Thursday, February 26, 2015

Having fun

I'm off to visit my good girl today. Since she just left on Feb. 15 after we spent Valentine's weekend together, it's only been 11 days since we were last in each other's arms. She talked about how we can a lot of things to have fun this weekend, including visiting the zoo. I laughed. She knows I'm OK with that but my idea of having fun also means having her naked as she presents her boobs to me and I plug her holes, give her spankings and put the pins on her boobs. And I love her telling me she wants to have a well fucked pussy. And I love her having loud, noisy cums. And it's also nice when she squirts although I don't know if that is the right word for it. In our last session the night before she left, the pillow (under her butt) and sheets were suddenly wet. We forgot the towel. But even though they call it squirting, I didn't see any squirting. There was just suddenly this wetness. Not sure how that works.

And then we do plenty of snuggling, which is one of our favorite activities. And if she wakes up in the night and I have moved, she scoots over to get closer to me. And it's so nice to wake up in each other's arms. And if I wake up, I usually stroke her before falling asleep. Of course, we sleep naked.

It should be a fun weekend. 


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Content warning

Another thought on the new censorship. They seem to be targeting blogs that have a content warning page. My blog, which was set up by a friend, doesn't have that. It goes right to the content. Could those who have a content warning page remove it to get around the censorship? Just a thought.


Blogger censorship

A couple of bloggers commented that they got emails on blogger's new censorship rules being imposed next month.
So I googled and found this story:
This is really depressing. It's hard to believe this is happening in 2015 and the devastating effects it will have on our community. Don't know what wordpress' policy will be. Or whether posting on is feasible.
Meanwhile, I suggest that instead of using google to search, use for your searches. They do not track your searches the way google does. Or in which you can donate to a charity of your choice while searching.
I just hope there is enough of an outcry that this is reversed. What's next? Bloggers having a Scarlet Letter?  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

my good girl's flight is on time

Getting the day off to a good start with her flight being on time. It won't be long before I will be taking her as she gives me what I want and pleases me and gives me her
sexy body for my pleasure. I love the way she is kinky and submissive.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A look back at a chapter of my Training Lisa series

I was looking at recent keyword activity on my blog today and somebody had read chapter 9 of my Training Lisa series. To all the newcomers here, when I started this blog five years ago, I wrote a Training Lisa series about a professional submissive woman. Now that we're talking about 50 Shades fiction, I thought I'd link to it if you want to read it.
If you haven't read it before, will be interested in your feedback. If you like it and want more, go back to my archives to the beginning of my blog. I haven't written a new chapter in several years. Maybe I should try to. Back then it was all fantasy because it was before I met my Good Girl, who's arriving tomorrow for Valentines Day weekend. It's the second Valentine's we've spent together. Anyway, here's the link:

Anatasia has a bush in "50 Shades"

In my last post, I'd said I'd link to an interview with the director talking about Anatasia having a bush in 50 Shades. The director doesn't say whether she has a bush in real life or let it grow for the movie. Here's the link:

NY Times review of "50 Shades of Grey"

The 50 shades movie, coming out on Valentine's Day, has gotten a lot of hype. I haven't read the books but the bloggers who have tend to not give them good reviews. They are said to be poorly written. But they still have made our lifestyle a bit more mainstream even if they aren't a good portrayal of it.
Here's the link to the NY Times review:
The reviewer says the movie, like the book, "is a wildly confused treatment of a perennial confusing subject. Sex is a knotty business, perhaps all the more so when actual knots are involved.''
He ends it by asking why so many women read the books -- why not more men? -- when they have no literary value. He said for fun. He said it might not be a good movie and then says, "OK, it's a terrible movie'' but "it might nonetheless be a movie that feels good to see, whether you squirm or giggle or roll your eyes or just sit still and take the punishment.''
You can read the whole review by clicking the link.
And if you go to, there's a funny cartoon saying the movie is like eating a Big Mac.
And did you read the books and will you see the movie?.
In my next post, I will link to an interview with the director about Anatasia having a bush at the start of the movie.


The things you do for the love of your life

Listening to the radio today, a woman said her husband peels her bananas for her. For some reason she doesn't like to peel them.
As we approach Valentine's Day, do you do things for the love of your life?
Please share.

21 things every person who loves a woman should know

I thought this list was interesting.
What are your thoughts?