Friday, September 12, 2014

Today's the day

My good girl is scheduled to arrive this afternoon and stay until Tuesday. The visit will be all too brief but we cherish our time together. And we love our rituals.

When we arrive home, we go to the bedroom and before she unpacks she stands before me, waiting for me to take her. I unbutton her blouse and remove it and then unfasten her bra and I tell her to cup her boobs and present them them to me.

I rub them, suck them and play with them. They are mine to be used for my pleasure.

Then I pull down her pants and remove her panties and she is naked before me. She is always naked in the house. I tell her to spread her legs as I rub her pussy.

And then we begin as I decide what is next as she serves me and is SSO, which stands for serve, submit and obey.

Of course, there will be spankings. I know some bloggers write they don't as many spankings as they want. I don't want her to have to write that blog.

And now I am counting down the hours.


Friday, September 5, 2014

The countdown continues

It is now just a week from today that my good girl will be making her next visit. We will be together for four nights. It will be so nice to go to sleep in each other's arms and wake up in each other's arms.

Of course, she will be naked in the house so her body is always ready when I want to use it as I take her for my pleasure. I love the way she submits and makes me happy. And she will be well spanked during her visit. Of course, we will also do vanilla things like walking in the grass in our bare feet as we look at the ducks in the pond behind our house. And listening to the fountain in the backyard.

I will be getting the toys out this weekend as a reminder of how I plan to use them and fill all of her holes. I want her to give me everything she has to give to make her feel more submissive. She is my good girl and my dream girl. If you've been a long term reader, you may remember by Training Lisa stories. I haven't written a new one but now I can live them by training her in the submissive lifestyle.

Counting the days now and will be soon counting the hours.