Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I want to wish all my blogger friends a Happy New Year and hope that the next year is a good one for you and that you are loved and have someone to love.

Starting this blog was one of the highlights of the past year for me. I started it at urging of the lovely PK as a place to post my Training Lisa stories. And yes, one of my New Year's resolutions is to add chapters.

What I didn't realize is that I would make a connection with so many other bloggers and that you would find my topics interesting and worth commenting on. And that so many of you seem to welcome my comments on your sites. This is a warm, welcoming community. I want to thank you all for dropping by and to ask the lurkers out there not to be shy and to add their thoughts.

And so my last question of the year is how do you like to spend New Year's Eve? Do you go to a party, out to dinner, spend it at home and watch the ball come down or just go to bed at your usual time so you're sleeping when the new year rolls in. And do you make New Year's Resolutions?

My answer is we have gone to parties in the past but we also enjoy just relaxing after Christmas and are content to watch the ball go down at midnight. And to think about past New Year's Eves and realize how some dreams were meant and some wern't. It's a good time to reflect.

Again, Happy New Year.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Memories

I just want to thank everyone who left Christmas and holiday messages under my last post and I hope you all had a great holiday.

Yes, it was fun seeing the grandkids, 7 and 6, and watching them leaving food on the front law for the reindeer and cookies for Santa but having mixed feelings because I know we don't have too many years left of them waiting for Santa. And seeing them run downstairs, looking under the tree and yelling, "the wii, the wii,'' just what they had asked Santa to leave. Ah, those moments are priceless.

And for those of you who are grandparents, you know how much fun they are. I asked the 6 year old how much 6 and 5 added up to and she said 11. When I asked what's 5 and 6 and she hesitated and said, "11'' and then added, "You can't trick me.'' Again, moments to savor.

Ane while there was the usual holiday stress to deal with, the weather was rainy in the northeast instead of snowy and the planes were on time. You can't ask for much more.

By the way, we didn't get as many Christmas cards as in past years. Did you experience the same thing or did you cutback yourself? I don't know if this is a trend or not.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

I just wanted to wish all the bloggers and even the lurkers a happy holiday season.

I just wish it could be more of a Norman Rockwell and Currier and Ives type of season but the reality of all the stress of the season often makes makes it difficult to cope with everything.

I just hope you don't have too much stress to deal with in getting everything ready for the holidays and/or traveling if you have to travel at this time of year. We're off to see the grandkids and it's always fun to spend the holidays with the kids who still think Santa is coming.

Again, may you all be blessed this holiday season. Also, hope you're all loved and have someone to love at this time of year.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Female Sexuality

I thought I'd share some thoughts from an article in the New York Times Saturday, which notes that men run the film and TV industries as well as the medical and pharmaceutical industries and set the standards for beauty, sexiness and normalcy.

They're created the image in shows like "Desperate Housewives'' that women are "rapacious sexual predators, always in the mood for sex and without qualms about bedding down as many men as possible.''

The article quoted one female professor of psychiatry as saying, "Everybody has to like sex, want sex, be good at sex. In the face of that, it's inevitable that people feel insecure.''

And plastic surgeons has promoted what they call "vaginal rejuvenation'' because women have become conscious of how their own genital features stack up against others.''

The article also says that female sexual dysfunction is an example of a disease created by the drug companies while in reality, scientists understand little about female desire and the interaction between the mind and the body.

I thought the article had some interesting points and I thought I'd see if any of the readers had any comments to make on this subject.

Your thoughts?


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do you like your nipples?

A few weeks ago,one of our newew bloggers, strivingforpeace on wrote that she didn't like her nipples. She said they were "too big and too brown'' and that she always wanted "those cute little tiny delicate nipples.''

She also said they're hard all the time so she has to wear padded bras or they show through all the time.

I found this interesting. I didn't know women judged their nipples and if they did, I thought bigger was better. So I posted a comment asking her if any of the men in her life had complained about them and she said she had gotten some criticism (I can't imagine a guy complaining about nipples) although fortunately the current dom in her life loves them.

Anyway, she recently posted a picture of one of them and I thought it was lovely.

So I thought we could have a discussion to find out what women think of their nipples. Do they like them, have problems with them or rarely give them any thought? And do you like them showing through your clothes or not?

I'd be interested in your thoughts if you want to share them.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Food and Foreplay

Do you like to include food in your foreplay?

For example, it's always fun to suck on nipples. but when they're covered with whipped cream, it's even more of a delight. The same thing with whipped cream on a freshly shaved pussy.
Or maybe something like a strawberry inserted into her so when you remove it and eat it, her juices are mixed with it.

Or how about using ginger root as a butt plug? The burning sensation in her butt adds to the scene and makes her more submissive, especially when she's told to stop squirming.

Are there any other foods you might to include in your foreplay or is this not your thing.

Would you like to share you thoughts and/or experiences on this subject?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Sub as a Boss

This post was suggested by one of the bloggers a while back. She wanted to discuss what kind of a boss that sub women who are bosses or in charge of something as their workplace see themselves as. Is it difficult to make the transition between being a sub at home and a boss at the workplace? And she even brought up the b word (she used the word bitch, not me) and wondered whether the sub women tended to be viewed that way at the workplace.

She also wondered how did they perceive their Dom's style of leadership?

And I'd add if you not a boss and have a woman for a boss, how do you perceive her and do you prefer women or men as bosses?

By the way, if any male subs want to discuss this topic, we'd love your input. Selkie says there are more male subs than female subs but it seems hard to get the male subs to write in Cyberspace, which gives the impression that most subs are women.

Your thoughts?


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiger's Better Half

I'm sure most of you are aware of the escapades of Tiger Woods, but the idea of a famous athlete fooling around is old news.

What interests me was the reaction of his wife, who apparently chased his car down the driveway and bashed in the back window with a golf club. You go girl.

And the reports are that a substantial sum was posted in her personal bank account to keep her from walking. And they're redoing the pre-nup. She was to get $20 million if she stayed 10 years. Now the sum will be increased to more than $20 million and the number of years will be cut.

So my question is what would you do. Would you walk now? Would you hang around to collect the $20 plus million and then leave or would you forgive and try to make a go of it? My wife said she'd stick around to collect the $20 plus million.

Also, I have a hunch that being a stunning blonde the way Tiger's wife is may be a mixed blessing. I think most beautiful women tend to get judged only on their looks and I think that can get tiring.

Your thoughts?


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OTK Spankings

Many of you are familiar with the delightful blog by the lovely Ronnie ( so you may be familiar with this, but she commented recently on why over the lap spankings are called OTK (over the knee) spankings). That's a good question that I don't have an answer for.

She also said in a comment that she loves OTK spankings, but then she loves them in any position.

Which brings me to a question for all the spankos out there. Do you like OTK spankings better than when you're over the bed, over the chair, over something or even standing up? Is it more intimate and more satisfying to feel him under you as he's whacking your butt. Or our all spankings equally good?

Will be interested in your thoughts and comments if you want to share!!!!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday

When I went out to get my paper Thursday morning, there were two papers. The regular paper and then a second one with all the Black Friday ads.

So I thought it'd be interesting to see how many Black Friday shoppers we have. I'm not one of of them but if you are, how early did you start and did you feel you got some good bargains and how crowded were the stores? And if you did some shopping, congrats because the economy can use the boost.

So if you went out shopping or still plan to, I'm sure we'd all like you to share your experience.

And hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and thanks to those of you who shared that experience.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day Plans

I want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving and thought it'd be fun for our readers to comment on how they plan to spend the holiday.

Will you be home and invite friends or family members over? Will you visit friends? Or will you go to a restaurant? What will be on your menu? The traditional turkey or something different? Do you have to work? Will you be alone?

I hope you'll take a moment to share how you'll spend the holiday. It'd be interesting to see the various ways we celebrate the holiday.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Thumbs Up

If you're looking for a heartwarming feel good movie for the holiday weekend, I want to suggest you see "Blind Side.'' It's definitely a two thumbs up movie.

It's about a homeless, inarticulate black 300 pound plus teen-ager who is taken in and eventually adopted by a white upper class family in Memphis and goes on to playing offensive tackle for Ole Miss and was drafted on the first round by the Baltimore Ravens this spring.

But, as Hollywood likes to say, it's not a football movie, it's a relationship movie. The relationship is between the teen-ager Michael Oher and Leigh Anne Tuohy, the wife of the couple who brought him into their home. She's a dynamo who is played in the movie by Sandra Bullock. She quarterbacks the effort to get him an education and mothers and mentors him.

Her husband is a successful businessman but he cheerfully admits she runs the show. The line isn't in the movie but when he was asked how early in their marriage did he realize she would be in charge, he said, "When she gave me the ring in college and said it was time for me to propose. Is that early enough?'' She uses that determination to turnaround the youngster's life. And it's a true story.

I haven't done the movie justice in this short explanation but don't want to spoil it for those who decide to see it. Trust me, if you see it, you won't be disappointed.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sex as a weapon

I found the following letter in Dear Abby:

"My wife of 25 years, in an effort to get me to stop smoking, refuses to have sex until I quit. It's been more than a year since we made love. I plan to quit smoking, but not this way. I don't want to think of sex as her weapon, but it is. Any advice on how to cope with my unwinnable battle?''

I think using sex as a weapon is bad enough, but after a year, I don't think she's using it as a weapon. I think she doesn't want to have sex with him.

Anyway, I curious about what you think about using sex as a weapon generally and what this woman is doing as a specific example.

Your thoughts?


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sleeping in the Nude

I thought it'd be interesting to conduct a survey on whether or not you sleep in the nude, why you do or don't do it and what you wear if you don't.

And if you sleep in the nude, do you feel it's sexy or just comfortable and do you do it for the other person in your life or because you like it.

Your thoughts?


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Men and Women

I found an interesting article in the Detroit Free Press about a study in the Netherlands called "Interacting with women can impair a man's cognitive functioning.'' The translation is that men get stupid around women.

This is serious research published in the May Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. It says most guys, married or single, lose their ability to think around women. The women don't have to be attractive but if the woman is attractive, the impairment gets worse. The writer of the article joked that if the wife asks you why you didn't take out the trash, you can tell her she's so beautiful that you forgot.

On a more serious note, I'm curious what your your thoughts are about this. Do women think they make men act stupid around them?

And, oh yes, they say men have so effect on the cognitive ability of women. Maybe it's because women think with their brains and men think with their, well, you know.

Your thoughts?


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tom Brady's wife

Since this is a Sunday, I thought a post about Tom Brady and his wife would be appropriate. For our readers across the pond and the ocean who don't know the name, he's a famous American football player who makes millions and is so good looking that even women who don't like football are into him. He was dating an actress named Bridget Moynahan, got her pregnant and dumped her for a super model named Giselle Bludchen, a move which alienated many of his fans.

Anyway, he plays in Boston so she gets the bright idea to learn how to fly a helicopter to commute to New York where much of her modeling work is . She's one of the richest women in the world but she doesn't want to hire a pilot. She wants to fly solo even when she's pregnant. Naturally, Brady isn't too thrilled with this idea and thinks it's dangerous but she won't listen to him.

He is quoted as saying in the Boston Herald, "I guess I just have to go with it. There's some things I'm definitely not gonna win and that's one of them.''

Huh? He can't convince his pregnant wife not to fly solo in a helicopter?

Hmmm, sounds like this woman needs a good spanking!!!!

Your thoughts?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hair or Bare for Men?

Well, the topic on women shaving certainly got a lot of feedback and I guess what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Meow suggested after noting she's had her share of pubic hair in her mouth that I ask about men shaving down there. Or in any other place on their bodies. Are there any men who like to shave their chests for example?

OK, guys this is your turn to tell us if you have an interest in shaving. Or if you're not into posting, maybe their women can tell us about them. We had a few men mentioned in the original post. I'll start off by saying I'm not into shaving, but that's just me.

By the way, most of the women who commented on the previous post were into shaving. Are there a few more who aren't into shaving who would like to comment. Feel free to give your thoughts.

And happy Halloween everybody. Hope you have a lot of goblins and ghosts visiting your home.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To Shave or Not To Shave

I promised a lighter topic this time although I want to thank all of you who read and commented on my last post.

Anyway, I thought it was time to write about women shaving. What prompted this topic was the lovely PK writing about her husband shaving what she called her kitty. I have to admit that sounds like a great scene to have him do it. I wonder if any of our other readers have a man in their life interested in doing it.

But I'm also interested in the whole topic of women shaving. We now take it for granted that women shave their armpits and legs, but how did it start? Googling the topic, one theory is that Gillette started an ad campaign from about 1915 to 1920 to convince women to do it.

Shaving down there is, of course, a much more recent phenomenon. In fact, in BDSM fiction, it was considered a kink like 30 years ago for a dom to tell his sub to shave and now it's mainstream and waxing is an industry. I've heard theories that brief bikinis was one reason it got started. The interesting thing was that when Playboy first started, it wasn't allowed to show any bush. It was a taboo.

So I just thought it'd be interesting to see if anyone wants to ccomment on why they shave or how much they shave. Do women like being shaved or do they do it for their man? Do they shave completely, leave a landing strip, just a trim or not shave at all. And do they wax or not? And do they find it a pain in the neck (wrong metaphor lol) to do it. Do our male readers like it or not?

One of my younger colleagues told me most women he slept with shaved but one who didn't the first time they had sex had shaved by the second time so some younger women feel it's the thing to do when they have a partner, but don't bother if they don't.

As far as my views, I'm kind of ambivalent about it. I remember the days when it was such a taboo that I can find the unshaven look appealing. But then the shaved look can also be enticing.

So I'm throwing the topic out on the floor. I'm not sure whether many people will want to comment, but I feel we often share personal stuff on the blogs so I'd see if there is interest in commenting. At the very least, I think the topic will get a lot of hits.

Your thoughts?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pussy Torture

Did I get you to click on with that title? There was a bit of P.T. Barnum in that title. I read one blogger who said she got a lot of hits with those words. This blog has nothing to do with pussy or torture.

This is about a serious subject and I don't go all be Debbie Downer on you, but I want to encourage 50 plus guys to visit their doctors for a physical once a year. And to get a PSA test for the prostate.

Women are very good about getting mammograms and promoting awareness of breast cancer, which is a very worthy effort. Even when I picked up a Cheerios box today, there was a reference to pink.

But the subject of prostate cancer, which ultimately afflicts a huge number of men, gets very little attention. And many men don't go to the doctor until it's too late. My dad was one of those and he died of the disease in his 70s.

That's why I go yearly for a physical and the test. My number has been creeping up the last few years and went up a point last year even though it was still under the so-called normal level. But given my family history, the doc scheduled a biopsy. It came back negative. You can imagine that made my week. If it had been positive, it would have been early and it's very curable when it's found early.

So if you're a 50 plus guy who hasn't gone to the doctor in a while, schedule an appointment. If you're a woman who has a 50 plus guy in your life who hasn't gone lately, do some gentle nagging. Tell him some idiot blogger gave you the idea.

Ok, enough of my nagging. And if I got you here under false pretences, I hope you don't mind the message. I figure a title with the word prostate in it would be easy to ignore.

And now we'll go back to our regularly scheduled programming in the future with more fun topics. And one of these days, by popular demand, I'll write another Lisa chapter. OK, popular demand means a few requests.

I'll even really talk about pussy next time. Shaving it.

Oh, and thanks to everybody who stopped by on lurkers day and you lurkers don't have to wait until next year's lurkers day to say hello. We always have the welcoming mat out.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Love Our Lurkers IV

If you're a lurker -- a reader who hasn't commented in the past -- today is your day.

Bonnie of bottomsmarts is sponsoring her fourth Love Our Lurkers day to encourage readers who don't usually post to say hello. You'll find a lot of bloggers participating and we're all inviting you to become active members of our community.

I understand the value of lurkers day because a year ago, I was a lurker who decided to sign up (it's easy to do) and start commenting after I was encouraged to try it on lurkers day. A year later, I have my own blog, which I never expected to happen.

You'll find this a very welcoming community because we all like to get feedback from our readers. The comments give us the idea that we're connecting with our readers.

So give it a try. Say hello. Tell us about yourself. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Florida Dom

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cutting Back

This is a spinoff of my post about talking to each other while eating out.

I wonder if any of you have cut back on the number of times you eat out because of the recession.

We're still fortunate enough to stick to about once a week (our daughters are out of college and on their own so that means we have more leeway on spending) but it seems as if restaurants aren't as crowded as they were a couple of years ago.

Not sure if that's an accurate perception or not. I often ask restaurant managers how they're doing and get mixed answers. Seems to depend on the place and type of restaurant.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eating Alone Together

When we were still engaged and dining at a restaurant on vacation at Marsha's Vineyard, we were asked by the waiter or waitress (can't remember now) if we were newlyweds. I guess we were showing off that glow of new love. Oh, those were the days.

And decades later, we're still together so we stayed the course, but it's now different when we go out to dinner. We sometimes have trouble finding enough to talk about. In fact, I'd rather go out with another couple so we have new topics to discuss. It's not that we don't communicate. We have many similiar interests. But the fact that we do communicate on a day-to-day basis seems to mean that when we go out, we've exhausted our topics.

I don't think this is an unusual situation because I often read about it. What reminded me is when KayLynn commented on my last post that when they were younger, they saw a ccouple now their age not talking much at a restaurant and she said she hoped they didn't reach that stage. But she says they still feel complete together.

Anyway, I just thought I'd bring up this topic to see if other couples in long term relationships have this same situation when they go out to dinner together.

I'd be interested in your thoughts.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Caring Men

In a comment on my most recent post, Sara made the good observation that there are two kinds of men -- selforiented men and caring men.

That made me think that caring men do the little things --like talking to the woman in their life. Women tend to be better at talking about their feelings than men and women sometimes are frustrated that the men in their lives don't talk to them enough.

So I thought I'd ask what our women readers think. Is this a problem for the man in your life or is he good at it?

I happen to like to talk to women because they tend to be better at communicating about the important things in their lives and have interesting conversations.

Your thoughts.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vanilla Men

I want to thank all of you who leave comments because I enjoy your insight. And sometimes the comments lead to other posts.

This is one of those times. In a comment on my last post, Cultivated Discipline wrote, "A lot of men within TTWD seem to like to be serviced. Vanilla men seem more involved in the process and are more participatory.''

I thought that would be a great point for a discussion. What do you think? Agree or disagree?

She also wrote, "At my age, most men I date have long track records with one woman. Many of their ideas aare tied to what she did or did not like with their own experimental fantasies sprinkled in if they're brave.''

Your thoughts? I can understand this comment. I don't know if I'd know where to start with another woman after being married for decades.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Making Sex Wonderful

There were many interesting comments on my last post about the Nanny rating her lover. One of them was Poppy's comment that it's a "silly idea'' to think that "men are responsible for making sex wonderful rather than it being a joint venture.''

I thought I'd throw that out there for discussion.

I know that some men get bashed for being oafish slam bam, thank you mam lovers who don't put enough time and interest in satisfying their partner and just think about themselves. Or do most women find their lovers are considerate and want it to be a joint venture? Or are there some days when women aren't turned on regardless of what their lovers do?

My experience is that my wife warms up quickly or not at all just depending on her mood.

Your thoughts ?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Being Publicly Rated by a Lover

I want to thank all of you for your perceptive comments on cheating. It's a complex subject and i respect all your opinions.

So this blog will be a followup after I read online that Jon Gosselin's nanny went public with their affair and said they had sex nine times (she counted, I guess).

I must admit I had never heard of their show until the reports of the breakup started and I watched snippets and all I could think of was that I felt sorry for the kids to have these two loons as their parents.

But Jon having an affair with the nanny was to me just stupid. It would have been bad under any circumstances, but here they are making a lot of money exploiting their kids and he risks everything by having an affair with the nanny (and what did she see in him, by the way? I guess being on TV makes you a catch.) knowing that it could become public.

Anyway, the kicker to all this was her comment about the sex. "It wasn't terrible but it wasn't the best I ever had,'' she was quoted as saying.

Oh, what a public putdown. Don't all men like to think they're good in bed and are pleasing our women? I know I do. Fortunately, my wife never had anybody to compare me too. But I digress. To have the nanny tell the world he wasn't that good has to be so embarrassing. But then he probably deserved that shot.

Again, though, I feel sorry for these kids when they grow up and learn about all this.

Your thoughts?

Friday, September 11, 2009


There was a front page story today in the NY Times on David Vitter, the Republican Louisiana Senator. For those of you who don't follow politics or even live in the U.S., his name showed up in the client list of a Washington prostitution ring. He has refused to address the issue except to admitting to a "very serious sin'' at a brief news conference.

The point of the story is that Vitter may win re-election in 2010 despite all that because Louisiana is a GOP stronghold.

But what caught my eye was a quote at the end of the story from a Morgan Goudeau, described as a Democrat who was a D.A. in St. Landry Parish for 24 years.

He is quoted as saying, "The Cajun mentality has never admired someone who is untrue to their spouse. But if it's going to be done, it would be better done with a prostitute than with a neighbor's wife.''

I'm curious to what your thoughts are about that quote. To me, cheating is cheating regardless of whether you do it with a prostitute or as Gov. Sanford did, with the South American woman he called the love of his life.

I can't imagine too many spouses buying the argument that it was only with a prostitute.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Woman Avoids Lashing

A few posts ago (you can scroll down to find it) I posted about the first woman in Malaysia to be sentenced to be caned for drinking beer in public.

Now there's a report in the New York Times about a woman who was fined the equivalent of $200 for wearing pants in public in Sudan but she was spared 40 lashes.

The story said Sudan's leader are eager to normalize relations with the US and other Western countries so they decided to spare the lashing.

Diplomats from five European countries howed up at the courthouse along with a throng of women protestors wearing pants. Several counterprotestors wearing beards also showed up and police broke up the demonstration and carted away more than 40 women.

The woman, a 34-year-old widow, is a career journalist who recently worked for the UN. She refused to pay the fine as a protest and was whisked off to jail. She said she'd rather spend the month in jail than pay the fine and could explore conditions in jail. A commitee formed for her defense may pay the fine and free her.

Sudan law says that anyone "who commits an indecent act which violates public morality or wear indecent clothling'' may be fined and lashed up to 40 times. The lashing is done with a plastic whip and can leave permanent scars.

Meanwhile, back in Malaysia, the 32-year-old woman sentenced to six strokes of a rattan cane had it delayed because of Ramadan. She had wanted the caning to be done because she said she wanted to move on with her life. Two other Malaysians who suffered the same fate have filed appeals.

In Malaysia, Muslins, who make up 60 per cent of the population of 28 million, are forbidden from drinking alcohol. Other religious groups are exempt.

Hard to believe all this is happening in the 21st century.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Date from Hell

Saw a blurb in the paper the other day about a woman meeting a 23-year-old guy at a casino near Detroit. They go out on a date a week later even though she only knows his first name, which is false. Near the end of the dinner, he says he left his wallet in her car and asks for her keys. He speeds off in her 2000 Impala (imagine stealing a 2000 car) and stiffs her with the restaurant bill.

Since he had sent a photo to the woman's cell phone with his phone number, the police had no problem arresting him.

Can you imagine a worse date? I wonder if any of our readers have any dates from Hell stories they want to share.

I never had a date like this. I'd just get frustrated when I thought the date went well and she didn't want to go on a second date.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Popping the Question

I don't know if we have any readers from Philadelphia, but it's always been one of my favorite cities even if it does have something of an edgy reputation. After all, the Eagles' fans once booed Santa Claus.

I was reminded of this during a visit this week when I saw a billboard on 95 from a jeweler trying to sell engagement rings. So was it a warm, fuzzy ad? Naw, not in Philly. Instead it showed a woman with a annoyed look on her face holding up her ringless finger. The finger appeared to be several feet high. The caption, "She's tired of waiting.''

This got me thinking. Did any of our readers have to prod the man in their life to pop the question or even do it themselves? I thought it'd be fun if anyof you want to share any interesting popping the question stories.

The ball is in your court.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A caning

Did you read the story about the 32-year-old who became the first woman in Malaysia to be given a punishment of caning under Islamic law after she pleaded guilty to drinking beer.

She is to be lashed six times after she was caught drinking alcohol in a raid in a hotel night club. The prosecutor said the rattan cane to be used on her would be lighter than the one used on men and its purpose was to "educate'' rather than punish. She said she wanted authorities to cane her soon so the part-time model can resume her life.

Several politicians and women's rights activists have criticized the penalty as too harsh.

It is too harsh, of course, especially for drinking beer, but I couldn't help thinking about how some bloggers debate on whether they do or don't like punishment spankings. Now here is a real punishment spanking even though it's supposed to "educate.'' I assume she doesn't like to be spanked, but who knows?

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lisa's Training Chapter 8

This is the eighth chapter of my Training Lisa series. Sorry for the long delay, but I hope it was worth the wait and you enjoy it. I'd appreciate you thoughts on it. And thanks to PK of for inserting the pictures.


Training Lisa Chapter 8

Lisa was pacing the floor as she kept looking at the clock. It was 6:55 p.m. and she only had to wait five more minutes,but the seconds seemed to last hours.

She felt like a teen-ager waiting for her first date and in a way she was. She was having her first real date with her Sir and she was going to find out what he looked like for the first time. She had submitted willingly to him from following his rules to being caned in the bondage room. He was the first person who had ever filled her submissive needs and she was thrilled to finally have those needs filled that she had fantasized about for years.

But she had never seen him. Either she had been blindfolded or when she wasn't, he was wearing a hood. He had told her that she had to pass his tests to show she was a real submissive before she could see him and she had done that. In reality, he was planning mind games with her. He wanted to know that she would obey without question, that this was real for her. That she wanted to be a submissive.

She had passed all those tests and now he told her he would take her out to dinner on a real date. He would be seen in public with her for the first time and she was thrilled at the prospect.

Of course, even on the date, she had to follow his demands. He had ordered her to buy a sleeveless dress with a plunging front that showed off her tits and was six inches above her knees. She had a great body and he wanted to show it off. And the only thing she would wear under the dress was a thong. No bra to keep his tits in a harness. H wanted her to show off her curves in public and the dress barely covered her nipples. It had to be tight on top so her tits wouldn't flop out of the dress.

When he told her it had to be sleeveless, she first protested and asked him to reconsider. If it were sleeveless, it would be obvious that she didn't shave under her arms because he didn't allow her to. It was a way for him to mark her. As soon as she protested, she realized she made a mistake. When he ordered her to do something, the only thing she was allowed to say was, "Yes, Sir.''

Once she realized her mistake, she quickly did say, "Yes, Sir.'' He quietly said, "You know you
have to be punished for that.'' Her heart sank. She knew better. She knew she had to follow the rules and she wanted to say that he could cut her some slack because she had been a good girl. Instead, he said the only thing she was allowed to say, "Yes, Sir.'' And they moved on. But she knew she deserved a punishment. It was one more thing she would have to endure.

Now the big day had arrived. After she showered and shaved her legs (she wasn't allowed to shave her pussy, he reserved that for himself and her pits were not allowed to be shaved), she admired her body in the mirror. This was not something she did very often, but she knew she looked good. Her tits were firm. Her stomach was flat from years of working out. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her. She could still turn heads if she tried.

But she had to admit to herself that she didn't try very often. She tended not to emphasize her feminine side. She tended to wear business suits to the office that covered up her curves. She didn't want to be accused of using her feminine wiles to get ahead. She wanted to prove she was as tough and capable and as strong as any of the men. She knew it was unfair that this tended to get her labeled as a bitch. Those qualities were admired in a man. A woman who had them was labeled a bitch. But she was driven to success. If that was the price, she had to pay, so be it.

After checking out her nude body, it was time to get dressed. But before she put on her thong, she had another task. He wanted her to wear a butt plug on their first date. And not only a butt plug, she had to coat it in Ben Gay. She knew it would burn when she inserted it and she hated the idea. But she knew that was part of her submission. Even when they were in public, the plug and the burn would remind her she was a submissive. So she reluctantly did that task and then put on her thong to hold it in. She felt the burn right from the start, but she was surprised by her reaction. She could feel herself getting wet. Submitting to him and following his orders -- even when she didn't like them -- turned her on. She automatically started moving her hand to her pussy. She wanted to rub it and stick her fingers in it and then taste herself. But she stopped herself just in time. She knew that wasn't allowed without permission and would just lead to a punishment. And she was already owed one because of her protest about wearing the sleeveless dress.

As she put on the dress, she thought about what her colleagues at the office would say if they saw her like this. They never got a glimpse of her tits in her tailored suits. The dress made her look sexy and she knew it. Men would notice and they wouldn't be making eye contact with her. They would be trying to look down her dress. And she knew if she bent over a bit, she would give them an eye full. She had to admit she liked the idea of teasing men, of letting go. She was a submissive but it was still a treat to see men lust after her. She knew she was going to enjoy this evening.

She imagined the look on the valet's face at the restaurant as she got out of the car. She knew he would checking her out and she would give him something to see. Her dress would be hiked up and he would get a glimpse of her thong. She almost wished he hadn't told her to wear the thong so the valet could see her pussy. But he would have to settle for a look at her tits as she leaned over to get out of the car. She would imagine the valet telling his co-workers that she had given him something to see. She knew as they left the restaurant that they would be jockeying for position to open the door for her. She knew they would be talking about her the rest of the night.

She had to boss men around on the job. This was a welcome change because she could watch men check her out. Don't all women like that? Isn't that why it's so popular to show a lot of cleavage in public these days? Women want to know that men like to check them out.

She then stopped day dreaming and looked at the clock. It was only 6:56. All that day dreaming and only a minute had gone bye. She was so excited and she knew she was getting wetter. And she wanted to rub her pussy and it wasn't allowed. She was almost panting as she waited for the clock to get to seven.

And then came the knock on the door. He was right on time. And this time she didn't have to be on the floor kneeling when he arrived. She was able to open the door. And when she did, she almost went weak in her knees. His face topped her wildest expectations. He had a distinguished mature look about him. He looked like a man about town, a man comfortable in his own skin. He looked like a man who was used to being in charge and he was. And he had a bouquet of roses in his hand. Oh, she almost couldn't believe it. He was gentleman, too. He really was the man of her dreams.

As he handed her the roses, he gave her a big hug and a kiss as if they were a vanilla couple. She was just enthralled. And she was getting wetter. She knew her thong was soaked. She just hoped it didn't show on her dress.

After the kiss, he told her how good she looked. He knew how to give a compliment. And then he reached behind to touch her ass to make sure she hadn't forgot the plug and congratulated her again. She was almost breathless.

Then then he reached inside his coat pocket and handed her two blue Tiffany boxes. She couldn't believe the way he was treating her. She couldn't wait to open the first one. It was a beautiful necklace. It was obviously expensive. And the smaller box had a bracelet in it. She gave him a big hug and just melted in his arms.

He then told her the significance of the two items. Since she couldn't wear the dog collar she wears at home when she goes to work, the necklace would be a symbol of her submission although only the two of them would know what it meant. And it also would also symbolize that he wanted her to be more than his sub. He wanted to be her Master and she would be his slave. Are you ready to accept that status? "Oh, Yes Master,'' she said, beaming. She was ready to be his slave. She lowered her neck so he could put the necklace on her. She loved the feel of it on her neck and what it symbolized. He then show her the bracelet. On the inside, it was engraved Slave Lisa. And then he slipped it on her wrist. It was another symbol of her submission.

She was so excited that He was doing this for her. She was getting wetter. And when he asked if she was ready to thank him, she quickly said, "Yes, Master.'' He then told her to get on her knees with her hands behind her head. She knew what that meant and she was even more excited. He unzipped himself and took his cock out and she opened her mouth to receive him. She wished He would let her touch it with her hands. She loved the texture of it, the feel of it. It was so thick. She would have to settle for worshipping it with her mouth and He had taught her well how to do it. She rolled her tongue around it and sucked hard as he plunged it deeper into her mouth. She controlled the gag reflex as he pushed in and out. And then he wiped the precum on her face. She would have to touchup your makeup when they were done. And He warned her to swallow it all because He didn't want to dribble his cum on her dress. She knew she didn't want to disappoint him. And when he put it back in her mouth and it started throbbing, she was prepared and gulped down all of it without spilling. And as He softened she cleaned his cock by licking and sucking all the leftover cum off of it. She was close to cuming herself, but He told her to control herself And when he rubbed the top of her head, tousled her hair and told her "Nice job, Slave,'' she was thrilled.

But then he broke the moment by saying they had some unfinished business.

She was puzzled until He reminded her that she was due to be punished for questioning his order to wear a sleeveless dress. He then told her to go get the cane He kept at her place. She crawled over to get it in her bedroom and came back with it in her teeth. He said she wouldn't receive the main punishment now. He just wanted to give her a sneak preview so she'd have a sore ass to go with her burning ass as she sat in the restaurant.

He told her to bend over and pull up her dress to expose her bare cheeks in the thong. Tell me what you deserve, He told her. "I deserve to be punished, Master,'' she said. "Your Slave knows she was wrong,'' she said.

Just then she felt the first crack of the cane against her ass. She tried to avoid crying out. She knew He didn't like that and she didn't want to be gagged. He then added four more and admired the welts and the red lines. She gasped as he gave her time to gather herself and then added five more on the other cheek. He then rubbed the welts and red lines and admired His handy work. He would save the rest for when they returned because he didn't want her crying and ruining her mascara. She would be crying and howling when she got the rest of the punishment and then he would gag her.

What do you do now, he asked. "Thank you Master for punishing your Slave. Your Slave deserved it,'' she said. He was pleased. Her training was going well. Then he told her to touch up her makeup and make it fast and then they would leave for the restaurant. She didn't keep him waiting long. She was excited when he opened the door for her. And as they left, He told her that now that she was His Slave, she would have to be marked in the future.

"Yes, Master,'' she said.

She knew that was what she was supposed to say. No questions. Her job was to obey. But she couldn't help wondering when she would be marked and what the marks would be and where she would be marked.

But that was for another day. She was ready first to enjoy his first real date with her Master.

The End

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mad Men

If you've never seen the show, I'd suggest you checkout Mad Men tonight (Sunday) at 10 p.m. on AMC with later viewings later in the week.

This is the beginning of the third season and it's a look at a New York advertising agency in the 1960s and also a look at what America was like when men were the executives, women were the secretaries, minorities were invisible, smoking and drinking in the office were common and the wives of the executives stayed home even if they had college degress while their husbands chased skirts.

If you were old enough to remember those days, the show will bring back memories. If you're too young to remember those days, you'll get a look at an America that no longer exists.

HBO to its regret passed on this show so you can see it on basic cable on AMC. It's worth a look.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whatever happened to hickeys?

A few posts ago, I told you about the HBO comedy called Hung about a guy who was well, ahem, well endowed. Sounds like a crazy idea for a comedy and you have to see it to appreciate.

I'm not going into the show on this post except to say on one of the episodes the guy got a hickey and was trying to hide it.

Which gave me a thought. Whatever happened to hickeys? When was the last time you got one? When was the last time you saw one?

And why don't see more of them? Remember when girls used to cover them up with scarves?

My theory is that foreplay has become a lost art because couples tend to go quicker right to sex. Do you have a theory or any thoughts on the subject?

I'm all ears.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to save a marriage

What would you do if you spouse came home after 20 years of marriage and said, "I don't love you anymore. I'm not sure I ever did. I'm moving out. The kids will understand. They'll want me to be happy.''

I refer you to an article in the modern love section Sunday by a writer named Laura Munson. You can get it on the website by typing in modern love in the search section. Or click HERE.

Anyway, I'll give just a brief summary because those interested can read the whole thing.
But her answer was, "I'm not buying it.''

She asked him how could she give him the distance he wanted without hurting the family.

He didn't move out but was unreliable for about six months, was distant and didn't even wish her happy birthday

Her friends were irate at her and said she should kick him out. She felt his problem was his, not hers and she had to get out of the way to let him solve it.

And eventually he came back, they had hard conversations and he encouraged her to write about it to help other couples.

Her last line was, "I ducked. And I waited. And it worked.''

My summary isn't doing justice to the whole story, which you can find on

But how many of you could do what she did. Your thoughts?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Food for Thought

I got this email, which was supposedly written by the late George Carlin. I didn't verify he actually wrote it, but I thought it was worth sharing. A lot of great insights. At least I think so.
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but short tempers, wide freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees, but less sense, more knowledge but less judgment, more experts, but more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom.

We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced or values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.

We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life, not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space, but not inner space. We've done larger things, but not better things.

We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is too much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom. A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete...

Remember. Spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever.

Remember. Say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.

Remember. To give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent.

Remember. To say, "I love you' to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you.

Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again.

Give time to love, give time to speak! And give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

If you don't send this to eight people...who cares?

George Carlin.

Well, what do you think? I thought it spoke volumes. Will be interested in your thoughts.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

The title is probaby not what you think it is.

I'm talking about watching the Bachelor or Bachelorette. I know it's a waste of time and I can't watch the whole thing but I'm attracted like a moth to a flame to the last 15 minutes of the last few episodes when somebody is sent home. These people barely know each other and it's in a very artificial setting but yet they act as if they're heartbroken when they're sent home.

And at the end, the final two act as if they've found the love of their lives although the relationships never seem to last despite the fact the last couple are still together. In the latest one, Jilian had three men madly in love with her in just such a short time. And she seems to happy with the one she picked but you wonder how long it'll last in the real world.

Do any of the readers watch the show (my wife makes fun at me for checking it out) and do you think the latest couple have any chance of making it in the real world?

Your thoughts?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How much sex do you want?

Does your paper get Annie's mailbox, which replaced the late Ann Landers?

Anyway in the column today, they quoted a woman saying, "I would like sex every day but my husband thinks two or or three times a week is enough. What is considered average?''

The paper said, "The national average is about twice a week (this incorporates couples who have sex every day and couples who have sex twice a year.) "Normal'' is what works. If you want sex every day and your husband prefers twice a week, find a compromise you can live with.''

My thought on this is that it shows it can be difficult for couples to get on the same page. There are a lot of men who'd be happy to give her sex every day and she's married to one who doesn't.

Kind of like woman spankos who want frequent spankings and have vanilla husbands who don't do it as often as they'd like.

Are there couples out there who are both happy with the frequency of their sex and don't have to compromise?

Your thoughts?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Neil Armstrong's sex story

If you're old enough to remember the moon landing, you know what an historic moment it was. If not, you probably got a sense of it because of all the coverage this week.

Which brings me to an email I got recently:

On July 20, 1969, as commander of the Apollo Lunar Module, Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon.

His first words after stepping on the moon, "that's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind,' were televised to earth and heard by millions.

But just before he reentered the lander, he made the enigmatic remark, "Good luck Mr. Gorsky.''

Many people at NASA thought it was a casual remark concerning some rival Soviet Cosmonaut. However, upon checking, there was no Mr. Gorsky in either the Russian or Americxan space programs.

Armstrong never answered the question of what he meant until July 5, 1995 in Tampa Bay, Florida when a TV reporter brought up the 26-year-old question.

Mr. Gorsky had died so Neil Armstrong felt he could answer the question. In 1938 when he was a small kid in a small Midwest town, he was playing baseball with a friend in the backyard. His friend hit the ball, which landed in his neighbor's yard by the bedroom window. His neighbors were Mr. and Mrs. Gorsky.

As he leaned down to pick up the ball, young Armstrong heard Mrs. Gorsky shouting at Mr. Gorsky.

"Oral sex! You ant oral sex?! You'll get sex when the kid next door walks on the moon''

True story.

That was the end of the email. Great story, right. Except a Google search shows the story isn't true. The transcripts show Armstrong never mentioned a Mr. Gorsky. The only controversy is whether he said "one small step for man'' or "one small step for A man.'' He said it was the latter.

But the interesting thing is how these urban legends never die even when they're debunked. Which is why I got the email from a friend with dates like 1938 and 1995 even though it never happened. It's like Obama's birth certificate. The state of Hawaii has certified it. The Honolulu papers published births in those days and his birth was published. And yet the legend that he wasn't born in Hawaii won't die.

Or like the tales of alligators in the New York sewer system.

Once a story like this starts, you can't stop it. There's an old saying like a rumor is halfway around the world before the truth pulls his pants on.

Anyway, if you ever hear the Mr. Gorsky story, you know it's not true. It's true good to be true, unfortunately.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sexless Marriage

While reading about the husband who had a sex change operation and was featured on Prime Time Family Secrets, they had a link to a Good Morning America segment last February on sexless marriages, which they describe as being sexually intimate 10 or fewer times a year.

They featured a couple who are having sex once every three or four months and are seeing a family therapist in an effort to solve the problem.

A Dr. Hilda Hutcherson is quoted as saying, "Sex is essential for a great marriage, and the reason is there are a number of chemicals and hormones that are released when you have sex with your parters that actually bonds couples.''

In the show on the husband who became a woman, she is still sleeping in the same bed with her wife but they now have a sexless marriage but so far the wife has decided to stay in the marriage. So, in effect, they're roommates raising two kids.

I just wonder if a sexless marriage can last long term. I can't imagine it, but am curious what your thoughts are.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Extra X Chromosome

You might want to check out a show called Prime Time Family Secrets on ABC Tuesday night at 10 p.m.

It's about a family in Ohio in which the husband has an extra X Chromosome, which is called Klinefelter' Syndrome.

The man has had a gender change operation and is now an attractive woman with a blog in which she says, "I ask you to watch this episode with an open heart and an open mind.''

The show apparently features the wife and their 7 and 6 year old boys, one of whom is quoted as saying, "She had girl inside she went to a surgeon to get it out.''

And the wife, who married a man, is now living with a woman although she's not having sex with her former husband. And the wife still expects her former husband to do the man type chores like cutting the grass while the former husband wants to be a mommy.

This has caused stresses and one of the boys said, "We feel bad. We don't want them to argue.''

If you want to read about this, you can google prime time family secrets.

I just wonder if their marriage can survive all this and I'm curious why they would agree to go on national TV. Your thoughts? I'm especially interested in what you think if you watch the show.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sex Addiction

What is the definition of a sex addict?
A. A male.

Hey, I like the joke if I say so myself.

What brought it up was a column in the USA Weekend issue called relationship tips by Dennie Hughes. She is asked if there is such a thing as a sex addict because when people get caught cheating, they blame a sex addiction.

She quotes author and psycotherapist Tina B. Tessina as saying that true sex addicts addicts are so obsessed with their need to have sex that they are dysfunctional in every aspect of their lives. Sounds like a blogger. (Another joke).

"The need to have sex is stronger than any of their relationships, their careers, their health or their reputation,'' she is quoted as saying.

I'm still not convinced there is such a thing as a sex addict but here's another joke:
What's the cure for sex addiction?
A. Having kids around the house.

So what are your thoughts. Do you think there is such a thing as sex addiction?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Training Lisa, part 7

For those of you who've been patient while I reposted the first six chapters of the Training Lisa Series, you'll be happy to know that this is a new chapter that wasn't previously posted on PK's site although she was kind enough to provide the pictures.
I hope it has been worth the wait.
Florida Dom
Training Lisa, Part 7

Lisa was cramped and uncomfortable in her cage. She couldn't stretch out and if she moved too much, the welts on the front of her body from the morning's intense session would get irritated. So she tried to lie quietly and rest. She knew she was in for another intense session in her Sir's bondage room in the afternoon. She wanted to be prepared for that.

Yet, despite her discomfort, she was pleased. She had passed a big test this morning when her Sir brought her level of submission to new heights. She was happy that she served him, had endured the pain and hadn't used her safeword. She knew now she really was a pain slut who was turned on by absorbing the pain her Sir gave her. And, oh, the rewards. She had come so many times that she couldn't count them. By the end, she was begging for him to stop giving her more orgasms because both her clit and her pussy were so sore. She had never imagined wanting orgasms to stop. But since she didn't use her safeword, he just grinned and didn't stop. He waited until she was so exhausted that she stopped bucking against his tight bonds and just lay back on the table in exhaustion.

That was an experience that she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams. Her Sir had brought her to levels that were more than she had ever fantasized about. She knew for a long time, even since before puberty, since before she had masturbated for the first time and was stunned by the pleasure she got when the orgasm wracked her body, that she wanted to submit to a Master. She wanted to be controlled. She wanted to serve. When she played games as a kid, she always waned to be tied up. She didn't know why she liked it, but she did. She had dreamed about light bondage and spanking. But never to this level. And now she had a chance to cool down and relax, she knew she wanted more. Even though all the welts were sensitive, she still wasn't sated.

She was eager to find out what he had in store for next. Coming over and over again like that as the pain turned to pleasure had become like a drug for her. She couldn't get enough. The more she got the more she wanted. She wasn't even sure what was happening to her. She was puzzled that she could get so much pleasure from pain. But she knew she did and now she knew she wanted to continue. She couldn't even imagine getting turned this way on by vanilla sex. She wanted the pain. She wanted the control.. She wanted to submit. She kept waiting for the room to the bondage door to open. And even though he still had a hood on and she couldn't see his face, she loved his muscular body, his big hands, his strong legs. It made her want to submit to him even more. This was a man's man, a man of her dreams, a man who could tame her, a man who could dominate her the way she wanted to be dominated.

She kept looking at the door, hoping for her Sir to return to the room. There were no clocks so she had no idea how long she had been in the cage. She figured she had dozed off a bit but not for long because she was so anxious to find out what was next. She was started to get hungry, but her real appetite was to submit to her Sir.

The reason was the door wasn't opening was that her Sir was in his den at his computer, blogging the latest chapter in his training of Lisa. He would always get a lot of hits every time he posted another chapter in his training of this woman. He knew that other men - and even women - enjoyed reading how he had molded her like a block of clay into the image he wanted. But he also knew she wanted to be molded. Even though she was a high powered business woman, she craved submitting to his desires. They were a perfect match.

He was an executive who had domed several women, but none of them like Lisa. She was not only beautiful with a body with a feminine scent that didn't need perfume and made his mouth water, but she was a strong woman. She was his intellectual equal. They could discuss business and politics as if she were a colleague. Which is why it was such a turnon to him to bend her to his will. It was much better than dealing with a compliant woman or a woman who wasn't as smart as he is. Doming a strong woman was much more satisfying. He was pleased with his training of her. She had started slowly to give her orders and each time she obeyed, there were new orders. And each time she obeyed, he kept bringing her to a new level.

And this morning in the bondage room, he had found out his first suspicions were correct. Beneath the well tailored business suits, beneath her commanding veneer, beneath her brusque manner in the board room was a woman who loved to absorb the pain, who was turned on by it. He was now pretty convinced that no matter what he had in store for her, she wouldn't use her safe word. Even if she didn't want to do something, she would eventually submit because she craved it. He knew that Monday morning, she would walk into the board room and be in total control and that none of her colleagues would dream that beneath her suit, she was wearing welts and bruises as a badge of honor. She knew that she liked to carry his marks. Just like she was proud that she wasn't allowed to shave under her arms. Or having to ask permission to go to
the bathroom. It was another sign of her submission.

Just when he was finishing his blog entry, the doorbell rang. The timing was perfect. He had ordered Chinese takeout delivered to his door. It was perfect for the meal he planned for her. The shrimp and fried rice and the wonton soup could be eaten out of bowls that he could place on the floor. She would have to eat on her knees like she was a pet. He knew she hated that, but
he knew she would submit to his wishes.

She got excited as she heard the door open. She couldn't wait to see him again. But she was disappointed when she saw him carrying two bowls. She knew what that meant. It was one thing to lap up water out of the bowl in her cage. It was another thing to eat food out of a bowl. It was so messy and got all over her face. She prided herself of always being so well groomed, on
having her makeup perfectly in place. It was so humiliating to have to eat like a pet. But she knew she couldn't resist him now. She would please him by submitting.

"So is my pet pleased to see me?'' he asked as he walked to the cage. "Yes, Sir,'' she said. "Are you enjoying your time in the bondage room?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she said. "Do you like serving your Sir?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she responded. "Are you ready for the next step?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she said. He knew the answers, but he liked to hear her say them.

He then put the bowls next to the cage, unlocked it and ordered her to crawl out. He then put cuffs on her wrists and fastened them behind her back so she couldn't use her hands while she was eating. He then took the bowl of water from the cage and placed it next to the other two bowls. "Ok, it's lunch time,'' he said. She crawled slowly to the three bowls. She didn't want to
eat this way, but she knew it would please him and she always wanted to please him. And he cracked her on the butt when she hesitated. So she stuck her face into the shrimp fried rice and started eating. She had to admit it was tasty and she was hungry so she ate most of the shrimp fried rice and the soup and not only drank the water but stuck her face in it to try to wash it
off. But her face was still messy and she hated that.

She didn't know it but he then had a treat for her. He put the blindfold back on her, which puzzled her, and then led her by the leash on her hands and knees. She heard the door open so she figured they were going to another part of the house. Then another door opened and she felt she was crawling on tiles. She thought it might be the bathroom. She found out she was right when he took off the blindfold, the wrist cuffs and her collar.

"Are you ready for a shower?'' "Yes, Sir,'' she said with a smile. She had sweated a lot during their intense scene and her face was covered with the food. "Are you going to beg me for a shower,'' he asked. 'Yes, Sir,'' she said and she started begging. "Please, Sir, your pet would like Sir to give her the privilege of a shower. Please, please, please.'' He enjoyed seeing her begging. He knew she really wanted a shower and he finally consented and opened the shower door, helped her up off the floor.

As she walked into the shower, he asked her if she needed to pee. "Yes, Sir,'' she said. "Ok, you're allowed to pee,'' he said. She started to come back out of the shower, but he stopped her and told her she wasn't going to be allowed to use the toilet. She would pee in the shower while he watched. Oh, she hated that idea. She decided she'd rather hold it in, but he was having none of that. "I'll wait. You're not showering until you pee,'' she said. Oh, she was so humiliated by the idea of peeing in front of him standing up. She didn't even know if she could do it. Even when she tried, it took a long time for it to come out and she felt so humiliated as she spread her legs
and it splashed on the tile floor. All she could do was tell herself that she was making her Sir happy.

When she finished, he told her she could shower although he would watch. She didn't mind that. The shower felt so good although it stung when the water hit her welts that were still so sensitive. She was in such a dreamy state showering that she didn't want to stop until he finally told her that was enough and she reluctantly turned the water off. As she came out, he dried her
off and put cream on her welts. He then put her back on her hands and knees, put the wrist cuffs and collar back on along with the blindfold and then led her back to the bondage room.

After they entered, he then took the blindfold off again and told her that she was now ready for the next test. He told her this was the final one. If she passed and didn't use her safeword, the next time they would meet, he would take her on a real date to a fancy restaurant. She would then be more than his pet. She would be his woman. She would be seen in public with him. The thought thrilled her. She couldn't wait to see him and go out on a date with him. But she wondered what the test would be. It didn't take her long to find out. First he told her to raise her arms above her head and attached each wrist cuff to a chain from the ceiling. Holding your arms about your head might not seem like much, but it's an unnatural position. He knew it wouldn't be long before her arms started to ache.

But he also upped the ante. He put big clamps on her nipples attached to a chain and then pulled them up so she had to stand on her tiptoes to keep the pressure off her nipples. He then attached the nipple chain to another one from the ceiling. It didn't take long for her to realize how difficult this would be. She stood on her toes as long as she could, but as soon as she put it heels on the floor, the nipple clamps would be pulled and the pain would shoot through her nipples.

He then distracted her by playing with her. He cupped her tits, ran his hands down her stomach and started playing with her clit. When he stuck his fingers into her, she felt how wet she was. But she was also in pain. Her arms ached. Her toes also were in pain, but when she relieved them by coming down on her heels, she'd feel the pain in her nipples. She didn't know how long she could keep doing this. She kept thinking about using her safeword. But then she started coming. She didn't know whether she was coming from him playing with her or from the pain. She was almost out of her head. The pain was mixed with her coming. She started screaming and crying. She was bathed in sweat and yet she kept coming and kept feeling the pain, first in her toes until she couldn't stand that and put her heels down and then in her nipples. Her clit was so now so sore she didn't want to come anymore. She was bathed in sweat. The tears were rolling down her face. Yet she kept herself from using the safeword. This was almost an out of body experience for her like she was watching it happen to somebody else. She was in pain, but when he played with her clit and massaged her G spot, the pleasure rolled over her.

Finally, when he saw she was exhausted, he released the clamps off her nipples. That fired another shot of pain into her tits as the blood rushed into them. But then she could stand again on her heels without feeling any pain. She was panting as she tried to collect her wits and calm down and he petted her, rubbing her hands over her to give her the aftercare she needed.

He then released the cuffs from the ceiling and she collapsed in his arms. Her toes, nipples and clit all still felt like they were on fire. But she was so happy she had done it. She hadn't used her safeword. She had shown him she wanted to submit to his wishes. She wanted to be controlled by him. She wanted to be his pet.

And now she would get her reward. As he rubbed her and congratulated her, he reminded her that she had now earned a date with him. The next time he was at her door, he would be taking her to a fine restaurant. They would be like two lovers out on a town. Then a thought flashed through her mind. Would he bring her flowers? She smiled as she hugged him tightly. She was his woman as well as his pet.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do Opposites Attract?

The question of whether opposites attract is a continuing debate so I decided to throw out the idea for some comments.

My feeling is that opposites can attract but a relationship has a better chance of succeeding if both are more alike than opposite.

Your thoughts? And is your relationship an attraction of opposites?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Training Lisa, Chapter 6

This is the sixth chapter in my Training Lisa saga and the last that was posted on PK's site.

Yes, the seventh chapter will be a new one, the first posted only on this site. Watch for it Thursday night or Friday.


Florida Dom

Training Lisa, Chapter 6

Lisa was a bundle of nerves as her Sir opened the door to his bondage room. She was scared and excited at the same time. She knew she was getting wet just thinking about what lay ahead. She had found out like she liked pain and it turned into pleasure for her. And she liked submitting to her Sir, following his orders and being controlled by him. This was what she had fantasized about for a long time and now it was a reality.

But she didn't know what her limits were and how far was he going to push her. She didn't know how much pain she could take and she was now going to find out. Her Sir was ready to take her to the next level. This was a big test for her so he could find out how much she wanted. He wanted to go to her limits, to scare her, to make her scream out in pain that eventually turnedto pleasure. But he didn't want to go too far and scare her away. He wanted to give her what she wanted. Now he had to find out exactly what that was.

So has he opened the door, they were both looking for answers. He was fully dressed and she was on the floor, on her hands and knees, blindfolded and naked with a collar around her neck attached to a leash that was in his hand. He had found out that being a pet was a turnon for her and after some hesitation, she was even willing to drink out of a bowl like a real pet.

As he pulled on the leash and she started walking on her hands and knees, they entered the bondage room and he closed the door and she heard him lock it. She shuddered a bit. She knew there was no turning back. But she was eager to find out what was going to come next and how she would deal with it.

He had told her that once they started, she could use her safeword at any time and bring everything to a halt. But he warned her that if she did that, he wouldn't push the envelope any farther. And she might miss out on a lot. If she were able to endure the pain, he would bring her to heights that she couldn't imagine. She could scream all she wanted. He had soundproofed the
room. But he would ignore the screams and go forward as long as she didn't use the safeword.

As promised, he then took off her blindfold. It was the first time she had been without the blindfold in his presence. It took her a while to adjust to the light after being in the dark with the blindfold over her eyes. But he was wearing a hood so she couldn't see his face. She would be denied that privilege until she passed his test. But her stomach flipped when she saw his
muscular shoulders. He had the body of a man who works out and takes care of himself. She couldn't wait to see his face, but she knew that wasn't her decision to make. She knew she had one more test to meet before she got that privilege.

She also was stunned as she looked around the bondage room. On one wall were all kinds of floggers and canes. And nipple clamps and ropes. On one table was an assortment of dildos and butt plugs, needles, shaving cream and a razor. She shuddered at the sight of the needles. She didn't even like to get shots. But she knew if he planned to decorate her body with needles, she would accept it. She had come this far and she was willing to accept whatever he wanted to do to her. She was determined to show him she wanted to submit to whatever he had planned for her.

And she noticed the other three walls had floor length mirrors and the ceiling also had a mirror on it so she could see what was going on from several angles. And there was a video camera set up in the corner. He told he wanted a record of this day for his enjoyment so he could relive it in the future if she passed the test.

As he led her around the room, she also saw his bondage table, his St. Andrews cross, a spanking bench, wrist cuffs attached to chains hanging from the ceiling and a stand with a dildo attached to the top. She noticed it appeared to be just tall enough to fit in her.pussy when she was standing up. He told her he had built it specifically for her. And there was a cage with a mattress, a blanket and a bowl of water. She figured she would be spending time in it.

On another table were several lit candles. She knew this probably meant that wax play was going to be something she would have to endure during this session. She wondered how she would cope with hot wax being dribbled on her naked body. She assumed she was going to find out. Seeing everything in the room filled her with conflicting emotions. She knew this was going to be an
intense session. She knew she was going to have to accept more pain than she had ever dealt with before. But she was starting to understand that she must be a pain slut. Just the thought of the pain and the bondage he had planned for her was a huge turnon. She knew she was getting so wet that she might go over the top just from the pain. And the thought of getting orgasms from
the pain turned her on even more. She felt like she was gushing.

He suddenly broke her train of thought with a question.

Are you ready? he asked. She didn't know if she'd ever be ready for this but she knew she had only give one answer. "Yes, Sir,'' she said.

Are you willingly ready to submit to whatever I have planned for you? Again, she didn't know if she'd ever be ready, but she found herself almost eager to get started. She now wanted to find out if she had any limits, if she could submit fully to his wishes. Again, she answered in a soft voice, "Yes, Sir.''

Are you happy to be under my control and live by my rules? This answer was easy. She had fantasized a long time about submitting to a Sir who would bring her to new heights. "Yes, Sir,'' she said.

He then tugged her leash and led her to the bondage table, told her to stand up and sit on the table. He then gently laid her down on the table on her back and put cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She then pulled her arms and secured them tightly to the front legs of the table. He then spread her legs and tied them tightly to the bottom legs of the table. She was now spread eagled. He then took off her dog collar and replaced it with a posture collar that covered her entire neck and prevented her from lifting her neck. And then he tied a strap across her forehead to make sure she couldn't move her head. Now she couldn't virtually move a muscle. She was completely tied down. Just to make sure, he poked a needle in one of her tits. By reflex action, she tried to move but she couldn't move at all. She could only watch what was going on while looking at the ceiling mirror. He smiled. Now he had her bound the way he wanted.

He then took a pair of her panties out of his pocket. He had her wear panties that day instead of her usual thong because he waned her scent on them. He then pushed them inside of her pussy to absorb all of her juices. He then took the panties out, folded them and put them on her nose so she could sniff her scent and have evidence of how turned on she was, how much she wanted
this. He told her the panties had another purpose. She was allowed to scream, but it would not stop him. Only the safeword would stop him. But he preferred her to process the pain and if he decided her screams were distracting him, he were stuff the panties in her mouth.

He was now ready to begin.

The first thing she saw in the ceiling mirror was that he was bringing the shaving cream and razor to the table. That meant he was going to shave her pussy again. He liked to begin each session that way so she had a very smooth pussy. Her armpits, of course, were unshaven. She was not allowed to shave those. The unshaved pits were his mark on her. And she wasn't allowed to shave her own pussy. That task for reserved for him. And she liked it when she felt him squirting the shaving cream all over her pussy as she watched in the ceiling mirror.

Then she watched and felt him stroking the razor across her pussy and removing all the stubble. She loved the feeling and knew she was gushing. It felt so intimate because she felt like she was offering the most intimate part of her body to him. As he kept wielding the razor over her pussy, she wanted to wiggle in her excitement, but she was tied down too securely to move. That added to the sensation as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. After he finished, he wiped a warm towel over her pussy to get rid of the last of the shaving cream. Oh, that felt so good to her. She again tried to wiggle, but she couldn't and she started to sweat. She knew she was right on the
verge of coming if only he touched her more. As she groaned, she said, "please.''

The mood was suddenly broken when she felt him slap one of her tits. Hard. She was stunned. But he reminded her that she was not to beg to come. She would get a chance to come if she were a good girl and submitted to the pain, but she would do it on his schedule, not hers. "I'm sorry sir,'' she said. "It won't happen again.'' He replied, "It better not.''

He then asked her the question that she dreaded and yet was eager to hear at the same time. "Are you ready for pain,'' he asked. "Yes, sir,'' she said.

He then brought a tray of lit candles in glass containers to the table. She knew what was next. Wax play. She had read about wax play. But she hadn't experienced it. The thought of that hot candle wax dribbling on her body scared her. She didn't want to get burned. She figured he would give her pain, but trusted him enough that he wouldn't burn her. She didn't know it, but he knew how to do it to give her pain, but not burn her. The key to wax play was the height from which it was dropped. It cooled in the air. So he got on a step stool and held the glass with the candle in it several feel above her. He would judge the right height from her reaction. He wanted her to feel pain but didn't want to leave her any burns.

She was apprehensive as she watched in the ceiling as he held the glass with the candle above her. She was almost gasping for breath as she awaited her fate. And suddenly, he turned the glass over and she felt the wax falling on her tits. She flinched but was surprised to find out it wasn't that hot. When he saw she didn't flinch much, he lowered it the next time. She gasped,
but he saw it didn't burn her. He had the right height. It caused her pain, but didn't burn the skin. So he started dribbling it over her. He planned to cover the front of her body from her tits to her pussy.

She was able to process the pain and found it was turning her on as the wax from candle after candle continued to dribble on her body. She knew she was a pain slut. She loved the fact she was submitting to him and accepting the pain he wanted her to feel. She again tried to wiggle and buck against her bonds, but she couldn't move. Finally, when she was covered, he stopped and
she exhaled. She had endured the pain without using her safeword. She had gasped and groaned, but hadn't screamed at a full pitch and he hadn't stuffed the panties in her mouth. As she lay there quietly now that the first stage was over and processed everything in her mind, he decided to she show her how turned on she was. He took the panties and once again shoved them in her
pussy to soak up her juices once again. And then he took them out and once again put them on top of her nose. As she breathed in her scent, she realized it had become stronger. The wax play had stimulated her.

She also need time to come down from the experience and her Sir quietly petted her as she collected her wits about her and started wondering what was next. As he went to the wall and took down one of his canes, she knew. A caning was next on his agenda. He told her that he would cane some of the wax off her body, but she would get pleasure from the pain. The thought of getting pleasure made her smile, but she knew she'd also have to endure the pain.

As she lay thinking about her conflicting emotions, she saw him raise his arm in the ceiling mirror and quickly felt the lash against her tits. The wax came flying off, but a thin red stripe also appeared on her tits. She gasped as he kept the blows coming and she started crying. The pain wracked her body. She didn't know how much more she could take, but then he rubbed her
clit and she came in a shudder. Her body almost exploded against her bonds. And then he repeated the process. She felt the pain and came again. And again. She was getting exhausted as her body kept reaching new heights. She started panting as she processed both the pain and the pleasure. She wanted it to stop and yet to wanted more. She started sweating and felt like it was an out of body experience as she saw herself in the ceiling mirror trying to move in her tight bonds.

Just when she didn't think she could take it anymore, he stopped. She just exhaled and sighed. She had come so many times that she didn't think she could do it again. And she could see in the ceiling mirrors that the front of her body was covered with red stripes and welts. They stung, but she felt relieved that she had absorbed everything he had given her. She was happy that
she had pleased him. As she lay there catching her breath, he again took her panties and stuffed them in her pussy one more time to absorb more of her fluids. And then he put them on her nose and she drank in the scent. She liked the smell that showed how turned on she was submitting to him.

He then took a knife, scraped the rest of the wax off her body and then treated her welts and stripes with cream. Oh, that felt so good. And then he untied her and she stretched her legs and arms, which were almost numb of being tied so tightly. He had her sit up on the table and he sat down next to her and cuddled her, petting her, giving her aftercare and congratulating her
for being a good girl. As he stroked her, he reminded her that she had met his expectations and that he was pleased with her. She loved to hear that. Hearing that she had pleased her Sir made her tingle all over.

He then tied the dog collar back around her neck, attached the leash and had her slide off the table back on her hands and knees. He then led her to her cage and told her to enter it. He slapped her butt as she went on and told her that this afternoon, it would get some red coloring. But first, he locked her in the cage and told her to rest. She stretched out onto the mattress, thinking about everything that had happened and savoring it.

As he left the room, she wondered what else he had in store for her in the afternoon. She wound find out soon enough.