Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Having sex every day

Here's an interesting article and video about a woman talking about havng sex and/or intimacy every day.
Your thoughts?
Doesn't mention spankings but then it is not a kinky site.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Sex spreadsheets

This topic started with a guy who kept a spreadsheet on the reasons his wife gave for not wanting sex. And then a wife put together her own spreadsheet. I thought you might enjoy the give and take.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Here's the preview for the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey"

I know the book "Fifty Shades of Grey'' has gotten mixed reviews in our little community. I wonder what we will think of the movie when it comes out next year. The preview trailer for the movie has come out and created a controversy. What do you think?


This story said it was too hot for TV and Kathie Lee Gifford said hide the children and dogs before showing it. I thought it was pretty tame but another example that anything that hints of BDSM is considered taboo these days.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Welcome back, Bonnie

It's always a sad time when one of the members of our community decides not to blog anymore. And it's a great time when one of them decides tor return to blogging.

I am sure most of you are familiar with Bonnie and the good news is that she has decided to return. I hope you stop by and wish her the best on her return.

Here is her new link:



Monday, July 21, 2014

Pain and pleasure

How can three nights and days go by so fast? It was like she was just here and, poof, she was gone. That is the pain and pleasure of an LDR. My good girl's visits are so sweet, but there is the pain of when she has to leave. It didn't help that her flights going and coming were delayed and she even missed a connection on the arrival and had to take the next flight.
It was late when she arrived and she was tired so we just had vanilla sex Thursday night. Didn't think the mood was right for a spanking. And it's also so nice just cuddling and sucking after being separated for several weeks.
By Friday morning, we were both ready for more. At least I was and she gives me what I want. I put her into a hog tie, which didn't go as well as I had hoped because it wasn't easy to get it just right. But I gave her a good spanking while she was hog tied. I decided I prefer cuffing her wrists to the head board so she can kick her legs when the spanks sting. After the spanking I, cuffed her wrists behind her and then marched her into the kitchen and had her rest her boobs on the counter. Perfect for spanking the tops of them with the riding crop. I then brought her back to the bedroom and strung her up by her arms above her head and put the suckers on her nipples and about 15 pins on each nipple. I left her there so the pins could sink in and then brewed the coffee. I then came back and removed them as she gasped. Coming off, they are more intense then putting them on. By this time, her arms were getting a but numb and I unhooked her. Having your arms held above your head is much more intense than you might think it is. If that isn't part of your play, just hold your arms above your head and see how long you can do it. Then it was time for sex and a very noisy orgasm. It's so nice when she says "fuck me.'' She also likes her nipples pinched hard when she cums. It makes them sore and sensitive when I suck them and that adds tot he sensation. She also sucked me to a nice orgasm. She loves sucking and, of course, I love her doing it. And she is good at it. Very good.
We then had a lazy day, watching some TV and having a nap before we went out to dinner that night. That was the first time she had clothes on since she had arrived except when she asked to wear a bathrobe for a bit after we showered together because it always feels so chilling when you step out of the shower. I finally got the temperature right where she felt comfortable being naked in the house and doesn't feel chilled. I love having her naked in the house, a sign of her submission and also a sign that her body is always ready for my use and easy to caress when we are watching TV. Well, she wore one thing, the string of yarn around her chest that fits under his boobs. I have her wear that except when she showers as another sign of her submission. Kind of a collar but something only the two of us know she has on.
That night I gave her a hand spanking and after a while asked her if she wanted more. I had done that on the two spankings that morning and she said no so I stopped. As I've said, I still have trouble deciding how much is too much. Her answer this time was that it was difficult answering that question. I guess she likes me taking charge so I continued until I decided she had enough. Trying to figure out the right length reminds me of the Goldilocks and the three bears -- not too hot or cold but just right. At least I know she will never be able to blog that she doesn't get enough spankings. Not at least when we're together.
I started Saturday off with another spanking, which is kind of our morning ritual after cuddling. I also put the nipple suckers on her after turning her over. Later, we did some shopping and watched a movie that night. Sunday morning was another spanking and nipple suckers and put the pins on while she was lying down. And I also put whipped cream on her nipples and sucked it off. I've also considered putting the whipped cream on her pussy but I like the natural scent and smell too much when I suck it and lick it. Then I had her put on some clothes and we had coffee on the lanai and walked on the grass in bare feet as we overlooked the pond and the house across the pond. And then she had to pack and the all too short visit was over. It is always a sad time to say goodbye, especially after a short visit.
But we are left with the memories. Oh, the memories. We both savor them. And look forward to making more memories.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

My good girl is on her way

My good girl just texted she is at the gate waiting to board the plane for her latest visit. Yes, after six long weeks, we will spend a weekend together. We wish it could be longer -- she has to leave Sunday -- but we cherish our moments together. And she's had some stress at work so it will be good to get away and get my stress removers.
We will be doing some vanilla stuff -- cuddling, watching our favorite TV shows,, visiting the beach and an arts festival, having coffee on the lanai, walking on the grass in the backyard on our bare feet and showering together..
And, of course, there will be spankings and pins and nipple suckers on her boobs as she is SSO -- my abbreviation for her serving, submitting and obeying.
My tennis matches were rained out the last three days and she joked my swinging arm might be a bit rusty. But I think I will be ready, She seems to like the take the pain for me although I still struggle with how much is just right.
 If you read poured out on my blog roll, she would like to do some decorating with a coastal themed d├ęcor until she came to a stop when she found a paddle headboard. She posted a picture of it. That may be a bit too coastal.
She will also do her quiet time each evening as she focuses on her submission.
And then one of my favorite activities is spreading her pussy lips and seeing how pink and juicy they are as they await my use. Those lips are so so sexy.
And I turn down the air conditioning so it is hotter than normal and she doesn't feel the need to wear many clothes.
We will pack as much fun as we can into the next three days
FD . 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kids watching their parents kiss

Here's a funny photo of two kids covering their eyes when their parents kiss. If you have young kids, how do they react to you showing affection to each other?


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hijacked by Google

I've been on a family vacation the last couple of weeks and wasn't able to post because each time I typed in blogger.com/start, a thing from Google would pop up saying I wasn't at my usual address and that I needed to verify it was me. That was frustrating because I have an aol address tied to this blog, not a gmail address. I guess Google is trying to take over the world. Anyway, I am back home now so Google has stopped bothering me.  

Had a good time on my family vacations, especially with my 10 month old grandson' He is not quite crawling but moves on his belly pushing his arms and legs. My daughter calls it his Army crawl. And a three-year-old nephew was very cute. Wanted to hold Uncle's hand as we walked around a zoo and when he went to the ocean to fill his pail with water. Seemed to be afraid the waves would knock him down if he wasn't holding my hand. Once he got the pail filled, he would run back to the sand without needing his hand held. So cute..

Anyway am now back and starting the sixth year of my blog My fifth anniversary of my first post was five years ago on June 28, 2009.

I've had a great time here, met some wonderful people, including my good girl. I don't get as many comments or page views as I once did but maybe I haven't done a good job of posting enough.\

Anyway, want to thank PK who set the blog up for me originally and all the bloggers I've met here. Some of the bloggers have left in the last five years but we continue to get newcomers and welcome them all. May this continue to be a nice neighborhood of like minded folks.