Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sex after 50

Here's an article about how women's bodies and sex lives can change after 50 and how sex is much more than vaginal penetration.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Did you know some women dye their armpit hair?

Very few women don't shave their armpit hair. But some women not only don't shave it, they dye it. The NY Times reports on the women doing this with pictures. Yes, women with blue or red armpit hair. Here's the link:
I doubt any readers dye their armpit hair. Are there any out there who don't shave it.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bras and beds

That might seem an odd title for a post but we did some shopping on my girl's visit last weekend. We went bra shopping because the last time she was here she found a Vanity Fair one with no underwires that supported her big boobs but was comfortable. I don't know if all stores are like this but there was no rhyme or reason with the way bras are displayed. You would think the ones with underwires would be separate from the ones with them. But no, they were thrown together. And they were not in order by size. A 32 might be followed by a 38. She found one or two in her size and then wandered away to check out other stuff. So I decided to go through all the racks myself and found a couple more so she wound up with four. Three were white and one beige. I prefer colors and more lace but they gave her the support and comfort what she calls "the girls'' need. And she always takes off her
bra the first thing when she comes home from work. Of course, when I am around she doesn't wear panties either. And she did find a nice colorful wrap of thin nylonish material to wear when we are together. It doesn't have buttons in the front so her body is very available for my use, especially when we watch TV and I think to stroke her girls. I always keep in warm so she doesn't need to wear anything underneath it. I think she likes that I want her and want to take her.

We also bought a couple of beds. She said mine isn't comfortable. Granted, the mattress is over 15 years old and probably needed replacing. And we tend to spend a lot of time in bed when she visits. And she has a queen size bed which just isn't comfortable for me so she got a king so we both have kings. We got the kind you can adjust how firm they are. Our time in bed will be even more enjoyable if that's possible. And she is buying her first house and has to watch her spending so I am monitoring that. Last night, I got an email asking if she could buy a rug for her bedroom for $250. I like the fact she remembered to ask. It's another ritual that shows she wants to serve me.

We also visited a museum and went out to dinner and we also got in our usual playtime. Her shoulder was bothering her so I couldn't cuff her but I did spank her boobs with the riding crop a couple of times when I had her rest them on the kitchen counter. I always like her to leave with marked boobs. And gave her the usual spankings. And one night she seemed very tired so I thought we would just cuddle and we would go to sleep. But she starting putting a hand between my legs so I spread them to give her more access to the jewels. And then I started rubbing her pussy and she was moaning and said, "spank my pussy.'' I gave it a nice hand spanking but she still needed more stimulation so I put the hitachi on her clit and she had her usual noisy normal cum although there was no squirting during this visit.

By the last night of her visit, her pussy was too sore to play so we settled for a spanking. I have now started rubbing her pussy and fingering her after she cums as a sort of aftercare. I'm not one to roll over and go right to sleep after a session. But all the attention does get her a bit sore. Sometimes I will keep the hitachi on her clit after she cums and she flails her legs and body because it is so sensitive by then. Unfortunately, the visit was all too short. And I can't visit her until at least November because I have the blood clot in my leg and am taking blood thinners and can't fly. Hopefully, the clot will have dissolved when O get my ultra sound in November. Being apart in an LDR is so difficult. But our time together is so wonderful.

Oh, one more thing. When she packed, she left a pair of green panties on the floor so I have put them on the headboard to remind me of her when I go to sleep. I like to think how they've been snug against her pussy. Nothing is more sexy than spreading her nice pink pussy lips. I usually fall asleep thinking about those pink lips and how I like playing with them. Just writing about them make me miss them and her. Gosh, she is so sexy and I can never get enough of her.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Red panties

My good girl is arriving today. Of course, she will be wearing red panties. I sent her my panty list for July and July 1 had Red panties for arrival. Of course, I will remove them shortly after she arrives and she won't wear panties again in the house while she is here. The idea is for her pussy to be available for me to take when I want it. As I like to say, If it's good for me, it's good for her. I want her and she likes to be wanted.