend five nights here and then be back for six nights over Memorial Day weekend.

We wish we could spend more time together but we cherish every moment and I have some special plans to celebrate the first time we've spent our anniversary together.

And when she visits next month, we will spend our birthdays together. Our birthdays are on consecutive days May 22-23. They're 24 years apart but age is only a number for us.

We are now counting the hours until we are in each other's arms.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Want to wish all the bloggers a Happy Easter or Passover. Hope you are celebrating with family and friends.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't feel bad if you don't help your kids with their homework

This is a fascinating article. You know the usual message that you should be involved in your kids' schooling and help them do their homework.

Here's research saying that doesn't help. The best role for parents is to stress the importance of schooling and learning to their kids and then get out of the way.

This reminds me that my older daughter claims that I got very upset when she got a C in her freshman year in high school. I don't remember this but my reply is, "Well, you never got another one.''

This shows that the conventional wisdom is sometimes not right. It is worth a read.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pit hair

Here's story about a photographer who took a series of pictures of women with armpit hair. The idea is about the natural look.

Of course, it is almost unheard of these days for women not to shave their pits but I thought I'd share the photos. I'm not sure when it became feminine for women to shave their pits but now it is almost universal.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Sex ed

It is no surprise that American tend to be hung up on sex and often don't have healthy attitudes about it although I think our little community is more positive about it. I think it dates back to our Puritan heritage. 

Anyway, here's an interesting article that notes Congress has spent $1.5 billion on abstinence only education, which is a waste of money. Students who have this education have sex before marriage as much as others but don't use protection as much and girls have higher pregnancy rates.

Also, only 48 per cent of Americans report they are sexually satisfied. In Italy, it's 64 per cent. In Span, it's 90. Spanish men are noted for being the best lovers and American men rank fifth from the bottom.

Here's the article:

Why do Europeans tend to be progressive about sex than we are. It's unfortunate.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Is pussy hair back?

Pussy hair seems to be a fashion that changes from time to time. Here's a story that the bush may be coming back. Do you like having a bush or prefer trimmed or bare?


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bride checks her phone

We've talked about people who answer the phone during sex but here is a video of a bride reaching
into her dress and checking her phone. The groom doesn't appear to be pleased.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Seven reasons to give hugs

I thought it was obvious that hugs are good for you. I love hugs and I hope you do, too. But here's an article on seven reasons why they're good.


Thursday, March 27, 2014


Twenty-seven years ago, a 16 year old woman who said she got pregnant when she was raped, hid her pregnancy and left the baby at a Burger King.

Here's the story of how they were reunited.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Senior sex

One of my tennis buddies in his 70s likes to meet women on the senior site Our Time and has had some interesting experiences.

A couple of weeks ago he was dating a woman in her sixties who was divorced after being married 41 years. She loved him playing with her clit. She'd moan, "right there, right there, right there.'' She said it had never felt so good and asked how he had learned to do that. Which made him wonder if her husband had never played with her clit. He figured they were in a relationship and then a few days later she said they weren't a good match. It was over. He was stunned. Guess the good sex wasn't enough for her.  He did say he told her he didn't like her hair style because of her ringlets but that shouldn't be a deal breaker. Would love to hear her version of the story.

Now he's dating a 60 year old divorced woman who is good looking and sexy but he can't get to first base. She won't invite him to her place after dates because she lives with her daughter and grandchild and she has turned down his offers to go to his place. They've got another date tonight and he will see if anything changes. He likes her and will keep going out with her but he even wonders if he is a "filler,'' which he said means maybe she has a boyfriend and he just fills in when he's busy.

Just goes to show that no matter what the age, the relationship between the sexes remains a puzzle.


Love story

Here's a story about a woman who met on a guy on a plane, didn't get his last name or contact info and then went looking for him on Twitter.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Please hurt me more

My good girl sends me an email every morning before she calls and here is what she said a day ago:

"I had a dream about you. I dreamed we were playing and I needed more...So I asked if I could ask you a question. I stood up and laid my head on your chest and said, Sir, please hurt me more.''

I think the dream was a sign she isn't getting enough time serving me lately. We've been in a perfect storm with her not feeling well, working insanely long hours and not being able to make much noise since her niece is living with her while going to school. Which means no vibe and spankings and she has to muffle her sounds when she cums.

We haven't had as much time to spend together at night as we used to so I've decided we have to have more play time when we are together. Last night, I had her put on the pins on her nipples when she called. After a few minutes of chatting, I let her take them off and rub her clit and g spot to get wet and then had her taste her juices and insert her dildo. When she pushes it in, I always ask her what it means and she says, "You want a well fucked pussy.''  And she fucked her pussy with the dildo and she came although had to force herself not to have one of the loud noisy ones she likes.

It was a step in the right direction.

I have to make sure going forward that we don't spend too much time being vanilla when we are talking. An LDR does create more challenges but I think the dream was sending a message she needs to be more submissive.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Play time

My good girl has been under the weather for over a week. Lots of coughing, scratchy throat, the whole nine yards. So our play time has been limited, which was especially frustrating since the niece who lives with her while she goes to college had gone home for spring break for a week. All those wasted days.

So last Saturday night, the coughing has subsided a bit and I asked her if she was ready to play. I had her put pins on her nipples and spank her pussy with a ruler, then take the pins off her nipples and put the vibe on her clit. Bingo, she came almost immediately. Then I had her to it again and another cum. And a third time until she said she was getting sore. She hadn't been feeling very horny because she hadn't been feeling well but I guess her body showed how much she missed the play time.

Since her niece was returning Sunday afternoon, we had another session around noon Sunday. This time, I went slower. Started with the pins on nipples and the pussy spanking. Then I had her take the pins off and spank her boobs and nipples. Then I had her rub her clit and g spot. That got her nice and wet and I had her taste her juices and then put some on  her boobs and pussy so the smell of her sex was in the air. Finally, I had her put the vibe on her clit and she came twice before she felt she was trembling. So I had her put on what I call her cuddling shawl and after spending some time with her for aftercare, I put her back to bed for a nap.

It is frustrating that our play time has been limited lately, especially since we are in an LDR but it was so nice to make up for lost time and to fantasize about how much we will enjoy her next visit.


Rings on neck fetish

I don't know if you're read about the women in tribes in Thailand and Burma wear several layers of rings around their necks that seem to stretch them although it apparently pushes down on their collarbone.

Now a 28-year-old woman in Los Angeles has done the same thing. Here's the link:

It just shows there are so many different fetishes.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

How often do women have orgasms during hookup sex?

We  read about how young people like hookup sex with no strings attached.

But a survey of over 13,000 college women shows it may not be  that great for women. Only 32 per cent had orgasms on the first hookup. By the sixth time, it jumps to 51 per cent. But if a woman has slept with a guy six times, it may be getting closer to a relationship.

And if a woman didn't want a relationship with a guy, only 37 per cent had orgasms. If they were interested in a relationship with him, it jumped to 45 per cent.

Also, 18 per cent said it help to have an orgasm if they rubbed themselves besides having sex. Only 9 per cent said if helped if the guy rubbed them, which seems to show, not surprising, that women know their bodies better than men do. And 15 per cent said it helped to have anal sex as well as vaginal sex.

Here's the story on the survey, which indicates women have more orgasms in committed relationships than during hookups.

Will be interested in your thoughts about hookup sex.

Also since this is March, if you have any questions, I will be happy to try to answer.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Looking for articles

I recently got an email from the author of

She said she is writing a paper for her sociology class and one of the topics is deviance.
She said it is discussing things that deviate from the cultural norms or even from subcultures.

She is thinking of writing it on the BDSM, D/s lifestyle and is looking for recent article or articles on how BDSM isn't a cultural norm. We know it isn't but she is looking for articles discussing the topic.

I told her I would blog her request in case any of my readers have articles on the subject they could send to her. Her email is

If anybody out there can help her, I am sure she would appreciate. And check out her blog. It is interesting and well done.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Women being naked on screen

You would think actresses get accustomed to showing skin on screen. But here's the actress who does nude scene in the series "Shameless'' saying she is nothing like her on screen character and that it is weird going on a first date with a guy who's been your boobs.

It's an interesting perspective. Here's the link:


A heartwarming tale

Here's the short story of the owner of a consignment shop who heard a young woman crying in the fitting room  because he didn't have a size 22 dress to fit her for the prom.

She left without the owner getting his name but he went on Facebook to find her. What happened then is a nice tale.

Here's the link


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First kiss

Here's a 3 1/2 minute video shot as part of an ad campaign in which 20 strangers -- 10 couples -- were asked to kiss for the first time. It's kind of sweet as they act awkward but then get into it. Take a look:


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stanford rejects kinky club

You would think universities are tolerant of alternative lifestyles, but here's a story on Stanford rejecting a kinky club even though some Ivy League schools have accepted them.

It goes to show that the kinky lifestyle has a ways to go before it becomes mainstream despite the success of "Fifty Shades of Grey.''

Here's the link"


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ginger root on sale

I was at the supermarket today and spotted the sign that ginger root was on sale for $1 off.  I couldn't help smiling. I had never heard of ginger root until I started reading blogs. Maybe a kinky store manager decided put it on sale. LOL. I thought I'd share that with you.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Slow sex

Here's an interesting article saying that 20 per cent of people will interrupt sex to answer the phone. Have you ever done that?

Anyway, the message is we should slow down our frantic lives to enjoy sex more. I love slow sex,. plenty of foreplay and aftercare. When my good girl is here, we usually spend much of the morning in bed.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The six-minute cum

My good girl stayed home from work yesterday because of bad weather. She is a hard worker who wouldn't goof off because she was home but I had to take advantage of the fact she was alone so I told her to give me five minutes to 10 minutes of her lunch time.

I started with 10 spanks of her boobs and 25 of her pussy with a ruler and loved hearing her groan as she felt each stroke. That took about three figured that warmed her up and then I had her put the vibe on her clit and it wasn't long before she was moaning. And, bingo, in about three minutes, she had a loud, noisy cum. The kind I love. Then a couple minutes of after care and she was able to get back to work in 10 minutes.

But what a nice memorable break in her work day. Too bad, we can't do that in her office. Of course, I prefer long sessions but a quickie can be nice, too.

Also, March is question and answer month so if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Senior sex

Here's a story that it is a good idea for older married couples to keep having sexual activity even if they have to make adjustments because of their age.


Vibrating condom

This is the first I heard that Bill Gates and his wife have called on inventors to come up with the next generation condom that provides more sensation. Here's the story and an experimental one.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Choosing a life partner

For all of our single bloggers, here's some good advice on finding a life partner and talking about the mistakes that so many people make. Mainly not expanding the pool of candidates and being pressured to make a choice between 25 to 35. Says it's better to be single at 37 looking for the right person than being 35 in a bad marriage. And women have the double whammy of dealing with the biological clock although the author says it is better to adopt later in life than to get married just to have kids.

For those of us in the D/s lifestyle, the pool is even smaller. Here's the link and then there's a part two.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Welcome back

One of the frustrating things about the blogging world is when some of the bloggers decide to leave.
Even Bonnie departed recently.

But I have good news because one of the bloggers has decided to return after a long absence. She's Jen, who is one of the bloggers I've had the pleasure of meeting. She has an interesting story to tell and I hope you will stop by and give her a shout out.

Here's a link to her blog:


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rose petals and rituals

I don't think I'll ever forget how nice our first Valentine's Day weekend together was. We had a a wonderful time although it was all too short.

I added a couple of special touches because it was Valentine's Day. I give her a glass vase with a dozen roses each time she comes. The florist I go to does a nice job. I used to do arrangements but she really seems to like the roses so I get those now. I hope they don't become routine but she always seems to love them. And after they wilt, I put the empty vase with the pink ribbon on a dresser in my bedroom as a reminder of her visits. This time she brought some of the roses home. She was going to try to press them but decided to dry them out.

Besides the roses, I added a Love You helium balloon. Also saw they were selling a small box of rose petals. When I left with the roses, balloon and rose petals, a woman customer said something like she's lucky girl. Made me feel good.

Anyway, before I left to pick her up at the airport, I spread the petals on the hardwood floor with the roses and the balloon on the top separating the kitchen from the great room so when she walked in she would see the petals, balloon and roses. And I had a wrapped box with my gifts.

She seemed to be impressed and that was just the start of a great weekend.

Along the way, she got three hard bare hand spankings. She was bouncing on the bed and yelping but she didn't say to stop. It's difficult to know how long to keep going. Don't want to stop too soon or go too far. Want it to be just right. And the spankings started good scenes that ended with her having loud, noisy cums, which I love.

We didn't spend all of our time in bed playing. Just seemed like it. At least we got out of bed fore noon. LOL.  We went to dinner at a French bistro Friday night and went tot he beach Saturday although it was quite windy and to a forest preserve on Sunday.

And then I added another ritual. I love our rituals like picking out her panties and her doing quiet time,  not shaving her pussy hair, only cuming with me, emailing and chatting each morning and night. But some of my ideas didn't work for her like writing things on her body with a magic market like "Sir's pussy.''  The trouble is it sometimes came off on her clothes. And she wanted comfortable not shaving her pits so I scrapped those.

So I decided it was time for a new ritual. I decided to tie a string around her under his boobs as a sign of her submission. She will wear it 24/7 except when she showers and can replace it. To make it more comfortable, I got a ball of yarn instead of string. I changed the yarn after each shower (we shower together which is always nice) and I gave her the ball of yarn to take home. But she takes the last one I put on her off to shower and then puts it back on. She likes knowing that was the one I put on her. So we now have a new ritual. I know this might seem unusual but I like it.

The only downside is that she had to leave Monday. It's so difficult to say goodbye. We're already counting the days to her new visit. Meanwhile, I haven't washed the sheets yet that we slept in. Makes me feel closer to her. But I still miss having her in my arms since I seem addicted to cuddling.

FD   .


Friday, February 21, 2014

Heartwarming tale

In Oslo, they filmed an experiment by having a boy shivering at a bus stop to see how people would react. Several gave him their coat or gloves. What would you do? Here's the link to the video and story. The video is worth watching as it shows some people having compassion for the young boy.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Does a more equal marriage mean less sex?

This was the headline in a story in the NY Times that marriages in which men do housework tend to have less sex than marriages in which he takes out the garbage and cleans the garage.

And as women get to get more power in the workplace, they tend to want to be more submissive in the bedroom. This was directed more at vanilla couples. I know the readers here tend to want the submissive lifestyle, but I thought you might find the article interesting even though it is magazine length. Share you thoughts. Here's the link:


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Roses and Thorns

You may have heard of the BDSM book, "Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns.''

With my girl visiting for Valentine's Day tomorrow, I think both are appropriate. Roses and thorns should be part of her day as we spend Valentine's Day together for the first time. It's a day for lovers and how nice we will be together.

Since the cleaning lady spiffed the place up Wednesday, I then started putting out my toys for her arrival. Including:

--A flogger and riding crop. No explanation needed although she prefers hard, quick hand spanking.

--Cuffs attacked to the head of the bed to keep her arms restrained.

--Cuffs that fit to the top of the door so she can be strung up with his arms above her head.

--Nipple suckers. She gave me them for Christmas. Nice for nipple play as they enlarge in the cylinder.

--Clothespins. They sting as much taking them off as putting them on.

--The magic wand. Stimulates her clit so well. Love getting her wet and then licking those juices and feeding them to her as she sucks them off my fingers.

--Three vibrating battery operated dildos. A new addition to my collection. You know those catalogs you get in the mail selling various things. Well, the newest one had two pages of sex toys. I guess they're becoming mainstream. They had three cheap vibes so I decided to get them. Kind of redundant with the magic wand, but, hey, why not?

--Butt plug. Can't ignore her butt.

--A hog tie kit. It's already put together for easy use.

--Whipped cream. That's in the fridge. I love to suck it off her nipples.

She will also arrive wearing red panties. One of our rituals is that I pick out the panties she wears every day. Red is one of my favorites anyway, but I think it's appropriate for Valentine's Day,

Not that she wears panties or bra in the house. Or anything else for that matter except usually a bathrobe so I have easy access to her. We have a ritual as I undress her. I unbutton her blouse, and unfasten her bra and then she cups her boobs and presents them to me. Then I slide off her pants and panties and we begin. She says I am insatiable but I think she wouldn't me any other way.

I have to admit, though, that we don't all the time playing with toys. I love cuddling and fondling her so we spend a lot of time that. Even when we watch TV, I like rubbing her boobs although I have to resist not squeezing too much or they get sore. Nice soft rubbing works well.

And we will be going out to a nice French bistro Valentine's night and I will be grilling baby back ribs Saturday night.

I think we should have a fun Valentine's weekend, too. I hope you do too. And the advertisers make sure no man in America can forget Valentine's Day with all the ads they run. And I hope the guy in your life gives you some thorns or spankings to celebrate.



Sunday, February 9, 2014

Body image

I've written before on the bad message sent to women when models and movie stars are too thin. I actually prefer curvy women.

Anyway, here is a study of how body images have changed over the last 100 years and how models today are 23 per cent different than average women. I think this makes many women feel negative thoughts about their bodies. I hope our bloggers think positive thoughts about their bodies and that the men in their relationships give them positive feedback.

Here's the link:

Your thoughts!!!!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Sex in America

Here's a story on a survey of Sex in America that says, among other things, that only eight per cent of women think it is appropriate to have sex on first date while 37 per cent of the men do.

And according to annual Singles in America study, the people having the most orgasms live in Miami or have androids or work in computer and electronic fields.

Another tidbit: 74 per cent of men would be comfortable dating a woman with more sex partners than them.

And both men and women think it's best to have sex two to three times a week, with 65 per cent of men and  69 per cent per cent of women saying 10 p.m. is about right.

Only 15 per cent of men say they'd like to have sex every day. And only 12 per cent of the women do. It wasn't mentioned in the survey but the men and women who like sex every day probably aren't in a relationship with each other.

Here's the link:

Your thoughts.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

A heartwarming story

I wanted to share this story about how a restaurant manager reacted when a mother asked him, "Do you know what it is like to have a child with autism?''

The restaurant manager will warm your heart with his reaction.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Passion in marriage

I've often thought that D/s relationships may have more sizzle than vanilla ones because the rituals like spanking and bondage are like extended foreplay and help keep couples close together. Don't know if this is true but just my theory.

Anyway, here's an article from a book called "Love Illuminated: Exploring Life's Most Mystifying Subject (With the help of 50,000 Strangers).''

The author is the editor of the Modern Love column in the NY Times and 50,000 people have shared their views, mostly on the fading of sizzle through the years.

He has categories of how people deal with this. He starts with what he calls sneakers, often online, but he says that's just a fantasy for most.

Then there are the quashers, who quash unfulfilled desires. They run the gamut from bitterly resigned to appreciatively resigned. The appreciatively resigned seem to be the healthiest and happiest. They dwell not on their marital shortfalls, but count their mutual blessings. They manage to grow together rather than apart.

Then there are the restorers who tend to try to restore things with stuff like date nights, counseling, scheduled sex, 10 for 10s (10 hugs a day of 10 seconds every single day), etc.

Eventually, restorers return to their original and most perplexing question: How much do we have have a right to expect from marriage? Is this simply as good as it gets? And is there a risk in pressing for more you will turn something pretty good into something really bad? Some will take that risk. Others will join the ranks of the appreciatively resigned. They will realize passion does not equal love, and that the loss of one doesn't necessarily mean the loss of the other.

Now here's the article:

I hope you will read the article and give us some insight on your views and how you cope with this in your marriage or relationship. The nice thing about blogging is that we can share our views. I hope you will And if you have managed to retain the sizzle, let us know how you do it.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Maybe the Congressman is kinky!!!

I had to smile when I read this. A Republican Congressman started a controversy by saying wives should be submissive to their husbands.

I am sure he doesn't mean it in the kinky sense that we do. Imagine if he explained it by saying he meant a 50 Shades of Grey kind of submission. Now that would have caused a stir.

The reality is that comments like this and ones talking about "legitimate rape'' help explain why women have favored every Democratic presidential candidate since 1988 when women voted for the first George Bush by one percentage point over Michael Dukakis. Obama won his two elections with a 13 point lead among women the first time and 22 points the second time. He won the male vote by a point the first time and lost males by six the second time.

Anyway, here's the link:


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Does money buy happiness?

We all think we'd be happy making millions of dollars. Here's a tale of a guy who walked away from making millions and is happier than he was before.

They have actually done studies that you will be happier going from food stamps to say, making $50,500 to $75,000. But making $150,000 make not make you happier than making $75,000 and are living the middle class lifestyle.

But the shame of our society is so many workers are making minimum wage while their CEOs are making millions.

Your thoughts?


Sunday, January 19, 2014

No airbrushing

Here's an article about a lingerie company that ran what it said were pictures of women wearing their lingerie that weren't airbrushed. The idea was supposedly not to make young women feel insecure if they see flawless airbrushed models. 

But I thought they were still very good looking women so I don't know if these pictures made any difference in how young women feel about themselves. Here's the link:

Your thoughts.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Ten ways to improve your marriage right now

I thought you would enjoy this list of 10 ways to improve your marriage right now.

Included are stop yelling, hold hands, schedule sex and arrange weekly meetings.

Any thoughts on the list?


A story of a nice guy

Here's a letter from the mother of a three-year-old autistic daughter to the man who sat next to her on a plane ride and was so nice to her.

This is worth reading:

I bet he's a wonderful father to his own kids.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Real life

We had a wonderful time ringing in the new year and spending five nights together.

And we had a belated Christmas and she was blown away that I put up the tree just for her. Loved surprising her and  wanted her to feel it was like Christmas even though it was a week late.

One of her presents were nipple suckers. Don't know if you've ever tried them but they are very effective. She loves to buy me toys she figures I will like.

Unfortunately, real life interfered and I got a rare cold. Talk about bad timing. I tried to brush it off but my hacking cough and changing voice gave me away. That made it a bit more difficult to have as much play time as we usually do but still much hugging and fondling. And some spankings.

It was so difficult when she had to pack up Sunday to leave. And we both found it difficult to sleep alone again and not wake up and go to bed in each other's arms. We both love fondling and cuddling and she says I am insatiable but I don't think she'd want me any other way.

The phrase that partinsg is sweet sorrow does not apply to us. There's nothing sweet about it. We are now counting the day until her next visit.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wearing a steel collar in public

I was waiting at the shop to get my car repaired today when a woman walked in wearing a steel collar around her neck with a ring in the front.

I've seen pictures of these steel collars but never seen one being worn in public.

I debated whether to say anything to her and I finally said, "Do you wear that all the time?'' She said, "Yes, Sir."

I said it looks like a collar and she said, "Yes, Sir.''

Then I said something like it looks impressive and I can't remember whether she said thank you or yes sir. But she wasn't continuing the conversation so I stopped. I didn't want to make her uncomfortable but would have loved to ask her more about what it's like wearing it in public.

Do any of you wear any kind of collars in public?


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A feel good story

Here's a feel good story on a cold winter day on a waitress who'd had a difficult childhood and got the tip of a lifetime.

Hope you enjoy it.


Monday, January 6, 2014


Are any of you into bondage. Check out this rope work:

I like bondage but don't have the knack for tying like that.


Friday, January 3, 2014