Saturday, March 19, 2016

Good times

My good girl did a nice blog on my last visit and I thought I'd share it with you if you didn't read it on my blogroll.
Yes, I still have the wheelie thing and will be using it on her on my next visit. If you read her comments, she said I tortured her with it on the day I left and she was howling and I was laughing. Who I am to protest that she was slightly exaggerating.
The wheel's official name, by the way, is the Wartenburg wheel and was originally designed for medical use but now is popular in the BDSM community.
Of course, we did a lot of other fun things like spankings, butt play and cuffing her to the things that fit over a door and keep her arms above her head. And then comes the use of the wheel, the pins and a spanking of her boobies as she is helpless because her hands are cuffed over her head. Very good for bringing out her submissive side.
And then we also had plenty of cuddling, being close together with our legs and arms intertwined. She loves it with I put my leg between her legs and rub it against her pussy.
And we did some vanilla things like visiting museums and gardens and she got some plants for her backyard. She takes her plants seriously and talks to them so they aren't lonely. It was a wonderful visit and time flew by. Saying goodbye is so difficult for the both of us.  
We had some fun phone time last night with the dildo and vibe and she had a big cum, but today she is spending quality time with her heating pad since Aunt Flo arrived for a visit.
Next month is the fifth anniversary of the first time we played on the phone. Times flies when you are having fun.