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Training Lisa, Chapter 1

This is the first chapter of my Training Lisa series about a young professional woman who is dominant in the boardroom and submissive in the bedroom. She finally finds her Sir on line who brings out her submissive side. I explored this topic because I think many women who are submissive in the bedroom are strong women in the rest of their lives.

It also tends to start off kind of slowly as I set the stage and gets into more BDSM in later chapters. The problem with writing for cyberspace is that readers have so many different tastes. So the readers who like BDSM may think it's too slow at the beginning while the ones who are into spankings but not BDSM may think it goes too far, but I hope all of you enjoy the story.

The first six chapters were previously published by PK on hew newbeginnings Fantasy Friday series until she urged me to start my own blog so they had their own home. For those of you who have read the first six, be patient because a seventh has already been written. When I wrote the first one, I never expected to write this many but I kept going because so many readers asked for more chapters. So I'd appreciate the input from the readers who are newcomers. Let me know your reaction to the stories.

And I hope you find them a good read.

Best to all, Florida Dom
Training Lisa
Chapter One

Crack! Crack! Crack!

As Lisa impatiently tapped her pen on the polished wooden conference table in the quiet board room, the sound crackled in the room and all the men in the room knew what it meant. Lisa was the only woman in the room, but she was calling the shots. She was only 30 years old, but she was on the fast track, running a division for a Fortune 500 company. She had an Ivy League MBA and she was ambitious and eager to climb the corporate ladder.

With her long blond hair and her tailored suits, the tall woman was an imposing figure in the board room both physically and mentally. She had a great figure, but the men in the board room were too intimidated to pay much attention to that. She didn't use her sex to get ahead. She was usually the smartest person in the room and she didn't suffer fools gladly.

When she tapped her pen, it was a sign that she didn't like the presentation she had just heard. She told the man who had just finished the presentation that she hoped he'd do better next time. Roger knew he'd be called into her office after the meeting and it wouldn't be pleasant.

Lisa knew she had to be tough with her subordinates to prove she could handle the job just like a man. She knew they often used the b-word behind her back and even called her the Cobra. That didn't bother her. She wasn't looking for their approval. She was looking for results. She wanted to keep moving up the corporate ladder and shatter the glass ceiling and was willing to pay any price to do it.

But one price was getting increasing difficult to pay.

When she shut the door of her luxury condo each night after a long day at the office, she felt unfulfilled. She knew she liked to be in command in the board room, but that wasn't what she wanted in the bedroom. It had taken her a long time to accept the fact that she wanted to be submissive in the bedroom, that she wanted to submit to a strong man who was an HOH and live a DD lifestyle.

She first started having fantasies about being spanked and being submissive when she was a teen-ager. She first tried to bury her feelings and then she started using her trusty vibrator to get off while savoring these fantasies. But trying to live them out in real life was no easy feat. She did some casual dating in college and fucked a few guys, but she never found the kind of strong man who could take control of her. And once she started out in the corporate world, she had little time and the pool of men who were available was shrinking rapidly. She couldn't date any of her subordinates and she didn't have many peers.

Lisa tried to find men online and even met a couple and while they were willing to spank her, it was just a game to them to get sex. They weren't serious about it and left her more unfulfilled and eager to get back to her vibrator.

She was about ready to give up until one night she read a want ad that seemed to be too good to be true. It said that he was an executive looking for a woman who was a tiger in the corporate world, but a lamb in the bedroom, who was dominant outside the bedroom and submissive in it, who was looking for a HOH who would teach her the DD lifestyle. The woman he wanted would be ready to obey and submit to spankings when the HOH deemed them necessary.

She could feel herself tingle as she read the message. One of her hands instinctively started to reach inside her pants until she realized she needed both hands to type and she knew she was going to respond to this message. Her hands started to fly on the keyboard as she quickly provided a profile of herself that the man who posted the ad had required. She told him how successful she was in the board room, but was looking for the right man who knew how to tame her and spank her. And then she hesitated before she hit the send button. She wondered if this was all a fantasy for her or whether he was the right one and whether she was ready for it. But she decided she had to find out. She exhaled and hit the send button. And waited. And waited. There was no response. She was frustrated and she started to go through some work documents, but kept going back to her email. Finally, after a couple of hours, there was response. She quickly opened it up and it only said that her application had been received and an answer would be forthcoming in a day or two.

Application? That sounded kind of cold, but she figured she'd have to be patient. What she didn't know that the man who wrote the email was a CEO of his own company, just the kind of person Lisa was looking for. And Lisa was the type of person he was looking for. He had met a few women who liked to be spanked, but you can't spend all your time in the bedroom and he hadn't found an intellectual equal. Lisa looked like the kind of woman he was looking for. But he also knew the way to control a submissive was not to act too eager. To make her wait and let the anticipation build.

Lisa didn't know any of this. All she knew was that she was excited about the possibilities and had she had trouble sleeping that night. Even her vibrator couldn't satisfy her. And she had a long day at work the next day. She was distracted and had to force herself to keep focused on her work. All she could think about was getting home and checking her home email account. But when she finally got home and raced to her computer to turn it on, she was disappointed. There was no reply. That meant another long night at home as she again had trouble keeping her mind off him and kept checking her email every 15 minutes. She tried watching TV but couldn't concentrate and went to bed. She was tired but again, she tossed and turned and didn't find much relief in her vibrator.

She had another long day at work as she fought to concentrate and she raced home and again turned on her computer. Again, there was only frustration. There was no response. So she spent another evening checking her email every 15 minutes even though she kept telling herself to stop doing it. Finally, about 10 p.m. came the response. She was thrilled with it. He said that they seemed to have enough in common to start a relationship. But first she would have to prove she was serious by following his rules. If she wanted to give it a try, she only had to send a four word reply - I will obey, Sir. Again, she quickly typed it out and then hesitated before she hit the send but button. She knew this was another step forward to what she wasn't sure, but she wanted to take that step. She felt another tingle when she took that step. He quickly replied that
she would get her first set of rules tomorrow night. Again, she was disappointed that he didn't tell her immediately, but she got explosive relief from her vibrator and she slept soundly. She knew she was about to get a taste of what she had wanted all those years.

She again had trouble concentrating at work and was eager to get home and find out what her first set of rules were to follow. But when she got home, she was again disappointed. He hadn't sent them. She didn't know that making her wait was a part of his gaining the control in the relationship. Finally, about 10 p.m., she got her first three rules. She wasn't allowed to touch herself or orgasm unless she text him and asked permission and if it was denied, she was to obey. He was now in charge of her pleasure. She also was only allowed to shave her legs. She couldn't shave under her arms and couldn't shave her bottom. He would now be in charge of shaving her bottom and her unshaved arms were his mark on her, a sign of her submission. And third, she had to put a piece of sandpaper on her computer chair and sit on it with a bare butt when she was on the computer. This was the first step in toughening her butt for the spankings to come.

She was thrilled that she now had rules to follow. She knew it would be difficult to have to ask permission to use her vibrator but figured that was the price she had to pay for what she wanted. And she could live with not shaving. She only trimmed her bottom to wear bikinis and if he didn't want her to shave under her arms, she figured it would be a constant reminder that he was in charge. In fact, each day before she got in the shower and saw the hair start to grow, it was a turn on for her knowing she was doing it for Him. And while the sandpaper on her butt was uncomfortable, it was another thing he was doing for Him.

Meanwhile, he continued to take it slow. He wanted her to be eager for him. He would usually allow her permission to orgasm, but kept her off balance by denying it at times. Those were long nights for her because she was so needy, but it was another thing she was doing for Him. He traded emails with her for about a week before he allowed her to talk to him on the phone for the first time. That was a thrill for her because he had such a commanding voice. And he rewarded her with a shattering orgasm at the end of each call, which made her more eager for the next one.

Finally, he was ready for the next step - their first meeting and her first spanking. But he said there would be guidelines. He said he would come to her condo and that she would be blindfolded the whole time. He said some women found the fantasy of spanking better than the real thing. After she had one and if she decided she wanted to continue, she would see him on their second visit which would include going out to dinner. He said she could make as many safe calls as she wanted during the session to assure her safety but those were the ground rules. She had gone too far to back out now. She quickly agreed. He told her she would wear a blouse and skirt but no panties or bra. When he knocked on the door and she recognized his voice, she would unlock the door and go to the dining room chair where she would have left out wine, cheese and crackers. She would then lift her skirt up and place her bare bottom on a piece of sandpaper, put on her blindfold and wait for him.

After a few minutes, he opened the door and went to her dining room where she waited. She recognized his voice and quickly fell into an animated conversation. He fed her wine and some cheese and crackers but all she could think of was what was to come - her first spanking. Again, he didn't rush things. After about an hour, he quietly asked her, "Are you ready.'' She quickly answered,” Yes, Sir.''

He got up and grabbed her hand and pulled her up to her feet and walked her to the sofa. He sat on downs and then pulled her over his knees. He flipped up her skirt and didn't have to worry about her panties because she obeyed and didn't wear them. Her butt was perfect for spanking, nice and round. But he again made her wait as he slowly rubbed her bottom while she almost started to pant because she was so excited about getting her first spanking. When he whacked her for the first time, it almost took her breath away. It felt so good and she had waited so long for it. And then as he started increasing the blows, she felt the pain, but she loved it. And he didn't hit her too hard because it was her first one. He wanted her to get used to the sensation. Finally, as her butt started to get pink, he stopped and she exhaled. He then rubbed her as she savored it.

He then got her up and walked her to the bedroom and laid her down on her back and told her to hold her hands together behind her head. It was time for her first shaving by a man. He put a towel under her and first used a scissors to clip most of her hair and then spread on the shaving cream and started slowly shaving her. She loved the sensation as he moved the razor up and down and she knew she was becoming very smooth and yummy. After he finished, he rubbed a warm towel over her and she felt completely smooth for the first time. After fingering her, he went down on her with his tongue. She kept lifting up her butt trying to get him to go deeper but he'd only retreat until she calmed down and then he'd do it again. He then told her there was going to be no sex tonight. He was just giving her a taste this first time. If she wanted to continue, she'd have to tell him she wanted there to be a next time. She exclaimed, "Yes, yes, please,'' but he said this wasn't to be decided in a moment of passion. She was to stay on the bed for 15 minutes until after he left. And then she had to wait for another hour before she messaged him. If she wanted a next time, she would message him once again, "I will obey, Sir.''

He then left her panting on the bed and told her that she was not allowed her to bring herself to orgasm after she gave him her answer. He then quietly left and locked the door behind him. She heard the click but still didn't know what he looked like. After about 15 minutes, she took off the blindfold and took a cold shower to calm down. And then she had to wait for an hour to send her

She didn't have to wait that long to decide on her answer. She knew what it was going to be. She knew her fingers would be typing, "I will obey, Sir.''

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Now there's a title to get your attention.

The reason I'm writing about vibrators is that the New York Times did almost a half-page story on them Sunday. If you want to read the whole story, go to nytimes.com and type in vibrators. Anyway, they say they're as "common an appliance in American households as the coffee maker or toaster over.''

For those of you who don't want to read the whole story, here's some stats:
Of Boomer women 45 to 60, 46.3 per cent reported using a vibrator as some point in their lives. Of the 23 to 44 crowd, it's 59.5, and just 32.7 for the 18 to 22 year old types. Maybe these women aren't as liberated as us old dudes think they are.

For men, it's 45.2 percent ages 45-60, 51.5 percent for 23-44 and 15.5 for 18 to 22.

And even in bad economic times, vibrator sales were up 20 per cent last year. Well, if you have more free time...hey, you get the drift.

There's also something called Pure Romance, which sells sex toys to women in their living rooms to women aged 18 to 75.

Hey, they finally mentioned the over 60 crowd. As a member in good standing of that demographic, I don't want to be ignored.

Also, the Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that 39 per cent of middle aged women used a vibrator for masturbation (they didn't mention what other uses might be), compared to 53 per cent for the 23 to 44 group and 30 for the 18 to 22 age group. And the more educated you are, the more likely you are to use one. I must have missed that class! LOL.

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If you've come over from PK's great site to read my stories, I want to welcome you to following me over here.. If you're new to this site, I wrote six chapters of the Training Lisa series on PK's site and I'll repost them here for new readers and then I'll start adding new chapters. PK has urged me to start a blog for some time now so I've decided to take the plunge.

And for all you lurkers out there (yes, I was one, too, at one point so I understand), I'll be inteested in getting your feedback. Don't be shy in letting me hear from you. I'm going welcome all comments and look forward to your input.

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